Woman shot in back while trying to steal man's Nazi flag, authorities say

An Oklahoma man who flies Nazi flags at his home opened fire on a woman who tried to steal one of those banners, officials say.

6/30/2020 11:39:00 PM

An Oklahoma man who flies Nazi flags at his home opened fire on a woman who tried to steal one of those banners, officials say.

The victim had been with friends at a nearby party when she apparently snatched one of the swastika flags displayed outside the man's home.

Deputies in Hunter, a small town about 90 miles north of Oklahoma City, found the 26-year-old woman in a ditch Sunday after she had been shot in the back by Feaster between three and five times with a 5.56mm rifle, according to Garfield County Sheriff Jody Helm.

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The victim had been with friends at a nearby party when she apparently snatched one of the swastika flags displayed outside Feaster's home.Helm said he wasn't sure if the woman was trying to take the flag as a political statement, or if she was acting on a dare by partygoers.

"There's conflicting information," Helm said.Feasterand young neighbors have tried stealing the banners before.“I know the whole town doesn't like him," Helm said.Feaster was being held in lieu of $500,000 bail and his next court appearance is set for July 9.

It was not clear on Tuesday if Feaster had hired a lawyer, though Helm said the suspect immediately asked for an attorney and has not spoken to investigators.The woman was listed in in good condition at OU Medical Center and expected to survive her wounds, officials said.

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When will democratic on democrat crime ever stop? Don't steal. It's wrong and risky. Go buy your own Nazi flag. As much as I hate Nazi's....you can't go on people's property and steal their stuff. Don't deserve to be shot but still...... Now your moustache looks odd...bad shave or? Yea, should of just hit her in the face with a pipe. I don't support that flag, but it's his property and freedom of speech. Snowflakes need to respect that like we have to respect your homo parades

Idiot . This guy has a gun and still shoots the woman in the back Lesson learned. Don't steal. : ( She was trespasing and stealing. He was on the right. Is that a Hitler moustache ? 🤦🏻‍♀️ LOCURA CRIMINAL I'm not agreeing to his choice of being a $$● but he does have the right to protect his property and its getting out of control, people don't have the right to trespass and steal from others that is a crime

The flags are a provocation to violence. Armed and ready to kill. Hope justice is served. Shouldn’t be allowed out on bail as he is obviously a danger to the community. Yellow beard. Isn’t he a pirate? He was 100% waiting to shoot somebody. This was probably his goal Donald: “There are good people on both sides”.

Now was it worth it for either side!?! White people and their supremacy, Gods chosen people; what a JOKE. If America belongs to them like they think, why do they fight for it? Could it be because they know they STOLED IT from the true Americans. My impression is that in the US it's legal to shoot anyone who makes you really mad. Surely the federal government isn't trying to take that right away, too.

His mustache makes it look like he has a snotty nose. The blonde Hitler mustache doesn’t quite work. Holy Crap it’s Jeffrey Jones from Ferris Bueller's Day Off! ferrisbuellersdayoff jeffreyjones Oh well. She shouldn’t have done that! Not that He should be flying a Nazi Flag but it’s his Flag and his Property. Stay off of it!

Oh my goodness he looks like he’s very mean White power!!! probably at the prompt of her friends! Handsome, athletic , full mane of hair...the poster child of the Master Race. Heil safari! So it’s OK to defend an anti-American and hate symbol with potentially lethal force? Something is wrong here. 2 wrongs dont make a right. Both should be in trouble.

So she was trespassing AND stealing? This nation is going to shit. Trump supporter .... He looks like a right wing derilect here come the nazi sympathizers who haven't yet made it to parler Well you’re allowed to defend your property so 🤷🏾‍♀️ He can’t even get the Hitler mustache right. 🙄 This is 2020. Hate is way too common.

Someone may have mentioned this already, I don't typically scroll too far down, BUT his mustache looks like snot right? Hope she is not dead. Hope he rots in prison Isn’t it a crime to display a Nazi flag? Check out my Gig on Fiverr: Design develop responsive, fast, SEO friendly wp website That looks like a Jacked Up Chris Elliot. ..its not. but kinda looks like him.

He took 8 FREAKIN Shots!!! Anyone flying a Nazi flag is suffering from dangerous ignorance and mental illness!! Anyone shooting someone for attempting to steal their Nazi flag should remain in prison permanently. If it would have been a black lives matter flag. Oh the butt hurt oppressed would be wailing.

Two of the same mindsets but on opposite ends. What kind of person did she think would fly a Nazi flag moron Nazi asshole Sure thats ok in USA... defending his property by shooting a woman in the back no doubt. C*nt Thank you realDonaldTrump That people allow such behavior from that nazi. I bet she don’t do that again! Damn Thieves!

