With Roe in jeopardy, Susan Collins has some explaining to do

Susan Collins vouched for two conservative judges, certain that they'd leave abortion rights intact. What will she do now that it appears she was wrong?


12/3/2021 5:16:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: Sen. Collins vouched for two conservative judges, certain that they'd leave abortion rights intact. What will she do now that it appears she was wrong?

Susan Collins vouched for two conservative judges, certain that they'd leave abortion rights intact. What will she do now that it appears she was wrong?

After hours of discussion with Kavanaugh, Collins,"Protecting [the right to an abortion] is important to me. His views on honoring precedent would preclude attempts to do by stealth that which one has committed not to do overtly."Not surprisingly, the GOP senator's votes received fresh scrutiny yesterday as both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

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left little doubtthat they're prepared to overturn the landmark 1973 ruling and allow states to again impose abortion bans. The public assurances Collins made about the justices she helped confirm led to awkward questions about the Republican's judgment — and the dramatic consequences millions of Americans will face if it turns out she was wrong.

It was against this backdrop that Collins' office said yesterday that the senator favors passing legislation to enshrine the protections ofRoe v. Wadereported:"Senator Collins supports the right to an abortion and believes that the protections in the Roe and Casey decisions should be passed into law. She has had some conversations with her colleagues about this and is open to further discussions," a spokeswoman, Annie Clark, said in an email. headtopics.com

In other words, Americans currently have the ability to terminate unwanted pregnancies because, at least for now, the Supreme Court has said it's a constitutionally protected right. If — or more likely, when — Republican-appointed justices decide that right no longer exists, Congress can create a federal law that would restore the ability of women to get an abortion.

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So, that's good news for proponents of reproductive rights, isn't it? The justices Collins helped confirm appear likely to do the opposite of what she predicted they'd do, but at least she'll put things right by codifying abortion protections into federal statute, won't she?

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MaddowBlog Collins doesn’t give a shit! When bills come to the floor she still votes the way she’s told. MaddowBlog She will say she will do something but when it comes time to vote she won't. It is called The Collins Way. MaddowBlog It was also Collins who championed the USPS bill to make them pay the pension fund ahead of time and try to bankrupt the USPS. She was standing grinning ear to ear as George W signed it.

MaddowBlog Susan Collins received 2 million into her campaign fund the night before the vote. If you think Manchin and Siena aren’t also receiving money, guess again. They are. MaddowBlog I am still reeling over the idea that Maine voters sent her back to the Senate. A Collins defeat would have meant filibuster reform, Voting Rights would pass, For the People Act, George Floyd Policing Act reform, and we would have the votes for supreme court reform.

MaddowBlog She’ll do nothing, retire then collect a pension and have great healthcare for life. Just another do-nothing. MaddowBlog nothing, she has caused the damage now she will walk away...... MaddowBlog Nothing. She knew exactly what they would do. So did anyone with a functioning brain. They wouldn't have even been nominated otherwise.

MaddowBlog She’s not going to explain squat. What she is going to do is breath a sigh of relief because the con job was a success, and go on about the business of lying her way into office yet again. MaddowBlog PGA ,Jordan Spieth ,and Ron Texas . MaddowBlog Sovereignty Origin needed to* Patriot *I will contact under Trump Doctrine ,Deduction of 3,000 USd for 3 years of each Populations ,and they received evet month for 3 years covers for 16,666,00 minus 5,000SAR deduction to be send to Bank Islam Malaysia ,and send slip to me ,PGA

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MaddowBlog Nothing, she will do nothing because she knew. The republicans wants to make a business out of kids given for adoption. Betsy Devos has plans on how much she wants for each babies. MaddowBlog We are asking the wrong question again. Nothing is wrong with Senator Collins. She was trying to sound like a moderate. The problem is with the people of Maine. What is wrong with the people of Maine?Why do they elect people who sugar coat lies? Do you like people lying for you?

