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Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 million

BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says hackers stole $2.3 million from account dedicated to Trump reelection.

10/29/2020 4:43:00 PM

BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says hackers stole $2.3 million from account dedicated to Trump reelection.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party's account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party's...

October 29, 2020 GMTMADISON, Wis. (AP) — Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party’s account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party’s chairman told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The 2020 popular vote puts Biden's win over Trump in a new light US reported more than 10,000 Covid-19 deaths in four days. And the impacts of Thanksgiving will only make things worse, experts warn Coronavirus live updates: San Francisco area announces stay-at-home order

The party noticed the suspicious activity on Oct. 22 and contacted the FBI on Friday, said Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt.Hitt said the FBI is investigating. FBI spokesman Leonard Peace did not immediately return a message seeking comment.“There’s no doubt RPW is now at a disadvantage with that money being gone,” Hitt said. The party and campaign needs money late in the race to make quick decisions, he said.

ADVERTISEMENTHitt said the hackers were able to manipulate invoices from four vendors who were being paid to send out direct mail for Trump’s reelection efforts and to provide pro-Trump material such as hats that could be handed out to supporters. Invoices were altered so when the party paid them, the money went to the hackers instead of the vendors, Hitt said.

Hitt said it appears the attack began as a phishing attempt.Trump won Wisconsin by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016 and it remains a key swing state this year. Trump planned his third visit to the state in a week on Friday. Democrat Joe Biden also planned to campaign in Wisconsin on Friday.

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Check Trump's pockets. He has a history of believing donor money is his! Can you spell s-u-c-k-e-r-s? Trump can! No wonder he wrote that stimulus check for a quarter mil to his campaign! _Politics Dumocates are at it again now their into hacking not just stealing ballots and pandering the constituent with lies.

KenDilanianNBC “Hackers”. Pants on fire Easy come, easy go It was probably Parscale, he needs to hack to steal now. Has anyone checked Mango's checking account? You mean, Trump stole it, right? Nah, it was trump grifting again. Show the evidence. Otherwise it's an inside job or it never happened. SidneyPowell1 Democrats still can't see the light.

Yeah right - Republicans stole that money. You guys are telling us this information waaay too easy and quickly. The funny thing (Not) is everyone has an opinion and knows for a fact what really happened before any double checking needs to be done. MSM will lie and say it was Trump, Free speech specialists will lie and blame the loud and dangerous left. No one cares about truth anymore, lik

Who stole it this POS and his kids ijs jacoker2 Unexplainable, until investigations can verify this claim. We're not certain if it's an inside job, knowing that this administration deliberately declined to accept its Russian associates interference in our democracy & Mitch McConnell et al deliberate failure to protect us.

RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!!! rolandsmartin Trumps pocketing the campaign funds and call it a hack 🤔. That's a good one RaheemKassam Where's Hunter? Same ones who got Steve Scully? RaheemKassam जानिए, फ्रांस के राष्ट्रपति मेक्रो ने ऐसा क्या कह दिया कि सभी मुस्लिम देश उनसे नाराज है?, अभी वीडियो देखें। Tots and pears

Of course they did because Democrats are crooked demons 'hackers' Either way, no one cares, that's like stealing from Nazis, go ahead. You know just how much people don't trust you when you report a crime and everyone immediately says you did it. Let us know in which TrumpCrimeFamily bank account you find it. Maybe check the one in China. VoteBidenHarris2020

I don’t believe 1 word of it. Someone got “Parscaled “ The Swamp Ladies and Gentleman . OpenSecretsDC What a pity!😒So sorry!😂 Time to set up the farce that the money was stolen. BTW, where’s the other half BILLION that’s missing Average Republicans are too dumb to realize what is happening to their donations and too chicken to do anything about it.

Don't believe a word of the campaign, GRIFTERS are going to GRIFT, and the Trumps are GRIFTER MASTERS So we’re calling embezzlers “hackers” how? Oh really? Wouldnt be surprise it was an inside job. Wisconsin Republicans a bunch of scam arist when it comes to elections. Look at their history. Stormy payments wouldbe my guess, or Trumps interest payments for the $400million he owes Putin.

Hackers. Sure. OKAY. Some repub needed money.......again. wisgop Perhaps the Wisconsin GOP should check if Trump’s China savings account had a recent deposit of $2.3 million. Someone recently told me about a company that got hacked simply cuz the finance head had companyname01 as their pw. AMillionFreeAndClear With employees this daft, hackers must be making a fortune!!

I bet its the same people who stole TuckerCarlson emails. So pathetic GOP realDonaldTrump we ate voting. Resist 'Hackers'...uh huh. Prove it! Given their history, I would look for a more likely inside job by those who might be under great financial pressure for cash. Seems like the GOP is getting progressively worse at covering up their corruption.

I'd start with the Trump family first. They've stolen charity money before. Crooks got robbed? Poetic. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I found the “hackers”. ByeGOP Right 🙄 “hackers” you say. Sure. Sure, 'hackers' It was probably trump laundering more money The GOP stole far more from the people, they should give it back Serves them right for not counting ballots that come in after Election Day. It’s just.

The Dump Trump hackers probably did it themselves🤨 It was Martin Aspen. I call BS. Thats fake news by the Traitortrump administration! Maddow had a long segment on hacking going on right now. This could be a possibility. Awwww. Trump is broke he has been funneling campaign dollars for years. “Hackers” NotBuyingWhatYoureSelling One has to believe that's just as fake as shitler's university, charities, and his 'Einstein' wife. WIGOPSenate DglsCtyWIGOP 6thWIGOP

Did Russian hackers take back some of the money Trump owes Putin? That's the only way to get money Trump has ripped off from, well, everyone! So basically they diverted the funds to someone else’s bank account and this is the cover up. trump probably took it That's terrible. It's not funny. I will not laugh.

KenDilanianNBC Bwahahahahahahaha! LaurieWoolyUke Lol Yes... the 'hackers'... 🤔🙄 I would be looking at the Trump family Lol “Hackers” (who might need to find someone’s trip out of the country to avoid prosecution) LaurieWoolyUke Fakenews TrumpIsAFailure PutinsGOP TrumpDeathToll231K Trump family “hackers” strike again.🙄Grifters TrumpCrimeSyndicate GOPCorruptionOverCountry CrooksAndLiars TrumpFamilyForPrison2020

Yes. That is what trump* calls a management fee. hacktheplanet Theyre herores LMFAO!!! Obama did it.... Lock him up... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It never ends with idiots... Buckysmiles Translation: The Trump family took the money for themselves, and said blame hackers. They just took a page out of Brad Parscale's book jacoker2 Yeah... You sure the $2.3 million existed in the first place? 🙄

Jr need an emergency 8 ball or ton? Check the Chinese account before it all disappears. Has anyone checked trump's chinese accounts? I’ll bet the chairman is driving a new Ferrari, coincidentally. Surrrre they did Hackers, right. I’m reading the “hackers” sent an invoice and they paid it. Sounds more like fraud meets dumbassery.

