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WSJ News Exclusive | North Face Owner Pulled Xinjiang Criticism, Then Reinstated It

The move by VF, which also owns Vans and Timberland, shows the difficulty brands face in catering to Western consumers and China.

6/21/2021 10:30:00 AM

The owner of The North Face quietly took down a statement raising concern about allegations of forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region. Then, after executives deliberated, it put up a new statement reaffirming its stance.

The move by VF, which also owns Vans and Timberland, shows the difficulty brands face in catering to Western consumers and China.

Inc.also removed or altered similar statements, according to the Journal analysis of the websites of major publicly listed fashion companies. The Journal compared their websites this month with previous versions saved on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine dating to before the H&M boycott.

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Alexander Shapiro, a Beijing-based branding consultant, said three other Western companies enlisted him to help them remove supply-chain statements that could offend the Chinese government by appearing to be lecturing Beijing. “What you don’t want to do is dictate,” he said. Mr. Shapiro said the companies, which he declined to name, were in the fashion, automotive and consumer-electronics industries.

After VF took down its statement, executives quickly reconsidered, according to people familiar with the matter. In less than a day, the company decided to reverse course and publicly reaffirm its concerns over Xinjiang in a new but shorter statement.

Another person familiar with the matter said VF always intended to republish its statement after a brief suspension amid the H&M backlash.A week later, Sean Cady, a VF executive overseeing the company’s responsibility initiatives, sent an email to a nonprofit labor-rights monitoring group called the Worker Rights Consortium. In the email, Mr. Cady said VF “temporarily” removed its Xinjiang statement “out of an abundance of caution” but publicly reaffirmed its position within 24 hours. The email, which was circulated among advocacy groups and shared online by one of them, said VF is maintaining its nearly two-year-old position of not sourcing any products or materials from Xinjiang.

“Forced labor is not tolerated in any tier of our supply chain,” wrote Mr. Cady. “We will not compromise our commitment to human rights as a result of external pressure in any form, including potential commercial impacts.”China accounts for 7% of VF’s sales, according to the company’s 2020 annual report.

Spain-based Inditex, which operates Zara, Massimo Dutti and other brands, previously had posted a statement on its website saying it was concerned about social and labor “malpractice” alleged in Xinjiang. That statement was removed after the H&M boycott and hasn’t been reinstated.

L Brands, which operates Bath & Body Works and recently announcedplans to spin off Victoria’s Secret, said on its website earlier this year that it was committed to eliminating forced labor, including in Xinjiang. Its website has since deleted the reference to Xinjiang.

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After removing its original statement about its concerns over Xinjiang, PVH, which owns Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Izod and other brands, put up a shorter one that said PVH follows U.S. laws with regards to Xinjiang. The U.S. government

unless the importers can demonstrate they weren’t produced using forced labor.H&M never took down its statement, and its chief executive publiclya few days later. The company is still largely absent from the Chinese internet. H&M hasn’t disclosed what effect the boycott has had on sales.

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Woke thenorthface has become an ordinary mass producer with ordinary products for masses. Once there used to be an idea of long lasting hyperfunctional gear that became legends and classics in their league. It’s time for North Face and hundreds of other companies stop manufacturing in China and either bring it back to USA or set up factories in Northern Triangle Countries: El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to help alleviate our border crisis.

Trade w/ CCP's China is never fair, they pay much but they need not only your product, the price is including buying freedom of ppl (like Uighur & HK), dignity, techniques (for counterfeit) & your support in their dictatorship. It's time to find a new trade partner. Taking down totalitarian is the only way to save universal values and democracy supporters!!

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