Wisconsin Supreme Court Blocks Order To Postpone Primary Election And Us Supreme Court Blocks Absen

Wisconsin Supreme Court Blocks Order To Postpone Primary Election And Us Supreme Court Blocks Absen

Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order to postpone primary election and US Supreme Court blocks absentee ballot extension

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4/7/2020 1:46:00 AM

Wisconsin's Supreme Court blocked Gov. Tony Evers' order to postpone Tuesday's election, despite his arguments that in-person voting could endanger poll workers and voters

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Come on, snowflakes ❄️—-get out & vote. Actually this helps the Democrats because they‘re desperate and will vote under any circumstance—they‘re too dumb to stay inside & the illegals who vote don‘t follow the news & dont even know about cv. Maybe dont wait until 24hrs to raise a red flag and expect the supreme court to agree.

don’t forget that TheDemocrats tomperez joebiden wisdems & benwikler all have blood on their hands for steaming ahead in defiance of logic & CDCgov guidelines. 中国口罩,防护服马上抵达美国 BS! But going to stroll in Walmart because there is nothing else to do is fine... What danger? More BS! The Blood of America is all the hands of 45 & 'white hair' and their cons. Sad day for this country

This disregard for public safety baffles me. What is there to gain but human suffering ? Unreal How typical of Trump and his Cronies, he’ll put your lives at risk just so he can get what he wants, Tosser Fitz and Voss are some sick fuckers Why didn't they learn how to do it from Ohio. Just have the state health dept. cancel it.

On EVERY level, republicans are Stupid and Evil and DAILY are Costing AMERICAN lives!!!!!! Good no cheating wear masks or scarf Absurd decision Government depopulation agenda. Tom Hanks and others who have been Quarantined aren't out of the woods yet.. They can catch it again Killing more people is more important WTF HOW MUCH WAS YOUR POCKET LINED WITH

Make note of the infected and (hope not) deaths. Then take the judges to court. Boom! Go vote snowflakes! It will badly affect the much needed requirement of Social Distancing amid Coronavirus Of course. In trumps mind only democrats get covid 19 so he thinks if he kills as many as possible he will be reelected...

The people killing Wisconsinites! Politics over people! Shame on you all. In case you wanted to laugh, CNN failed to place ONE SHOW in the top 20 cable rankings for the first quarter of 2020. Meanwhile, Fox News placed EIGHT in the top 20. CNN is dead. Hey, Wisconsin Supreme Court, go ahead and vote. The lines will be short. Only the best idiots will be there. Which part of SocialDistancing don't you understand? BorisJohnson will explain it to you later. If he lives. WISupremeCt WisconsinPandemicVoting

Idiots! SHAME on the Republican Party. Although this does add to their strategy to keep key demographics away from the polls The ruling was strictly along ideological lines – conservative majority vs. liberal minority. Even a lethal pandemic won’t stop conservatives from being on the wrong side of everything.

Baby World Criticism News Taiwan should be praised by the world for its successful coronavirus response. China disapproves of this and is putting pressure on Taiwan. China no longer holds Taiwan. War crimes trial after the pandemic? How to create free high quality dofollow Backlink visit here CNN has done a miserable job pointing out how illegitimate this entire primary has been.

He's 100% right we're in state of emergency it's not the time. Even if it's open who will go and vote If one goes and vote that vote might cause him his life so switch everything online Erin Burnett is more important than the Doctors updating us regarding this virus! Why is it always the Dems that want to change the rules, always!

Wisconsin SC Justice's should be held accountable for any resulting illnesses or deaths. If that is the case. Judges aren't above the law either. CNN Sucks!! Not televising the Briefing!! Disgusting. WI supreme court is a farce. Evers is trying to protect people. GOP is a disgrace and will die in November

The doctors are speaking at the White House Briefing But you guys are Not televising it! You're too busy bad mouthing the President with Erin Burnett! You're viewers are the ones Not getting the information! That’s fucked up.. No true justice system. Just partisan bullshit in the courts. Looks like this country is headed for self-destruction.

