Writing Into Healing

Telling your story can change your life.


Writing can help us make sense of challenging events in our lives and transform the way we see them

Telling your story can change your life.

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10 Songs You Didn't Know Charlie Puth WroteDid you know CharliePuth wrote these songs? Take a look! Flop stan Peppa Simply amazing 💖💜 ew trash

I Wrote a Pasta Cookbook and It Totally Messed With My Body ImageFor Colu Henry, cooking 500 pounds of pasta for her first book had some unintended consequences.

Why Is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music?“What you’re hearing in black music is a miracle of sound,” writes Wesley Morris Great black music was forged in oppression and struggle no doubt, black music these really sucks, maybe that's a sign Miss Motown. Rap is not music

Richard Williams, Who Brought Roger Rabbit to Life, Dies at 86Richard Williams, a groundbreaking animation director who won 2 Academy Awards for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” died on Friday at age 86 Oh no please. Jessica Rabbit will always be the only girlfriend in my heart. RIP Mr Williams!!! Roger Rabbit will always be a classic! So, here’s a picture of Bob Hoskins.

The US economy is fine, but watch out for gathering trade stormsThe problem with tanking equities lies elsewhere, writes Michael Ivanovitch, because traders see no end to America's unfolding trade disputes with Europe and China. But muh recession TradeWars are easy said the unhinged FakePresident

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson comes out as gayThe 58-year-old Ottawa mayor made the announcement in the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday, writing that it was 'better late than never.' Look JimWatsonOttawa , you even made ! Good on ya! Before you criticize people,(this man)search Genetics of being gay. Who cares about his sexual preference? Just do your damned job. No one cares what you do in your bedroom...unless you’re a pedo, then you shouldn’t be allowed public.

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