Politics, 2020 Election

Politics, 2020 Election

'Would you hire Trump?' Job interview attack ad questions president's past

'Would you hire Trump?' Job interview attack ad questions president's past

10/29/2020 3:45:00 PM

'Would you hire Trump?' Job interview attack ad questions president's past

The critical advert mentions business failures and past allegations made against the president as it questions his credentials.

, according to data recorded by John Hopkins University.The video highlights white supremacist groups' support for the president. Trump said he condemned such groups earlier this month.Claims that"losers" are also alluded to.The clip ends with the interviewer mentioning a reference and adding:"I think this is in Russian, actually."

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The ad comes from the Win America Back PAC, which describes itself as being"dedicated to creating simple, clear, cinematic ads that cut through Trump's fog of disinformation and restore the clarity of reality.""We see every Trump supporter or undecided voter as a loved one who is in danger and needs our help," a statement on its website reads.

"Most political messaging is a negative assault on your senses. Our ads are stories of empathy, of tragedy and redemption, fighting misinformation with meaning."Trump Muses About Ultimate Fighting Championship Scenario Against BidenRead more

The group has previously released an advert of a man in 2030 asking a child the names of the presidents. Stopping at Trump as 45th, the girls asks the man:"Why isn't there a 46th?". The advert told Americans to:"Vote while you still can."

Newsweekhas contacted the Trump campaign and the Win Back America PAC for comment on its latest ad.The president has been the subject of attack advertisements from several external groups throughout the 2020 campaign.The Lincoln Project, a group made up mainly of Republicans who do not want to see another Trump term, has created some of the most prominent—targeting Trump and his allies. While another group, Republican Voters Against Trump, has also taken a critical focus on the president.

President Donald Trump speaks during a Make America Great Again rally at Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Goodyear, Arizona, October 28, 2020. Accusations from his past have been the focus of a new attack ad against him. Read more: Newsweek »

Watch Barack Obama surprise a super-fan - CNN Video

Former President Barack Obama was a guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and agreed to get in on a planned stunt with one of his fans.

No...for no possible reason realDonaldTrump For half a century, Joe Biden has been outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician—If Biden Wins, China Wins. When We Win, Florida Wins—and America Wins!

I wouldn't have even hired him for The Apprentice. I'm still amazed anyone ever watched that show. Hell no. He wouldn't do any work. He would find some way to go on FMLA so he wouldn't have to work as much you draft dodger. Not even for dog catcher... He be the guy selling the sham wow towels at farmer’s markets

Greens keeper Not sure how he obtained a security clearance!?!? If he didn’t inherit his fathers money, he would have been a used car salesman(saw dust in the motor) he would say it purrs like a kitten Absolutely no on that one. He would be great in the mail room Maybe to sell used Yugos FakeNewsMedia is on a full blast anti-Trump crusade, they don't even pretend their bias BS 😅

I run a construction business. If I needed a marketing team, I’d hire him for that. He’s good at it. But to run the business? No, nobody would. Sounds like a trick quesiton. Well, if I have some hard to sell products, get rich quick schemes, bogus learning courses - I’ll definitely hire Trump. No one can sell ‘shits’ like him. Trump is a Legend in the universe of Snake Oil Salesmen.

No and no and hell no and get the fuck out of my office no. No. Imagine a Day 1 of watching him in utter incompetence coupled with arrogance, and lying that he did the greatest job ever, while registering numerous complaints of insulting behaviors and sexual harassment claims. Then there is Day 2... Not worth it.

STOP POSTING THESE DISGUSTING IMAGES 🤮🤮🤮 Sandyshark No, I would not. In my company we would appriciate and strive for honesty and transparency. Can't have co-workers activelly working against the common goal of the company. And it is FUCKEN FANTASTIC!!!!! Best. Ad. EVER! Not a chance!!! The Americans hired him lads..

And instead of judging Trump on his complete record of achievements the voters are going to focus on a virus and throw him out of office? That shows you the majority of Voters in the USA are fools and they will deserve what they get if Biden is elected

Trump appointee cites 'matter of conscience' in resigning over Trump federal worker orderRachel Maddow reports on the resignation of Donald Trump appointee Ronald Sanders over changes Donald Trump is making to remove protections and politicize the federal workforce. Unlike others who left the Trump administration without comment, Dr. Sanders has made his protest clear.

Don’t Worry, Suburban Women: Trump Will Get Your Husband a JobIf focusing on “sending husbands back to work” is the best Trump can promise, he may be the latest American man who’s out of a job. Bloop!!!!!! Now there! But what makes you think Biden is any better. He is married and has a woman waiting on him? It should not discourage women for voting for a person who can put our country back on track economically. Omg.

'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen offers Trump a role in next film: 'You'll need a job'&39;I&39;m always looking for people to play racist buffoons,&39; Sacha Baron Cohen tweeted after Trump called him a &39;creep&39; upon the new &39;Borat&39; film&39;s release. Borat was horrendous You pretend to be other people for a living....get over yourself!

Judge says Justice Department cannot defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll rape defamation suitThe DOJ tried to represent Trump in a defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll, a writer who has claimed that he sexually assaulted her in the 1990s. No worries. Conservative Supreme Court will fix this. 😉 The DOJ are not Trump's personal lawyers and OUR Tax money should not be used to defend him in a rape case! He can hire his own damn lawyers. Giuliani is availabe. 'It was just a Tuck!'

Omaha Gets Trump Visit as Campaigns Search for Electoral College Math - WSJ.comPresident Trump will hold a rally in Nebraska's Second Congressional District as he and Democrat Joe Biden compete for a single, potentially decisive electoral vote 95% only bad news( Trumpet is over DON’S BODY COUNT AS OF TODAY 231,045 of children, Moms & Dads as he continues his plan of “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DON’S PLAN of Herd Immunity will take 80% of the citizens to become infected resulting in US 3,310,026 DEATHS! Instead of fighting his CDC & FDA, HE SHOULD JUST BE HONEST!

EPA Cancels LGBTQ Event Due To Trump CrackdownAfter Trump banned diversity trainings in sweeping guidelines, employees compared the atmosphere at the agency to the Red Scare. Good lord, . At least get some competent brainwashed drones from the graduate pool. They have no idea. C'mon, Lets really shut down the shit-Hole GOP economy forever, Lets have this civil war! WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?