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Workers Push Back as Companies Gather Fingerprints and Retina Scans

Your fingerprints are your own, but employees worry about losing control as companies increasingly use biometric data in the workplace

3/27/2019 8:00:00 PM

Your fingerprints are your own, but employees worry about losing control as companies increasingly use biometric data in the workplace

Employees are challenging the increased use of fingerprint and facial scans by companies for security purposes and personnel management.

March 27, 2019 10:52 a.m. ETAs more companies track their workers with fingerprint and facial scans, employees are increasingly challenging firms in court over how that biometric data gets used and stored.Scores of lawsuits have been filed following a recent state Supreme Court ruling in Illinois, which has the most stringent privacy law protecting such information in the U.S. The suits assert that employees weren’t told what would happen to their biometric data and that it is being put at risk.

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The ridges on your fingers are your own, as is the rest of your body. The impressions those ridges make are information to whomever 'reads' them. Same w/ retinal images. It's the physical harm done w/ that or any information that should be of concern to everyone. In the age of Hacking, what could go wrong?

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Ford adding 900 jobs, investing $900M in push toward electric and autonomous vehiclesFord will invest $900 million to boost its capacity to produce electric cars, creating 900 new jobs, the auto giant announces. The vast majority of that investment will go to reconfigure an underused Southeast Michigan plant. Uh, go Ford!! So, $900,000,000 to create 900 jobs? Do the math.

Theresa May asks to extend Article 50 to push her deal through ParliamentYet there are still few signs that MPs will vote for it Perhaps control isn't the only lever of influence after all... May, God bless you.. That ship has sailed.

Puerto Ricans push presidential candidates to make island a top campaign issue“Now is the time to show us, not only that they care, but show us how they’ll act,” Federico de Jesús, senior adviser of Power 4 Puerto Rico, said, as Democratic candidates ramp up their 2020 presidential campaigns. Word!👏🏾 Just like the Jews. A lot of Puerto Ricans are leaving the Democratic Party DNC Bunch of fools Trump gonna reelected once again

Apple Launches New AirPods in Wearables PushApple announced a new version of its AirPods wireless earbuds that can activate the virtual assistant Siri by voice, a feature aimed at extending the momentum of a fast-selling device as phone sales cool. Already got em’ ordered. Wireless charge? Oh wow! Annoying

German foreign minister open to one last push for orderly BrexitDelaying Britain's departure from the European Union is justifiable if ther... He will have meanz of makinz her tok I want the UK to fall apart, so I want Brexit to be as messy as possible.

The Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana In The South Is Leaving Black People BehindAdvocates say several medical conditions that disproportionately affect black residents aren’t included on the lists approved for prescribing CBD oil. The people who made that decision must have specifically done so because they are racist. Isnt that your default way to explain the world? Big CBD Oil continues it’s racist campaign 😂👌🏼 Am I to be surprised?

Schumer renews push to name Senate building in honor of McCainSenate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer announced on Wednesday that he plans to renew his push to name a Senate office building in honor of the late Sen. John McCain. Thanks for making good use of public time and money chuckschumer Get new drapes for the building too Put a tie on for goodness sake. that will make the President happy

California mayors push Newsom for more funding to address homelessnessLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and mayors from 10 other large California cities lobbied Gov. Gavin Newsom, asking for hundreds of millions in additional funding to combat homelessness in their communities. More from dillonliam: START ENFORCING THE RULE OF LAW & ORDER YOU COWARDS A SYMPOSIUM OF SPINELESSNES Many of the homeless are criminals which is something Gavin and his liberal buddies never mention For those who understand why so many in CA are homeless Bussed out: how America moves thousands of homeless people around the country

House Dems push resolution to condemn global anti-Israel boycotts ahead of AIPACA pair of Jewish Democrats are pushing a new measure to condemn an international boycott campaign aimed at Israel, a chance for much of the party to unify around support for the key U.S. ally after weeks of turmoil on the issue Fuq Israel sorry the current ISRAEL POLICY TO THE bullshit.. Trump is insane and so are his trumpanzees! Resist