'World should know what is happening' to children in ICE detention: Mother testifies

A woman suing the government because her daughter died after they were held in federal custody is testifying at a congressional hearing on conditions at border facilities


A woman suing the U.S. because her daughter died while in federal custody testifies before Congress: 'It is painful for me to relive this experience... but I am here because the world should know what is happening to so many children in ICE detention.'

A woman suing the government because her daughter died after they were held in federal custody is testifying at a congressional hearing on conditions at border facilities

Juarez is claiming wrongful death, after her daughter became sick while in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody and then died shortly after they were released. Juarez is testifying at the hearing along with individuals from human rights groups, a doctor and an ICE official.

ABC News previously reported that while in detention, Juarez took her daughter, Mariee, to the health clinic where she saw physician assistants on multiple occasions and a doctor once. However, after the two were released, on the flight to New Jersey to meet Juarez's mother, her daughter's health declined and the toddler died six weeks later.

"She was poked and prodded and eventually needed a ventilator to help her breath," Juarez's recounted."I couldn't even hold her, or hug her, or console her when she asked for her mother."

"When I walked out of the hospital on that day, all I had with me was a piece of paper with Mariee's handprint, in pink paint, that the staff had created for me. It was the only thing that I had left and the nurses had given it to me as a Mother's Day gift," she recalled.

"Frankly, to me, it was completely irresponsible," Yazmin previously told ABC News of her daughter's medical treatment at the Dilley facility."I think they should think about the children. The children are little angels, and this is not their fault."

The spokesperson also pointed to a 2017 Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report where it found that"the family residential centers are ‘clean, well-organized, and efficiently run" and the agency was found to be"addressing the inherent challenges of providing medical care and language services and ensuring the safety of families in detention."

However, the lower number still has human rights groups concerned. Groups have said that some families waiting in Mexico for their asylum cases are in danger of various crimes, like kidnapping, sexual assault and violence.

Previously, ABC News reported that physician Dolly Lucio Sevier, who was granted access to the largest CBP detention center in the country in McAllen, Texas, said the facility had"extreme cold temperatures, lights on 24 hours a day, no adequate access to medical care, basic sanitation, water or adequate food."

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While in federal custody? She died 6 weeks after being released. The mother should not have taken that little girl on such a dangerous route This lady should be arrested for child endangerment. She dragged a kid on a long journey that she had no business doing and then blames the country to which she was illegally entering. WTF

She died weeks after being released and didn’t die in ice custody. Maybe one the many who come here sick seeing help Freshly groomed eyebrows, well manicured nails and dresses very well Hmmmm My heart bleeds for sny oarent who loses a child- it’s not the natural course... but SHE decided to risk her chikd’s lifexwhen she decided to cross the border illegally. Sadly she bears the responsibility- she is grieving and should not be used as a political tool.

eww what's worse- the mother's story or having to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz That headline is a lie. The child died weeks after being let out of custody. And no one will say what she died of. This is all a load of crap. The Dems are parading this woman around to get attention. It's just lies. Report the truth not lies. abc

Love the comments of how she put daughter in danger by dragging her thousands of miles through desert. So let’s see, if conditions are so good back home n no danger, would ANYONE take that risk? No they wouldn’t UNLESS what could happen is worse by staying! Bunch of asses 4 real I’m truly sorry what to your child! But you are coming to the USA illegally! This might not have happened if you tried to be here legally. AOC is totally wrong! Having you there testifying is using you for the wrong reason!

As long as trump and the GOP act with indifference, children will die.

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Classy nail job!!! Wow! Some of these comments are so evil! Bless that poor little girls soul. I hope the people of Mexico can soon find some peace, because by these comments, there’s none here! 😞 Wannnhhhh I’m a criminal and you must feel sorry for me. Why were they in a detention center Mother whose daughter died while in federal custody testifies before Congress: 'My beautiful girl is gone, but I hope her story will spur this country's justice league to act so that more children do not die because of neglect and mistreatment.'

You came into our country illegally, subjected your daughter to horrendous child abuse conditions, that would put a citizen in jail if we did that to one of our kids, the child was so sick that she ended up dying, despite our medical aid. Now you’re suing my country? GTFO Wow blaming USA for her lack of parental responsibility. Had she not committed an illegal act her child may still be alive.

