Women Are Sharing The Ways Men Have Ruined First Dates With Them, And I'm Cringing So Hard

'He ended up grabbing my face and licking my cheek.'

10/22/2021 11:00:00 AM

“He ended up grabbing my face and licking my cheek.” ?

'He ended up grabbing my face and licking my cheek.'

23."A guy asked me via text if I would convert to his religion. He didn't tell me he was a Mormon until a couple hours before our first date. I still went because I felt that cancelling on him would be rude. The date went okay and ended with an awkward hug. I went back to a friend's house and got a little drunk, and he started texting me. He then proceeded to ask me if I would consider becoming a Mormon. I countered by asking him if he would become a Catholic and his response was that he was too deeply rooted in his religion. We texted for another week or two, but he was kind of creepy, so I eventually stopped responding to him. Asking me to convert after one date was just so weird."

—u/sparklingsatine24."Talking about your past sexual adventures or relationships without me asking about it really kills a date. I went out with a guy who kept going on about how when he was a graduate student he loved being a TA so he could sleep with his students. I did not ask and made it fairly clear I didn't care to know any more, and yet he kept going on about it."

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victoroliveira NESF - English Version. My best/worst 1st date was great til he started SNIFFING me! Divorced, hadn't dated in 10yrs, met a nice guy, decided to try. Couch, drinks, movie. He's slowly sliding closer then BAM, he's sniffing me. Not subtle. Felt like he was trying to inhale me!

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