Woodward: Mattis' mom asks him 'How can you work for this man?'

'In this book, I'm able to tell Mattis' and Coats' story in detail,' Bob Woodward says.

9/16/2020 10:44:00 PM

'In this book, I'm able to tell Mattis' and Coats' story in detail,' Bob Woodward says.

Bob Woodward discusses the way in which President Trump diminished fmr. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and fmr. DNI Dan Coats and why he thinks Mattis and Coats have not publicly spoken about the president.

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Obama fired Mattis 1st-Did that bother you?At least Trump gave him the courtesy of asking for his letter of resignation. It is CLEAR that Mattis and Coates and a few others thought they could CONTROL Trump to protect the Military Industrial Complex companies they now work for. Somebody needs to ask Woodward if it’s okay to withhold information that could have saved tens of thousands of lives for seven months in order to sell a book.

Wait let me get comfy... Ok go ahead... Former Generals can speak for themselves. I think deep down they have a certain respect for Trump's unique skill set. Book selling Mention the part where the Bolton 'bombshell' book deal discredits the Woodless 'bombshell' book deal and they've all been discredited by everyone who's gone on record and neither of them actually testified.

Still whipping that dead horse ? Trump is a horrible man, but what makes it more horrible is the people who support him are worse. He is just a giant Orange scab on the huge pustule of hate & racism in the States. He has given them permission to bring that hate & division out in the open. These Republican Senators now running for re-election approve of Trump trying to kill Americans with BAD ADVICE: McConnell, Graham, Tillis, Ernst, Sasse, Gardner, McSally, Cornyn, Inhofe, Rounds, Daines, Risch, Sullivan, Collins, Capito, Perdue, Loeffler, Cotton, Cassidy, Hyde.

NicolleDWallace Fake MSNDC thereidout 시간이 끝나고 예수님 오심을 우리는 온전히 준비해야 합니다 우리에게 필요한 건 주님께 달려가는 것입니다 주님은 우리의 유일한 구세주이십니다 주님은 합당하십니다 예수님 오직 한분, 오직 예수님께서만 우리를 구원하실 수 있으십니다 ALSO READ: 'THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP: 30 PSYCHIATRISTS & MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS ASSESS A PRESIDENT' DR BANDY LEE & U WILL SEE HOW THE 'STORY OF TRUMP/COVID' ENDS IN THIS NATION...

Mattis and Coats were foisted on Trump by top Republicans to make him appear to be setting up a legitimate government. Trump has ended that illusion. TrumpCovidImpotence IF COVID AFFECTS ALL ORGANS, DESTROYS HEART MUSCLE... THEN WHATS IT DOING TO THE 'FAMILY JEWELS' 🤫AFTER IT DAMAGES BRAIN FUNCTION, NERVE CELLS, BLOOD VESSELS, BLOOD PRESSURE... (ALL ASYMPTOMATICALLY)?😳

TammyJa58005315 Are you looking for social media marketing manager? Need content creator for your social media? To take my services please visit: NicolleDWallace So interesting ‼️ It makes sense for them to come out with this media show with the elections around the corner PSYCHIATRY ALREADY TELLS US WHAT TO EXPECT FROM TRUMP AFTER HE LOSES ELECTION: REVENGE, SEEKING INSANE ADULATION, BUYING 'TROPHIES'=GOLF COURSES, WOMEN, SEX & KISSING PUTIN'S ASS/PUTTING UP STATUES OF HIMSELF AT HIS GOLF COURSES/RESORTS

NicolleDWallace Why won't they tell their own story? Wouldn't that be more effective?

Trump changes story, says he wanted to assassinate Syria's AssadPresident Trump revealed today that he wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar Assad earlier in his presidency, reversing his previous denial that the issue ever came up I'm sure Assad is very happy about this interview. Probably, at this point, not a good idea for US Citizens to travel anywhere near Syria. Assad deserves it. He lies about everything including his personal taxes

Journalist Bob Woodward Says Trump Is 'The Wrong Man For The Job' : Consider This from NPRIf President Trump knew how contagious and potentially deadly the coronavirus was back in February, why didn't he express that to the American public? That's the question Trump has been facing since last week, when a recording of him expressing a desire to 'play down' the virus went public. The audio came from interviews with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward that he conducted for his latest book, Rage. In an interview with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly, Woodward comes to the conclusion that the president failed to protect the country from the virus and is 'the wrong man for the job.'Listen to more of the Bob Woodward interview.Find and support your local public radio station.Email us at considerthisnpr. Free Assange No shit.

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