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With Baby Steps, Chinese Parents Test Strictness of the Two-Child Policy

Some parents in China now get away with having a third child as the country contends with a sagging birthrate

11/27/2020 9:00:00 AM

Some parents in China now get away with having a third child as the country contends with a sagging birthrate

While China hasn’t signaled it is ready to give up birth limits altogether, there are signs punishments have become less strict in some places as the country contends with a sagging birthrate.

Nov. 26, 2020 9:15 am ETWhen Zhang Yiqiu found herself pregnant with her third child two years ago, the Beijing businesswoman expected to face a fine or bureaucratic hurdles.To her surprise, local officials praised her for her decision to have another child, she said, though they couldn’t provide the proper paperwork for her government health insurance to cover the birth because parents are still officially forbidden from having three children.

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Author doesn’t discuss bigger constraints to having more than 1 child: no free school or medical benefits. Wealthy can afford private school & insurance. Migrant workers already not allowed to send kids to govt schools in cities they work & forced to leave them in home villages. Interesting. Communist Party willl find that ignoring the fundamental laws of nature- that here must be roughtly same number of same age females and males in society- will have long term and fundamental drifts in Chinese society.

For all the liberals in the US, please move to China they already have the government your looking for. Leave this country to us who like to make our OWN decisions like how many children I would like to have. Nothing good about communism. Until it changes its mind again - parents and extra kids will be persecuted - again

Good we are witnessing Positive Rise of Wealth in Chinese Middle Class,they will be better of its more democratic moving on,that's an automatic choice after accumulating wealth from globalization and their GDP lest china regime will implode forget HK,Taiwan us gonna lift nhbrs this is terrible news