Inside job? 😜😜😜😜😜😜 Here's your thief. What so just hit me listening to the news and Trump rants, the common sense we grew up with that guided most people that have led this country, is beIng grotesquely IGNORED. Something is very wrong. OUR government is being held hostage. Some how, some way. Yeah right! Trump had his tiny hand in Wisconsin Republicans cookie jar!

Check Trump's personal accounts More lies from the GOP. Was the “hacker’s” last name trump? Did they ask the kids? Someone needed to be paid. KenDilanianNBC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 'Hackers' Check Trump's family bank accounts over seas. Thoughts and prayers. What are the odds they never actually had the money? 🤣🤣🤣🤣maybe it was the Russians.

Hackers? You mean realDonaldTrump, DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump and IvankaTrump. Look there and you’ll prolly find it stuffed in their pillows, or in Don sr depends Hackers huh? GTFOWTBS Did they ask realdonaldtrump if he thought they were a charity for kids with cancer? 😭 A hacker named Eric Trump? KenDilanianNBC They mean hacks...with the last name TRUMP.

Brad I'm shocked. You mean There was money left? Trump is probably behind it. Are you suuuure realDonaldTrump didn't just steal the money.... he's known for it KenDilanianNBC Better check the trump families bank accounts, even the one in China! KenDilanianNBC Yeah hackers all right and their names are Donald J. Ivanka , Houdey , and Kusay.

Maybe got deposit in Trump Chinese bank account by mistake 🤷🏻 Probably the same people who stole Tuckers flash drive...that he fed exed Mondiablue It must be the Russians!!!!! Trump had to pay the rally-goers somehow. Hard to hack when you guys set your password to “Trump2020” 🤣😂 Need to see if the hackers have a NDA with Trump.

Ok. $2.3 million? That sounds like winning the lotto! 😯 Sure it wasn’t Tweetie Amin or one of his spawn? Sure. No stealing here. GOP🤣🤣🤣 I bet Parscale took it! Lol No wait stop criminal Uh-huh... It was the tRump family RiverEdgeArt Well, if they use it for video games, beer and pizza it will be better spent.

Check the secret Chinese Bank Account 🤷🏼‍♀️ maybe it’s there? Desiree_Ahgudo Who believes that? Meaning themselves 🤔 mchovden1785 Trump came to town... now the (R party money) is gone. Note:Trump already moved RNC money (per reports) to his personal account now hasn’t got enough for campaign ads! But their money mysteriously gets hacked and disappears .. but it’s Trump money, right? In GOP account 🤷🏼

A hacker. Yeah, that's the ticket! LMAO! Yeah ok. Check his China account Maybe they have Fucker Carlson's Hunter documents too? Thank god I am leaving Twitter after this election the iq level here is so low you know Trump gives his $400k salary every year away Lol 'Hackers' Good Check Trumps pockets. It probably Russia trying to get their money back that Trump owes them. Or some corrupt GOP member stole like they normally would. 😂

Bahahaha Where's Hunter? The only way Trump can get some money. trump 'Hacker'...suuuure. They're not hacked theybsre false invoices I take it Trump is needing the money and found a way to make a transfer. The Art of the Con. Sure it wasn't the TrumpCrimeFamily ? So which trump stole it? Hmmm.... maybe the monies are with Tucker Carlson's missing documents?...lol

Happened when ThisRegime's leader/surrogates were stumping? Right A new excuse for a Trump loss! Smells fishy to me Hackers...thanks Awww Hackers my eye. Complete BS. Hackers giveth and taketh away... in this case quite literally. Money, mailed documents, parents of over 500 children... too much to keep track of... 🤷

Do the math. Has anyone looked at Trump*s bank account to see if the money is there? *impeached 😂😂😂😂😂that muthafukkah is the hacker😂😂😂😂😂he gotcho money😂😂😂😂😂😂Ol'boy said....👇🏿👇🏿 Somebody should check Trump's Chinese bank account. Hackers 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Probably the trump kids! It is what it is.

I heard it was “zero cool” Bwahahahahahaha LMAF. GOOD FOR THE THIEVES... Were those hackers called Eric and Don? Probably trump himself Liberals bet on it... FAKE NEWS!! HOAX!! Hopefully they still have enough to pay the attorney fees in their ongoing quest to stop votes from being counted. Check Trumps bank account in China

Probably Jared and tRump. They're notorius thieves. BS Hacker or trump himself? Uh-huh. The GOP decided to spend the money somewhere it might be useful so they told realDonaldTrump 'Gee somebody stole it.' it sounds mysterious but might want to check the First family’s Chinese bank account Maybe the WI Republican Party should have used a strong password instead of “maga2020”. trump tries that first whenever he’s trying to steal money from his supporters.

rolandsmartin Good. I'm NOT BUYING IT I'd look in Trump's account for a 2.3 million dollar credit. Don't know who ... don't care. Right. They just don’t have anymore money. The Artist Previously Known As Brad ? Talk to EricTrump Bullshit! Does this 🤡 Trump have “The Nest People?” He should tell them to find the money-in his pockets. Liars and thieves and grifters!

$Dedicated' finds but they touched nothing else? rolandsmartin Man ain't nobody stole that money they'll divided that s*** up Parscale Fake news *embezzles money* It was the hackers, yeah. The car? It’s new, yeah. Runs like a dream. Trump probably 'borrowed' it. 👍🏻 Look for them in Florida Here let me fix this. Trump syphoned that money to his personal bank acct.

Thoughts and prayers? 😂😂😂 they manage the economy, btw Who wants to bet it was one of the kids? Bullshit..... my guess is the trumps stole it. It is with the Inauguration and Trump Foundation 💴 Money! 😂 Sure they did 😉 RecognizeArtsakh SanctionTurkey SanctionAzerbaijan I’d check the Trump family coffers. If they’ll steal from kids with cancer and veterans, this has to be easier on whatever counts as their conscience.

“Hackers”? Try Eric. Didn’t he steal from donations before? Or campaign insiders LMAO, so the russians only need $397.7 million more to be square. Check Trumps account. They used this money for something nefarious. This is their cover. 100% Right! I wonder if that's the same excuse tRumpty Dumpty used whenever he was stiffing all those contractors and suppliers; 'Someone hacked me and stole your money!' wisgop

Good. No doubt this can be linked to the same person who “stole” Tucker Carlson’s damning documents on Hunter Biden 😂😂😂😂 „Stolen“ - I bet he used it for hookers and drugs lol This sounds as fishy as Tucker’s super secret incriminating documents he forgot to back up before mailing. 😂 Someone needs to investigate. Sounds like a Wisconsin GOPer engaged on embezzlement

It was probably tRump’s kids who stole it. They steal from sick children without shame. Another ridiculous headline. I’m certain we know where this money is. GMAB Respectfully, how do we know if he didn't take it from the account? There should be an audit, perhaps maybe, just a question, was there embezzlement? Just asking, sounds fishy.

