Women who fought hostess at Carmine's in NYC claim slurs used before brawl sparked by vaccine status

A representative for the restaurant denies any racial slur was said during the vaccination-related confrontation with three female guests.

9/21/2021 2:32:00 AM

Three Texas women who were cited in a vaccination-related altercation at a New York City restaurant last week allege that racial slurs were used against them before the fight, their attorneys say.

A representative for the restaurant denies any racial slur was said during the vaccination-related confrontation with three female guests.

It waswidely reported that the encounterwas sparked by questions over the women's having to show proof of vaccination, which is required to dine inside New York City restaurants.All three women showed proof of vaccination and had been seated before trouble began, attorneys for the defendants and a spokesman for the restaurant agreed.

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The conflict happened when three men joined them a little later.A Carmine's spokesman said all three men had failed to provide any proof of vaccination. Attorneys for the women said that all three had vaccination cards but that two didn't have identification also needed to be allowed inside.

All six people were about to leave before the manager intervened and allowed them all to dine, said Dallas-based lawyer Justin Moore, who represents Kaeita Rankin, and New York criminal defense lawyer Javier Solano, who represents all three women.The confrontation happened as the party was re-entering Carmine's, the women's attorneys said. headtopics.com

"This hostess was exhibiting some hostile aggression toward the three women, separate from this vaccine narrative that's been put out to the public," Moore said Monday."A racial slur was uttered numerous times by the hostess, and one of the women claims the hostess called her a monkey."

A restaurant spokeswoman disputed that the three men were being allowed to enter without all the necessary IDs and vaccination.The representative also insisted that no racial slur was uttered by any of the three hosts working that night — a Black woman, an Asian American woman and a Latina.

"Three female guests in the party who had shown proof of vaccination and been welcomed into the restaurant without issue then launched an entirely unprovoked, brutal attack on our hosts, one of whom continues to suffer from a concussion," according to a restaurant statement."None of the attackers offered any reason for their attack. None of the hosts — all of whom are people of color — uttered a racial slur."

All three of the women were given desk appearance tickets alleging third-degree misdemeanor assault and must face a judge in New York City next month.Their defense attorney hopes the case is dismissed before then. Read more: NBC News »


Anyone that have to deal with their community, will come to an eventual conclusion that segregation is a necessity. All lives matter They're likely lying, but even if it happened as they alledge, why not just walk away and go to a different restaurant? Assault seems like an extreme course of action here. 🙄

No speech no matter how vile is not an excuse for violence. And they would actually have to show by other non biased witnesses or video. I would bet that the lawyer came up with this lame ass defense The ‘racial slur’ was probably Karen 🙄😂 I believe the restaurant. My eyes saw the video. The women should be charged for the violence they committed.

lets not confuse actual ignorance of law and brutal physical abuse with imagined verbal offense that could happen as a result of physical attack. Priotities. Don’t conflate. That wasn’t on the video. They cry racism to hide the fact that they were wrong It's a lie. Anytime the story goes against them

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The race card..... of course when it’s revealed they were caught on tape starting a fight. Seems unlikely Black women being manhandled by white people. 10 months ago this was very racist Sure pal !!! This would not surprise me. It still neither justifies their response nor should it be considered an extenuating circumstance.

Even if there were it wouldn't condone battery, def need new lawyers Civilized people shouldn't come to blows over words. Where has 'self-control' gone? If you can't control yourself government will do it for you. I’ve been called a “wetback, spic, taco bender, grease ball” and so much more and I never felt the need to give a beat down to the perpetrators. NEVER!!

This story is a media wet dream, it has Covid, vaccines and anti-vaccine, identity politics, racial tension, violence, it’s the last two years all in one! But of course that’s how it went down.

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Oh bullshit. There's never an excuse to throw the first punch. That's the opportunity to go higher & walk away! Today Alzheimer's day, please follow us for best Knowles, Tom_Winter Regardless of that statement…they still assaulted the hostess! Bet my bottom dollar it was a alcohol induced altercation. Tom_Winter 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Really? Sounds like a lie that’s not going to work! Tom_Winter How convenient 🤨 Vaccine mandates are indeed racist. I bet this woman didn't use racist language. Doubt.

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Of course, of course. So you attack the hostess ? Just walk away Tom_Winter ‘That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” -Christopher Hitchens Tom_Winter Oh bullshit Were they called Texans? White trash is NOT a racial slur. oh please I saw how people keep tweeting about lisamiaBTC on Twitter so I decided to give it a try and it worked out perfectly for me also, she knows in and out of cryptocurrency....contact her for more details about Forex trade, nobody handles business like she do.

Even if that's true, racial slurs aren't an excuse to attack restaurant employees 😂 Ahhhhhh, the old standard excuse. Stop the horseshit........

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Does not matter…a person calling you names, no matter how offensive, does not give you the right to assault them. Let's play the race card because we got caught and look like a bunch of idiots Right.....! Here we go. Never fails Ooh, ooh! which racial slurs? Does anyone on this earth believe that a hostess would sling racial slurs at these three precipitating what happened? Made up and not even a defense to assault and battery.

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