Woman Known for Racist Rants Hit by Fire Truck, Has Life-Threatening Injuries

Woman Known for Racist Rants Hit by Fire Truck, Has Life-Threatening Injuries

7/14/2020 8:57:00 PM

Woman Known for Racist Rants Hit by Fire Truck, Has Life-Threatening Injuries

A woman known for her viral racist rants got struck by a fire truck and suffered life-threatening injuries.

Hit by Fire Truck ...2.3K7/14/2020 10:47 AM PTA North Carolina woman who recently went viral for going on vile, racist rants -- and was later arrested for assault -- is now fighting for her life after a bizarre accident involving a fire truck.Rachel Dawn Ruit

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was struck by an Asheville Fire Department pickup truck Monday afternoon after stepping out in front of traffic ... according to a witness.Asheville PD says Ruit is"suffering from life threatening injuries" and is at the hospital in critical condition. The accident is being investigated.

Play video contentBEING HATEFUL@NahlahKarimahRuit is, unfortunately, otherwise known for appearing in multiple videos in downtown Asheville spewing racism ... and for her July 4 arrest for allegedly attacking both a woman in a hijab and a Black teenager.

Ruit allegedly ripped off the woman's head covering and grabbed the teenager in the groin. She was arrested and charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and second degree trespassing. Read more: TMZ »

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Did she die? No one is gonna lose any sleep 🤷🏾‍♀️😒 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ Rip, mental illness? Drugs? Horrible childhood? Tragic.most of us wouldn’t have engaged in a conversation with her to begin with, & kept walking- so obvious she had a screw loose to begin with, a dark soul filled with hatred.:(( very sad.

Karma Karma! This wacko stepped out in front of a fire truck? Clearly she either wanted to injure herself or she thought she was Superwoman. Mental illness is a terrible thing and this woman is paying a price for not getting the help she truly needed. I hope the firetruck ok W god's timing is always right

wait why is this news? She died. Condolences to the fire truck... Good riddance Carma Karma? 🤷🏽‍♀️ When karma hits, It hits hard. Karma Karma caught up with her Karma is a Bitch 😂😂😂 Damn that’s tough Flat top from Dick Tracy That's called karma. Good Rip Helll God is hearing you!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Damn TomiLahren they got ya?

What in the mean girls? Ahhh man.... hope the truck is ok W Energy you put out good or bad and it pays you back. Is the truck insured tho? Decency prevents me from commenting. Got to love Karma I’m more sad that she thought the way she did and lived a life in hatred. I do not know her upbringing or the life encounters she had growing up to lead her to this. I will not respond with more hate. We have enuf of that.

😬🥴 Sad for anyone to be hurt. However, hopefully she survives and changes her evil ways 🙏🏽 Id say thats good ole karma. Racism is not mental illness!!! They are gonna let you believe they do what they do cause they’re not all there when in reality it’s easier for them, Pancake Recipe 😋 Karma paid her back. She got what she deserved.

Karma Kkkarma Pulling up like... Good look at the ugly bith 😂😂😂😂 Let’s gooo God don’t like ugly so god must HATE her ass🤷🏽‍♀️ Oops I mean where’s the fire truck video tho? 🤔 MOTHER KARMA!!! THANK YOU MOTHER KARMA! TO ALL YOU RACISTS, YOUR HATE AND YOUR ACTIONS WILL BE CHASTISED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. NO ILL GOES UNPUNISHED. THANK YOU MOTHER KARMA!

They did her dirty taking the picture after she got hit by the truc Well!!!! period 😍 and..? Wishing her speedy recovery so she'll have time to practice love Karma is a bitch. Ain't she? Has anyone checked on the truck? Karma at its finest Karma Damn 😂😂😂😂😂good night Ah yes. Karma never fails. She may not come right away when you want her to, but she eventually shows up and does her job.

Sheesh she looks like she got hit by a fire truck in that picture. ok Now all the people defending this racist lady just know we all sleep but Karma never has no bedtime. anyways i’m going to mcdonald’s you lot want anything? are we allowed to laugh 🙄 👍 As a wise man once said.... rip bozo It’s simple, it’s called stfu and watch your mouth......