They aren't that smart in Wisconsin Hahahaha. Right. “Hackers” stole it. We totally believe you. Absolutely no reason to believe that this is a lie, none at all. Hackers? Really? 🤔🤨 So, does the chairman have a new yacht? Check Eric Trump's bank account. Hackers or the campaign managers that misappropriated funds?

Is it a coincidence that Trump was discovered trying to take 2.5 million from the CDC to pay for ads, and now this has gone missing? Breaking: Hacker identified in Trump Campaign theft scandal.🙄🇺🇸 You know what...after 4 years of these assholes pulling all kinds of fuckery....I dont care. They're in Belize by now

'Hackers' Taiwan The Trumps are draining the accounts..... Did anyone check tRump’s pockets? Yeah right... Knowing how they like to create drama for the sake of looking like victims, I'd bet it 'stole' it from themselves. Sure. It could have nothing to do with Donald's lack of donor's. Where's Brad ? You mean Putin is trying to take his money back?

Most likely tRUmp stole it. Does ANYONE believe this? 🙄 Well. I don't believe it. Next he will accuse someone of steeling ballots rolandsmartin The Proud Boys? The militia? The Russians? Iranians? Pascale? Can they prove it or is this yet another Tucker Carlson-like like attempt to push a false narrative for political damage only to later claim they “lost the evidence but believe us it really existed.” Not buying it. GOP should change their mascot to a snake...& Dems to an eagle!

Check the TrumpCrimeSyndicate. Is this a deterrent from the fact that realDonaldTrump used tax payer money that was supposed to go to Covid education for his re-election campaign. This admin will go down as one of the most corrupt in our lifetime. It’s time to go man child. You’ve overstayed your welcome.

Putin had to pay his electric bill 🤣🤣🤣 Fake news. Were these “hackers” tRump with a pocket calculator? I’m surprised it hasn’t been blamed on antifa w/Mohawk haircuts or something. Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says Trump stole $2.3 million from account supposedly dedicated to his election campaign - fixed it for you.

Why. It research this before “reporting” this, AP? This is clearly a dramatic press release without corroboration that further divides the nation. Guess who won't be able to pay outstanding bills? This 'hacker' took money the Party *planned* to pay for support services (fire, police etc) for campaign events.

Bull crap. Good cover story for blowing the biggest campaign treasure chest in history. Where’s the GOP’s campaign expense report? It was due 2 weeks ago? rolandsmartin ...check with trump or one of his kids. They’re all crooks. Better check trumps hidden Chinese bank account. He needs to extract as much as he can before taking off.

Aw. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch Hackers? Or Trump ? rolandsmartin Whats chances that money ended up at Deusche Bank and then into Trump Organization bank account. 'Hackers' Sure. We will find out that some Republican operatives have been visiting the casino lately. Hmmmmmm and they manage to get 2 million before they figured it out. Sounds like an inside job to me.

rolandsmartin Trump knows he’s losing losing he wants all his money back rolandsmartin That wasn't hackers it, was the President's family! it is what it is Mondiablue Trump has been convicted for robbing charities. Look no further...? Hackers?! I smell a cover up to not explain what they really did with the money

Very convenient for GOP, like the head of their party,grift while the grifting is good. I don't believe it BidenHarris2020 Did they check Trump’s bank account? 'stolen by hackers'. Suuuure!! Hackers suspect soneone named 'Kushner'. Look in trumps pockets lmaooo suuuuure they did 🥴 Where was Brad Parscale when this allegedly happened?

Is GOP really accusing someone of hacking a bank and stealing a specific account's balance and to specifically $2.3 million? Would really suck if said bank proved that the money either never existed or was transferred to 'another' account. I'd check the bank accounts of these 3 grifters Hackers?......or just incompetence?

Yeh, sure.. same ones who took all the 'evidence' Carlson had... ‼️VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE‼️ Indisputable WIN BlueWave & BidenHarrisLandslide2020 rolandsmartin By hackers they mean the head of their party. Nonsense. I don't believe it. Ask Brad im sure its not cover for paying them off to hide what they found during this:

rolandsmartin 🤔 Tell them to check the pockets of the Trumps. Did anyone check Trump's bank account! Or Ivanka and Jared 's? Straight into Trumps Chinese bank account!! I'm shocked that someone would dislike the GOP so much that they would hack their simple-minded website. I hope it's the same Tik-Tok hacker that bombed TheTrumpTulsaRally😅🤣😂🤣😅

rolandsmartin Sure rolandsmartin Has anyone checked Trump's bank account recently? didn't the Trump family use fake invoices to illegally move money from Fred Trump to his children and avoid taxes? They wouldn't be up to their old tricks now would they? 'hackers' - I believe he meant the GOP themselves.

Sure, a hackers... 😉😉😄😄 Trump embezzling to leave the country in a few days, that’s crazy 👀 Where was Trump? It’s always “hackers” 😂 I would not be surprised if it turns out Trump took it to repay his outstanding debts this didn't happen but if it did... LMAO owned! Check Donald Sr., Jr., Jared, Ivanka and Eric!

Once again, the password was 'maga2020.' Has the Republican Party Chairman been seen on the boat of a Chinese millionaire lately? The grit never end with this trash! Does it! That’s what Barr has been up to. Lol sure Maybe it was on those busses that never came. That’s what happens when the password to the bank account is password

This reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas where they torched the restaurant to claim the insurance money after they sold everything out the back door. MobBossPresident 🤨🧐 realDonaldTrump took it. Call the police or FBI or the Fed Election Commission, not the AP. RUMORS, fake news, fraud are all trumpian tactics. MichiganVoteBidenaGoodMan

'Hackers.' Sure. Right. HunterJCullen Are they sure it wasn’t trump? They stole Tucker Carlson's mail, too.... Sigh... what a mess I guess Password123 wasn't as secure as you though huh? Fake news. Oh, right, 'Hackers'... 😉 Wisconsin WisconsinGOP TrumpCorruption The Trump’s are grifters and con-artists. I wouldn’t put it past them (somehow) in being involved in some kind of convoluted scam. Obviously an investigation needs to take place to see what happened. Investigate all possibilities.


😂😂😂. Sure. My reaction based upon the current state of the GOP ... Grifters Over Party? Getting desperate. False allegations to try to cast doubt on the shellacking trump will be getting in WI)? Won’t work. HAVE A FEW MORE BRAND NEW FERRARI ON THE ROAD!!! Steal the money and accuse “hackers” Grifters gotta Grift.

Check trumps’s pockets 😒 It’s very doubtful how hackers steal that much money and don’t leave a trace. And if they did do it, these WI GOP guys are really dumb. Most likely these people are stealing and blaming the non-existent hackers. Hope it gets investigated. Someone should check Trumps account More like trump family stole it

C’mon ... So they spent those funds illegally but dont want us to look into it. HunterJCullen Which of the trump spawn took it? Nah. This feels like a move. 😂 If he loses, 'Look, see, we didn't support him this time!' If he wins, 'Look, we recovered those lost funds!' Yeah, those hackers are the Trump Foundation.

