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Breakfast, Brunch

Win at Brunch With These Savory Halloumi and Chorizo Pancakes

Hold the syrup!

10/25/2020 3:00:00 PM

Hold the syrup!

This is the kind of dish that's decadent and wacky enough to cook up as a 2 a.m. snack on a Saturday night, but will still be a welcome guest at your Sunday brunch table the morning after.

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Sweden's new car carrier is the world's largest wind-powered vessel

With its five, massive, solid sails, this ship will carry 7,000 cars across the Atlantic, while being almost emission-free.

Breakfast Baked Potato Skins Are The Brunch Recipe You Never Knew You NeededAnd it's Whole30 approved!

Two Colorado churches win lawsuit against state's Covid-19 mask and crowd limit requirementsAs the US enters what experts say will be another Covid-19 surge, a federal judge ruled two Colorado churches don't have to limit how many worshippers come in and don't have to require them to wear face coverings. Fewer idiots in the world is a good thing. It's nature's way. The selfishness in America is unbearable. Yikes Hey he’s just helping them meet their god sooner

Scarred Democrats begin accepting a possible Biden winAs the election creeps ever-closer, more and more Democrats are cautiously embracing a sunny view that things are going to go their way this November Whoa! This makes me depressed: 'Democrats are cautiously embracing a sunny view that things are going to go their way this November' It's a VEEEERRY shaky way of thinking in an election that may well go to effing hell. We must work until we win! No drinks before victory!! Do not get complacent. Vote ! And get everyone you know to vote! I'm not. I don't trust any of the people in charge. And yes I turned in my ballot directly to the county auditor's office first week of early voting

8 Leading Student Loan Forgiveness Proposals If Democrats Win In NovemberIf Democrats win the presidency, take back the Senate, and hold the House, there is a distinct possibility that student loan borrowers could see real, tangible relief. Here are the leading proposals. Forbes has gone full on activist for DNC You can’t be serious. Why are you all rooting for Biden?

Trump, Biden Try Rallying Their Supporters In Key Must-Win StatesWith just 10 days to go, Trump and Biden are pleading with their supporters to help them — particularly in several key states. A very good mental health team may help Trump...maybe Who you voting for?

If Donald Trump were to win re-election, how would he do it?Donald Trump is running out of time to catch up in the polls. But after his surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, Americans wonder what they might be overlooking this time they're overlooking the fact that trump is winning now and will win the election in a couple weeks. any argument against that is a special kind of cope Weird flex with that pic, but ok. We just need to vote, and it is foolish to vote for the GOP as they are harming Americans and the world badly. Mask up, vote and care for all. =