MaddowBlog She will not do anything. She can't be trusted. MaddowBlog She will be deeply concerned and ask for her vapors. MaddowBlog She will be extremely concerned MaddowBlog Just caught a bit of M . Hansen show as the wheels continue to spin on understanding when will we ever place more emphasis on VOTING RIGHTS, Major RACE DISPARITY ISSUES, Money, controls on COVID etc as we did with SMALL POX vaccination, equals in EDUCATION experience & add help!

MaddowBlog Kavanaugh should be indicted for lying to Congress. MaddowBlog Have a cup of tea, and laugh at all of the suckers that donated to her re-election. MaddowBlog she's a consummate liar who loves being seen as concerned and engaged but if Trump had wanted her to affirm that these judicial nominees could fly, she would have wrung her hands and insisted she'd seen them fly and vouched for their power of flight.

MaddowBlog She knew she was wrong. She doesn’t care.

Disney Board Member Susan Arnold To Succeed Bob Iger As Chairman Upon His Exit From CompanyDisney is replacing Bob Iger, who will soon wrap up his decades-long tenure at the company, with Susan Arnold as chairman of the board. The move takes effect when Iger leaves formally exits on Dece… _CharlesMurphy that bih finna get a biggggg bag Not everything is Merry at Disneyland Resort these days….

MaddowBlog What will she do? The same as you in regards to the Russian Collusion hoax, nothing 🤷🏾 MaddowBlog SenatorCollins should resign! MaddowBlog Susan Collins will go along with whoever runs her party. MaddowBlog She knew, don’t let her down home act fool you MaddowBlog Farmers know what will happen if you put a sleeping pig in the house; eventually it wakes up and does what pigs do.

MaddowBlog But did you ever think of the children MaddowBlog She cares as much as the Trojan Horse did about its role in the fall of Troy. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog She won't do a thing. Nothing will happen to her either. That's where we are in this country. Until the majority stands up and holds these dishonest politicians accountable, expect more of the same.

MaddowBlog She’s the do nothing and pretend you’re doing something kind of person. The woman’s integrity is as shaky as her voice.

Disney names Susan Arnold chair of the board, replacing IgerWalt Disney Co. has named longtime board member Susan Arnold as its new chair to replace Bob Iger when he leaves the company at the end of this year. Words can neither qualify how helpful your guidance and advice has been . I am forever grateful for your support .Thank you AMBREY__MARCUS_ I just received a profit of $234,000 in my bank account. thank you very much

MaddowBlog Sucked you in lady! MaddowBlog Furrow her brows MaddowBlog Nothing Nothing Nothing As usual… MaddowBlog Why aren't ANY journalists/reporters asking ANY GOP members ANY hard questions about this and a lot of other things they oppose and are obstructing for which they all need to be held accountable? DO YOUR JOBS.Have you tried to get Susan Collins on your show? Side note Manchin?

MaddowBlog She’ll be very troubled, concerned and upset.., and then find another topic to bullshit about! MaddowBlog She new better MaddowBlog Collins wasn't 'wrong'. SenatorCollins purposely lied to help get two right wing abortion opponents on the Court. MaddowBlog Lots of explaining to do 🤬 MaddowBlog Sue Collins should resign. She also said Trump learned his lesson when she voted no to impeach him

MaddowBlog Laugh at us and count money. Dark money.

Susan Collins Silent On Major Supreme Court Case Challenging Roe v. WadeThe senator backed the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who wondered if the court should be neutral on abortion rights. Who’s sorry now? GOP flip-flops are as common as is the Corona virus... except with added bonus toppings of Omicron. Collins betrayed all women with her vote 4 a credibly accused sexual predator, not fully investigated by the FBI 4 his crimes, who also behaved questionably during his senate hearings + then added salt 2 our wounds with her ridiculous rant 2 justify her decision.

MaddowBlog Smile smile smile. It’s a great time in America!!! MaddowBlog Resign in disgrace I hope. If not, get her but in gear to remove the filibuster and work at fixing some of her mistakes. MaddowBlog SenatorCollins is a LIAR - she knew all along what they would do. But believe me, I know she is deeply concerned.

