Woman takes detour to North Carolina for snow mountain scenes. Here's what she finds instead - CNN Video

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1/27/2022 7:01:00 AM

A woman says a TikTok video that was labeled as showing Gastonia, North Carolina, tricked her into driving to the city, but the snowy mountain scene she hoped to see was actually filmed in Switzerland.

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Woman takes detour to North Carolina for snow mountain scenes. Here's what she finds instead

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That’s the miracle of big screen I would say she was very stupid. So basically he’s a serial liar. People just disappoint me everyday Thank heavens for Google Earth 🤔 BBC CNN FOX, all main stream media does that all the time, so? Ok, a level 10 idiot! Nooooo one drives to Gastonia Based on lies of Gastonia Like they couldn’t just find out the height of Gastonia…? It really does have some good seafood places! Truck stops and more- That’s Gastonia!!!

Well she’s from Florida… Haha, Tik Too is also a liar den even outside the Big country. 🤣 Her fault for being stupid. Also shame on her for insulting the town like this.

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By now everyone should know how the media works. If you fall for it you are only tricking yourself. She never heard of Google Earth?🤔 Ah yes, Gastonia, the Switzerland of the US 🙄 There are many dumb people around. Well, it is the home of JamesWorthy42 . At least you can say that you were there. How can people be so gullible.....oh wait, in light of the political situation, in the S/E .....never mind.

Ugh, when will people do research with respected, knowledgeable sources. But no, let's assume every idiot is an expert because that can post a video, write a blog or host a podcast. The dumming down of America. Rumor has it, the woman is demanding the video creator give her an unlimited gas card so she can drive to Switzerland (from North Carolina). When told about the Atlantic Ocean, the woman demanded the card should also come with water wings.

Thank god she's attractive because smart isn't in the lexicon of her assets. 'I can use TicTok but google maps is still a mystery.'

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Maybe it’s a generational thing but I don’t get the appeal of publicizing you’re not that bright to the world. Hey I dunno who needs to hear this but if you don’t research your travel destinations more than just watching a tic tok video then you are an idiot. PT Barnum strikes again. But NC does a mountain town named Little Switzerland.

This is crazy and embarrassing 😳 🤣 Only an American would think any “hills” on the east coast would look like that. Amazing

North Korea fires two apparent cruise missiles, the latest launches in its recent testing flurryAnalysts say Pyongyang's recent flurry of missile launches is likely an effort to get Washington to accelerate diplomacy over the North's nuclear weapons program and the sanctions stemming from it. China, Russia, Iran are all in the news do this is to let every know their still there,its attention that's all it is.

This is what's considered newsworthy for an international news organization, a woman making an unnecessary drive because she believed something she saw on tiktok and didn't do a little bit of research before driving? 😂😂😂 The mountains in Gastonia def aren’t this tall. Well... At least Florida Girl stories involve less injuries than Florida Man stories

Khh uuxucuc.u nununju.iui Biden voter!! Why would you put yourself on blast like this so nobody had google maps ? Lmao Gastonia is definitely not a place to drive out of your way to see, if anything I avoid driving through there... Idiocracy is a documentary Americans are so tapped lmfao

S. Korean officials say North Korea tested cruise missilesSEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea on Tuesday test-fired two suspected cruise missiles in its fifth round of weapons launches this month, South Korean military officials said, as it displays its military might amid pandemic-related difficulties and a prolonged freeze in nuclear negotiations with the United States. He misses his boyfriend wait! did Kim and Pompeo do the juice cleanse together? Anyone care?

Lmao if she saw rthose buildings and mountain formations and still thought it was NC Ashe shouldn’t be driving a car lol I never been to NC and this shit wouldn't fool me if you told me it wasn't in the EU That she's admitting this out loud tells me exactly why she got in the car. Omg 🙄 make use of goole

TikTok - a medium ideally suited to mental frailty. There’s this thing called Google street view for checking it out without driving. Always research it yourself. Never take anything at face value. 🧐 Why is this news Who gives a shittt! The beach is nice at Shelby. Ummm..not too bright perhaps?

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The actual stupidity of todays youth knows no bounds. carter_fields can we go please People believe things they see on social media? The educational system of Florida hard at work she the new ms s carolina Lmao Could you not have used google first? NC looks nothing like that. GAS TOWN BABY Switzerland is the best country to visit in Europe! 😎

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See More Woman takes detour to North Carolina for snow mountain scenes. Here's what she finds instead Traveler says a TikTok video that was mistakenly labeled Gastonia, North Carolina, tricked her into driving to the city, as the snow mountain scene she hopes to see was actually filmed in Switzerland.