Woman makes history as 9th Black female pediatric surgeon in US

'I never saw a Black physician as a kid,' said Dr. Kanika Bowen-Jallow.

5/10/2021 3:20:00 AM

Dr. Kanika Bowen-Jallow was eight years into her pursuit of becoming a pediatric surgeon before she met a surgeon who looked like her, as a Black American.

'I never saw a Black physician as a kid,' said Dr. Kanika Bowen-Jallow.

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Why is this about color; are you insinuating that Black people are rarely intelligent enough, or have the necessary mental acuity to become a surgeon; stop this racist behavior-profiling; I've known many Black Americans in my lifetime who would be offended by your stupid tweet; Some cultures embrace education..Jews..Asians..others don’t…see I explained it. So easy…

We're celebrating the '9th' now? Really? Wonderful. What a positive difference it makes for a child to have a doctor who LOOKS like them. 😊 Well I’m sure that changed the science of surgery forever This is a sad reminder I think kuku27 I like it Asian Americans are minority and I’m certain are doing quite well in medicine ... all it takes is hard work and dedication

Lol they’re gonna start filling surgeon spots to hit a certain percentage of black people now. Just like they did with Goldman Sachs and now all the junior investment bankers complain 24/7 because they’re not fit for the job 😭 Isn’t it nice. She can do it. So can the the other woman. Celebrate it. Others should too.

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