America is VERY dangerous! These illegals should not be breaking our laws, coming here illegally, and everything would be just fine... dont care. Not OptionsAction herded stables sorted into AoC_info esteem structures texasgov TexasHumor steer direction LogansRoadhouse alwayschoice attack collect BenefitsGOV not waste chase ally unions vary smart people Chronicle fidelity insterest bet even science lookUdid

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She should be pushing for those rights in the country she came from and left her family to struggle more while in route to a USA city Wasting time and money Sad 4 the child but the mom seems to have come into some money 4 those clothes, hair blowout, makeup done + look at those nails Looks like she was able to get to a salon Since she doesn’t speak English, who translated her nail preferences. Where is she living? Who coached her

These 3rd world grub eaters don’t give a damn about children. Child endangerment BUILD THAT WALL NOW No open borders! STOPTHEFREERIDE Detention centers are 5 stars in the USA compare to countries down south! HYPOCRITE DEMOCRATS caused this problem by denying money for help. Now they are crying and acting like they really care. THEY DON'T.


Why Jewish Activists Are on the Front Lines in Mass Protests Against ICE'We’re not here to argue semantics over whether we can call them “concentration camps”; when we say “never again,” we mean it is time to close all camps throughout the country.' ty teen vogue you beautiful tropic fish. Damn straight!✊🏽 And send them back to Mexico 😉

This woman she be charged with manslaughter or at minimum child abuse. She dragged an ill child thousands of miles to enter another country illegally. The dangers she exposed her child to were unnecessary. She killed her child not our border patrol. Their former country leaders are responsible in their welfare. Mexico City congress now?

Her daughter died because of her not the federal government I’m sorry her daughter died but if she never came here illegally she would still be alive in Guatemala.....maybe. WORLD LISTEN UPTO THESE WORDS THEY STAB U INTHE HEART IF U R HUMAN THAT IS.., The daughter died six weeks after being released from US custody.

illegals r suffering n dying bc dems do nothing but abuse power to thwart our will. its all dems' fault. dems r unwilling to stop illegals to come, suffer, n die by fixing our asylum n loophole laws, no safety in open borders, n it is not the answer. Fake /Demo Crap! I cannot believe that somebody who breaks into this country can turn around and then sue this country.

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I am not moved... she should’ve have NEVER !!! EVER !!! put her daughter’s life in danger PERIOD!!! Parent who puts there children’s in this horrific journey should be accountable. Did anybody ask Yazmin why she put her daughter in danger by leaving her country and coming the long way to sneak into the US? She alone put her daughter in danger

Build the wall.. What the F?! If you get injured or killed during a commission of a crime that’s on you. I’m sad for her loss but the conditions are a lot worse in Mexico and she knows it. She ought to seek litigation against the Mexican government for the living conditions the prompted to leave the country. The USA needs to close the detention camps and send them back to Mexico!

Republicans won't ever talk about the co$t civil lawsuits will co$t taxpayer$ not to mention criminalization of these young kids who will certainly grow up PTSD She should have stayed home!! Her risky decision to enter the US illegally set in motion a chain of events when sadly resulted in the tragic loss of her daughter. Lashing out at others in an attempt to assuage her own guilt is a natural enough reaction but it must not be allowed to veil the truth.

I can't understand what she is saying.

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Iam, hoping Trumps administration is held accountable'but its unlikely'sense, republicans bow down 2, king Trump! If you or her were not trying to jump the wall she would be alive. No sympathy for you or her! Its almost like this wouldnt have happened if she would have immigrated properly. OH THERE, I FIXED IT.

