Willie Nelson gives a thumbs-up after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Country legend Willie Nelson gave a thumbs-up after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and urged his followers to get it.

1/16/2021 2:01:00 PM

Nelson, who turns 88 in April, is among the first mainstream country stars to publicly receive the COVID-19 vaccine, though many of his fellow artists have battled the virus.

Country legend Willie Nelson gave a thumbs-up after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and urged his followers to get it.

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We need more Willie on the road again !!😃💪 Sheep... bizwiz1980 When I saw Willies pic and covid i freaked out! And his country music peers probably wonder why Willie's outliving all of them. He switched from heavy drinking and tobacco smoking for pot and now he's also trusting in science during a pandemic. It's not a surprise this dude's gonna turn 88 years old.

Well, that’s an idiot way to introduce a music legend but OK Because we must make sure Willie is with us for a long, long time.😍 here in Rockland County NY there aren't any Sit your ass down u only get the shot if your rich or super rich All that damn weed and whatever other drugs in his system he's been immune to covid for years

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How was Willie Nelson able to get to the head of the line for the vaccine? Side effects include Good luck country star!!! And may we be blessed with many more years of this man among us Willie is a national treasure, Toby Queef is a loser who thinks he served in the military because he did a few concerts in Afghanistan

Thank God he got it? Willie Nelson is my hero