Live Updates: Fbı Director Christopher Wray Testifies İn Senate On Capitol Riot, Domestic Terrorism

Live Updates: Fbı Director Christopher Wray Testifies İn Senate On Capitol Riot, Domestic Terrorism

Wray refutes claims that Antifa and leftists added to Capitol riot

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray on the security failures surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Follow here for the latest.

3/2/2021 7:32:00 PM

FBI Director Christopher Wray says resoundingly that Antifa and other leftists were not part of the violence at the Capitol on January 6. Follow live updates as he testifies to a Senate committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray on the security failures surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Follow here for the latest.

last week that they were prepared for the possibility of limited violence on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, but the intelligence available ahead of time did not warn of a coordinated attack like the insurrection that overwhelmed officers and led to multiple casualties.

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"The breach of the United States Capitol was not the result of poor planning or failure to contain a demonstration gone wrong," former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told two Senate committees at the first open hearing on the Capitol riot last Tuesday.

Former House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irvingtestifiedthat intelligence assessments before the Jan. 6 attack incorrectly concluded that there was only a"remote" to"improbable" chance of a civil disturbance that day, according to prepared testimony.

Sen. Gary Peters revealed that an FBI report containing"troubling" information was given to US Capitol Police headquarters on the eve of Jan. 6 but never made it to the department's leadership, a breakdown the Michigan Democrat said is"clearly a major problem."

"How can you not get that vital intelligence on the eve of what's going to be a major event?" Peters asked.Sund responded that the information was"coming in as raw data," though he acknowledged the information would have been helpful.

"I agree that's something we need to look at. What's the process and how do we streamline?" he said.Sund added that the report prompted Capitol Police to discuss its plans with Metropolitan Police and expand its perimeter for the event, though he also said that the expansion was already underway.

Last week's hearing, was the the first time Americans were listening in full on whyintelligence and operations failed dramaticallyon Jan. 6 from the very people whose choices contributed to the crisis.Wray is expected to be grilled in today's Senate hearing about these intelligence failures and missteps, including why the FBI report did not prompt more action.

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Of course not!! Considering there were a lot of people wearing masks tells you antifa was there. Trumps followers don't wear masks. I guess you Republicans feel better blaming others than yourself All the more reason to feel Trump in fact did incite the violence. If the lie continues the senators that lied should be impeached.They have become a part of the anxiety &activation of activists & rioters.They need to silence the lies. People like Cruz, Graham, Hawley, MTGreene, Johnson, and others should be held accountable & impeached for riot

Has he found out if water is wet yet? He failed to mention Pelosi refusal to take President Trumps offer of 10 thousand national guards to protect the capital on Jan 6th Pelosi ignored Trump This guy Wray has just shown himself up as a liberal nut. Throw him out or better yet jail him. What the Investigation failed to admit is Donald Trump Sr has tried to Make the Courts of America collapse to Evade Justice and Laws of the United States.' Ponzi Scheme, Tax Evasion and my Suspect in the Jeffrey Epstein Murder in U.S. Jail.🌎✴️🤴👮

Drain the swamp. Managed to oust one on Nov 3. Many more left. This needs to be fact checked dont you think . I say this resoundlingly. Biden needs to get rid of this Trump left over, don’t make the same mistake as Obama. Wow some morons actually believe this shit He also confirmed water was wet and Justin Beiber is a twat

Yes. Thanks for reading Facebook. Anyifa are still little b*tches. They dont4kbiw what they falk about and defer to themselves as 'comrades' lol! How lame! We might be slow for a left. But we ain’t that stupid like the right. Well daaaa yeah, if we were gonna overthrow the government, us anarchists wouldn't simply be in DC.

Hawley asked about legislation to obtain evidence & then some press reports Re banks handing over evidence without proper authority. Any court would throw out evidence not properly obtained.Another pointless set of ? From Retrumplicans of course why would they throw their soldiers under the bus Are fbi, special agent applicants infiltrating the fbi. Are the interviewees being compared by computer.

The BLM protest were peaceful & cops in every city were in riot gear. The January 6th coup attempt in DC had no DC police on hand Only the capital police were there to handle thousands of mindless goons? Kayleigh Mcenany heard Trump's inciting rally, why is she even speaking out lying about it again. Just to get attention. If Trump expected peace why didn't he stop it and send help when he watched the violence on tv unfold. Trump did nothing to stop it! He even enjoyed it.

Is Christopher Wray the a LIAR? He is correct to investigate capitol riots, but what about FBI Leadership abuses against Trump? Also, does Wray think that Antifa is a myth like J. Nadler? If so, Wray must go. Is he hiding the abuses? Isn't there an honest person to lead FBI? How can you refute something you can not be sure of 100%? There is no way anyone (ANYONE) can say Antifa or the Left were not part or some part a role in the violence of the capitol unless you knew everyone there and the political stance. And I doubt that 100%

Qanon started in 2017 after Trump took office. We didn't have all this before the Trump's got involved with politics. I think they created Qanon as part of a political strategy to distract Americans from the truth. Surely the FBI can trace who started Qanon. My guess Don Jr. Y'all just heaved a sigh of relief!!

Bull Shit Wtf is Antifa? And obviously not. Try harder. Of course anyone living in the reality based world already knew this. As for the GQP this won't affect their conspiracy theories. But the GOP won't believe him because it doesn't fit into their world view. Personally, I don't care what the GOP believes. So, really, it's all just for the record.

