With coronavirus surging, California marks a subdued, socially distant Fourth of July

With coronavirus surging, California marks a subdued, socially distant Fourth of July

7/5/2020 5:48:00 AM

With coronavirus surging, California marks a subdued, socially distant Fourth of July

Amid the coronavirus, this year's Independence Day celebrations took a different tone across Southern California

AdvertisementSome burned incense, tobacco and sage, while others spoke of the “Farce of July.” Many marched to Grand Park and beyond with signs calling for the “abolishment of ICE,” the defunding of police and justice for Andrés Guardado, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others slain by law enforcement. The protesters all wore face coverings.

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Indigenous leader Shannon Rivers, of the Akimel O’otham people, called on about 400 demonstrators to understand “the many lies” taught to American youths that prop up “white supremacy” at the cost of all native peoples and minorities. He asked Black Lives Matter to join the indigenous movement before saying forcefully, “Black lives matter.”

Not far from Olvera Steet, at Echo Park Lake, the hundreds of families gathered there provided a semblance of holiday normalcy. Vendors sold small toys, plates of carne asada and French-style crepes. Most visitors celebrated from a distance, but masks were less common.

Skylar Falgout, 26, drove from Sherman Oaks to enjoy the scenery and eat her lunch. This year, she didn’t feel like celebrating.Advertisement“With the way the social climate is going, it doesn’t feel right,“ she said, as more than a dozen swan-shaped pedal boats cruised across the lake. “I would have hung out with friends, but hanging out with people is a bad idea right now with the way the pandemic is going.”

Ronald Sarver walked along the Veterans Administration campus in West Los Angeles, where he had recently moved into L.A.'s first temporary tent city in four decades — an area meant for veterans without homes so they can wait out the COVID-19 crisis by sheltering in place and social distancing in their own tents.

“It’s better than nothing at all. Before this, I was waking up and all I had was a prayer,” said Sarver, who served in the Navy during the Iran hostage crisis.Now, he said, he has a place to sleep and eats three meals a day. He’s grateful to have a place as the coronavirus — what he called “an act of God” — tears through the city.

AdvertisementOn Independence Day, Sarver said, he felt patriotic.“I was thinking earlier, and I teared up a little bit,” he said, an American flag pinned to his shirt.Down the street, a row of identical tents bearing that same red, white and blue flag lined the sidewalk outside the VA grounds. Standing among them, Luis Placencia, who donned an American flag baseball cap, wasn’t as caught up in Saturday’s festivities.

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“To me it’s just another day. What’s the meaning of it?” he wondered. “The independence of who, from what?”AdvertisementPlacencia, who at 59 said he would fight for the country again if called upon, lives close to the tents in a campus apartment renovated for unhoused veterans. As he visited a friend, he questioned the necessity of the string of tents that bend and curve with San Vicente Boulevard. There are empty buildings on the VA campus, he said.

Giovanni Villa, whose tent sits under an Army Veteran flag and a star-spangled banner, said he was grateful to have his spot.“These tents are wonderful. This is the first home I’ve had in about five years,” he said. “It’s someplace where I can try to get myself going. It’s hard being homeless .... It’s not a house. It’s not a bathroom, or a shower, or a refrigerator.”

Villa said he welcomed the holiday because “it brings our nation together for a reason that’s kind of sacred to us: the sacrifices men and woman have made for our country.”AdvertisementEven as the coronavirus has made life more difficult — he’s having trouble obtaining an ID and his stimulus money — the Army veteran said he is proud to be an American.

“I’m glad to live in this country. Even though there are a lot of vast problems, there are a lot of good people that are broad-minded and have their own thoughts,” he said.“That’s what being an American is: to be able to express yourself in a respectful way to others and not be condemned for it.”

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Im loosing my mind. Make the fire works stop. HAHAHAH says who This is just ONE LA party TMZ So the hoax is surging? Wow now medical folk are in on the conspiracy apparently. Fuck that! I am partying 🇺🇸 Meanwhile unhappy Lefty tears down America and bashes her. Such pleasant people, huh? “COVID-19 is close to losing its epidemic status in the U.S., according to the CDC.”

Not in my neighborhood! Bellflower is filled with neighborhood parties and not one single mask! The spike will be in 2 weeks. They don't give a shit about people's lives at all. We are staying inside. Also, no reason to celebrate this year. God bless America! Land of the free! Where all men are created equal! 🇺🇸 Like it or not! 🇺🇸

Yo, have y'all even seen what happened in Michigan Cass County? My guess is the protesters and the mob violence thugs

Beaches close across California for Fourth of July weekend as coronavirus cases surgeAs beach closures went into effect to stem the spread of the coronavirus over the Fourth of July weekend, Southern Californians mostly followed the rules on Friday. I bet you didn’t know Maybe 2.5 weeks ago this happened? I am now starting to feel this is true. After the last few weeks how can you not.

Ask The Experts: Fourth of JulyDr Angela Rasmussen: 'One thing people should avoid at all costs is going to crowded events ... particularly if most people at these events are not being conscious about wearing face coverings or practicing social distancing.' Watch more: I so much appreciate great information, but's we're preaching to the choir over and over. How do we get this information thru to the hard headed and hard hearted!!!!!? ......unless you’re violently protesting. Then never mind. Like riots?

US holiday weekend adds to virus worries as case counts growFlorida reported a record number of coronavirus cases, the latest sign that the the virus is surging in many parts of the United States and casting a pall over Fourth of July celebrations. ABC we boycott you. Asymptomatic cases are on the rise, but hospitalizations and deaths are down. Florida will be fine ... guess the corona will leave us in November

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit New Single-Day High Ahead of Fourth of July WeekendCoronavirus cases in the U.S. rise to another single-day high as the nation enters the Fourth of July weekend; “This virus is just as contagious and deadly on a holiday as it is any other day,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says. Good news Didn't stop him from mingling............

California's July 4 coronavirus warning: 'Assume everyone around you is infectious'The rate at which coronavirus tests in California are coming back positive continues its alarming climb — jumping 51% over the past two weeks, a Los Angeles Times analysis found. Or looting footlocker There's only one Party, as Joe Biden said, who wants to keep you in chains, and that's the Democrat Party Or Newsomes Winery. There. You can go there. But no where else.

July 4 celebrations look different amid coronavirus case spike in Southern CaliforniaCalifornians hoping the July 4 weekend would bring a return to a semblance of summer fun instead find closed beaches and limited restaurant service. summer