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WSJ News Exclusive | Stephen Miller’s Next Act Finds a Stage in the Courts

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller's new group aims to be a 'conservative answer to the ACLU' by aggressively challenging Democratic policies in court

4/7/2021 2:10:00 PM

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller's new group aims to be a 'conservative answer to the ACLU' by aggressively challenging Democratic policies in court

Borrowing from the ACLU’s playbook, the Trump senior adviser—and conservative lightning rod—is launching a new legal group to challenge Democratic policies through lawsuits.

April 7, 2021 7:00 am ETWASHINGTON—Stephen Miller has come to admire the effectiveness—and aggressiveness—of the legal campaign Democrats and their supporters mounted against the Trump administration’s agenda.Now, the former senior White House adviser during Donald Trump’s presidency hopes to return fire.

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Mr. Miller, an architect of the last administration’sand a leading backer of its socially conservative initiatives, is launching this week a new organization, America First Legal, to challenge Biden administration initiatives at odds with Trump-era priorities.

“Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game,” he said.The group, Mr. Miller said, would tap into the expertise of Trump administration lawyers, work with Republican state attorneys general and partner with lawyers around the country who need legal and financial resources for their cases.

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Nothing new: So, anti civil liberties is where he's going? No chance. Can our country get any wackier? Otherwise known as 'the Gestapo'? Except the ACLU defends both people on the right and left since they adhere to the Constitution. So he plans to challenge racial equality and voting rights. Why isn’t Stephen Miller in court?

Shanda! So they will be opposing civil liberties? If he's as successful at finding lawyers as the Trump campaign was after the election, this is nothing but another money laundering opportunity. Lightning rod is what we call Nazis? Even if you discount the grifting angle, there is still no bottom on this.

Has anyone told him the ACLU has defended “conservative positions” in the past? That dude creeps me out. Pure evil. You forgot: “human pimple”. cueballnazi KAPO Good luck with that baldie. The ACLU protects civil liberties - basically, the Constitution. What could be “a conservative answer” to that, other than an attack on those civil liberties and the Constitution?

What’s he calling it, ANSU? American National Socialist Union Trump's moral vacuum advocate I’d prefer that my comic book villains stay in the comic books. Called Americans Against Civil Liberties, one presumes? I think there are already hundreds of such organizations. Nazis gonna Nazi. Otherwise known as a “scam.”

Ya right, lightning rod. An incredibly racist, white supremacy type guy. Perfect for the GQP. What a joke. Wonder how they’ll get their tiki-torches into the courtroom... Uhhh the ACLU constantly fights to protect what these idiots consider 'conservative values'. They fight for all civil liberties regardless of political affiliation.

Goebbels goes to Court?! 💩🤮 I can’t wait to hear their arguments about voting rights not being for everyone, and immigration being a leftist conspiracy to take over the country. Justice League VS the Unjustice League. One has Superman, the other has Lex Luthor. Google 'ACLU defends Rush Limbaugh' then tell me again how the ACLU is exclusively liberal.

This country needs a counter weight to progressive over reach. Not everyone has to agree with the Democratic Party and their ideas. Congratulations and many Americans look forward to a compromise So Miller is launching an Anti-Civil Liberties group? Makes sense, we all knew this to be true. he is the anti-christ

I don't know if he's a 'lightning rod' - most people just think he's a tool. At its core, the ACLU is conservative, it believes in limited government, i.e. civil liberties, so this is more than a little disingenuous. I have to believe there are more appropriate adjectives to describe Stephen Miller than 'lightning rod!' 🤢

Will Rudy, Sidney, and Lin be the founding partners? He said he is tapping in the 'expertise' of the Trump's Admin lawyers? LOL. The ones that lost 62 lawsuits? ACLU is a lot smarter and wiser than these sociopaths TeamNoSex Wow. I did Nazi that coming We have a saying in the Philippines: mahirap mamatay ang masamang damo - literally, bad grass doesn’t die easily. Seems to be an apt description with this...creature.

Isn't that what Tom 'Shirt Isn't' Fitton already does with his group? LOL Giulianni his first partner, Cohen next! This is going to end well... Stephen Miller ThePeterPaige WilliamdeVry1 JuddWinick Ummmm I am a little sick by this. How can these people be like this? Chalenge the ACLU? UGH Megamind needs to fade into the past!

