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Wuhan is claiming a coronavirus turnaround, but doubts linger

In a turnaround, China will start including asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in their daily tallies Wednesday as worries about silent carriers grow

4/1/2020 4:31:00 AM

Since mid-February, China has not included patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 but show no symptoms in its official count—leading to worry over whether China ’s numbers reflected the magnitude of infections.

In a turnaround, China will start including asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in their daily tallies Wednesday as worries about silent carriers grow

Wuhan's reporting of new cases in multiple consecutive days, has not included asymptomatic cases.China's NHC said that as of Monday, there are now 1,541 asymptomatic cases under medical observation across the country including 205 imported cases. It remains unclear if the country will disclose the backlog of asymptomatic cases since mid-February.

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While most new reported cases in China in recent weeks are of the imported variety from Europe or the U.S., a local transmission case popped up over the weekend in the western province of Gansu. It was brought in by a man from Hubei province who had been allowed to leave the former epicenter with an all-clear"green health code."

MORE: Couple separated by Pacific Ocean -- and coronavirusThe criteria change signaled the central government in Beijing was taking the concerns seriously. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang instructed officials Monday to pay close attention to silent carriers after having warned officials last week to"not cover up reports for the sake of keeping new case numbers at zero."

The delayed response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan has been blamed domestically and internationally on local level officials reluctant to deliver bad news to Beijing.Chinese newsmagazine Caixin reported that new asymptomatic cases are still found every day, while the South China Morning Post reported last week that, based on classified government data that they saw, at the end of February a third of the positive cases in China presented no immediate symptoms. When the case tally was 80,000 at the end of February,

SCMP reportedthat 43,000 asymptomatic cases were left off the list.People wearing protective suits as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus control an access point to the Biandanshan cemetery in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province, March 31, 2020.

People wearing protective suits as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus control an access point to the Biandanshan cemetery in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province, March 31, 2020.Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images Read more: ABC News »

Shahidmasooddr Gud luck... I hope they will learn to eat normal food this time and close “everthing alive to eat” section from now on Shahidmasooddr Good luck 👍 Why aren't news organizations insisting on getting the REAL numbers from their government? The virus didn't magically stop spreading there overnight. They have downplayed it since Dec. What are their real numbers?

Fools still think this lab creation was something let loose by bat soup... smfh the idiocy... Oh no The bottom line is no more people got infected, would be really scary and disappointed if there is a second round... It is nothing about the figure,it's about life. The truth is the Cronavirus is under control in China now. hope the other country can do so.

Nobody but our leftist media have believed China’s numbers. Now, suddenly, the FakeNewsMedia finally decides to question it? PartOfTheProblem 1. Wash your hands often with soap more than 30s 2. Disinfect your outfit when you back from out side including shoes 3. Wear a mask when you go outside 4. Do not touch your skin before wash your hands 5. Don’t touch anything in public if you don’t wear gloves. Stay safe.

This should have been a given. You cannot trust this communist regime. The govt itself tried to suppress info coming from Wuhan doctors trying to sound the alarm and tell the world Oh come on if you believe China’s flatline at 81,000 over the last month and then some, you would have to believe in the tooth fairy or climate change What’s the odds that China continues their white knight crusade and magically release the antidote in about 6 months..........

Both US and Aus have banned China since 1st Feb worry yourselves first. Shocker When the epidemic happened, KN95 masks have saved the lives of all Chinese. Now China is OK, and the Chinese government has provided safe and effective procurement advice to the world. But some idiots still refuse to believe China for political reasons.

As known to all, America can't watch itself directly, couldnot face the failure compared with the so-called authoritarian regime. But still be champion at Virus Olympic Games forever. Population Wuhan: 11 million, China 1.4 Billion Deaths China to date: 3316. (36 new cases & 7 new deaths in China, March 31) Population New York: 9 million Deaths NYC to date: nearly 2,000. From nytimes 'Deaths across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut will exceed 2,000 today.'

Admit it,both of the Big Bosses are ass hole. Thers's no needs to play the toy now. If China is lying,why your government will also buy respirators and masks in China.If there is a serious outbreak in China, how can masks and respirators be bought to your government?Now the most of patients is america. Please take care of your family when you have free time.

EdMorrissey Weird how as soon as they kicked out American journalists, their number of new cases suddenly dropped to zero. I suppose its all you media can do at this moment right, hiding your own problem by accusing others of hiding. Bravo. EdMorrissey Has anyone asked the World Health Organization about this tweet from January 14, 2020?👇

Why do we keep thinking China tells the truth?! Either way they are still doing a better job than us. Population in China 🇨🇳 1,408,526,449. Population in USA 331,000,000. China’s numbers are wrong, you don’t say A month ago: 80,000 cases in China= Look how disastrous this demonstrates China's system to be, this won't happen to us. Present: 80,000 cases in China= Only 80,000? Look how they are lying about the numbers! This can't be true!