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog SenatorCollins real quiet now. Protector of women's right my foot MaddowBlog Lie. Shrug it off. Dismiss confrontations when called out. GOP & Repuglicans don't care MaddowBlog She’s easily manipulated. We watched it in real-time. And then she had the gall to give us a lecture. 🙄 Sucker or sycophant.

MaddowBlog She knew all along, and she doesn’t care. Maine re-elected her in 2020. She has 5 more years on he term. She doesn’t need to be “concerned” any longer. She’s in power. She doesn’t care. MaddowBlog She'll say she's 'concerned.' MaddowBlog Maine this is on you.

Very Concerned Republican Senator Suddenly Supports Doomed Abortion LegislationSusan Collins is trying to save face after Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared open to overturning Roe v. Wade.

MaddowBlog That lady was wrong about many things come on now MaddowBlog She does not care. MaddowBlog NOT A FUCKING THING! MaddowBlog Furiously furrow her brow in consternation. MaddowBlog She does not really care agavecorn MaddowBlog She will show grave concern and do nothing. I don’t believe for one minute that she supported a right to choice and don’t believe she thought Kavanaugh would vote to uphold Roe.

MaddowBlog Be aborted from her seat? MaddowBlog Is this a trick question? Because she won't do anything. MaddowBlog What makes you think it will be reversed? Nothing you just have shit talent with nothing to report.. sorces say Maddow being investigated for child things MaddowBlog She won't do anything. And she probably knew it and supported them.

Susan Collins Silent On Major Supreme Court Case Challenging Roe v. WadeThe senator backed the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who wondered if the court should be neutral on abortion rights. Who’s sorry now? GOP flip-flops are as common as is the Corona virus... except with added bonus toppings of Omicron. Collins betrayed all women with her vote 4 a credibly accused sexual predator, not fully investigated by the FBI 4 his crimes, who also behaved questionably during his senate hearings + then added salt 2 our wounds with her ridiculous rant 2 justify her decision.

MaddowBlog She may not be wrong…. Let it play out. I just feel like this country is going backwards!!! MaddowBlog She will, of course, be concerned. MaddowBlog I am sure she's very CONCERNED! MaddowBlog SenatorCollins is a colossal failure. She failed to protect women. MaddowBlog She follows the leader —is NOT one!

MaddowBlog She will flip as usual MaddowBlog Living in Maine now, I've called and emailed her office and have gotten the same form letter back saying basically nothing. My husband is a Veteran and went to her office here for issues with the VA - nothing, same stupid letter. Ugh MaddowBlog MaddowBlog 😱😱😱Remember life before Roe vs Wade. 😱😱😱😱If Roe is overturned, abortions will still continue. There will be more illegal clinics, women inserting objects, taking chemicals. Women dying in allies, back offices of doctor offices.

MaddowBlog Again? Is she ever right?

MaddowBlog These senators and congress persons that pushed through the confirmation of those two racist “Christian” GOBS need to be held accountable. Get out the vote ladies and gentlemen. Remove these folks and pad the court so some equality fairness/justice can exist MaddowBlog MaddowBlog What will she do?!? Nothing. She’ll sit in the Senate for another 4 years until she can tell the same lies and get re-elected again. There are no consequences here, this is America.

MaddowBlog She has no conscience or shame. MaddowBlog Wait, we’re still pretending she’s ever meant anything she’s ever said or can be shamed? MaddowBlog Nothing, that’s what she’ll do. MaddowBlog Senator Collins lost all credibility with her “he learned his lesson,” remark about Trump. If this SCOTUS fiasco goes down the way it’s likely to, I hope she is drummed out of any role where sound judgement is required, such as being a Senator.

MaddowBlog She’ll get another campaign donation from republican pac. Oh and a beach house. MaddowBlog SenSusanCollins knew. She just lied, republican-like. Like she always does. Now investigate her suspect husband already. MaddowBlog Nothing.