Arrest BreonnaTaylor killers!!!!! Yo that's mad... Anyway give me music suggestions, some stuff like Tool, RATM or Tyler the Creator. Who cares Is this a picture before or after she was hit? Karma is a Bitch! I made a sandwich today Everyone who is making jokes about this in the comments should take a long look at themselves in the mirrior & know that i approve, appreciate & enjoyed them all. They should make her pay for the dent she probly left. Im sure shes in too much pain tho we should just pull the plug

fire truck doe?😂😂 karma... I have no words... sad. Very sad. Obviously she was battling demons inside her. RIP Where’s the video of her getting hit? Karma! This is jokes I have never thought I'd ever say 'I want to buy a fire truck a beer 🚒🍺' 🙂 No big loss Welp cant save them all 🤷🏽‍♀️ good riddance Damn

Is the truck okay? 🤷🏽‍♂️ No, she died, 🥳 lmaoooo shit crazy but anyways fun run anyone? omg she shouldn’t have been in the road like protestors right? haahahahahahahab Ehh she’ll be okay let her walk it off😂 damn... that’s- that’s crazy... Hate to see people die, but wish she had a chance to atone for her behavior.

rip karen Praying for......the truck man holy God hope it's okay new opp pacc in the air this gas or what? By the look of her flat face all the damage was done to the fire truck damn that’s tough. anyways what y’all had for dinner? When life hits you fast.. Life comes at you fast I mean Well I guess she can't say...... She didn't start the fire! YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ooof Hope the fire truck doesn’t need therapy and counselling! H8 2 c it Karma Bitch. damn that’s crazy Poor Fire Truck!!!! Hope they have white/also racist doctors willing to help and the nice doctors of all races who would normally help anyone are just “preoccupied” helping good people....otherwise, “bummer”...

lmao She is funny as hell lmao Maybe it's karma. Hope the fire truck is ok. Meh..karma? 🤷‍♀️ Mikael_Habs Yo is the truck ok Karma is a bitch, Bitch! So not much of a loss is what ur saying Woah really dam thats wild anyway you think she was just a cake🤔 I love Asheville, but from my experience this woman was most likely homeless with mental instability. Asheville has a lot of homeless residents. Unfortunately a lot of them suffer from mental illness from abuse or years of drug use.

Yayyyy🧚‍♀️✨🦋💫 Lmaoooo Is the photo before or after the truck hit her? Sweet Christmas Karma, party of one... Is this the before or after pic? SheaGorgeous_ wow, the power of prayer.. That’s what happens when you date your cousin. ah W I made it to 30 weeks pregnant y’all... blessings.. You mean “Karma” hit her ass 🙌🏼

LMFAOOOO THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT COMES OUT A COMEDY SKETCH Why was she in the street? Was she being racist towards someone and not paying attention to where she was going? This is why you have to pay attention to your surrounding and not be hateful trash. Cool Hope the truck is good But is the truck ok? prayers for the Fire Truck.

if she dies she dies. Karma is real Awe how sad it's called karma Prayers up for the fire truck🙏 Thank god She just died.. Yikes Karma “Umm yes I’ll have an extra large sweet vengeance in fire truck red to go” 🤣🤣 She most likely has a mental disorder. I know people want to believe that white people just act like this... but her behavior is NOT normal.

Life comes at you fast. Sometimes at 50mph Karma is a muthafucka It was Gods will Oooooops sorry, didn't see ya there!! Goes around comes around And this is after the accident, I’m assuming hope the truck is okay 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤝 thank God the fire truck okay tho. Is she dead or critical, straighten up your shit TMZ

Karma! Gotta love Karma God dont like ugly. KARMA Is her photo before or after she got hit? 💁🏻‍♂️ huge w Die.Thank you. Wowww that’s sooo crazy- anyways who wanna play cod Is the fire truck okay? 🤭💩Bad things happen for better reasons 😆💣 I hope the truck is okay. williamlegate Salute to the firemen 🚒 Lol Tots and pears

