Within The Early Voting Boom, Youth Turnout Seems To Be Surging

More than 6 million voters under 30 have cast early ballots, compared with roughly 2 million at the same time in 2016. The number of first-time voters in that group has doubled in four years.

10/29/2020 10:36:00 PM

A new survey this week found 63% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they would 'definitely' vote in the 2020 election. That's far higher than the 2016 number — and another sign that young voters are poised for another record turnout.

More than 6 million voters under 30 have cast early ballots, compared with roughly 2 million at the same time in 2016. The number of first-time voters in that group has doubled in four years.

surveyed 18- to 29-year-olds and found that 63% said they would"definitely" vote in the election, which is the highest proportion of respondents in the 20 years that the poll of young voters has been conducted. It is also far higher than in 2016, when the Harvard Youth Poll found that 47% of respondents said they would"definitely" vote in that year's election.

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And analyses of the early voting electorate similarly suggest that younger voters are set up to make up a larger share than they did in 2016 or 2018.More than 6 million voters under 30 have already cast early ballots, according to the Democratic data firm, TargetSmart, compared with roughly 2 million early votes at the same time in 2016. And, according to TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier, the number of early voters under 30 who are voting for the first time in their life is more than double the number of first-time voters at this point in the 2016 election.

Election Officials Say Window To Mail Back Ballots May Be Closed, Suggest Other PathsThe groundswell of early voting among young people is visible in a number of the key states that both parties are targeting in this campaign.The figures are particularly dramatic in Texas, a state that has been known for low overall rates of voter participation, including

. But turnout among young Texans skyrocketed in 2018, and an analysis of early voting suggests that young voters in that state could be on pace to set records this year. More than 800,000voters under 30have already votedin Texas, and 66% of them did not vote in 2016.

In Florida, where both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are expected to travel in the campaign's closing days,more than 514,000 young votershave cast their ballot already, hundreds of thousands more than had done so in a similar period ahead of the 2016 election.

This year, Pennsylvania joined more than 30 other states in allowing voting by mail for any reason, also known as no-excuse absentee voting. And like in other states, early voting among the youngest segment of the electorate is on the rise. Already,more than 176,000 young Americans

have cast ballots there.There are many reasons why, historically, young voter turnout has not been as high as other demographic groups. Many young voters are new voters, and the process to register to vote and cast a ballot can be confusing for those who are not familiar with what to expect, the situation that Sam Peterson in Iowa found himself in.

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This year in particular, organizers have wrestled with how to get younger Americans to the polls amid a pandemic that has upended life, particularly for college students. Those who may have been planning to vote at or near their college campuses may well have been sent home amid mounting infection rates.

At Morningside College in Iowa, Peterson said he and other organizers have moved online, and they are calling their fellow students to make sure that they have the resources they need and that they have a plan, no matter how they decide to vote."We're calling people who might have already submitted an absentee ballot or they've requested it, and it hasn't been received," Peterson said."Do they know their polling place? Do they know how they're going to get there? If they don't know how they're going to get there, we have other things like Lyft codes we can provide them."

There are also significant legal hurdles that make it more difficult for young people, particularly young people of color, to vote in many states.Some states have residency requirements or deadlines for voter registration that make it more difficult for people who are living away from home to participate. And in places that have strict identification laws, young would-be voters who do not have driver's licenses can run up against issues.

Research from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts Universityalso suggeststhat state laws that disenfranchise people who have been convicted of felonies may have a"chilling effect" on other young people who have been convicted of misdemeanors or other criminal violations, who may in turn come to believe that they are ineligible to vote.

House Democrats' Campaign Committee Launches Blitz Targeting Black VotersAnd even setting aside the legal and bureaucratic issues that may crop up for young voters looking to get involved, there is also a psychological component to all of this, experts say: When young people do not think their vote matters, they simply do not vote.

More than 66 million Americanshave already cast ballots, a number that puts the country on track for historic levels of voter turnout, with many states already approaching their 2016 vote totals, even before factoring in Election Day turnout this year.

