Xscape vs. SWV in Verzuz Battle of '90s R&B Greats: See the Scorecard and Winner

Check out Billboard's scorecard for the #Verzuz battle between Xscape and SWV.

5/9/2021 7:30:00 PM

Check out Billboard's scorecard for the Verzuz battle between Xscape and SWV.

Here’s how Billboard kept tally of the round-to-round showdown between the two '90s R&B groups, with our overall winner declared at the bottom.

Round 9: Destiny's Child's “Bills, Bills, Bills” vs. SWV's “Right Here (Human Nature)”Outside of Xscape, Burruss’ legendary pen has crafted songs for Alicia Keys, TLC and NSYNC, but “Bills, Bills, Bills” for Destiny’s Child was arguably her songwriting breakthrough -- as the 1999 track became DC's first to top the Billboard Hot 100. SWV then responded with an homage to Michael Jackson as they sang along to their legendary track “Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)." The group also gave a quick nod to Pharrell Williams who rapped the song’s classic hook.

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Winner: SWVRound 10: Xscape's  “Tonight” vs. SWV's “If Only You Knew”While the '90s was a pivotal time for Black girl groups, Xscape was one of the few who sang a cappella. Looking to the past, the group nabbed their 1993 song “Tonight” which they recorded prior to being signed -- also shouting out Atlanta collective Organized Noize, who wrote the song. The atmosphere glistened as SWV belted their amorous cover of Patti Labelle’s “If Only You Knew," flawlessly closing the first half of the battle.

Winner: SWVRound 11: SWV's"I'm So Into You" vs. Xscape's"My Little Secret"After an intermission ending with “Bring Em Out” by T.I, SWV led Round 11, taking center stage and launching headfirst into “I’m So Into You”. Appropriately dimming the stage lights, Xscape took it slow to “My Little Secret”.

Winner: Xscape Round 12: SWV's “Ain’t No Man” vs. Xscape's “Softest Place On Earth”Pulling a more recent track, SWV hit a choreographed dance to “Ain’t No Man” from their 2016 albumStill. SWV’s move wasn’t enough to defeat Xscape and like the previous round, Xscape slowed it down to “Softest Place On Earth”, a track that the group's Tamika Scott said made her husband a fan of the quartet.

Winner: XscapeRound 13: SWV's “Use Your Heart” vs. E-40 feat. T-Pain & Kandi Girl's “U And Dat”Performing a stripped version of “Use Your Heart," SWV pulled out standing mics and delicately glided over the track while Taj hit show-stealing vocals. Taking another solo moment, Burruss struggled to conceal her explicit language on her 2006 E-40 and T-Pain collaboration “U And Dat."

Winner: SWVRound 14: Will Smith feat. Coko's “Men in Black” vs. Mariah Carey feat. Da Brat and Xscape's “Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix)”The 1997 filmMen in Blackwas an instant blockbuster, but the sci-fi comedy was also a standout moment for Coko as a vocalist on the soundtrack’s title song, with post-

Fresh PrinceWill Smith. In her 2020 autobiography, Mariah Carey recollected her classic collaboration with Xscape, Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat, as the latter surprised viewers by taking to the Verzuz stage to perform her scorching guest verse. Winner: Xscape

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Round 15: SWV's “You’re Always On My Mind” vs. Trick Daddy feat. LaTocha Scott's “Thug Holiday”Shouting out It'sAbout Timeexecutive producer and vocalist Brian Alexander Morgan, SWV pulled out a gem from their 1992 debut album in"You're Always on My Mind." Xscape countered with a deeper cut that LaTocha Scott said she felt"should really be an anthem,” her “Thug Holiday" collaboration with Trick Daddy from 2002.

Winner: SWVRound 16: Coko's “Sunshine” vs. Xscape's “Can’t Hang”Hitting play on her 1999 solo debutHot Coko, Coko rubbed shoulders with her “singing baby” Jalen Clemons for a brief duet. Digging deep into their new jack swing bag, Xscape stunned with

Off the Hooksingle “Can’t Hang” as Tamika joked that Burruss had all the leading parts.Winner: XscapeRound 17: SWV's “M.C.E. (Man Crush Everyday”) vs. Xscape's “Do You Want To”While Mother’s Day was just hours away, the mood shifted to Valentine’s Day as SWV tipped their hats to their #MCE, and Xscape got affectionate over their 1995 single with room-shattering vocals from Tiny and LaTocha.

Winner: XscapeRound 18: SWV's “Rain” vs. TLC's “No Scrubs”“We’re so thankful to have had three songs trending on TikTok and this is one of those songs,” said Leelee about introducing SWV to Gen-Z. An accompanying guitarist sat on the stairs in tribute to

Jaco Pastorius,as SWV stood in unison to their gentleRelease Some Tensionsingle. Veering back to their songwriting, Kandi and Tiny dismissed lackluster men over 1999 TLC hit “No Scrubs”. The track was then awkwardly mixed with “Shape of You," a jab to Ed Sheeran who once tried to escape (no pun intended) crediting the duo on his Hot 100-topping smash.

Winner: SWVRound 19: SWV feat. Wu-Tang Clan's “Anything” vs. Xscape's “Who Can I Run To”Taj and Leelee hit synchronized crossover choreography as the energy lifted to “Anything" from theAbove the Rim Read more: billboard »

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SWV DID NOT SING THE FIRST HALF OF THIS. Lies in this article 😂 New_Jack It really was a tie. It was a good show Thank you for Whitesplaining black music. The assignment was their discography Xscape didn't stick to the assignment. No scrubs should have been disqualified. Anything was the game changer SWV should have gotten 2 points for dance and rap alone. SWV wins stuck to the assignment!

Fire or...

How to Watch SWV vs. Xscape 'Verzuz' BattleI~ get~ so~ weak ❤billboard❤ I’m going with SWV 🧡🖤💜TajGeorge LeleeLyons They have the best voices 🎤and the best songs 🎧🎼💿📻😎 TheQHBlend

How to Watch SWV vs. Xscape 'Verzuz' BattleI~ get~ so~ weak ❤billboard❤ I’m going with SWV 🧡🖤💜TajGeorge LeleeLyons They have the best voices 🎤and the best songs 🎧🎼💿📻😎 TheQHBlend

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