You all sure that wasn't just trump just dipping into it like a personal piggy bank? 🤣 The Hackers are the Trump Family and Brad Pascale. Hackers my ass. The money was embezzled and they thought blaming hackers was a good cover story. I look forward to the FBI prosecutions of the Republican officials responsible.

HunterJCullen I don’t believe anything republicans, trump and the trump administration says ever. Someone has sticky fingers. Trump is now a hacker , or was it brad pascale? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Yeah , no. I call bullshit ! So done stole it , if it even ever existed to being with! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Forbes reported on 22 Sept 2020 Trump Has Now Moved $2.3 Million Of Campaign-Donor Money Into His Private Business And we expect these people to keep us safe? They can't even protect campaign funds!? Lmao. Its a clown show with more clowns than you can count. Let's MAGA! The Pre-Trump years. Maga maga maga!! These past 4 years have been the worst in my 45 years

Or did he just buy a boat? Trump's actual campaign chairs have gone to prison for financial crimes and we're supposed to suspect 'hackers'? Probably an inside job. First Tucker’s Biden info & now this. Lol. And you ppl believe this crap? So on the next episode of BlameEveryoneElse they'll start with Hillary, then go to Obama and Joe.. Then they'll end up by throwing in hacking from the aliens that SpaceForce was trying to defeat because of the Windmills..

Maybe you shouldn't use Trump2020 as your password. FuckTrump2020 is safer. Looks suspicious to me. In other words... Trump paid someone to hack his account to redirect funds to another account. This isn't rocket science The FBI is sleeping Now they see that they can’t win, they are making these up Sounds like a personal problem to me.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol yeah right Sure jan Anybody checked Eric’s pockets? Zigmanfreud Grasping at last minute straws It’s inside Tucker’s package. Lol. Check the accounts of Trump. It’s probably there. Police have released a sketch of the perpetrators... Like we believe that!!! 😒 VoteOutEveryRepublican Come on ..we all know who took it... MSNBC CNN colbertlateshow Trevornoah JimmyKimmelLive

😂😂🤣🤣😂 'Incriminating' evidence of horrendous corruption by the Bidens goes missing and now someone's done gone and stolen the campaign money. These have got to be the most inept yahoos in the history of politics! First the UPS Dog ate the Hunter Biden documents and now the internet bullies stole the GOP’s lunch money. Smh

Wowza, probably the same folks who swiped TuckerCarlson's 'evidence.' Plot twist, the money never existed. Is this like when people post racist stuff, and then claim their Twitter accounts were hacked? Don’t believe it. '$2.3 million dedicated to Trump reelection' When were they planning on spending it?

Pascale can get to the bottom of this. No prob Who do you think they received access from. Trump has got to get it where he up to his nostrils. Must be Donald Junior and his algorithms 😂 Inside job! And they start the corruption story thread so they have something to blame when they lose. Pathetic! Oh, the “GOP” says? They’re trash. A party of liars, cheats, and scum bags. Remember: they support this thing

tell them to look under the pillows in the couch I wouldn't trust him with a police report printed on his forehead! Had to pay for a fake laptop some how. They don't just grow on trees, you know. tates5a ;-) Some Heroes don't wear capes. Bless these modern day Robinhoods, bless em'. TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump

We know the Donald is broke! Most likely he rigged it! Just like he's trying to rig this election! Looks like realDonaldTrump is stealing from his own campaign again. EricTrump to the rescue! trumpisadisgrace And republicans stole the last 4 years of our lives 🤷‍♂️ so fuck em I think we have an answer:

No, that was probably Trump himself it's in the Mail ! Parscale stole it Bullshit. It’s in tRump’s pockets. A nothing burger. This sounds like a lie. SeanFlan45 Don’t worry, it was just Trump stealing from himself. Nah, that was just the trumps taking their cut. lol Have they checked Stormy Daniel's account?!

Uh huh 'Hackers' Ap posting a non verifiable story to cause chaos in the election...for ratings. When republicans lose money to 'hacking', you can assume one of them 'stole' it. Found him. DonaldJTrumpJr and the TrumpKlan He learned from the best swindler, realDonaldTrump HackerDon Junior probably spent it on coke (a cola). Or some such nonsense.

Sounds like an inside job! No thoughts & no prayers! Traitor Trump stole money from his campaign account and always blames someone else Check all of the Trump family's bank accounts in the US, overseas & all the hidden ones in Russia. 'Hackers' Hackers2020 Good job. Somebody needs to check Donald’s personal bank account!

Rudy checked and he doesn’t have it. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oh Riiiiiight. Hackers. How to do money laundering 101. Just tell the feds they were stolen. my guess is that red hats were involved, and the people directly involved probably ARE 'better off than they were 4 years ago'... for now... Brad parscale is a hacker too?

Pennies in the bucket for what he stole from us. Hacker named eric? I hear he even stole from a children’s cancer charity Bahahahahahaha follow the money to the Trump Campaign 😂😂😂 So trump broke into his own party’s funds and stole money meant for him 😂😂😂 Too bad they didn't follow Trumps website which protected their donators

Investigate this please. The Republicans lie like rugs. When you owe Russians and Turks and Saudis, they will try to get their money back! Especially when they know you will no longer be able to pay it back! 'I don't unferstand, what happened to all that money'? Maybe JFK Jr stole it for his new election campaign? Maybe it got 'lost in the mail'? Do George and Brad have it? We don't really care, do u? VoteBidenHarris vote VoteThemOut

400 million minus 2.3= It went to the Trump get out of country day before inauguration fund. More like “hacker’s last name is Trump” Thoughts and prayers to the hackers. And hope they can infiltrate similar GOP sites everywhere they can. Sure they did. So if an invoice was paid wouldn’t the invoice be voided and they would issue a charge back? This sounds fishy.

lol embezzling isn't hacking $20 says that the password on their financial account was 'maga2020!' probably someone Trump hired. He has a lot of debt coming due soon. Hackers. Sure. Check bank account. DoNotGiveUpHope I really don’t care! Do you? Maybe Wisconsin actually PAID for busses to and from their Superspreader rallies.

Wonder if it was the same people who took Tucker Carlsons bombshell documents on Hunter Biden carbared The hackers last known address was DC and the last name trump Any chance it was actually cash strapped Trump? I'd look there first, just saying. Somebody's gotta pay for those lawyers now that DOJ can't handle his personal defense.. smh! VoteHimOut

Haha-- by 'hackers' do you mean Trump? Those hackers are aka; The Trump Family. BREAKING NEWS: The internet hackers moniker has been disclosed as ERICSCANCERCHARITY...authorities have no clue who it could be at this time ...i have it on good Authority,... those hackers... We're none other then.... The IRS...