Why did you bring her here? First mistake. She should be arrested for child abuse The woman made a bad decisions, now she will become a citizen and millionaire.. merica ICEraids 🙄 She wants 60 million! Good luck with that!! 🙄 Of course dumbass AOC is up this ladies ass. No accountability on the mothers part. Why did she send her daughter to go through harsh terrain and the desert with no water? AOC is nothing but a liar. What about the AMERICANS dying on skid row? They don't count? 🖕you AOC

She should of stayed home, it's her fault! Her daughter was sick before they got here! How can an illegal sue the U.S. for something she put her child through! The left and their shinnanigans! 😡🤬

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Maybe she shouldn't have risked her daughters life by sending her through deserts with little food or water. By the time they reach our borders, our border patrol does all they can to save lives. Go spend 1 day with BP. They work their asses off. ICE is not BP. How did this woman’s daughter get to the US in the first place? Did the daughter enter the country illegally along with her mother? Now it’s the fault of the US that something bad happened. It would be nice for a change to put the blame where it actually belongs.

Her daughter died 6 weeks after being released from detention. If anyone is to blame it is the mother that drug her through the desert. And we don't know how the mother cared for the child after being released from detention. I have better question to asks where are these people all going & what resources do they have when they do cross illegally? Seriously do they have housing do they even have money to get where they are going are they relying on government rescue .do they even have a job lined up.

Uhhh she died weeks after 🤷🏻‍♀️ Convicted felons… Murderers… Rapists… Terrorists… Are all being treated better than people trying to escape abusive horrible countries… People are coming here because their countries are slaughtering them. If Jesus came down today he would be on their side This is totally out of control. Illegals suing the government (US taxpayers) when they break our laws, put their kids life at risk making a dangerous journey, malnourished, & god knows what else. We owe these people nothing if anything they owe the taxpayers room and board.

Deport her while the case moves on I hope she wins a huge settlement our government killed her child we are negligent

😢 She had asked for medical attention over and over and They ignored the sick child. Don’t tell me you’re a good Christian if you think it’s OK to ignore a sick child awful greedy woman and lawyer ... When you come to America you coming to heaven you leaving hell coming to hell because so many America peoples don't have the love of God in there hearts and some may never will they think that America is there heaven and they don't care nothing about sins it's more about selfs

.AOC looks tired. Maybe because she actually has to work? Is it ok to come to America illegally ? There are more than a Billion people from India and China who love to do so ! That white America for when come to America it ain't going to be we got so many racist devil peoples just as soon to kill you as to look at there no love about there hearts polices and doctors Judges they come in all fields the devils works in all places

America is not responsible for people breaking into our country & drain our services Congress must create laws that close the loopholes in the immigration system which incentives people to enter our country illegally and during our services Stop the madness She endangered her daughter’s life. Her daughter’s death is sad, but she is responsible for her putting her in that position. Do things the right way. Parents who have lost their child to illegal immigrants will never see their child again.

The American Dream get rich by making someone else pay for what you did Her daughter died after being released? Am I missing something here? If anything the mother should be charge after her daughter died while she was committing a crime Nobody told you to come here you could’ve stayed in Mexico I blame you for your kids to death

This woman illegally enter into America with her daughter. She’s not American citizens but our congressionally elected leaders allowed this criminal to complain about not being treated fairly for illegal trespass. America should fire all those responsible by re-electing new ppl. Dont come here then stay in whatever country you live in we didn't ask you here

Shut down ALL Immigration! She caused her own child’s death and then became a political pawn. I feel sorry for her deceased child. I have no remorse for this ungrateful political pawn. She should be in prison for causing the death, should have obeyed the law or stayed home It's 'painful' for American citizens having illegals coming up in the first place.

She should be jailed for putting her child in danger... This broad comes here illegally and wants to sue the U.S. They should give her life in prison for her daughter’s death. Not a USA citizen? GET OUT! Not being hurt, just forced to GO HOME! Get out and don’t come back. Bye, criminals. Not ours. Go home!

How dare you expose your child to what you did. You are fully to blame Question 1....How did your daughter get into ICE control? Nahum would you send your daughter through the desert instead of requesting asylum at a consulate? Isn’t it true that the only person responsible for your daughters death is you.

It’s horrible what happen but this mother is ALSO TOO BLAME !!! 🤔 but wouldn't the child possibly still be alive if the mother had not brought her into the country illegally? Don't the records show that the child was sick BEFORE she was in custody? Good for Mariee’s Mom. I hope she wins her suit. She is well spoken and did an Excellent job testifying before Congress.