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While it is impossible to be definitive, most pollsters and analysts say that a majority of voters under 30 are left-leaning or support Democratic candidates.TheHarvard Youth Pollreleased earlier this week showed a significant increase in Biden's favorability with voters under 30, with 47% viewing him favorably and 41% unfavorably. In the spring, 34% viewed Biden favorably and 47% viewed him unfavorably.

That same poll also found that young supporters of Trump were more confident than Biden supporters were that their candidate would win the election. Read more: NPR »

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Wow another scam poll. Great truth 'reporting' from lamestream media npr and harvard. 'Veritas' lol. When you go to get the data it shows this...pathetic. How can you prove those people surveyed are legal registered voters? Polls are pointless! Yes, pls keep voting ‘cos when u vote things improve, the status quo wakes up or is pushed out. When u vote vestiges of racism, sexism, xenophobia, discrimination in general, etc are shaken &/or stopped. When u vote, u shape the future that u will live in. Pls keep voting.

NPR Lies. Not until deep into the imbedded “Harvard Youth Poll” article do you find they are comparing 2016 (up to 30 years old) to 2008 (up to only 24 years old). So yes, the runout is higher. Liners. every election cycle the young are going to vote en masse, but don't, i won't hold my breath this time around either.

Yep, heard that story before. Always wrong Every time I encounter a young person, I ask the same question. Have you exercised your most important duty as a citizen? Don’t do a puzzle with half the puzzle pieces. Follow other Black leaders/voices on the other side of the issues. Listen, give it time, decide for yourself. BLEXIT ScoonTv RepVernonJones TheLeoTerrell WhitlockJason hodgetwins larryelder SenatorTimScott RealCandaceO

What is more dangerous. 'Defunding police' or 'Defunding/Discredit Media and trying to legitimize one State Media aka Fox and Dan Bongino? tRump will DO EVERYTHING he can to steal this election. So don't fall for his propaganda and lies. GO VOTE!!!! NPR is funded by tax payer $. It is election interference & negligence that NPR has not reported on the Biden's unethical & possibly illegal cashing in from corrupt foreign gov. There is an active FBI investigation of the Biden's. Hunter called his dad my Chairman, Joe knew.

heard this on CBSThisMorning and trying to flip Texas! Normally would be good news but for the fact, young people are brainwashed, lacking knowledge, don't think, just follow others! The young people will lead world to into GREAT chaos! TX FIGHT BACK! SAY NO TO THEDEMOCRATS! NPR is no longer a credible news outlet. No longer will I support this station.

Trump Pride: Gay Republicans on why they're backing the president While LGBTQ Americans have historically been a reliable Democratic voting bloc, many gay voters say they're '100 percent on board' with Trump this year. One explanation: Rick Grenell Good that it's higher. Bad that it's not over 95%. We can also thank the kids from Parkland. davidhogg111

Wow! Harris County is already over the limit! Hopefully they will be able to vote out Trump. He’s a national embarrassment. ...they usually never do... YouthVote WARNING: the USA on the verge of succumbing to Castro communism, not only thru RACE organizations funded by the Castro Venezuela regimes but by the installation of Castro Cuban Venezuelan owned voting systems SMARTMATIC, SEQUOIA, DOMINION, and VOTEM

A survey that hasn't been conducted found 87% of 18- to 29-year-olds don't follow through on what they said they will do That’s such great news! I have great faith in the young people today. I think they are on track to change the world and transform the planet into a place of beauty and not just business as usual. They will face problems of such enormity, they will seem, perhaps, insurmountable.

What is going to happen to all of the thousands of metric tons of *45 campaign garbage after next week? Man, those people generate a lot of cheap trash. Trump2020 Trumps done absolutely nothing to reach out to 18-29 year olds. Shoutout to the TikTokers. These numbers can’t be correct. I was told all throughout the primary that young people have no enthusiasm for Biden and will only turn out for a progressive candidate...

