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Yellowstone grizzly bear vs. pack of wolves filmed in 'once in a lifetime' sighting

Yellowstone grizzly bear vs. pack of wolves filmed in 'once in a lifetime' sighting

10/20/2020 2:32:00 PM

Yellowstone grizzly bear vs. pack of wolves filmed in 'once in a lifetime' sighting

Footage of the encounter showed a large wolf pack working to force a big grizzly into a wooded area and out of their territory.

"Bears may benefit from the presence of wolves by taking carcasses that wolves have killed, making carcasses more available to bears throughout the year," the NPS said."If a bear wants a wolf-killed animal, the wolves will try to defend it; wolves usually fail to chase the bear away, although female grizzlies with cubs are seldom successful in taking a wolf-kill."

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The park service said on its website that the way bears and wolves behave when they interact can depend on many variables, including their respective age, sex, reproductive status, and whether they are hungry.A large grizzly bear, unrelated to the incident, is pictured in Yellowstone National Park along the East Entrance Road.

William Campbell/Corbis/GettyThe wolves did not appear to attack the bear, andBrubakercould be heard telling the tourists in the video that it was not something he had ever seen before."I don't know if puppies are with this pack right now, but they are just moving him out. They are saying 'hey, we are coming through and we don't want you here,'" he said in the clip, which attracted hundreds of comments on the social media platform.

The NPS has said only a"few instances" of bears and wolves killing each other have previously been documented, with the wolves mostly targeting bear cubs.In the comments section under the Facebook video,Brubakersaid the bear appeared to be uninjured, and came back out from the wooded area as soon as the wolf pack left.

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