With His New Book, Rev. Jesse Jackson Is 'Keeping Hope Alive'

The Rev. Jesse Jackson's speeches have inspired audiences around the world for more than 50 years. Now, they're collected in a new book.


The Rev. Jesse Jackson’s speeches have inspired audiences around the world for more than 50 years. Now, they’re collected in a new book. 'I've had parents who say they're reading one page at a time with their children. It's a history lesson.' (WBEZReset)

The Rev. Jesse Jackson's speeches have inspired audiences around the world for more than 50 years. Now, they're collected in a new book.

.,and reflect on how Jackson's words still resonate today.Theology and liberation intertwine. I would say my religion makes me political. My politics don't make me religious. ... There's a politics to Jesus.Leaving some legacy of print is part of my work now.

I think the book is so timely. ... Now that it's come out during this election year, I think that's what makes it exciting, because ... we included the '84 and '88 speeches. That was a last-minute decision because the need, the demand was there. And so I think right now people can read it, students can read it to see where we have come ... and where we are today and where we need to go.

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WBEZreset No one listens to Jesse Jackson anymore. He cried when Obama was elected not because he was proud, but out of pain that it wasn’t him. That’s why he was caught on tape saying that President Obama should be castrated. The outside kids really didn’t help either WBEZreset Hahahaha..... hahahaha.....this guy's speeches inspirational? LMAO

WBEZreset you mean keep racism alive so I am relevant WBEZreset WBEZreset Is there a different edition to read to illegitimate kids that you deny for years because they'd take away from your supposedly upstanding image? WBEZreset 🌞 💎 💎 WBEZreset Hard pass WBEZreset as life long chicago area resident, the old phrase applies to the not-so reverend - don't buy books from crooks -

WBEZreset Jesse the slave driver! WBEZreset I spoke with a woman in Greenville who witnessed JJ spitting in white people’s food. This guy is the epitome of racist. WBEZreset i can't wait to share with my children, both adult and tweenager!

Deception Lies at the Heart of This Queer Author's Debut'Queer people face so many challenges and the world is just not fair to them, to us.' PeterKispert

WBEZreset Mr Barnum was right. WBEZreset Racist and scam artist WBEZreset Well known anti Semite writes book

Trump’s Former Doctor: I Hid Vegetables in Trump’s Food Like He Was a Five-Year-OldRonny “Candyman” Jackson says he also kept ice cream out of arm’s reach. Do you honestly think people reading a magazine like Vanity Fair care about what this ogre eats? So it’s like feeding a 4 year old. Cool. What is this VF? Aren't you supposed to pretend to be some type of respected publication? This is just childish.

Athena Calderone Hosts an Intimate Dinner at Her Carroll Gardens Home for ‘Live Beautiful’The author celebrated her new book with a dinner for close friends and collaborators.

Pete Davidson: I Was 'Forced to Apologize' After Dan Crenshaw JokePete Davidson took back his apology to Representative Dan Crenshaw during his new Netflix special, 'Pete Davidson: Alive From New York' — read more Pete needs to go away. He's not funny at all. So the guy who looks like a strung-out junkie and just got out of rehab for drug, alcohol, and mental health issues, doesn’t think making fun of someone losing their eye in a war, is that big of a deal? Cool. So he’s fair game for his issues as well? Good to know. A mentally challenged nbcsnl 'comedian' taking credit for a Navy SEALs accomplishments is peak millenial. It's also peak 'why SNL blows now.'

In Maine, Residents Slice Through Thick Ice To Keep A Tradition From Melting AwayCutting natural ice by hand lost its commercial viability with the advent of electric refrigeration. But one Maine town is keeping the tradition alive with an annual ice harvest. Only this year, the ice on the pond was several inches thinner than usual. I grew up next to Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh NY. 40 years ago, the lake freezing over solid enough to DRIVE from Plattsburgh to Burlington, VT was A Thing People Did. The lake doesn’t freeze over like that anymore.

Pete Davidson’s New Comedy Special Is Alive, BarelyAlive From New York is proof the SNL star is still a comedian and not a punch line. It’s too bad it still feels like a rough draft. kvanaren Oh dear 😬 kvanaren Could this perhaps be due to his, um, not being funny? kvanaren Like Pete Davidson himself.

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