Trump and the GOP have shown the young population that voter apathy is dangerous and that if you want to live in a sane world you have to be willing to take action against the insane. Thank you... to the young folks. Thank you. Ya’ll Vote : ) Not an actual informed statistic, but when I dropped off my ballot the entire parking lot was filled with young people taking their ballots in and getting selfies. In Kansas. I had to wait in line.

95% only bad news( All votes based off of social media memes that some guy in Pakistan made. Merica!!!! Aren't votes supposed to be private? How do they know things like this? - an honest question Young people voting for the first time; Approximately 6 million strong nationwide will have an impact on the Presidency. For many it's a feeling of Pride

People can change their minds and votes in some states... So glad we'll hear the voice of young voters- no matter who they vote for. Their voices need to be heard. FBI CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION Biden Money Laundering !!! The corrupt 47 yr politician, 'Crime Bill - Racial Jungle' Joe Biden... ...will Not be the next president !!!!

so now put it in context what is the total population of those 18 to 30 Let's just hope they voted for sanity. SupportourPresident Go vote Weird, looks like Trump himself in line on the right with the red hat. Still not enough. Red wave is coming. Mr Greenwald, an actual journalist, discovers NPR's public editor is nothing more than a partisan hack.

That’s what happens when our Democracy is threatened by a corrupt Administration. In the 2018 midterms young people overwhelmingly voted democratic and you can be sure the same is happening now. Trump's reaction to the protests did even more to energize them this time around. You honestly think Biden is going to draw more young people than Obama? Ok...

I really don’t think that young voters for Trump is the way to go with this pic 😂 just not seeing it. Makes sense. That’s the only age group left alive after the pandemic. That’s a good sign, they hate the monster! Bad news for Trump worshippers. AllThingsJen Thank you young Americans. This may be the most important vote y’all will ever make. Especially if it’s for JoeBiden

But of course more are voting early. Much less in person voting on Election Day. Awesome! This can only help Trump, right? Get out and vote tRump out VoteEarlyInPerson Talk about a bias photo. More young people have voted? Damn! So they were too lazy 4 years ago? Awesome. They can’t go to school, they can’t go to a party, they can’t go to concerts or sporting events, they’ve watched everything on Netflix, they’ve got plenty of time, so yeah, they’re going to show up to vote.

Two people who attended President Trump's rally at an airport in Gaston County in North Carolina last week have tested positive for COVID-19, the county health department said Thursday. Gen Z to the rescue! kpopstans Watch what they are hiding from you. NSI PRESS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCES ALL IS VERIFIED The age group that get their news from Instagram Stories and TickTac. Such an informed electorate. Guess that’s why Dims push so hard for it with all the “free” talk.

The PEOPLE want a NEW DIRECTION!!!! VOTE out the CURRENT President JasonLightbearerForPresident It would be interesting to know how many are DACA recipients. Sucks that the young people in this photo are voting Trump. Who has sacrificed more than Donald J. Trump? Has he not given his life, his blood, to be our savior? God has blessed us with his 2nd son, the new king of kings and lord of lords, Amen!

Sweet picture choice bro 6 million? Seems a little high. Trump 2020🌈❤️💙✊🏿 Trump claims hundreds of thousands of ballots are being mailed out to dead people in an attempt at voter fraud, but I'm pretty sure those were just registered American voters who recently passed away from Covid-19 since he's been in office.

and republican registration is off the charts as well Trump needs to make sure the YOUTH know BidenHarris2020 = Lockdown2. YouthDemocraticParty youthvote youthvoice MAGA2020 VOTE dansteele That's a load of Bobulinski Under 30, that’s definitely “shy Trump voters.” So much suppression. Doesn’t mean they’re voting for Biden. I know this is a terrible source but judging by the accounts and comments attached to them, an overwhelming majority are crashing threads to say they’re voting for Trump. That scares the hell out of me.