Welp williamlegate oh no she died Whew baby these videos and that Karma, mercy alive!!! Shit sad but its expected 😕 Hope the fire truck is ok🙏🏻 williamlegate Ok Cruel Was this before or after she got hit? Karma Damn thats crazy ... anyways, how yall’s day? I don't wish harm on anyone, but don't tempt Faith

Hope she gets to heaven to see that Jesus was black 👀 😂😂 KARMA Cool How’s the fire truck? Anyone check on it Karma Is this pic before or after the truck hit her? God don't like ugly! She’s dead now. Y’all hear sumn I hope they reversed after hitting her, make sure the job is finished Is the fire truck okay?

She’s gonna need that fire truck when she gets to hell lol KARMA is a motherfucker!!! May b getting hit by the fire truck fixed her face? Was this picture taken after she was hit with a fire truck? AND I’D DO IT AGAIN. Oh no ...Anyway, y'all hear my new song? Came out of nowhere 😁 Oh well🙄 damn thats crazy. anyways, what y'all have for lunch?

Only “life threatening”🤦🏽‍♂️ the truck had ONE job Was that pre or post face Karma. LETSS GOOOOOOOOOO You hate to see it you love to see it Don’t care You spelled karma wrong. It autocorrected to fire truck. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Wont he make your enemy your foot stool? Or whatever Hebrews 1:13 said. Lmfao😂😂😂 Is the fire truck ok?

Anyways when is sza dropping a new somg ...& then the bitch got hit by a fire truck... Won’t he do it!🙌🏾 If you squint your eyes hard enough she kinda looks like beavis Gonna be me when she dies And you celebrate that because 'words hurt'. Wussies. FireTrucksLivesMatters Ratiod by cryptic lmfao That’s the Lord’s Work 😂

Karma is a bitch. It gets you all the time. Cool, anyway Please Sign we need 20 more signatures to reach 15,000 FreeDrMShakur was a Leader in the Fight for Black Rights and currently is fighting bone marrow cancer at the age of 69. He is not a Danger to society & has already been locked up 35 years 🙏🙏🙏

Damn hope she safe 🙏🏻 never wish death on anyone nah jk 😭😭 hope she dead Poor truck Why the hell is this news? 💅🏾 God's timing is always right Karma’s a bitch!! Just plain nuts. Hm...anyway, the chiefs signed Chris Jones to a long term contract y'all! This isn’t news ... it’s Karma 👊🏽 I hope the truck is ok 🥺

Is the fire truck ok? Any dents? Karma's a bitch. Beavis's Mom Poor, sweet lady. ok. other than that how y'all doing today? To TMZ 🙄 Shoulda hit her again 💯 Sucks to be her. Just finished The Last of Us 2 ending was big mid. lol Mean girl🚒🚒 lol fuck yes Praying for the people in the firetruck Are you sure that fire truck incident was an accident? I hope it was on purpose...🖕🏼😂

👏👏👏👏🤣 TMZ officially scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for “celebrity” news to report on. Hope the truck is ok Is the fire truck OK? *default dances* this is really a 'Dermott gets hit by a truck' moment. Deborah Logan lookin' ass Karmas a bitch 👍 Unfortunately this is how she was brought up. She’s got plenty of mental issues & probably ensued a lot of abuse. Maybe they can reprogram her in the hospital. Give her a lobotomy or something. I commend the gal recording this for not punching her in the face.

Karma Karma's a bitch. Imagine being hit by a truck This is a tough one but will take the Classy approach. This is a sign for her to change.😏 lmao God really dont like ugly FireTruckLivesMatter UNITYKD1 remember her on videos Is this a picture of her after she was hit by a fire truck? One less Karen Let god work

Hope the firetruck is ok🙏🏼 Karma a mf ! Smh Is the fire truck ok ? 🤷🏻‍♂️ good Who tryna play 2k the firetruck driver prayers for the truck 🙏🏽 Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Damn Damn Damn - Florida Evans Welp sucks for her never wish harm on anyone. Karma is a bitch. You get what you give. So give love and positive vibes. Always 💜

Damn... Karma is a fickle bitch ain't she Guardian down LOL i pray for her🙏🏾 family to take her off life support She she reaping what she sowed. Karma.. God don’t like ugly. Is the fire truck ok 😂😂😂 O well I hope all her doctors and medical staff are black. She can either see how wrong she is or refuse care and die of her injuries.