😆😆😆👇👇👇 'Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game,” he said.' Better get a 2nd job Goebbels bc you ain't gonna be busy! StephenM ACLU VP opinion SenateDems HouseDemocrats WHCOS AmbassadorRice Can’t wait for that to flop. KKK? Defending what? The rights of the rich and the white and the corrupt? The ACLU defends civil rights and liberty of those who cannot defend themselves. What is Millers governing principles? I am curious to hear what bs and lies he comes up with.

Elite Strike Force ACLU is not a liberal group. They are more libertarian focus on civil liberty. Stephan Miler should focus on finding a job and stop the grifting. Foxnews may hire him to add value to Tucker Carlson. Miller is certainly doing his part in bringing down this country. He had found his purpose in life.... destructive species

He is not conservative. He is a fascist. 👏👏 StephenM brkend Forbes FoxNews GeorgeWill AP ACLU nycsouthpaw CNN seanhannity jaketapper FT IngrahamAngle JoyAnnReid TuckerCarlson maddow TrumpWarRoom 1 Oy Vey, Undoubtedly Miller is qualified to 'fit' in that role. Why? judging from his previous forays into logic, this should be comical

It’s not surprising that Miller has no clue what the ACLU is or does It’s Judicial Watch 2.0 another grift. Comparing themselves to the ACLU ? 😂😅🤣😆 Only his parents take Miller seriously. Way to keep being a danger to democracy People every time I see A Picture of Mr. Miller, The MORE I THINK 💭🤔😉😧ℹ️🇺🇸🗳Gee he Reminds Me of Looking At A Photograph of The DEVIL 😈💭🇺🇸”Large D DEMOCRACY.”

interesting UNHCR and IOM in Montenegro are playing for time, waiting for the whole of Europe to be quarantined. Then it will be said that the European Union is closed. I demand that the EU gave instructions to the UNHCR and the IOM in Montenegro to send us to the countries of the EU A NEW ‘KRACKEN’ IS BEING RELEASED BY THE ‘BIRDMAN’ STEPHEN MILLER! THIS NEW CAPED CRUSADER ... AMERIKA FIRST LEGAL WILL 🚫 DOUBT BE GRIFTING FOR DOLLARS SHORTLY. THE OFFERING PLATE WILL BE PASSED AND $50K GETS A ROUND OF GOLF WITH HURUMP45 WHO ALWAYS KEEPS SCORE!

Imagine saying you want to be the anti-aclu What a great way to make money while not really doing much. That ought to be highly amusing. Like watching Hitler arguing for the 'rights' of white supremacists at Nuremberg. (Please pardon the intentional anachronism) Ugh. HIM again. Putin's things are seriously discussing the use of a nuclear strike in the world's oceans to intimidate the world community. They need to be stopped!

This is Hilarious. You make me laugh at your stupidity. Way to read a room. First case: Miller & Speedos for Pedos vs Common Decency. Followed with Stop making fun of my toupee and I don't have testicles either v all women Ha ha make it stop. Disgusting and dangerous. He’s such a tool How is he still walking the streets?

Is that a paid gig? Always good to have a balance one for the left and one for the right. Stop saying conservative. Pure evil! They’ll be like the spray-on hair of legal advocacy groups. Good Now send him money As if antidemocratic groups needed and effort in america. With all due disrespect: Isn't there already a name for said organization? Something with three Ks?

He must like losing then! Just make a rule that you have to be a living breathing person with a soul in order to file anything. He will call it the Anti-Civil Liberties Union so they organize against civil liberties? Psychopath in action The same as the ACLU, only to take away rights. Obviously he will call it anti-American Civil Liberties Union.

'Sometimes Law dictates, sometimes it sings' Which, of course, is moronic because the ACLU represents conservatives regularly. Miller wants an organization that is a weapon for white supremacy, which I guess is also the opposite of the ACLU, just not in the way he wants to sell it. Hmm . So AGAINST American civil liberties as defined by our Constitution . Got it .

What a joke! Stephen Miller could no more be a 'conservative answer to the ACLU' than the KKK Obstructionist So a Nazi PAC? 🍑🕳’s... At least it will now be crystal clear that this hate-monger is on the wrong side of history.