Wisdom Kaye Is the Best-Dressed Guy on TikTok

His outfits riff off the 1970s in a new, modern way

7/5/2020 10:19:00 PM

His outfits riff off the 1970s in a new, modern way

Meet the 19-year-old bringing unique menswear content to the app.

. How did you create this?“This idea didn't come to me as a TikTok. I made this runway show out of pure creative drive to make something really, really cool and put it on Twitter and Instagram—but seeing how TikTok is my biggest platform, I decided to make a shorter version to fit on there.

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AdvertisementI filmed it over the course of two weeks in the parking lot of a gym near where I live. This should have taken maybe three days max, but I was planning as I was filming, so it took me two weeks because I was always changing things.In the breakdown of the video that I provide on my

Instagram, the show is broken into three sections: the first inspired by Rick Owens and the second Hedi Slimane, two of my favorite designers. The third section is more of my own looks that I felt were runway worthy. I wanted this show to show my modeling and styling ability, and I definitely have plans to make another one of these in the future with a different theme.”

What is the most special piece in your closet?“At some point in my life, I stopped really caring much about sneakers and diverted all my attention to boots. Over the years, the ones that I have loved the most are from Saint Laurent, but more specifically, the Wyatt. It took me a very long time to get these: I had to work and save up for a while, but these are one of the few material things in my life that I've ever desired, so I made it a goal of mine around 2018 to get them. I finally did a few weeks ago.”

What does the fashion community on TikTok look like?“The fashion community is not the biggest on TikTok. Dancing and comedy make up the majority of the platform, and within the fashion community, there are not that many male fashion creators. What sets my page apart, and what has contributed to my growth, is that I show the limitlessness of fashion. I make videos that disprove myths like you can’t wear navy blue and black, or boots with shorts. I also like to try different kinds of videos like, how to dress like certain musical artists, which gains the interest from people who like fashion and certain musical artists. I also like to make ‘how to’ videos as well, to provide an educational component, which I think is important.”

TikTok: Courtesy of Wisdom Kaye/@wisdm8You get a lot of ideas for content from your comments section. Where else do you get ideas?“Truth be told, I have so many ideas that I have yet to do, because my fans are always giving me new ones! I have a note sheet on my phone littered with ideas that I've come up with that I am yet to start on, because they always give such good ideas. But of course, as a creator by heart, I also do my own thing.”

What is your favorite TikTok that you've ever made?“My favorite TikTok is actually not fashion related at all. I love cinematography and making videos or photos look like they're from movies. My overall favorite being thisone I madein a parking lot one rainy night. There was this light by where I was parked and it created this really cool effect where the rain falling onto the window translated on to my hand and made my hand look like it was melting. Once I saw this I got so excited and recorded a few shots of that and then I started looking around for other cool looking shots, because I was immediately inspired by that one cool effect. I didn't know what type of video I wanted to make, but after a few days, I put together a somber piece of visual poetry in which an individual longs to rectify his mistake of not telling the person they loved how they felt about them. The words I put in the video just came to me as I went, but I liked how it turned out.”

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