Welp 🤡🤡🤷🏼‍♀️ Thoughts and prayers (jk not really lol) Sounds like karma🤷🏽‍♀️ Karma’s a bitch Damn, is the firetruck ok? Karma Hope the fire truck is ok Omg!! Is the truck okay? KARMA Good ridance. One less crazy, racist Karen out of this world. Is the truck OK? 🚒 I don’t wish bad on nobody but um... karma hits profoundly

She said she didn't care in the other video so imma keep the same energy *Insert Voting Red and Firetruck Joke Here* JAYVERSACE is the fire truck ok?🥺 I hope the trucks ok King19672538 How sad, so what we having for lunch? Who else can't wait for her to go meet her creator and pay for her sins? W She’ll be alt-right

Now she's gonna hate red trucks too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Karma is a fuxken biotch! Karma That’s wtf she gets haha karma bitch Distasteful as freeaaakkkk! Damn that’s horrible… wish I cared tho God hate ugly, racism is ugly Is this the “before” picture, or “after”? Karma never fails Woof Karma is a wonderful thing ....

God don’t like ugly I hope that the doctors taking care of her in the hospital are african american. Lol Karma meet Karen I wonder if shes laying there in the hospital like damnnn maybe if i wasnt a racist PoS this wouldnt of happened Wow, Karma is fast! God does work in mysterious ways. Is the fire truck okay?

Sadly this is karma at its finest 🤷🏿‍♀️ Pre existing health conditions 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Is the fire truck okay? LMAOOOO karma done disguised itself as a fire truck.. lol Wow!! Karma real fast! Hope the truck is OK 🙏 Is the truck ok? Karma 🤷🏽‍♀️ anywho okay but what about the fire truck? Can we receive more updates about it? such a cruel world

these comments 💀💀 Good Good my tax dollars paid for that fire truck. she better have insurance to cover the damage is the fire truck okay? Karma I think i just recently saw her being a bitch You mean to tell me they took this mug shot after she got hit by a truck? Hope she did a triple backflip in the air Y'all are disgusting with your headlines

What's the GoFundMe? A fireman is probably out of a job. y’all hear sumn? cause i don’t... Who gives a shit, all injuries matter No mask Omg so sad to what happend to that fire truck KARMA Damn that’s crazy. She had a crush on a poor girl she was screaming at... must of asked to see her tits fifty times in two min

Karma is all that and some tho 🤷‍♂️ The truck driver probably thought he was putting out a fire cus of how roasted she looks Karma Just wow. How does someone have so much hate in their life? I bet she can't hold down a job. No man/woman would ever want to be with her. To top it off, a firetruck hit her. Maybe clue in that whatever path she is on, it's not working.

I hope the fire truck is okay Is the fire truck okay This is how Karma works. Is the truck ok? She started it... Thank god Are the firefighters okay? Beautiful I don't give a firefuck 🤷🏾‍♂️ thats crazy... what are some good games on steam ? Like the plot for the enemy of the state, but in today's america. Hahaha, damn, Hahaha

Gods timing is always right What has been the song of the year ? We Paid imo Instant Karma's gonna get you Karma Karma! Karma is a b***h and god don't like ugly... Shout to the driver of that fire truck! Karma Oh well. If Karma had a face urkle9 KARMA BIH Karma? Poor truck 😞 Okay? omg ok ok Cool don’t really care

Karma is a bitch Thoughts and prayers (for the fire truck). Damn that’s crazy but what y’all think about the new madden ratings? look at god All time headline She ran up to the fire truck and told it to suck her d*ck and then BLAM! Won’t he do it!!!!!! I haven't had lunch yet.. 😬 That fire truck must've really meth'ed her up.