If she didn't want to be shot in the back she should have run towards him..just sayin, trespass, steal at your own risk. He exceeded the two blind-side warning shot below-the-waist allowance afforded by Max Ryden TulsaPolice and the assistant district attorney supervisor of marshall stone TulsaCounty

Moustache makes him look as if his nose is running....damn...get a hanky or better still wear a mask & do the world a favour. Thank God we live in America where we have laws that protect us ALL .... Some asshole SHOULD be able to fly any flag he wants. I don't have to agree with it - but as Voltaire said - I don't disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Now they will make this pig governor 👋👋👋👋👋 Don’t steal. Duh. The moral: never steal a dead nazi regime flag from a live nazi. $10 says he's a felon and not allowed to own firearms. Well, she probably wont do that again. As bad as a Nazi flag is, he has every right to fly it in his own home. She would still be alive if she just minded her own business

Bad DNA... Also: When did being a Nazi become acceptable in our nation? IT HASN'T ! tell her to buy her own. cmon This guy is an example of the master race? Have you even seen TheRock Peaceful protesters again I'm for removing all of that crap. I'm not for going on someone else's property to do it. Quit stealing shit

Kinda looks like a heavier and more serious Chris Elliot, sorry Chris!! Can’t tell if the shooter has one chromosome too many or one too few... I don't believe that is a justifiable shooting He was not in any danger, start there. though he may be sick in the head....she was trespassing and therefore putting herself at risk ...

Oklahoma Nazi is way shorter than Oklahoma man who flies Nazi flags. Just saying Lesson: don't steal and don't trespass. Sheldon: 'Today on Fun with Flags, why you should be careful stealing other people's Nazi Flag. You might get yourself killed.' Is that the new snot booger stash Mustache inspiration People around the world are sick of your racist posts and attempt at causing more division. MSM is the problem. Political correctness was the worst plague ever thrust upon humanity. Shove it. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople MSMIsAGlobalistWeapon

It’s takes a brave man to shoot someone in the back. NOT He's a twisted little man but the law is on his side if it happened on his property. And while he is a POS, she had no right to steal or vandalize his property. We live in America. I don’t like it when our flag is defaced and burned but I respect the right to do it. Time for the left to grow up.

why was she trespassing, harassing and stealing his property? HiraethResists Antifa no doubt Looking at that face how can you not think “racial superiority?” Why do so many Americans admire absolute losers (like the confederacy, the Nazis or the fascists)? Is this a sign of a widespread mental problem? The next administration should engage some highly rated psychologists to study this phenomenon.

The more I read what’s happening in America the more I’m pleased not to live there anymore . Im not condoning what he did at all butttttttt. I know alot of cases where people have gotten caught on private property and the owners shot them. The owners never even gotten arrested. Don't trespass or try to steal personal property....

Not condoning the murder but trespassing property is illegal Should be in jail for that mustache alone 2 idiots.....end of story. Sounds fair to me Well, don't steal. Are we just gonna ignore this guys facial hair. by_dope_demand Is dit een nieuw typetje van Ruben vd Meer? Beetje extreem where can I donate to her medical expenses? She's a hero in my book

Ah, I see he went with the 'looks like snot is coming out of both nostrils' mustache. Nice choice. The Hitler look is not a good idea AmericaKKK Its called 1st Amendment Rights. He has a right to be an idiot by displaying the flag on his property We don't have a right to violate his rights by going on his property to take it. He has a right to defend his property. Bottomline, that's what makes us the freeist place on 🌎.

In France the Nazi flag is forbidden. It’s considered as incitement to racial hatred, which unlawful & considered as a crime... How a country which has fought the Nazi & list so many 🇺🇸 soldiers in that fight can allow the Nazi flag waving in 🇺🇸 next to your own flag Wat a coward. But again trump has given some folks license to do this. Y nt just call the cops & let them handle it.

She has to right to steal or be trespassing, but he went too far also.. please ppl, stop,think,b4 u act out!! Respect others veiws, respect life. Shameless idiots both sides. mstepczyk It’s not stand your ground when they are trying to flee. They must pose a threat to you with weapons. And last don’t be such a bitch walk outside and confront her. You big strong Nazi

So if someone steels you’re property no matter what it is, you have no right as a property owner to defend your property? You know what that woman did is against the law. People have a right not to have their things stolen. Another bs story. So what? Someone went to his property to steal his property and to silence his freedom of speech on his own property and he defended it. The woman was wrong.

