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Xylophonist Shredding It

Xylophonist Shredding It

2/23/2020 7:45:00 AM

Xylophonist Shredding It

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bekaaaw It's. Not. A. Xylophone! I think this is Svet Stoyanov? Who, for the record, really does shred friedrich_adam Well, if you insist... (That’s a marimba, for those of you who don’t know) TheCavaliers Am I crazy or is there no article for this one On a marimba.... I can do a mean shred on the glockenspiel

Nice, check out any Frank Zappa song that has Ruth Underwood on it, and this headline is as true as ever Sound would've been nice Maybe just an extra enlarged Orff instrument. Yeah? Yeah!!! Play Free bird!!! Front ensemble be like Was he playing the only song on the xylophone on which the holdup biker rumble by? The song 'Kaneda's theme' from Akira

I love to hear this jam_doza Hilarious because it’s a marimba Alyciajoybadger Eh, okay. It's nice I guess. My MOTHER played Marimba! She would discipline me with the Mallots! Nothing tops the xylophone shredding in this performance. Dude even has his own solo. Can’t shred as hard as the triangle Just for fun...

strange looking xylophone That’s a marimba At St. Alphonzo's pancake beakfast! (where I stole the mar-ger-een) that’s a vibraphone AndrewZeitlin Reminds me of your reaction to that concert we saw together in London. I think he used to play with Ween. weeninfo 😒....marimba. hay_shay i’ve seen him onstage with phish

Perhaps he's doing a cover of the bonus level from plok When they have multiple mallets in each hand is the best Do you even Indoor? Fuck yeah aMilkFiend Ladies and gentlemen, watch Ruth .... Does it go to 11? 🤘🏿🔥 He owes it to the rest of them to play the hell out of it. At least it isn’t a viola. (shudders)

skeleton music Lmao one Lemmy's bastard sons BanDaniel2323 LoneStarPerc dude hell yeah reissecup That’s a marimba. NO THEY KNEW THE MEANEST THING TO SAY WHY... ITS A MARIMBA 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Xylophone is sexy

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Nine Little-Known Signs of PerfectionismIt's not about being perfect; it's about never being good enough. No u willnecer understand as how to be alone here as ur friends with all and support each other and bring joy in gps and all of u want me go away as u hate me and never ever friend with me

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Health officials worry as untraceable virus clusters emergeIn the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not the rising numbers that are worrying experts: It's that they can't trace where some disease clusters started. No its also the numbers. Plz stop downplaying how fast this is spreading Yeah I am very concerned about some reports from Japan, you should take a look After the news broke about the disease, WHO kept for days delaying the announcement of a public health emergency, then China had hidden the disease for almost a month. The doctors who recognized that something isn't right were gagged. The doctors know from which hospitals the

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Flight attendants' jobs are dangerous — to their health. The problem: youThe spread of the coronavirus and the resulting medical crisis bring to light an unmistakable truth about air travel: It’s a filthy undertaking. How about if you all bought planes that didn't cram us all in like sardines with no legroom to where fighting over some idiot reclining into your knees and you didn't give us only $2 worth of cheap food things to have on the plane ? Everyone always wants to blame me. I've never flown before, but it's my fault!? Unjust world. Welcome everyone to the world of USA healthcare! MHNursesDay hospital MedEd medtwitter NurseTwitter nursing