Woman uses TikTok to educate on the importance of fostering teenagers

One woman is using social media to advocate for being a foster parent to teenagers.

7/30/2021 11:21:00 PM

One woman is using social media to advocate for being a foster parent to teenagers.

Brittany Burcham because a licensed foster parent in 2019 and is now using TikTok to educate people about foster care and caring for teenagers.

1:47Woman uses social media to educate on fostering teens so it's not a 'hidden thing'Brittany Burcham, 35, from Birmingham, Alabama, has a TikTok account with over 800,000 followers where she answers questions about fostering teenagers and gives advice.

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Brittany BurchamOne woman is using social media to advocate for being a foster parent to teenagers.Brittany Burcham, 35, from Birmingham, Alabama, became a certified emergency foster parent in October 2019, and has fostered around 50 kids since then. Though she's licensed to foster up to age 21, most kids she takes care of are 10 to 17. It was one of her teen fosters that pushed her to create her TikTok account,

fostertheteens, last April in order to talk about what it's like to foster a teenager."She said to me, 'Miss Britney, there's a lot of foster parents on TikTok, but they're all talking about little kids. Nobody's talking about fostering teenagers. You should do a TikTok about fostering teenagers,'" Burcham told"Good Morning America," recalling what the teen said to her. headtopics.com

Burcham, not knowing anything about the platform, was hesitant at first."So I got on there and just talked about fostering teenagers, parenting teenagers and the foster care system in general," she said."I've been blown away by how many people are interested in the topic and who want to know more."

Over 170 videos later, Burcham has amassed a following of 800,000 on the app.Brittany BurchamBrittany Burcham, 35, from Birmingham, Alabama, is licensed foster parent who's using TikTok to educate people on the importance of foster care.Before she became a foster parent, Burcham was a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) for three years in the Washington, D.C., area. CASAs are volunteers who get assigned a child in foster care and then advocate for that child and their best interests in court.

"You get to know the child, you get to know their family and their life," she said."Then when it's time to go to court, you submit a report that makes recommendations for that child." Read more: ABC News »

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