Europe, Women Are Using Code Words At Pharmacies To Escape Domestic Violence - Cnn

Europe, Women Are Using Code Words At Pharmacies To Escape Domestic Violence - Cnn

Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence

France has started encouraging domestic abuse victims to head to drugstores. If they can't talk openly in the store, they can simply say the codeword to the pharmacist behind the counter

4/2/2020 12:15:00 PM

France has started encouraging domestic abuse victims to head to drugstores. If they can't talk openly in the store, they can simply say the codeword to the pharmacist behind the counter

On Sunday, a woman walked into a pharmacy in the French city of Nancy, one of the few public places still open after the government imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But she wasn't there for medicine.

But the woman wasn't there for medicine; she was there to tell the pharmacist that her partner had abused her. Soon after, the woman's spouse was arrested by police.As the coronavirus pandemic forces countries everywhere to take unprecedented steps to restrict the movement of their citizens, victims of domestic violence have suddenly found themselves trapped at home with their abusive partners. Some are unable -- or too afraid -- to call the police, experts say. Read more: I moved to Paris during lockdown

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Love under lockdown: The couples pushed together and kept apart by coronavirusPeople in the West are ignoring advice to stay homeAir pollution drops as Europeans stay at homeSo France, inspired by a similar scheme in Spain, has started telling victims to head to drugstores. If they can't talk openly in the store, they can simply say the codeword"mask 19" to the pharmacist behind the counter. The woman in Nancy was the first to seek help since the government launched the initiative last week, the spokesperson for Marlene Schiappa, the French minister for equality, told CNN.As lockdown measures across Europe get stricter, charities and police forces are raising the alarm over a potential spike in domestic violence. Being confined at home with their abuser makes victims more vulnerable, because there is no escape. On top of that, multiple studies have found that emotionally stressful events can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior at home. Researchers identified such spikes during the 2008 economic crisis, when major natural disasters hit, and also during big football tournaments.Read MoreChristophe Castaner, the French Interior Minister, said there had been a 36% increase in police intervention for cases of domestic violence in Paris after the lockdown measures were enacted. The government has announced that it will pay for 20,000 nights in hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and open pop-up counseling centers at supermarkets.There are worrying reports from other countries, too. "There has always been gender violence, but this crisis makes it all worse," Simona Ammerata, who works at the Lucha y Siesta women's shelter in Rome, Italy told CNN. One young woman who contacted Lucha y Siesta recently said her partner of four years had always been controlling and abusive but had become much worse during the lockdown."The dynamic of violence in the house is getting very serious," said Ammerata."She asked him to leave and he doesn't want to. She says she has no places to go." The public health crisis has overwhelmed Italy and local authorities have been forced to redirect much of their resources to fighting the virus."The court procedures are working slower than usual because most people are working from home," Ammerata added."The fear is that the legal decrees to protect women won't be put in place in time."Mexico imagines a world without women, in strike against gender violence And the problem isn't limited to Europe. In Australia, the government said that Google has registered the most searches for domestic violence help in the past five years during the outbreak, with an increase of 75%. The government has introduced an AUD $150 million ($92 million) package to support victims of domestic, family and sexual violence due to the fallout from coronavirus.Refuge, a leading British charity focused on fighting domestic violence, said one of the biggest concerns is that victims may find themselves unable to report their ordeal. "We know that ordinarily the window of opportunity for women with abusive partners to make a call and seek help is often very limited," said Sandra Horley, Refuge's chief executive."Now, it is likely that window has become even smaller," she added. Refuge is advising women to use the"Silent Solution" emergency call, which allows people to reach the police using touch phone without the need to speak. It has also put in place a chatbot. We know the #lockdown will be an incredibly scary time if you're living with an abusive partner. Our chat bot can empower you so that, when you do leave the house, you're only sharing your location with those you want to.

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If their masters got to know about it , they might be prevented to go to the store. An overwhelming thought that domestic violence is still such a huge problem across all countries and ethnic groups. Frustrating that we have to deal with such arrogant people causing unnecessary harm in a time like this, but thankful for initiatives like this. Well done!

Can’t call the police? The US GOP controlled Senate refuses to reauthorize the Domestic Abuse victims bill year after year and the GOP states keep passing laws to take away women's rights to control their own bodies and health. Misogyny in control of many Red states. Like my grandma used to say: “a frying pan is always handy”!

I've been worried about domestic abuse victims having to shelter in place with their abusive partner or parents. Give to your local programs to help them. They are our friends, neighbors, family and co-workers. France! 🙄 They suck! Is that the codeword? It should be! God it’s just so insane that someone can be held captive under abuse like slavery, and this is a common thing.

Why can't the abusive partners be taken away from their home and put in seperate place just like jail. Is it really a code word if everyone knows the code? France has started encouraging domestic abuse victims to head to drugstores. If they can't talk openly in the store, they can simply say the codeword to the pharmacist behind the counter. To develop APP on iphon is another selection.

Sad them Newborns didn't have a code word to protect them from Liberals. In this difficult days is there a domestic violence 😐😐 Men are also subject to domestic abuse. They have to play nice to get affection and sex, to endure the stupid things their wives are saying, to support the main bills of the house.

LOVE THIS! VivaLaFrance! France fighting!!!! That show what a crazy world women live in, but now is the chance to not go back to the old patriarchal world after this corona. The heroines today is all nurses. slow news day? Oh God help us all Good to have a comfortable cozy place to start. Blame those Republicans that blocked VAWA due to NRA. Now America woman are with their abuser with even less protection

Students are out of money, Out of internet, Out of resources, Out of even signals Don't force them to be out of mind. No online classes WeRejectOnlineClasses What about the men.? perfect product for your babies Ok It won’t greatly help as fear grips them and if these place are in small places, they may be family and friends of the abuser working there or gossip will spread— also this is sexist, men also get abused by women and men too, why ain’t they included in this ? sexism

I call for an independent investigator to look into the claims of Tara Reade. Now. What is with DV? Is it your ego being hurt that you want to hit a woman? If you feel that pissed off then stop drinking, go for a walk, tell her what is making you upset, call your mom. Do not hit women only a POS does that!

Amid fears of the coronavirus, gun sales in the United States rose in March. Shopping for ordinary people should be banned. uscoronavirus Corona COVID19 to the great and civilized people of the United States and other countries : Donald Trump, because of his inability to control the corona virus, intends to create an artificial crisis in the Middle East by waging war in Iraq to prevent a possible defeat in the next election.

To address the severe shortage of masks to counter the Corona virus, the United States is resorting to the purchase of mask shipments purchased by other countries at the airport runway. Coronavirusireland Corona uscoronavirus Poor women RedwoodGirl The code word is : Deux bouteilles de vin rouges. What if the abuser knows the code word ?

And....? What can victims in the US do? I was going to retweet and share this story, but there’s no point. Maybe next time you can at least add resources or help-line info for US-based victims. So the abuser now says 'You say something like 'mask19' in there and I beat you to death!', before entering the store?

Sounds like a Democrats are at work again CCriadoPerez They are doing the same in Argentina. You have to ask for a red face-mask I pray they do that asap what about male victims..can men learn the code words as well? What serious network doesn’t carry live briefings by the President of United States during a national emergency?! Reporters and news outlets that have this little respect for America, their profession and the POTUS should be disinvited from future briefings. JournalismisDead

This sure is a good idea..👌🏻 Wow Yea go France. And what happens to their abusers? My prayers 100 but... Then what happens? all that and then...

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