gossipoftheciti She is still alive? 🤔 Well look at gawd So...the Ford Bronco is back. That's pretty cool. peetahmcfly How’s the fire truck doing? :/ After that rant went viral, maybe she wanted to get hit. Oh well. Anyway who yall got winning the finals lebron or the clippers? Karma Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmaaaaaa

Neemzy God don’t like ugly Is this an after photo? Karma? Is that You? karma Is this the AFTER picture? You know what they say about karma 😎 That Driver had one job! How’s the fire truck? Fire truck is not racist.... Looks like she’s been hit by more than trucks in this mugshot 😳🤮 Slow news day TMZ? Play stupid games, when stupid prizes.

EurovisionMovie Come on now. this isn't even funny...but, it is!😄 Karma is a bitch! Supposedly youngthug did it with no hands. Karma is a bitch. 🐍💚✊🏾 BlackLivesMatter tuesdayvibes comedy Is the fire truck okay? Right in the forehead Whelp.. what y’all doing today? That lady has a drug problem Good for her

Karma is a bitch Karma is that you?🤔 Look At GOD 😇 That’s unfortunate. Better luck next time. Karma! Where’s your stories on the racist rants against Chinese and white ppl by blacks Ah Look at TMZ paying overtime to find racist stories to post. That karma hits you hard!!! denisleary 2020 finally getting some things right

tamsinamy_ Karma There should be a song about this.. Is it wrong that I kind of want to see the footage? Karma I hope the truck is 👌🏽 why should she hit a fire truck? It's her fault. That's good old karma for you'll. Is the truck okay is the fire out though? With that big ass dome, she should've been able to stop the firetruck.

😳karma 🥴 Thoughts and Prayers to the Fire Truck. That serves her White! Her name wouldn't be Karen, would it ? I'm going to the shop soon. Anyone want anything? Yikes, hope the firetruck hasn't taken TOO much damage. Ugh, such a well used vehicle embarrassingly assaulted by such a despicable creature is very unfortunate, but let's hope it makes a speedy recovery.

Lol that wasn’t no accident 🤔, karma is a bitch. Sad but true. But the real question now is did they end up getting struck by that fire truck. Karma? Lmao what Racist hit by a fire truck 🚒 🔥 Looooooooove that song Is that beavis’s mom Oh well. Next! She will likely die due to Covid-19 complications. Bye Bitch!!!

Could be a pre-existing condition LMAO PLSS why not just right “racist woman “ and also “y’all hear sumn?” 1charvo 💀😭 Look at God I'm sure the 'woke people' are full of joy. if she did that, then i think Karma has kicked into high gear. Our thoughts and prayers for the fire truck 🙏😪🤜🤛🤝🤝 clearly mentally ill. she needs more medical help than an ER. hopefully she will get it if she recovers.

Karma is a false teaching, because people only invoke its name when people do bad things. They never invoke good karma for good things! False religion! 'News' Hate to say this, but... the world will truly be a better place with her gone. I wish her a very speedy death 🙏🏻💀 Feel soo bad for the fire truck.hope the truck is okay.

Coincidence? I believe the color 'red' of the fire truck did not like her! I really have a hard time have sympathy for anyone who wouldn't have sympathy for me.... Too bad That would be the Karma truck. Good. Imagine getting hit by a Firetruck. She looks like a tweaker Wow that truck really did a number on her face

Is the fire truck okay? Karma....GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY Hahaha karma is a bitch !!! Next on the list TRUMP and his entire family Is the Truck OK? God is good ain't he? Lol 🙄.... OH WELL, NEXT. Oh dear. Well how is everyone today😋 Life comes at you fast they say Won't he do it? Karma.. godd I'm glad that's what you get😡

_dannyocean Karma comes in many forms‼️ Life comes at you fast...I meant fire trucks, yea fire trucks come at you fast🤦🏾‍♂️ Ironically, the fire truck's name is Karma. Oops.

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