Trust China at your own peril. China has absolutely been playing with their numbers. They're an authoritarian regime and want to hide their failures from public scrutiny. But anyone trying to claim that China's actions have prevented Trump from taking aggressive action ignore that Trump was warned in Jan/Feb.

China continues to lie. China is to blame for this pandemic. China lied, people died china is lying. china is still very very sick. no virus in the history of the northern hemisphere has been defeated in February and March, without a vaccine, through disinfection and quarantine, in three months, without massive sustained deaths, ever, because it's impossible

We aren’t even testing all of those with/without symptoms, so our counts are no better. Don’t trust Chinese information agency. ⬇️ Let's see how US deal with these guys a month later This undercounting is probably the single biggest reason why the rest of the world was taking it more lightly than they should be. I don't quite understand the whole point of lowballing it.

, Do you have a comment on TuckerCarlson's piece tonight? It exposed Southern China University's claim that the corona virus was probably accidentally released by one of two Chinese bio-labs... katsuyatakasu Well China has been lying from the very beginning so it s not surprising they hide the numbers. Otherwise why the Chinese people are still fleeing from one place to another ?

Call it by the right name. Wuhan pandemic. Chinese virus. Chinese Communist party virus or CCP virus. All information released by the China government on coronavirus infections and deaths is unreliable. 154 023 dead chinese people by Feb. 1st. I am fed up & tired of hearing about Corona Virus !!! Enough!!! Enough!!! Stop with the hysteria... daily briefings,...such & such got the virus, ...such & such died You dont do this about the 40 thousand plus who die of the Flu every year Stop the INSANITY !!!!

Because of the strict quarantine, ALL Chinese people stay home at the same time for almost 4~6 weeks. The positive result covers up the great efforts and loss of the whole 1.4 billion people, hereby lead to an optimistic impression - the virus is easy for your government. Common sense says China lies.... JUST LIKE TRUMP!!!

katsuyatakasu Of course, it is a lie. Whatever you think. Um, it’s a communist country. They obviously lie and obfuscate as their norm. (The government not the people) What about the places in the states where a patient dies of something else yet they test positive for the virus and are asymptomatic, and then it’s reported as death by the virus.

katsuyatakasu Actual deaths in Wuhan due to Chinese virus are quite different from the CCP published values. 64000 people were incinerated at the crematorium. In addition, many people were incinerated in mobile incinerators. Beside the crematorium, mobile phones are thrown away like mountains. katsuyatakasu china liar

thank god you are finally putting the truth out there. this is not a time for politics since we are at war. 👍 Anyone who believes the Red Chinese are idiots

'This is bliss': Chinese barber has clients queuing up as Wuhan eases lockdownFor barber Xiong Juan, a recent easing of restrictions in the city of Wuhan, epicentre of China &39;s coronavirus outbreak, means she is now busier than ever. Xiong, 39, now spends her days riding around on her electric bicycle and offering her services to local residents who like her were stuck at

Wuhan, city at center of China's virus outbreak, gradually revivesShops in Wuhan are reopening, but customers are scarce as authorities lift more of the anti-virus controls that kept tens of millions of people at home for two months. Poohan💩😷 Why give that serious looks? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Keeping people inside for 2mos. does nothing if you don’t have a viable antidote to combat the virus..period! Have they looked into whether the virus remains dormant in the chickenpox or herpes..and can re-present itself again? Nothing is foolproof to reopen this soon.

Despair and pride in China's Wuhan as coronavirus lockdown easesResidents of China 's Wuhan city, ground zero for the coronavirus pandemic, have mixed emotions as containment measures are lifted and the community infection rate slows to a trickle, with some praising the government and others ruing the economic costs. brendagoh_ brendagoh_ Another Chinese doctor has disappeared after warning the world about SARS-CoV-2, the new Coronavirus that many believe is a bio-weapon from China’s premiere bio lab in Wuhan Reuters uses Chinese propaganda brendagoh_ Chinavirus can only by contained/defeated by a vaccine. Most likely China already have a vaccine. Without vaccination, Chinavirus will come continuously in waves.

Stores, shopping malls reopen in Wuhan as city gradually revives from coronavirus outbreakShopkeepers in Wuhan were reopening Monday, but customers were scarce after residents were kept at home for two months. Without a vaccine. Keep that in mind. Awesome. I need a live bat. can't scare the hell out of the world and have people go things are fine over night. All the hysteria over a cold virus. MM arr

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China .

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)Thank you to all the doctors and healthcare professionals who work night and day to care for those in need, especially during the ongoing COVID19 outbreak. Find CDCgov resources for healthcare professionals here: NationalDoctorsDay CDCgov ThankYouDoctors CDCgov Thanks to doctors for doing their job. How about you start doing YOUR job, and start pushing mask usage for ALL? Try being like a doctor and saving a life. CDCgov what about all the unnecessary suicides caused by pain medications being withheld to americans that need them were on successfully? the cdc wants recognition and news coverage when in reality too many people have died and covid is just another way to sidestep not take acctbility