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Women Invest Better But Less — Here’s Why

Simply put: Women are better investors

10/27/2021 9:08:00 PM

Simply put: Women are better investors

While women generally invest less than men, when they do invest, they tend to do it more successfully. So here's how to invest like a woman.

But don’t let women’s lack of savings fool you. Women invest less, in part, because they don’t consider themselves as investment savvy as they actually tend to be—likely due to the fact that the world of investing (and finance at large) is primarily male-dominated. Research from FINRA suggests that 71 percent of men think they have a high level of investment knowledge, compared to just 54 percent of women. So 49 percent of men feel comfortable making investment decisions for themselves, compared to just 34 percent of women.

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There seems to be more of a confidence gap than a knowledge gap between men and women when it comes to investing.So whether or not you have that confidence to invest, here’s how to invest like a woman and, over time, earn more:1. Do your due diligence to start

somewhere.We already know that women earn less than men, but those who invest start somewhere with what they have where they are. And they tend to do more research about their investment choices when they do. After all, they certainly don’t cope with an overconfidence issue.

According toFidelity research, women are more likely to build financial plans with goals for themselves or for their families. They then take their goals into consideration instead of solely focusing on portfolio performance.Though women do tend to invest more conservatively than men, it is not necessarily because they are more risk-averse. (Although they have generally lower risk tolerances thanks to all the aforementioned adversities they face.) Rather, the time they spend researching their decisions helps them take more appropriate levels of risk—and not make impulsive money moves rooted in emotions triggered by short-term trends.

2. Diversify, diversify, diversify.According to the same Fidelity report, fewer women fully invest their savings in equities than men, as equities can carry Read more: Forbes »

Well thats not a sexist statement at all…

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