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Wisconsin woman holds man captive for months, claims to be CIA operative, police say

Wisconsin woman holds man captive for months, claims to be CIA operative, police say

1/23/2021 11:51:00 PM

Wisconsin woman holds man captive for months, claims to be CIA operative, police say

Lori Anne Holton is accused of kidnapping and torturing a man last summer, according to police in West Salem, Wisconsin .

, and Army Rangers and that"he had been told over and over that she would cause harm to him and his family so much, that he was truly believing that she would follow through with harming him."The criminal complaint said that at one point during the ordeal, a man spoke to the victim on the phone and told him:"Let Lori do whatever she wants because she is very important to the agency."

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Holtonis also alleged to have stolen a number of items from the man, including his vehicle, an iPad, an iPhone and a laptop, as well as taking his credit cards to purchase other goods.The man handed power of attorney toHolton, which included the financial operations of his business.

The victim estimates thatHoltontook $20,000 from the business, which she had promised to pay him back"after she was elected president."Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show thatHoltonhad indeed completed a statement of candidacy to run as an independent candidate for president in October 2019. headtopics.com

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