Regardless of his views, like them or not is irrelevant! STEALING is STEALING, she trespassed on private property, stole private property. He's in his right to defend his property. He has every right to shoot a criminal. I believe it's in n your constitution. So let me get this straight. Nazi flags are allowed but not the Confederate ones?

Land of the free, home of the brave. Respect for one another, let it be fashionable again. Could she not have asked him nicely for one ? it was rudeness and bad manners that led to the fall of the Roman empire too 44? wow racism makes you age 😏 🍒 picking news stories from around the country to keep the racial divide

As you can see this man has glued his dads pubes to his face Since he’s been flying the flags for a year...geee I wonder who inspired him!!!!! all that lard goes to brain and clogs it In a country were nearly everyone has a gun, you would think thieves would use a bit more common sense. Awww, he even attempted the Hitlerstach at one point. It's still there. Moron.

Too bad he couldn't grow a better Hitler moustache The mere fact that you are allowed to fly Nazi flags in any 1st world country is beyond comprehension... shoulda just thrown a molotov What would the reaction be if this just said flag instead of Nazi flag. He should have taken pictures, or a video, of her, then called the police and charged her with grand theft. The woman must have been white too.

He shot an intruder... well damn Nazis should not exist in the US He’s a domestic terrorist. And almost certainly a trump supporter. What a piece of crap that guy is She needed toilet paper. That's insane.... I don't see any reasons for shooting. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison... He should be arrested for being a terrorist. Is there no law against flying that flag. On second though how retarded really that the U.S. needs one.

Sucks she is dead but Maybe she shouldn’t take people’s private property. It’s offensive to fly that flag but is 100% protected under the first amendment. Does using reasonable force to stop a thief mean being shot 5-8 times in the back? I’m no legal expert but it seems excessive. .are those hate flags illegal in Oklahoma? They should. Can this man be charged with a hate crime?

I hate racism, neo-nazis and alt-righters as much as anyone, but didn't she commit trespassing when she went into his home to get the flags? Ridiculous. Didn’t we fight them in WWll, they killed a lot of Americans. Unless she was posing a deadly threat, it shouldn't have happened. Don't shoot over property. Guy is most likely not getting away with it, if these framing devices are to be believed.

So she trespassed onto private property and tried to steal? Was she arrested and charged for trespassing? And theft? You cant steal. Not even from people you hate. Sorry. One less “nazi” in the world is a good thing. Hope he likes prison. Can someone explain his mustache to me? What is that? Those who cry 1st amendment about a nazi flag will also be the ones to deny protesters freedom to air their grievances. If you can't limit the 2nd, you can't limit the 1st. Why are laws limiting how much time per day one can have the 1st Amendment constitutional?

You think Hitler would of allowed us to wave American flags? There's nothing more American than trying to remove a Nazi flag, and there's also nothing more American than shooting a person because you care more for a material possession, a piece of cloth, than a human life. He's a reflection of the most disgusting aspects of this country.

People are seriously defending a nazi on here, America has really gone to shit..... or actually the shit never left just getting deeper in it DeanSheraski Lock him up! Yeah, he looks like the type of person that would fly a Nazi flag in his yard. No comment. I’ll mind my manners on this one. HAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣 DUMBASS !!

If you steal you get shot. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!!! So I'm not for stealing or being a Nazi. That being said, I have taken a training course in how to correctly use a gun. The object, you don't want to have to use it. And in some states you can get into trouble for shooting a person under differing circumstances. Know the laws

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Only a dumbass would try to steal anything from this unstable looking person.... Can’t fix stupid.... reality: people from insulated, uneducated upbringings that don’t see other races regularly aren’t people to mess with, specifically if it’s different from what they know I wonder who he was going to vote for?

That moustache is enough. He looks like he probably smells bad. I wonder how he votes. 🧐 Just kidding, I already know. Execute the Nazi. Nazi and confederates are enemies to the US and by constitutional law you are not to provide them comfort freedom or liberties. Doing so makes one guilty of treason which is punishable by death.

🤮 What the hell is wrong with Oklahoma?! That's the last ar you'll ever shoot Typical Trump Nazi, shooting a girl in the back Sick this is the USA not nazism Arrest this cowardly bastard. wheres the trespasser thief's name? 'she ventured onto his property to snatch the flag as a dare' “He’s been out mowing neighbors’ yards and just smiling and waving at everyone.” 'there had been no problems before with Feaster until Sunday morning' 5.56mm = pellet gun

Hate! Stupid games, stupid prizes. 🤷‍♀️ They are all cut from the same slackjawed chucklefuck genome. No class, no breed, no brains. Who? MAGAt Is he really alive though...look at him though Nazis suck, but you don’t hop the chain link fence to pet the ugly Doberman either realDonaldTrump you ain't gonna protect your boy?

why doesn't he just move to Germany. Oh! you're not allowed to..... You mean “take down”. He needs to be evicted from that area.... Bond _-_e He is WhiteTrash GOOD! Lesson about stealing from others, learned the hard way. This is pretty sick. I just wonder if he had a badge instead of a nazi flag, it would have been declared justified by our law enforcement officials.