Probably Russia. Lol It’ll go into a secret Trump account somewhere. Hackers? Where’s Brad Parscale? Sounds like they need to call Angie Harmon & get life lock! If money was in a bank the bank is liable to refund. Thinking Trump had bills to pay. Sadly someone lied to cover it up. 👌 Lol Wisconsin republicans went overboard and spent $2.3 million on Genshin Impact characters and now they’re coming up with excuses. Nice try, nerds

MrsMimiCO Must be for ransome to get Tucker’s explosive Hunter Biden documents back! Ok, we all know some GOP insider stole it. Guilty dog barks first. Don'tcha just hate when that happens? 🤣😂 BidenHarris2020 VoteOutTrump And the checkmarks fall over themselves to stick it to the Orange Man and Republicans by condoning a major felony cause it’s a political enemy. I’d say “the pot calling the kettle black” but I’d get banned for racism and wrongthink.

Has their cyber security expert already traced the theft? Oh yeah, me too. Someone hacked my millions of dollars! More likely Trump stole it... That one is my favourite hacker Maybe someone mailed it along with the fictional documents re: Hunter Biden that were 'lost' on their way to Tucker Carlson. 🤣🤣🤣

Julyzah_ Yeah, right. No, that was just a payment for another Trump hotel visit I don't believe this! More Republican chicanery! Was it eventually deposited in a secret bank account in China? Ie one of their own embezzled it 😜Yeah, “hackers,” that’s the ticket... Oh, I PROMISE there's more to this story and specifically predict that the Trump people in charge of the money embezzled it and are now claiming they were hacked.

sounds like a trump scam And by “hackers” they mean the trump campaign Welcome to Modern Money Laundering! Lost mail..lost money..damn the Trump Train is having a bad week It is what it is... Did anyone check Don Jr, Eric or Eeevhonka's pockets? Perhaps check Trump’s Chinese bank account... That's awesome 'Hackers...' Huh. 🤣

Too bad. GOP never complained when Dems were hacked. Has anyone seen Crash Override lately Hmm 🤔 Staged Ya gotta wonder Imagine that 👇 Funny thing about people who steal, they also lie. Not that that's the case here, of course. right 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 'Hackers' or Trump stole it? Check realDonaldTrump’s pockets.

According to Witt, someone sent them a fake invoice and the GOP paid it. Wouldn’t call that “hacking.” It’s more akin to them paying the guy over the phone who said their warranty is about to expire. Not like trump has a chance in hell there anyways I'll bet those hackers deposited that money right into one of Trump's bank accounts.

It was the hackers! Queue Wisconsin Republicans sailing to Canada on a 152 foot long yacht. Here’s an artist’s rendition of what the suspects might look like... Probably Joe Biden and the FBI. Guess the hacker and win a million A) Donald Trunp B) Ivanka C) Jared D) Donald Trump Jr E) Eric Trump (he is not thst smart) F) All of the above gop Wisconsin2020 WisconsinForBiden MAGA MAGA2020Landslide GOPCorruptionOverCountry foxnews cnn ProjectLincoln

Good, I wonder who or what charity the republicunts originally stole that from. If only we had a president who believed hacking that happened in 2016, instead of conspiracy theories. Hahahahahaha Literally no one on this string believes the account was hacked. That's actually very telling about the reputation of the Republican party, Trump, his family and his minions.

I mean the lies are even more lame than the governing. Brad Parscale has been released? Or maybe check the Trump family accounts. So is 'Hackers' a euphemism for embezzlement? Has anyone seen Hunter Biden lately? Great! let’s do an in-depth by-partisan investigation into it.. what? Oh never mind? Where are you going?

And the dog ate Tucker’s “fool-proof” Hunterbidenlaptop info. Riiiiiight Tell him to give it back “Hackers.” Sure. Are they available for billionaire hacking This is dating me, but this sounds like a Meister Brau commercial. Brad Parscale used the same excuse after he bought his $80K BMW, $150K Range Rover and two million dollar condo.

Wouldn't one get a bank alert the kind I get after someone charges $100 on my Amazon account? 'Hackers' lol “Hackers”. Meaning they just pocketed the money themselves. Donald definitely didn't misappropriate the funds. In my day, we called this 'embezzling'. In fact, I believe that term is still in use.

👀 Sounds like and 'excuse' to me.... They are getting a lot stolen these days. Rudy's top secrets on Biden, now this.....next the election. They have a great imagination. It was probably just Trump himself taking his usual grift Carry on Ask TuckerCarlson Wow. I find a match, if that would be helpful. We will pay you for 2 million hamburgers on Tuesday if you pay for 250,000 today...

Wisconsin Republican Party to give $2 million in bonuses for fine work 😂 sure. Get proof. We can believe nothing they say He has stiffed paying people for much more than that. We need proof. They lie. About everything.😐 Oh you mean trump used it to pay off some of his debt Did anyone ask Brad Parscale? don jr did it...he owes people 🙈

Grifters gonna grift Don’t worry, check Trump’s secret Chinese bank account Lol yooo Might be his kids. They have a trend of stealing I thought nobody gets hacked unless the hacker has an iq of 197 and 15% of the password 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Has anyone checked the balance on realDonaldTrump Chinese bank account?

Why should anyone believe anything the GOP says? The head of the party is a notorious liar Suurreeee... this is just Trump emptying the coffers before getting the boot next week. Hackers 😉😉😉😉😉😉 “Hackers”, “stole”, they just embezzled the money like the corrupt sons of bitches they are. Def an inside job 😂

Check the various bank accounts of thebleaders of Wisconsin's Republican party.. you'll probably find the money. Fake news. Trump probably move to his China account. We’re the hacker’s initials DJT? 🤔. TrumpCrimeFamily Are they sure ScottWalker did not take it? Check IvankaTrump's knock off purse 'Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says trump campaign stole $2.3 million from account dedicated to trump reelection'. Fixed it. You're welcome.

dang... Couldn't happen to a nicer guy trumpbodycount Covid Covid Covid COVID PEWTUS fartyfive Did the chairman say it from his new yacht? 🙄 PlayoffYang did it guys 😂😂😂 TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison Inside job Must be the same person who stole TuckerCarlson 'damning' documents! TrumpIsLosing TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpTaxes FauxNews VoteHimOut

Inside job. I think it will trickledown just like trump said about the money he gave to his rich friends years ago and we are still waiting ! • CorruptAdministration • Trump is the head of the corruption that is running all over the WHITE HOUSE ! VoteThemAllOut When the password is as easy as “Trump2020!”, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

No they didn’t. These “hackers” are the Wisconsin Republican Party. lyingpoliticians we don't believe them...Fake news GOP Lol, Trump has millions in debt coming due. Maybe you should check his accounts. Is everyone associated with 45 incompetent or a Grifter? 😂 'Hackers did it' is a great catch all in the digital age

Where is the money, sent to Trump foundation? I'd be looking at Ivanka. She stole money with Rick Gates from Inauguration then shifted the blame on Stephanie Wolkoff. (Melania & Me book) In totally unrelated news Ivanka Trump found the exact same amount behind her couch cushions. Crazy, right!?! 'I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?'