Yes! When I voted, I saw very few young people. On the other hand, I have never seen so many walkers in one place. SJW's FTW Every American must ignore all the polls and pundits and vote like Election2020 will be decided by your one vote. Too many have died for our right to vote. Honor them by voting. Wait in lines if you have to. Democracy is on the ballot. America Remember Election2016

Donald CRYS it’s It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China OVER 8 MONTHS NOW Donald STOP DESTROYING THE CDC & Opposing the Scientists, WORK WITH THEM! As of Today 233,138 DEATHS 1000/day It’s WHAT HE MAKE’S IT NOT “it is what it is” Currently on a plane flying to FL to vote. 26. Doing my part.

TRUMP CRIME FAMILY !!! WAKE UP AMERICA !! THE RADICAL RIGHT IS OUT TO DESTROY OUR FREEDOMS !! Could someone explain how pollsters are finding young and minority voters to question? They don’t have residential phones and often (my personal experience) don’t take calls from unknown callers. I’m skeptical that current polling has adequately captured the views of these groups

Love to see it! A vote for Trump is like seeing The Omen and rooting for Damien Thorn. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TheOmen VoteBlueToSaveAmerica BidenHarris2020 They may save us. The young people will win🇺🇸 FakePolls by the FakeNewsMedia Stop wishcasting and wait until you have real data to show. 'definitely' OR 'like totally for sure. Do you mean IRL? IDK. FML. ROFL LOL (followed by a senseless string of emojis)'

thank you very much for your work We’ll see. A) in 2016 the majority of millennial voters chose 3rd party or went Trump B) just as in 2016, the same thing will happen again (if I’m wrong then it’s time to join the National Guard and quit college.) Why share Trump propaganda with this story? Why does the image show Trump supporters?

Not good for Trump So can we burn all the traitorous flags after he loses?

Jockeying for Jobs Within a Biden Administration IntensifiesSenior advisers and allies of Joe Biden are being bombarded with emails, texts and phone calls from Democrats looking for jobs in a potential Biden administration as the jockeying for key positions shifts into high gear ahead of the election. “How does SECDEF sound?” - Ix Pinjing Ya, they know Joe’s all about making deals for money. They want in on selling the American people out for bags of cash. Oppertunistics crawl into your nests like guests and leave like snakes. 😶

Early Turnout Is Huge. What Does that Mean for Biden's Chances?Is the surge in early voting just a behavior shift — or an indication that the overall turnout in 2020 will be historic? Blue Tsunami!!!! DUMP TRUMP DumpTrump BidenHarris2020 We're Mad As Hell 🔥 and Not Going To Take Anymore... Silly Stuff. 😬

Staggering early vote turnout boosts hopes for Biden in TexasLess than a week before Election Day, Joe Biden is tantalizingly close to a prize that has eluded generations of Democratic presidential candidates: Texas. Share it PrayForBarda StopArmeniAggression StopArmenianTerrorism !! VoteTrump2020 VoteTrumpToSaveAmerica

Staggering early vote turnout boosts hopes for Biden in TexasLess than a week before Election Day, Joe Biden is tantalizingly close to a prize that has eluded generations of Democratic presidential candidates: Texas. Public opinion polls show Biden and Republican President Donald Trump effectively tied in the Lone Star State. Trump appears to have the edge with Or Trump. When out and about to vote please MaskUp . Let's all WearAMask and make it ours. Please retweet and share. Sharing is caring. LOL NOWAY UNLESS THEY CHEAT AGAIN!

Staggering early vote turnout boosts hopes for Biden in TexasEarly voting boosts hopes for Joe Biden in Texas, even as his campaign says they are more focused on traditional battleground states where the polls are more favorable Please help her don’t let these kids become homeless! We have to come together and save this family I know with your help we can do this! Every bit helps Please RT via gofundme Sorry, Reuters... Your dream of Texas going blue isn't going to happen. Fake news

One week until Election Day. Here's what you need to knowEarly voting begins for registered voters in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. Election2020 There’s only one thing everyone needs to know. Trump2020