Another prime example of the 'master race' I see 😅😅😅😅😅😅 That guy just doesn't look very mentally stable and it is obviously true. He was willing to shoot a young female party goer over a stupid flag?!?! Hope he is never allowed to own guns again after he gets out of a very long stay in jail. Hey trumps son

The fact that he has likes proves theirs systemic racism Ewwwwww Dont steal. There ends the lesson... Y'all need to stop using Big words MAGA is monosyllabic u you know 5th grade A mall minds focus on small things. The women shouldn’t be on anyone’s private property she’s wrong the home owners right PERIOD!!!!!!!

WHAT. THE. F*CK. Things are tough for him since Schitts Creek shut down. Trump be like he’s a very fine person , the women tried to steal his flag Good people should not take his stuff This is what ya get when mommy and daddy are brother and sister. SMH She is a true patriot! Enjoy your hotel stay Now we’re gonna find out who’s willing to defend a nazi

Could Kenneth Walker have avoided arrest by claiming to be a Holocaust denier? His snot must be moustache fertilizer. Just look at dude. Good people on both sides. The resident (home owner) and the woman (victim) were both wrong.She went onto privaye property to steal, he shot the woman in the back. He was not threaten. He committed murder.

Fuck anybody who waves a nazi flag... Jesus, I thought posted a dick pic on the tl. Looks like animal. His neighbors never demanded he take it down? America fought Nazis! so how long has he been flying that flag? Steal, then get shot. This guy’s mustache looks like a couple of snotsicles. Ewh.... I wouldn't touch nothing from this guy.

What, in the name of all Gods, the damn THING under his nose?! Well, she was trespassing and stealing, although I can’t understand why anyone would want it. 'Shot between three to five times' So....four times? Leave the mans flag alone. Like it or not that is his right. If Christians can display a cross and Ten Commandments, if jews can display a star of david, muslims can display a crescent, this guy can display his flag.

Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, ŞenSaz (Google nasıl çevirecek acaba ?😜). Buralarda, rugan ayakkabı siyahı değil, mısır kuşağı sarısı geçerlidir abiler, kız kardeşler, veled-i fezalar, sırası gelen herkes, gez, göz, arpacık sizi hizalar. Idaho ve Iowa'yı unutmayalım tabii. Founders of Fascism Benito Mussolini - Marxist (Official) Giovanni Gentile - Socialist Jean Allemane - Socialist Georges Valois - Socialist Marcel Deat - Socialist Jacques Doriot - Communist Henri de Man - Socialist Nicola Bombacci - Communist

NAZI MAGA! A bit harsh but when you steal or destroy people's property, the result can be a little more than you expect. That racist dirtbag should be handed over to blacks,since he hates them so much he shot someone over a disgusting flag, let them handle him! 1. He’s an asshole and I’m sorry he is an American 2. Don’t go in anyone’s yard to steal something so you don’t get shot.

Guy may be a pos or not.. you traspassed and attempted to steal knowingly.. you lose 2 times.. Respect people's property, but don't shoot a woman or anyone in the back for a flag. Life is precious. I mean you cant steal shit from peoples property then act shocked when they defend it by force, Nazi flag or not.

I get it freedom of speech. But, it baffles me that a Nazi flag is allowed in the USA. You don’t see Nazi flags in Germany. The USA fought and defeated Nazis. Such a shame. Coward! You don't shoot someone in the back especially a women He should have He doesn’t look like a real human Only in Murica! 😮 Why did she trespass

Nazi's shouldn't exist Stealing is not a good thing but Nazis are the bad guys yes? They killed Americans He does LOOK the part.... Lock his ss up for life!!! 😡🤬 Shouldn't have been stealing you don't have to agree with the flag but it's his right to fly Thieves Lives Matter!!! That lady is a Wounded Warrior.

Have fun in jail, they love nazis this so WEIRD No one should ever be shot in the back. Only cowards shoot people in the backs. What kind of man shoots a woman in the back ? SOOOO MUCH wrong with that headline. He is representative of way too many Americans- we will never crawl out of this shithole with people like this in society.