How long til the GOP claims Hunter Biden did it? Nah. It was Brad Parscale trying to get money for his next payment on his Ferrari. Were the hackers named Trump? The Trumps are into hacking now? Good maybe that money can go somewhere better now Are these the Russian hackers employed by you know who? It was probably the same hackers, that stole Bidens damming papers from FedEx...lol

🤷🏽‍♂️ The first place to look for the money would be Trump’s Chinese bank account. Lol. Ok sure. I believe the correct term here will eventually be labeled “embezzlement”. Brad Parscale the hacker? Was the hacker’s username: DJTMAGA2020? Who else thinks this never happened or it was an inside job? TrumpCrimeFamily

Impossible! According to Trump someone would have to have an IQ of 192 and 15 percent of the password to accomplish this! realDonaldTrump what are you doing taking from the WRP ? Sad really... 😪 'Hackers' (Again?) 🙄😂 RUBLES* 2.3 million rubles.... Let me guess... fake foxnews is going to say it was Biden and his crime family who hacked the account! 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Tell me more. Which Trump bought a new Ferrari? Those pesky kids EricTrump, IvankaTrump DonaldJTrumpJr at it again? Convenient As the old saying goes 'there is no honor among thieves.' I think in the end what we will find is they stole the money from themselves. They are after all the smartest kids in the classroom.

Smash and grab. Ships going down. Nobody believes that. TrumpLovesMoneyLaundering TsunamiRenee Better check them Republican pockets. VoteBlue VoteBlueDownBallot So this is the new false narrative they are priming to launch? Trump campaign is soooooooo broke they are pulling ads and the only explanation is that “hackers” stole their money?

You just know trump pocketed that money. For heaven’s sake he stole money from children with cancer. He such a fother mucker. awwwwwwww.... check all of Trump's three (3) foreign checking accounts. Inside job Any claim from the GOP is not news unless proven by facts. Embezzlement more likely. Sorry to see the AP cover it. Let's talk about the 3rd GOP attempt to get 100,000 curbside votes thrown out in Harris County, TX. Or about Supreme Court PA ballot-count decision fine print.

Check Trumps Chinese bank account!!! This suddenly seems important So Trump is a hacker now, hmmm🤔 Maybe it ran away with TuckerCarlson's 'damning evidence'. Are people buying any of this desperate bullshit? Hahaha. Sure. good! that makes me happy!!! Does the AP verify anything or just serve as a trump GOP mouthpeice

They stole 5 million from me as well. If this is true I wonder if anyone can even do shit about it. 🤔 Check which Republican just bought a new boat, filled with under age g!rls. Suuuuure they did Do the GOP pinky swear a Trump didn’t take it? mchovden1785 Hackers = Trump administration. Are Eric and Jr. considered hackers now?

That’s the exact amount Trump diverted from campaign donations months ago to his personal businesses. Did someone hack an email account and create an invoice similar to ones in an email?RNC paying an invoice for services not delivered isn't hacking. What am I missing? Hackers? 😂😂😂😂 SidneyPowell1 Had to be a Biden family member.

Was it not their payment? Oops I think it's hysterical. Parscale isn't in the mix, so most likely the Trumps since they don't have any money in their campaign fund left to pay into Donny's businesses. Someone should ask Jared where the money went - he seems to have all the connections in the digital space.

I'd look at realDonaldTrump first (he apparently owes a lot of money). Lane61S Is “Hackers” Trump’s new secret service code name? Campaign finance is not trumps strong suit. Maybe they can give it to the taxpayers hes been grifting for millions. “Hackers,” heh. Hmmmm. Sure it wasn't $421 million? Maybe they should check their pockets.

Or is this a scheme by Trump & GOP to draw more suspicion & a reason for contesting the election? Don’t trust them to play fair whatsoever.. Well it is cyber security training month. News came from Wisconsin Republican Party chairman, Andrew 'Hackers' Hitt. This is just more evidence of Republican’s gross incompetence and mismanagement.

Sounds like another GOPer GOING TO PRISON! Convo went like this... So wheres the $2.3B you had under your control? I dont know what happened to it? I THINK WE WERE HACKED AND SOMEONE TOOK ALL $2.3B (LOL) Sure, Sure! Everyone uses that hack excuse! Until the FBI comes around! Bullshit!!!! Check Trump Chinese bank account realDonaldTrump FoxNews LockHimUp chinesebanks VoteBidenHarris

Are the hackers called Eric and Donald Jr? Sounds so plausible! Not. More likely they concluded that Trump is going to LOSE & decided there was a better way to spend the money! Fraud seems to be quite popular in the GOP. Lmao let’s check some pockets here Um, Dear GOP Cheezeheads - YOUR DictatorTrump said NO ONE GETS HACKED so what did you REALLY do with that money? Boys night out at Mar A Lago? Come on, we all know it.

Sure they stole it 😂🤣😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Good. You’re absolutely certain that ‘hacker’ wasn’t Trump? Jr and Kim's coke ain't gonna pay for itself. Maybe they could ask Putin what happened to it? BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says hackers stole $2.3 million from account dedicated to Trump reelection. Twitters:

The GOP is pulling out all the stops to seem like they are the victim! What proof did he provide? Trump probably took it to pay his debts! More like they misappropriated 2.3 million dollars and now have to come up with an excuse while it's gone. Real life isn't like the movies. Hackers can't just steal millions from an account. This was either embezzlement or mismanagement.

More shit just being thrown at the wall. It's all a 'hoax.' FAKE NEW!! Are they paying their invoices with Bitcoin or something? This was a week ago, if the banking systems were used, this should not take much effort to find who did it We all know Trump stole it... LOL!!! Really? Hackers? Republicans are losing a lot right now. Here’s to them losing even more in just a few days.

Yeah, it will be those 'hackers'. Right. Suuuuure Hahahahaha kinda like Tucker Carlsons incriminating evidence was lost in that mail. Anybody who unironically thinks this was an attack by the democratic party is stupid. Did the hackers steal the Hunter Biden documents from Tucker too Apparently the same hackers that stole TuckerCarlson s mail. smallworld

OpenSecretsDC The Wisconsin Republicans Party is so busy suppressing the vote and not keeping an eye on their money. Can't wait to hear and see the details. GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCorruptionOverCountry VoteBidenHarris2020 Hackers? Yea, sure Hackers stole the $$. Anyone checked either Don's pockets? How about Ivanka's and Jared's?

Lies. GOPT lies. This is faux news...check their pockets. Tots and Prayers! They got hacked by somebody with 197 IQ and about 15% of their password. Lol. Five bucks says it was the party chairman himself who stole the money. They realize that they don't just 'steal' it? There is record of payments, wires, transfers etc. Doesn't just vanish into thin air! Can't wait to find out they used this $ to pay for the Rally realDonaldTrump held & NEVER paid them for. Now trying to cover it up! TrumpIsALoser

BS Lol the embezzlement deflection Is the hacker named Trump? LOL. Guess they should have voted for election security! Good. I hope they spent it o. Donations to the DNC and pot. I’d be checking trump’s pockets first Yeah, sure. 🤦‍♀️😬🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪💯 Wisconsin Republican Party chairman says U$A GOP RICO families and pals stole $2.3 million from an account dedicated to Trump reelection.