Good Job to the Supreme Court system!!!!! Baby World Emergency News WHO Director-General strongly criticized the news of a vaccine trial in Africa. It's a colonial sense, and I'm not going to let anyone insult Africa.' IS IT JUST ME OR DOES dertumptler Sound like he is trying to sell a time share at one of his dumps

So resulting deaths will be on the Wisconsin Supreme Court's hands... Oh well, well, well. Democrats can’t cheat now. Trouble ahead... I’m ready to hear the same bs every voting cycle: voter suppression, they don’t want minorities to vote, etc... blah, blah, blah Sheer stupidity Supreme Court. Sheer stupidity.

Remember to vote this upcoming election. 2 judges to vote for. It's the only way to stop this garbage. Coronavirus? No problems with the GOP. They REALLY DISLIKE democracy. Wow! No more words. Dr. Birx on live T.V. Just admitted the Trump administration caught this late and that’s why this has gotten out of control. Please do NOT let that slip. She said it word for word

My son and son in law who have a small businesses were both denied financial assistance last week, one in Missouri and other in Virginia due to states using old criteria! POTUS defense tonight is bull! Food lines will increase and more businesses go under! Nightmare! What r they thinking? Cheesus! Republicans are willing to kill Americans to save their power.

They're gonna regret that by next week Man, who would have thought politicians care more about votes than actual people? Republican thugs! This shows you what’s more important politics or your life. You don’t matter.... SMDH Wtf My condolences to a couple of hundred Wisconsin families who will lose loved ones due to the blatant partisanship of the WI Supreme Court.

GovEvers should declare a public health emergency like they did in Ohio. If any voter gets sick or dies they will be responsible. Just another reason why I will never vote Republican. Hope you read this Portman! Oh hell won't be a country with these nut jobs running it right now. TrumpIsALoser Politics over people's health ......

Ridiculously irresponsible. We *know* what we should be doing and we *know* the consequences for refusing to do so, AND PEOPLE ARE STILL CHOOSING RECKLESSNESS. *sigh* Are they going to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States

Wisconsin GOP appeals to Supreme Court on extended votingWisconsin Republicans have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block extended absentee voting in Tuesday's primary, despite public health fears about in-person voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. They will do anything to stop this election With the Supreme Court not taking cases anytime soon this should work out well It's almost as if the GOP is willing to sacrifice however many American lives necessary so that they maintain power. At some point, they've got to put the people before the party, wouldn't one think?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Blocks Governor From Delaying PrimaryThe election will now happen on Tuesday as planned. This is all because of the state Republican Legislature do not want the election to be fair Are they out of their minds? The average poll worker is 60+. This is severely messed up. You mean a greasy machine!’

Wisconsin Supreme Court Overrules Governor's Order To Postpone Tuesday ElectionCiting public health concerns due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers had issued an executive order suspending in-person voting for the state's April 7 statewide election. Man this is crazy This doesn't bode well for the Governor... LostDiva The Poll workers should go on a strike and not deal with the risk of getting coronavirus. I don't want people dying after they voted because the Republicans decided it was a good idea to systematically infect people with coronavirus

U.S. Supreme CourtU.S. Supreme Court rulings: • Declined to hear the case of 1960s black militant formerly known as H. Rap Brown, who is serving life in prison for murder. • Rejected appeal from Catholic church that sought to place religious-themed ads on public buses. It was interesting to hear some preacher in the south say 'we're open for business' If a church is a business, tax the fuck out of them. But I have seen ads on buses that proclaim that you don't need God...But, the church cant put pro-God ads on buses...shame on the Supreme Court. Churches are so desperate for followers. The evolution of technology google information has made it easy over the years to debunk the bible(s) and the evangelicals die hard support of trump have really put the nail in the Christian coffin! byebitch

Wisconsin court rules that primary can proceed on TuesdayWisconsin's Supreme Court rules that Gov. Tony Evers cannot postpone the state’s presidential primary, striking down his order to move the vote to June over coronavirus fears. Barring an appeal, the election will go forward Tuesday. Moronic Unbelievable What could possibly go wrong?

Wisconsin governor delays election, prompts court challengeMADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Monday moved to postpone the state's presidential primary for two months because of the coronavirus pandemic, prompting a court challenge and... He did the right thing Democracy dies in the dark!! Good for you!!!