I was pretty sure those guys lost in 1945...looks like they just moved out of the continent. If not in his house, he’s jail bound. Who shoots an unarmed woman? Imagine he thank someone in the armed services and fly Nazi's flag at home. So, many people including lots of American around the world died fighting Nazi's but yet an American fly this flag in his yard. Ban the freaking flag that has so much American blood on it.

Shot in the back? Hmm Dum women! Don't be a Nazi. Don't steal. Excessive force used. Lock him up. That’s a helluva snot sidewalk. Put that fool away. Stealing is a crime. I don't support him flying a nazi flag at all. I do however think if you think you have the right to steal someone else's property then you should expect to be treated like a thief. I have no pity for her at all.

shame it’s not illegal like it is in Germany and Austria to have banners to that regime (you know, the regime that the USA came (late) to destroy...?); just remember that this is what we should do to such symbols of evil. Stupid is as stupid does x2. play stupid games...win stupid prizes. Good for him power 88

He looks exactly like I pictured him to look. Trumps America. I hope he spends the rest of his life paying for that. I hope his whole family pays and pays That flag should be banned. People should not steal. People are idiots all around. Lick him up!!! 🤮 DOTARD SAYS VERY FINE PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES !!! He's not from the right he’s a Democrat left over

He wasn’t aware that trespass and theft and vandalism was sanctioned by the deep state media swamp turds, Scrappy_Pro Dast ist nicht koolen! Have fun in jail He fits the description U-GOTTA DO WHAT U-GOT-2-DO !! TO PROTECT YOURSELF !! don’t drop the soap! Look st this guy he's a blast from the past a throw back to a primitive age

Thieves get what they deserve. OFB2020 Is his Klan name, Tusk? A few lessons to learn. People flying nazi flags have swiss cheese for brains (we knew that), so maybe trying to antagonize them isn't the smartest move. They may be armed. You can be against nazism without getting yourself shot. Those damn JoeBiden supporters.

You’ve gotta know that when he looks in his mirror he’s SO disappointed he can’t grow a “real” Hitler mustache, try as he may. Yeah, two white lines is the same... 🤣🤣🤣 mustachefail youllneverbehim Trump gives these type of people hope Lemme guess -- he's one of the 'good guys with a gun' and was just 'standing his ground' to protect his home.

Nice mustache To shoot someone it must be in self defense. 1. They should be illegal 2. Don't touch my shit What the heck is the story with that mustache 🤔 Oklahoma man protects his property from vandalism Why was she stealing the the first place? She got what she deserved. His moustache makes it look like he has a runny nose.

Kind of man a Trump will defend. Of he weren’t in jail, he’d be a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show tonight. well, she is a thief, and she did trespass, so he has his rights you know! Typical micro penis compensator syndrome proud boy. I did NAZI that coming! This bumpkin looks like his sneezes froze on his face and he’s just saving them for later...

I thought beluga whales were peaceful, docile creatures. More detailed report here. The guy's a whacko. If this was a dare how would you feel if you were a part of the crowd that dared her to do it Looks like Trump buts 👎🐷🤮😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He has every right to protect his property tweets in 3, 2, 1 ... All in the flag

Nazi gonna Nazi. Antifa gonna Antifa And rightfully so. Get your OWN Nazi flag, lady! And I ain't sharing my Etsy connections, neither The world keeps getting crazier. be glad it was just only him thinking about a family weapponed by 3 - 5 mashine guns (at average) - even used by kids?!?!?

Texas Prosecutor Resigns Over Facebook Post About Nazi GermanyThe post, shared last week by Kaylynn Williford, was criticized for appearing to equate protesters against racism and police brutality with Nazis who “tore down statues.” conservatism is a mental illness Well, the parallel speaks for itself. Sue them for harassment forcing you to resign. WHERE IS THE ME TOO MOVEMENT? The comparison is quite valid.

Jennifer Carroll Foy Wants to Be the First Black Woman Governor in America.JCarrollFoy helped end nearly 50 years of inaction on the Equal Rights Amendment by leading a push to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the landmark women’s rights legislation to the Constitution. “I’m the right leader for this moment.”

Twitter Users Hail Woman Who Stood Up To Trump Supporters In 'White Power' VideoTrump tweeted then deleted the video, which featured one of his supporters calling out 'white power.' realDonaldTrump is an assh01e HouseGOP SenateGOP GOP own his shit. Right Marco Rubles? marcorubio This picture is the truth about Trump. Get this dude out of office. This post is deeper than me:(

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Talking to the Most Powerful Woman in Skin Care“Beauty is prone to a lot of judgment because people like to judge women. Some reports seem to suggest that it’s the sole responsibility of the beauty industry to reduce plastic, as if plastic bottles and straws don’t exist. Again, because it’s women” Look CarolineHirons!