Will Senate, House fire off subpoenas to tech CEOs?

Trump DOJ set to sue Google — Should the Pentagon control our 5G?

10/20/2020 5:22:00 PM

Monday marked the deadline for industry to share feedback with the Defense Department on whether the Pentagon should run a national 5G network. The initial consensus? A resounding “no”

Trump DOJ set to sue Google — Should the Pentagon control our 5G?

The U.S. Capitol building. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images— A still-growing offensive:The letter is the latest sign President Donald Trump’s Republican allies on Capitol Hill are ratcheting up their rhetorical assault on the social media giants ahead of the November elections. And it marks the third recent instance of top Republicans in both chambers pushing for CEO testimony on the bias accusations — a major escalation of their attacks on Silicon Valley. “We urge you to invite these companies to come before our Committee and if they do not comply to issue a subpoena for their attendance so the American people can get answers to their questions,” the lawmakers wrote.

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— A big caveat:Democrats on Capitol Hill have shown no interest in taking up GOP allegations of political bias by Silicon Valley companies, and aren’t likely to bite on a request to hold a hearing on the topic. Still, the companies have been in both parties’ crosshairs for their handling of election-related content, including the recent disputed New York Post report on Joe and Hunter Biden —

.MEANWHILE: JUDICIARY KICKS THE CAN ON SUBPOENA VOTE FOR TWITTER, FACEBOOK —The Senate Judiciary Committee won’t be voting on whether to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as planned just yet. Judiciary announced Monday it will first consider a motion to compel their testimony — initially slated for today —

at a session Thursday that is expected to be dominated by a vote over Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. The panel said it will continue negotiating with the companies “to allow for voluntary testimony” by the CEOs, and that a vote will occur at a “to be determined” date if a deal is not reached.

— Sound familiar?The Senate Commerce Committee recently voted to authorize subpoenas to compel testimony from the Twitter, Facebook and Google chiefs, but the— staving off a legal confrontation.— Not everyone is sold on Judiciary’s plans, however: Read more: POLITICO »

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Senate panel delays vote to subpoena Twitter, Facebook CEOs as some Republicans waverThe Senate Judiciary Committee postponed plans to vote on subpoenas to compel the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook to testify on allegations of anti-conservative bias after some panel Republicans expressed reservation about the maneuver

Latest House and Senate ratings show Democrats increasingly competitive in Republican areasWith a little more than two weeks to go before Election Day, the national environment continues to look bright for Democrats, who are trying to flip the Senate and grow their House majority -- not to mention kick President Donald Trump out of the White House. Bias much? I thought the media was supposed to be unbiased. WakeUpAmerica CNN was saying the exact same thing 4 years ago btw. Fake News uses Suppression polls. Make sure you vote for Trump and Republican senators.

Here are the Senate races to watch, as Democrats battle to take control from RepublicansIf Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate, that could shake up key sectors such as tech, health care, finance and energy — especially if the Nov. 3... Better tweet: 'Here are the Senate races to watch, as Republicans battle to stave off communist (d)emocrat control'.

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Trump aide Meadows unsure Senate GOP will approve a $1.8 trillion coronavirus stimulusLATEST: White House chief of staff Meadows says he remains hopeful a deal can be reached in the next 48 hours, but cautioned that it's 'too early to tell' whether enough Republicans in the Senate would support a large spending package.