POTUS should ask for his resignation!! Talk about passing the buck to the lowest levels when Jan 6th was a failure at all levels! Does anyone know that Antifa is an idea and not an organization? he works for the lefty, so what did we expect him to say? Can’t understand why this was a question directed to him ? We watched and have been watching and listening to them glorifying what they are 🤷‍♀️

Christopher Wray is unpolished and unqualified to hold this position! He needs to be removed or placed in a position out of leadership! This is about capital riot on Jan 6 yet every Republican has brought up the riots last summer, Antifa and BLM riots etc. one even asked which countries are less likely to share info- Libya,Iran,Etc and then of course the line, these are countries Biden just lifted the travel ban

Great 1st act of violence in 4 years they haven't been involved in Lies Yeah, but Ron Johnson said… Oh wait a minute, he is an idiot. He went on to say Antifa was an idea. CNN applauded. This has an odd smell about it. Like old fish, or perhaps that rotten smell of cover-up. Wait wait, I'm sure Hawley will show proof Antifa went from the Capitol to his house in Virginia to harrass his wife!!

Hahaha! CNN reports the left has done nothing wrong. I am SHOCKED!!! HawleyMO Yes u must wait. Who side are you on? Why would you guys need the information b4 the investigation is complete that sounds very fishy. Sounds like you wanted to name drop companies willing to help find the insurrectionist👀Let The FBI do their job.brikeilarcnn 👁👁👀👀

Why is Donald Trump not a focus as a threat to the United States? He did incite an insurrection and continues to do so. GOPLeader DNCWarRoom FoxNews I'm calling bullshit on that. Biden needs to fire Wray and get a clean state at the FBI to combat MAGA terrorists. Ludedicrus they entertain ANTIFA cause repubs said so

Not sure why it needed to be said. Anyone with a brain already knew this. It was/is/always will be the home grown terrorists who perpetrated this act of sedition. Where is Fox News on this? Meanwhile this is FoxNews' home page: They were worn out after trashing cities for 6 months. Lol Confirming what everyone who isn't a conspiracy fud already knew.

Funny how trump cult believes anything he says. Trump claimed he asked for 10,000 national guards that day. the national guard said he never asked for the troops. His hand picked military leaders down played the violence and were told no troops will be available. I wish Cruz was not given a voice as he truly is only self serving.

So sullivan is a Trump supporter CNN and NBC sent into the capital? You are liars. Antifa works for the left. They are paid by the left and they are being protected by the left. There's enough evidence online, and we know they were a huge part of January 6th. No confidence in CNN or Wray to tell the truth!

When are we going to hear the details of what Trump was doing the moment he left the incited crowd to go back to safety, to when Capitol was cleared. He is responsible for the dead!! Where’s Kayleigh and Kelly to screech out “Fake news!” Oh wait. That was in another lifetime. How refreshing. Which means they were. Thanks for confirming.

Trung thực, bản lĩnh, yêu gia đình Too much of what Christopher Wray is saying at the Senate committee hearing is simply not believable. There is zero evidence to prove that unless they rounded up everyone who was there that day Well. He's lying. He is a liar 1. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Tactics012 Like it even needs to be said. Republicans lying to coverup their own culpability and trump refusing to take blame. The sooner trump is investigated by DC and indicted, the better.

THE FBI HAD NO ISSUES STOPPING TERRORIST HERE? BUT FBIWFO IS NO WHERE IN SIGHT ON THIS THREAT? WHO KNOWS THAT WHO IS LYING UNDER OATH 😆 He funding lies.Who is John Sullivan Christopher Wray? The BLM protesters contributed to the the largest spike in covid 19 cases in the USA a new study determines. The BLM movement is the largest domestic terrorist group in the USA, they are responsible for looting and burning many business and homes.

Why is the fbi not investigating the daily shootings in Democrat run cities. Because they don't care? It's racist? Don't these people's lives matter? Do we need to ban guns? Republicans don't care about poor Americans. We know that. Fix these useless shootings please. Grassley tried, but got nailed. Republican fool.

Call them what they are..they are not a 'Mob' those people are domestic terrorists they threaten violence and destruction if democratic elections not go the way they want. He also said Hillary did nothing wrong when she shared classified information using an exposed unauthorized home server... then when investigated lied, bleached her hard-drives, and deleted most of the evidence in which the FBI had to come in and delete the rest for her.

Tell that to all the Republicans that still lick the shoes of Trump. Matt Gaetz & Gym Jordan, not to mention Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz & Mitch McConnell still think Trump is a force, unfortunately they give Trump power by convincing people that it was Not Trump supporters on Jan 6 It should incense every American that Republicans will do anything to create a crack of deniably rather than seek accountability. All to protect a few senators a POTUS and Congressmen that were in on it and funded it.

What's really interesting is how the republicans are so insistent that 'antifa and leftists' are involved. They can't take it that the truth has come out and they don't accept that it's the red neck white supremacist, and they are mad to be caught on video, and denying truth. Throw the domestic terrorists in Guantanamo, where we have other American citizens (not white) held.

'And...Pay no attention to the Man behind the curtain.' Antifa and BLM should be more concerned over millions dead in Africa in the past 25 yrs from ruthless governments, internal fighting, disease, starvation, poverty and Islamic terrorism scores of people, not over a few thugs here that don't follow police orders

I have no confidence in your ability to report truth! Y’all have LIED too Damned much. Trump was literally a paranoid. Nothing about walking back your lies about the dead cop? Trump tells his cultists what they believe. Liar!Liar! Defund the FBI ! So we’re just going to pretend this dude wasn’t arrested at the capitol? Okay 👍

We all know who was behind this ...the idiots who still believed the big lie that Trump won the election and that it was stolen...Trump tweeted for weeks something big happening on the 6th of January... we saw with our eyes..Trump flags and the Confederate flag..