She came illegally and is now suing the USA?

It’s the new USA way Now, this illegals are suing the U.S.!!! Time for everyone of them to be deported!! Where on earth us the empathy for this grieving mother who lost her child? Is this what we’ve become as Americans? My heart goes out to her and her family. This. Must. Stop. ImpeachTrumpNow The audacity of coming here illegally and suing the country is unbelievable. Only in America.

An illegal alien dies AND AOC cries! ICE is really doing the Lord's work! Keep up the good work, ICE! My mom who was a US citizen never saw her dream of reuniting w/ us her older children. But we never gave fault to America bec it’s part of the system to come here legally.We understood.Our dream was realized when we were hired as we are US citizens.

Lady, first of all, why was your daughter in custody of ICE? Because you didn't have valid papers for her. Did Govt overtly or covertly want to kill your daughter? You don't have a legal keg to stand on, sorry for your loss. You must blame yourself Her daughter died, still she hopes some dollar bills will make her sadness disappear.

Look how they were sitting just interested in acting as if they just want her to get it over with. 😡 Wouldnt have died if you didn’t drag that child threw the desert

Don’t let people take advantage of your situation to serve for their political gain, and soon you will be lost everything included public care because public is too tired of hearing childish 😭 daily. I don’t understand why these people keep outcry and blame for 🇺🇸, and blame for detention camps please be real, be patience, and be legal so your prize worthy way not pathetic way and childish way

As a legal immigrant, I waited for two years at refugee camps before I got approval. And many can’t make it to be legalized during the escape and while waiting, and none of us blame 🇺🇸 or the world. We took the risk and we accepted the price The article says she died 6 weeks after she & her mother we're released. Does this story really need to be exaggerated with a false headline stating that she died in custody?

Then 🛑 crossing our border. Trespassing get the price. 孩子的第一監護權是父母,請不要回避你們的責任。 So now she will become a millionaire American citizen bc of the bad decisions she made.. merica in 2019. 🙄🤐 How about you report the full story and not small bits to get your agenda across. abc news is fake news...clearly headline says girl died in Federal custody..but read the story and the girl died 6 weeks later after being released... Was this the reason for Dems closed caucus 2 days ago?

She was coached by whom

Kid didn’t die in detention, kid dies when it was released back into your individual care. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 美國政府經常挨告,想來也沒多大權威少在世界興風作浪,到處惹人厭,這種制度也好不到哪去。 You people don’t get it. These immigrants don’t have the $725 application fee per person. They’re so desperate due to horrible conditions and gang violence etc.

Don’t bring your kids here we can’t take care of them As a father I don't think I would put my children in this situation. Apply legally and make the best of it. Terrible manufactured crisis at the border like AOC and everyone on the left said just weeks ago. Trump made it all up 100,000 a month pfffff

can't wait for the US defense to tear this idiot to pieces..can't wait till they ask her why she stayed in an unlocked facility...ask her if she has proof it was her daughter... She should be in jail for neglect. Her daughter didn't die while in federal custody. Who is writing tweets? They should be fired for misleading people. It contradicts the story posted. This is why you are called fake news.

Your tweet is incorrect...the womans daughter died weeks after they had been released from ICE custody and had been provided with extensive medical care, most likely at US taxpayer expense...

sorry for the lost.. BUT,,, dont cross the border and your kid still be alive today Don't come here then She says: ''...the world should know what is happening to so many children...'' OK; but how about those starving in Yemen ?! What an irresponsible parent BuildTheWall The Democrats lied they said it was all a Manufactured Crises

Compassion - Jan Theuninck, 2016 Compassion impels us to honour the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect. Is it safe to assume that is as fake as AOC's photo shoot?! dempayroll demgravestanding don't come illegally, change the asylum laws. Democrats do not want this problem solved in order to push a political agenda.

Should have come legally then. Simple as that. OMG,,,,,,,😥😥😥😥😥 Her little ones have a voice?. She looks made up for camera. I hate the idea of borders, won't use littles for politics or selfishness.

Trump is paying money to people in Mexico to cross borders and then arresting them to show off that he’s protecting the borders. she died weeks after being released

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