In totally unrelated news, a Wisconsin GOP staffer just bought a sweet lake house and a new bass boat. G o o d gtconway3dg That will work out as well as when someone says their Twitter was hacked 😂😂 Ivanka is there, check her pockets And by 'hackers', he means the tRump crime family. ByeByeTrump Biden2020 VoteBidenHarris2020tosaveAmerica

Who knew Jr had mad computer skills? Maybe he was behind the SmartTech server hack also? But we trust these people with the nuclear codes, I guess? Couldnt happen to a more deserving bunch of assholes. Check parscale or javanka bank accounts Hunter Biden is EVERYWHERE!!!!! We all know this never happened.

Thoughts and prayers. 🙄 I say BS they’re broke Right... Horseshit. If you can’t win legitimately, play the victim card. Yes, and he forgot to mention he hired them. “Hackers” meaning the shady ass people who were managing the fund? They also stole Tucker Carlson's secret Hunter documents. Lol, it's in an LLC called Ivanka Loves Me.

Must have been the same people who 'stole' those Hunter Biden docs that Tuck Tuck sent in the mail... 😅 Man, these guys find any way to pocket cash Putin needs some collateral for his ROI. Sure. So Tucker loses incriminating documents Republican party loses 2.3 mil Perhaps unicorns will mate with the lochness next.

Check Junior's accounts....maybe Eric's or Brad's OpenSecretsDC Not believing it. I don’t believe them, I would check all of their personal banking accounts. Hackers... raaaiiight. Suuure... Check the balance on trump’s Chinese account. I'm sure Trumps Traitor tots have alibis OpenSecretsDC Did it get lost in the mail like Tucker Carlson's Top Secret documents on Joe Biden, which he conveniently forgot to mail duplicates?

joannmw24 Check DonaldJTrumpJr ‘s pockets for cocaine and whatever is left from the $2.3 million. DonJrIsACrackHead cocainedon TrumpCrimeFamily TraitorTot Sure it wasn’t Trump himself Sure... its been reported trump's campaign been broke. But okay. We got mail thieves from Tucker Carlson and hackers from them. Lol

“Hackers”… Democrats are pulling out all stops, cheating stealing etc... not a surprise! Guess the Russians want their money back. Doing it a couple million at a time. Haha 'hackers' Funny that numbers matches Forbes reporting of Grifter in Chief moving 2.3 from campaign to his personal accounts Hey Wisconsin GOP check Trump's accounts. Trump took $310 million from the current Trump campaign and created LLC's 'It'll be like a miracle, it'll disappear.'

Sure Nice Lies!! Trump stole his own money 💰 Yeah right! The hacker will then pay $750 back in tax 😉 *Quickly stuffing pockets* Yes, 'hackers.' Hackers = grifters = trumps Ask Trump, he may have needed the money. Is that why the Trump campaign’s credit cards were declined and they couldn’t afford the return trip of the busses in Nebraska?

Thieves stealing from thieves. How about that. 😂 You sure it wasn’t Steve Bannon or Brad Parscale? The president is at it again? Karma has been busy this month! 😆 It’s just the Russians reclaiming their money, they know he’s gonna lose. Not buying it. I’ll wait and follow the money. Has the Wisconsin Republican Party tried looking for the money is realDonaldTrump ‘s Chinese bank account?

“Hackers” 🤔 Anyone else read something like this and immediately start wondering what kind of trumpery the GOP is up to? Anyone else have a hard time believing this is true, because GOP have zero cred, now. Anyone else wondering what kind of trick they are pulling, now? No more suckers, now. Someone started “collecting”.

Feels like an excuse to contest votes if they lose. They accidentally gave it to Borat didn’t they... It’ll cover some of the taxes he never payed according to the statement the money was paid to fake invoices. That's not hacking. That's bad accounting. REPUBLICANS ARE BAD WITH MONEY is the takeaway. They can’t even protect their own money- and they want you to believe that they can protect all Americans.

Make good use of the funds DebRMT Sure...... “Hackers” did it. No way they are just cashing out before they lose. How very convenient. 🙄 A history of lies, deceptions & an ALL attempt to steal our votes... I believe NOTHING coming out of the .GOP & their state-run mouthpiece Not 🦊 News. Reap what you’ve sown. lies karma

The hackers name was Trump. ha ha ha ha “hackers”... Hmmm... bet it ends up in Trump pockets. Those fucks are going to continue to stuff their pockets as usual. But I really fear what damage they’ll do before they’re finally evicted. And there better not be a goddamn library for him. TrumpFamilyCorruption

Ivanka is that you Theory of the case Is it hacking if their name is on the account? What's web developer Brad Parscale up to these days? It was a Trump I guarantee you Caution: G🤡P brains at work. So the chairman stole it cool It was probably trump Someone needs to check Trumps accts for 2.3 million deposit.

After the SC's decision the other day to fuck them out of a fair election, they deserve no better. No worries, they stole 300 million of tax payer money for the ridiculous commercial to promote Trump. Money meant for coronavirus. I don’t really cares about 2 million when they owe the American people 300 million. Besides, I would look in Trump’s bank account for that 2 mil

Maybe Russia wanted its rubles back. I need a pair of boots. Between Tucker Carlson's 'lost in the mail' story and now this, the bull$hit is getting deep! Was the hacker Don Jr. or Eric? Lol I believe the word du jour is 'sus.' Do they need Rudy’s internet security firm to investigate? Wow. nycjim The Russians just want their money back. They aren’t fools, they won’t back a losers. 💰💰💰

Anyone check Trump's bank account in China? I hear Greenland is lovely in JANUARY realDonaldTrump That reminds me: Where’s Brad Parscale these days? I don't buy that bullshit for one minute. It's the con man getting his hands on $$$ before he exits..🎃 I mean is Evicted from Our House!!! 🥱 Sure. Then they just happen to buy a $2.3M mansion new week.

Are the Russians getting their refund because Trump is losing the election. Hackers collection department. Bebest to check DonTheCon's bank account. Oh wait... Uh-huh. And I have a bridge to sell you. Uh oh, IvankaTrump and jaredkushner have been caught!!!! Did they check with DonaldJTrumpJr ? He may needed it for his coke habit.

It's always 'hackers'. have you checked under parscale's mattress? The call's coming from inside the house! I guess Russia wants their money back. Lolol Isn't Rudy their cyber security guy? gtconway3dg Where’s Brad Parscale? They couldn't find who did it because they were too busy bending the knee PattyArquette Party of ineptitude.

