Woman drives vehicle into protesters at George Floyd rally in Denver

The video appears to show a driver intentionally running over protesters at a rally for George Floyd in Denver.

5/30/2020 5:30:00 AM

The video appears to show a driver intentionally running over protesters at a rally for George Floyd in Denver.

The black SUV entered a street that had been closed. A man jumped on the hood to avoid being run over, then jumped off and was later struck.

USA TODAYA video circulating on social media appears to show a driver intentionally running over protesters at a rally for George Floyd in Denver.In the video, a woman at the wheel of a black SUV drives through a crowd of protesters on the street. As one man hops on the hood, the car accelerates — and he falls off. The car then appears to turn to hit the lone man, who gets knocked down. The woman drives away, with protesters chasing the car on foot.

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The incident, according to video footage recorded by Anabel Escobar, took place in the city’s Golden Triangle district. Read more: USA TODAY »

Good Protest if you want but roads are for moving vehicles only. If this idiot got in her way tough crap. Why are you on the car? That’s great...Stay off the damn road Rightwingwackos would say that he wasn't run over but damaged that pour Qaren's car. Are ya'll mad about this too, or you want to keep talking about how mad you are about material things being on fire?

AudreyCavenecia What is that guy doing on top of the car? Lol Why protesters need to stay on sidewalks and out of the streets. This obviously biased headline is a perfect example as to why real journalism is officially dead and why media is completely unreliable to provide the honest truth. How you get that from watching that video is what is unnerving. Media is sick.

The media is the problem! Lie after lie after lie! Oh well!! Why was he on the hood? Trying to be big and make a point? Driver was not having it. Did you see all the idiots run after the car? 😂 Don't block the road and you won't have that issue. Stay out of the street like yo mama told you as a kid! Well, there are two idiots here: the guy that jumped on the car and the driver of said car who ran over the idiot.

That is a complete lie. If it's me or them - it is always going to be me. I'd do the same thing. riots are not protests LockThemAllUp SorosFundedRiots Both should serve time in jail.. like little kids say “he started it”, and then she purposely ran him over.. Hero Perhaps not climbing on a moving car’s hood might help...?

Fake news Yes!, because the asshole jumped on the hood of their car. IDEA : don't jump on someone's car or block them on a public road and you won't get hit by their car. Seems simple, right🤷‍♂️? Apparently not for some... reportaccurately 3rd world country Oh USA Today...you never disappoint. Journalism

Incompetent hacks at USA Today. Rioters were crawling on her hood. She felt threatened and hit the gas. Terrible.. Good for her, idiots who walk into the street get the stupidity they’re asking for Again if you stand in front of a car expect to get ran over Meet the Tennessee Lawmakers Who Think Running Over Protesters Should Be Protected

MISLEADING HEADLINE ; The video actually showed the guy trying to jump on the car The street was closed? Why tf are they blocking and jumping on the car? U block my car and then get on it. Im driving off. ESP if my families in it. Im suppose to feel safe? Oh..But the poor protester that blocked them..? 🙄

Don’t know about that one.... Perhaps don’t stand in the road, chase down the car and jump on the hood, freaking out the driver...🤔 Praying for the man's recovery. Did they apprehend the woman and is the man critically injured? The denverpost reported police were searching for the woman 7 hours ago. Time stamping certain tweets is responsible so as not to imply an event is unfolding.

DO NOT stand on their hood!! 20 points at least for good aim! Lady 💙💚💚 If you don’t want to get hit or run over.......stay out of the street That’s what happens when you attack a car. Moron. He fell off long before she turned and hit him with the front panel. She might not have seen him but regardless, she was turning the vehicle in the wrong direction.

Good. Reginald Denny should've done the same thing - Hit the gas. Instead he stopped. Big mistake. Show the whole video!!! And then you understand why Trump hates the news media! No, it doesn’t. It looked like an attempted carjacking and she took off. That dude was on her car. Good. Very misleading headline... show the whole video.. this is why the term “fake news” is so dam popular and relevant.. sadly..

Stay out of the f*cking road. Headline is misleading. Actually the protesters jumped on her car The people were on the hood of the drivers car. That is a very unnerving experience for a driver. CRS 18-3-202 - First Degree Felony Assault Intentionally and seriously hurting someone through physical force, often with use of a deadly weapon carrying 10 to 32 years in prison and/or $3,000 to $750,000 in fines. denverpost DenverPolice CityofDenver

Ummmm remember Reginald Denny? Anyone, anyone ....oh of course not you liberals will try to sweep that under the carpet. What the fuck? Maybe dont stand on their hood? They weren't protesters they were a mob threatening the driver. This idiot got exactly what he deserved. Not 'appears', DOES is the correct description.

The thug who jumped on the car admitted he did it on purpose and do it again! He intentionally endangered them river and he got what he so deserved ! Good! This is what Trumpers do....run protesters over with motor vehicles. Pussies. Someone attacking you and your property is not a protester, it becomes between you and them and the car had every right.

Wasn’t at all intentional idiot. But guy got what he deserved

Shots fired at George Floyd protest in Denver, ColoradoShots rang out at a Thursday protest at the Colorado State Capitol where demonstrators gathered after the death of George Floyd. You are not black if you dont riot 😂 🔥

Denver Driver Appears To Target Man With Car As George Floyd Protest Grows Violent“Coloradans are better than this,” Gov. Jared Polis said, noting he was “shocked” by the footage. Oh please lol They’re everywhere.💔

Denver Driver Appears To Target Man With Car As George Floyd Protest Grows Violent“Coloradans are better than this,” Gov. Jared Polis said, noting he was “shocked” by the footage. On a sidewalk? Clearly not, Polis. No state is free of the police state

Police, experts condemn knee restraint used on George FloydPolice around the nation and law enforcement experts on Thursday broadly condemned the way George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody this week, was restrained by an officer who dug his knee into the man&39;s neck, saying no circumstances warrant such a dangerous technique. Deeply disturbing If nothing else he should be charged with felony stupid. When The Looting Starts When the looting starts The shooting starts Acting too tough Makes things rough For the Police and everybody Minneapolis is not Miami Copyright © May 29, 2020, Hébert Logerie, all rights reserved. I am confused about this. The cop that kneeling on the black guy and the black guy worked together for 15 years as bouncers at a nightclub. Why would you do that to somebody you know?

Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protestUpdates from protests against the death of George Floyd in police custody: • Protesters torch police station. • CNN crew arrested while reporting. • President Trump draws warning from Twitter for “glorifying violence.” Full coverage: This is what happens when the Mayors, the police departments and the police unions allow crappy cops to remain on the force. We need to hold these liberal Mayors, PDs and Unions accountable. HARSHLY Arrest the murderers!!! realDonaldTrump looking for opportunity to Floyd’s murder! 1st he acted as if he cared,to see if that gets him some black votes! If it weren’t election yr, he wouldn’t even mention it! Black ppl aren’t fools; we’ll never forget Charlottesville neonazis support or Central Park 5!

Fierce protests erupt after fatal arrest of George FloydFire, violence, and stand-offs with police have broken out in Minneapolis after the death of an unarmed black man detained by police. The Minneapolis Mayor is calling for a fired officer to be charged in the death. Shaquille Brewster joins with the latest. shaqbrewster Can't white officers see, people have had enough. No one will be able to stop this retaliation, once it starts. More people of color will die needlessly. shaqbrewster GOOD! This is what it takes to get through to the Powers That Be. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. shaqbrewster Odd that these are the very same people he was talking about in the video going around. Thugs. The circle has to be broken.