MaddowBlog She’ll become a GOP business partner! MaddowBlog I can think of no fewer than 10 Senators, of whom she is one, who need to immediately announce that they will be relinquishing their seats due to their advanced age. Can you hear me Grassley, Feinstein, McConnell, et al MaddowBlog Beemus and butthead

MaddowBlog She knew she was lying. MaddowBlog Nothing. MaddowBlog Why waste time talking about how feckless she is. She knew what she was doing the whole time. What I wanna know is how in the hell she got re-elected? How did McConnell and graham get re-elected? MaddowBlog Susan Collins was very wrong. I thought so then and it is coming to pass now. It is sad she was so gullible and they were so deceptive. I’m very disappointed and angry.

MaddowBlog Nothing. She will do nothing. She lied and people were dumb enough to buy her lie. MaddowBlog She knew all along what they would do. She just needed something to cover her ass. She can be voted out...they can't MaddowBlog She had a visit with papa bush senior before the beer judge vote - the Bushes the Reagans paved the way for trump. It started in 1980. Nixon was only a pimple on the gop butt compared to these monsters.

MaddowBlog She'll do absolutely nothing as usual. MaddowBlog Be concerned. MaddowBlog I like beer 🍺 just one beer 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 MaddowBlog Well I believe she's 'learned her lesson' and won't be fooled again. MaddowBlog Nothing. This is her standard operating procedure

MaddowBlog Really? Do you really think Susan Collins 'believed' Kavanagh? Hmm. I don't. MaddowBlog ..what will Maine do..y'all keep reelecting her. MaddowBlog Kavenaugh has to repay trump for paying off all his debts to appear he doesn’t “ owe” anyone but him ! MaddowBlog Never ever listen to Susan Collins about anything important

embraceemoiq MaddowBlog Collins was disingenuous, not duped. She knew full well what she was supporting. With the threat of losing her seat all but a distant memory, she couldn't care any less what SCOTUS does next.

MaddowBlog Seems to me she is wrong a lot! How about the way she felt about Trump? MaddowBlog She did know and doesn’t cares. Like a good little slave dog SenSusanCollins fell in line with the death cult of the GOP. After RvW, conservatives will be after the 19th amendment and when that is gone, even white women will be closer to be considered property than human.

MaddowBlog They lied 🤥 she bought it MaddowBlog Not her. Those that returned her to office. MaddowBlog They told her what she wanted to hear, it seems to don't need high morals to be a US supreme court Justice. MaddowBlog Hopefully resign. MaddowBlog She will do nothing. MaddowBlog Her delusional oh Gish ghee will act is old

MaddowBlog Count her money 💰 MaddowBlog Collins is always wrong - she'll do nothing.

MaddowBlog I am sure she is deeply concerned MaddowBlog What will she do Silly. She will be concerned! MaddowBlog Frankly, Susan Collins is the most misguided, naive politician on the planet! The US deserves better. MaddowBlog What will YOU do when she is proven right? MaddowBlog Resign MaddowBlog True to form and party affiliation. Kavanaugh lied in his Circuit Court hearing and lied again in his Supreme Court hearing.

MaddowBlog Is it wrong to wish for an asteroid to fall on a single human? 🥴 Actually, several of them… MaddowBlog Never have had any faith in her! MaddowBlog What's the saying? Hindsight is 20/20 MaddowBlog She should resign!

MaddowBlog Collins: 2 conservative judges will leave abortion rights intact… Twitter: MaddowBlog I won’t say what I think she should do. MaddowBlog She supported the three bozos. MaddowBlog She'll be 'very concerned.' MaddowBlog She will do nothing—she could have stopped it, but did not. MaddowBlog Say she’s sad

MaddowBlog Susan is clutching her pearls and acting disappointed. MaddowBlog She seems to 'be wrong' far to often. 🤦‍♀️ MaddowBlog Shrug and lie again. Her constituents don’t care about dishonesty, only owning the libs. mcgee_mom MaddowBlog