Are you certain realDonaldTrump, EricTrump, IvankaTrump, or DonaldJTrumpJr Didn’t have the Account Number and the Passwords? 'hackers' 😂😂 Is 'hacker' the new 'grifter'? 👏👏 That's $355,416.70 in Bison dollars. The hackers are Trump. It wasn’t hackers... Russia just seized it... It’s being put towards the $420 million trump owes them. For all you maga folks: it’s like wage garnishment.

😂 I call BS. Did access to the account have a password of MAGA2020? JustAsking Are you sure it wasn’t his own children? askbrad PattyArquette You sleep with dogs you get fleas. Probably trump did it Were Parscale or Bannon in charge?🙄 That was Brad Parscale PattyArquette Hahahaha who else thinks Trump is behind this?

That’s 18 holes worth of what the Trump family has stolen from the Secret Service and us PattyArquette parscale 🤣 Maybe Trump needed the cash to make a payment on his loan. Putin was impatient. Oh no! But since Trump is pocketing campaign funds anyways, it’s basically a wash. Eric did it. Not buying it. At all.

They’re going to put this one on Brad also lol. Check Parscale, Ivanka and Eric. Junior is already flush. I don’t believe it Cashing in 🤣 Last week to grab from the American people for republicans Did trump have access to the account...... Trump’s loans from Russia must be coming to term. Why do I have a feeling that the stolen money somehow is in tRump's bank account! moneylaundering

Poof .. just disappeared like the virus was supposed to Is the hacker’s name Jared? 😂 Prove it! Porn Stars gotta Eat Too You Know! No worries, realDonaldTrump will just write them a check ... HACKED? Is that what we’re calling withdrawn funds these day?! What's the bad news ? BIDENHARRIS2020 jessheartedward Sure Jan.

What's the wasted cost of trumpster dumpster superspreader events in Wisconsin that wisgop won't pay claiming poverty? Could it be $2.3 million? 😁 AndrewHittGOP just call up your BFFs Diane H, or the Uihleins; they're into wasting money on you. 'hackers' “Stole” Hmmmm and they will then give it back to trump secretly!

Are the hackers named Trump? 🤔 Until FBI confirms. I assume hackers were Republicans with insider knowledge. Republicans can't help themselves. No integrity No honor No Morals ”Hackers” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Honestly surprised this was hackers and not the Wisconsin Republican Party chairman himself. Come to think of it, maybe 'he who smelt it dealt it'?

aquamarineyg I bet you $2.3 million dollars this is a coverup. TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpIsLosing I don’t believe any of this....fact check or go to state and verify. Trump family probably embezzled it! If true then a crime has been committed. They should report it and cooperate with a full investigation.

Now Trump is really broke. Ok and hackers stole the country in 2016 so yea, life isnt fair.... Karmas a b**ch isn't it! Was it Brad Parscale? He seems to have a habit of making millions disappear First dog ate my Hunter documents now another dog ate all my money.. those darn liberal dogs Well, when the password is 'maga2020!' like his Twitter account, you don't need to be Neo from the Matrix to get in.

Sure they did. “He’s in the whitehouse”!! Thoughts and prayers the hack is coming from within the party. Ah yes, 'hackers' . “Hackers” GTFOH!🤨 Wait for the FBI investigation. There’s nothing the Republican Party can say that’s credible anymore. Hackers? Nooo... Probably stolen by some 400 lb guy sitting in the White House bunker

Was it Jared? ImranKhanPTI SMQureshiPTI OfficialDGISPR In Pakistan's Parliament Fawad Chaudhary burst out into an admission of the involvement of Pakistan government in Pulwama attack which killed 40 CRPF soldiers in India. BradMossEsq Geez ! they wanted to let Trump steal it! It was probably members of his own reelection team they are all crooks !

The money is with Tucker Carlson's papers. Hackers or Trump? As Trump would say... who cares. Trump took it So Jared used hackers or excuse for money already skimmed. Another Stormy payout? Maybe Borat got it to cut out a Guliani scene? OlgaNYC1211 Check Mar A Lago OlgaNYC1211 Or did one one of their own use the money to buy a boat?

“Hackers” 🤌🏽 Russia looking for a refund? Check RudyGiuliani ‘s pants... he seemed to be smuggling something in there. 🤡😷🤡 Trump thinks all re-election money is his so... JonLemire Hackers named Jared, Eric, Ivanka, Jr., Brad, and Donald. 😐🤔😐 No sympathy Hackers...really? Are you sure Brad Parscale hasn’t been handled around?

One hour until it's Obama's fault. Counting down. Brad Parscale strikes again Fake news Check Jared's murse VOTE 'Hackers' Did someone check the TV Evangelist? Maybe someone thought it was 'Seed Money' and they would get it back. :) Hackers? Is that we are calling the Trump family, Hackers? First Tucker's super secret pinky swear docs & now this!?! 🙄🙄🙄

My God, these people Probably those bus drivers trumpy never paid at his rally. Have better internal controls and then this won’t happen. Speaks to their competence more than anything. Same party led by a guy who uses fraud to avoid paying taxes though, so.. Good for them. I hope they put that money to good use.

This is going to end up being an inside theft job. 'Hackers stole the money' is the 'My twitter account was hacked' of embezzlement Outstanding he stole money he needs for living lol fake ass billionaire 🤣 Suuuuuuuure they did The campaign if surrounded by and full of crooks but 'hackers' stole the money

Thieves steal rare Nazi uniforms, weapons from Dutch museumsThieves have stolen rare Nazi helmets, weapons and uniforms worth more than 1.5 million euros ($1.77 million) from two Dutch World War Two museums in recent months, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Burn em Check the White House Probably to outfit their fascist ranks

Elizabeth Warren says Supreme Court's Wisconsin decision undermines democracy as polls show Biden with strong leadMassachusetts senator criticized the Supreme Court's rejection to extend deadline for counting mail-in ballots in the battleground state. she's so corrupt, she has no credibility! Keeping votes from being counted is the Republican way These are two different things, Newsweek. 1. Biden has a lead, yes. 2. But the Supreme Court's decision does, indeed, undermine democracy. Why is this so hard for you?

'Superbad' Cast Remember 'DTF' Acronym Taking Off, Stormy Daniels On-Set Visit at Watch PartyThe cast and creators, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Emma Stone and others, also discussed the film's weirdest star fans at an event to benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin . Lol...Apatow probably hired Stormy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

U.S. Hospitals Warned Of Increasing Ransomware AttacksNPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Charles Carmakal of the cybersecurity firm Mandiant about hackers deploying malware to shut down institutions' computers in order to demand millions of dollars in ransom.

Facebook says suspected Iranian hackers behind U.S. election threats operated in 2019Iranian hackers suspected of emailing threatening messages to U.S. voters last week and spreading false information about compromised election systems ran a disinformation campaign last year targeting the Middle East, Facebook Inc said on Tuesday. 'Iranian hacker' 🤣 oh get a grip, it is putin and his minions! The rogue regime won't stop at anything

Auditor slams California for Exide cleanup delays, says cost could reach $650 millionAuditor slams California regulators for Exide cleanup delays, says cost could top $650 million Raise taxes. And again And again