Will Sanders' past praise of Socialist regimes hurt Democrats?

If Sanders is the nominee, some Democrats worry Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.


If Sen. Sanders wins the nomination, some Democrats worry President Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.

If Sanders is the nominee, some Democrats worry Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.

Honeymoon to Moscow In spring 1988, just after marrying, Sanders embarked on what he later called"a very strange honeymoon" to the Soviet Union. David F. Kelley, a Republican lawyer from Vermont, helped arrange the trip. Kelley had spent years visiting the Soviet Union, promoting good will as the Cold War thawed under Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. But Kelley had no illusions about what remained an authoritarian, corrupt system. "He called me at my office, and he was really excited about these people-to-people exchanges," Kelley said Sanders."He asked me to help organize a sister city project with Burlington." After ruling out a Lithuanian city that had been the site of a mass murder of Jews in 1941, Sanders, who is Jewish, settled on Yaroslavl, a Russian city of 600,000 on the Volga River. The group visited Moscow and Leningrad before heading to Yaroslavl, where Sanders can be seen in video singing"This Land Is Your Land" after a stint in a sauna. Later, the Americans attended a dinner with local officials. The Yaroslavl mayor stood up and made a conciliatory speech about the mistakes in Russian foreign policy, including the invasion of Afghanistan. Sanders went him one better, Kelley recalls, drawing parallels to Vietnam and denouncing American interventions abroad. "I got really upset with what I saw to be a comparison between Soviet and American foreign policy because I really didn't think there was any comparison whatever," Kelley said."After he spoke, I stood up and I said, 'I just want the audience here to know that the mayor isn't speaking for everybody." An argument ensued and Kelley stormed out, chased by Bernie's wife, Jane, he recalls. "I would like to think in the 30-some-odd years that Mayor Sanders has matured," Kelly said."He's genuinely passionately committed to human rights, but he has these blind spots. There's an enormous naiveté." In a 1989 Harvard Crimson article, Sanders praised glasnost for allowing the Soviet Union to deal"honestly with the nation's sordid history, which had been covered up for decades by official lies," and said it was bringing about a"nonviolent revolution which is forcing citizens of the Soviet Union to rethink, in almost every way, the basic foundations of their nation." He then urged the U.S. to embark on its own version of glasnost. 'I did not see any homeless people' Sanders also had some kind words for Cuba. In a letter to a Cuban representative in 1987, Sanders invited a member of the government to speak in Burlington about the"present challenges facing the Cuban government" and Sanders lamented that the Reagan administration"seeks to prop up governments of the rich while attempting to destroy genuine revolutionary movements." In March 1989, Sanders and his wife traveled to Cuba for an eight-day visit. He had said he wanted to meet with Fidel Castro, but in the end, the highest-ranking official he saw was the mayor of Havana. "Cuba has solved some very important problems," Sanders told reporters upon his return."I did not see a hungry child. I did not see any homeless people. Cuba today not only has free health care but very high-quality health care." According to a report by the nonpartisan Human Rights Watch in January 1990, the Cuban government had cracked down on dissent throughout 1989, after an international human rights delegation had visited in 1988. Sanders did acknowledge after the trip that"Cuba is not a perfect society. There are political prisoners in Cuba." Asked on CNN in 2016 about his views on Cuba, Sanders called the regime"authoritarian" but made no apologies for his past remarks about Castro's government. "When Castro came to power, they did a lot to eliminate illiteracy in that country. So yes, you know, you don't have to praise everything about Fidel Castro," he said."It's a dictatorship. It's a poor country. But have some good things been done in Cuba? Yes." July 5, 2019 01:36 Throughout his career, when discussing leftist regimes in Latin America or elsewhere, Sanders has had a tendency to accentuate what he sees as the achievements of those governments, citing their social and health programs and the injustices they inherited from previous right-wing rulers. Sanders acknowledged Nicaragua and Cuba were not liberal democracies, but"it's not an issue that he dwells on," said William LeoGrande, a professor of government at American University and a specialist on U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America."He emphasizes the positive things they've done." Critics say Sanders has exhibited willful blindness when it comes to foreign policy, focusing only on what fits into his progressive worldview. But LeoGrande said Sanders has tried to convey context about countries that were portrayed in the U.S. in black-and-white terms, seeking to explain to Americans why leftist movements came to power. "It's tough for any public figure to really give a nuanced balanced account of these regimes. When they've been cast by an administration as our enemy, the nuance goes out the window," LeoGrande said. How does Socialism play? It remains to be seen whether Sanders' foreign policy views will hurt or help him in the primaries, or in the general election if he becomes the Democratic Party's nominee. Some of the people who will vote in 2020 weren't alive for the 2001 congressional authorization of force against al Qaeda, let alone for the long-ago battles over the Sandinistas and the Contras For most younger voters in the Democratic primaries, references to Nicaragua's Sandinistas or Cuba carry little meaning, said one Democratic policy expert who advises one of Sanders' rivals."They don't know what a Sandinista is. They just don't care," he said. In the battleground state of Florida, however, with large Cuban and Venezuela communities, Sanders' stance could become an issue in the general election. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are still ruled by authoritarian leftist regimes. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the Palacio de Miraflores in Caracas on June 27, 2019. Matias Delacroix / Getty Images file "For the millennial generation, a Sandinista and a Martian are indistinguishable," said Schmidt, the Republican never Trumper."But for anybody 45 or older, they'll remember. Lots of people opposed the Reagan policy of arming the Sandinista opponents. There was literally nobody in government, though, who was siding openly with the Soviet side. But Bernie Sanders was. We will see all of that play out over the campaign if he is the nominee." Yet Sanders' broader worldview is popular. While polls show that most Americans favor military alliances and maintaining military superiority, they also show that less than a third of Americans believe military interventions make the country safer . And they reveal an electorate that is deeply skeptical that the two decades of war since 9/11 have been worth the cost in blood and treasure. Like Trump, Sanders has tapped into Americans' impatience with"endless wars" and with permanent U.S. military commitments from South Korea to Germany to Kuwait. He also shares Trump's skepticism of trade agreements, though Sanders' stance is based on the progressive idea that the deals should include more protections for unions and the environment. "On the whole, the American public is pretty skeptical and thinks much of the last several decades of U.S. foreign policy has been wrong," said Miles, the progressive foreign policy strategist."There are a lot of issues where the American public is unhappy with the way Washington has gone. Bernie presents an alternative." Ken Dilanian Ken Dilanian is a correspondent covering intelligence and national security for the NBC News Investigative Unit. Dan De Luce Dan De Luce is a reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit. Robert Windrem and Hannah Schoenbaum contributed. Read more: NBC News

😊 Sanders is a danger to our country he's worse than a socialist he's a marxists and he's already shown us in the past where he wants to take us by praising communist leaders There is so much to hammer Trump on, and Bernie is ready! To all Democrats: Turn off all devices until after the election. Vote. It doesn't matter who the candidate is. Vote blue in all categories. It matters not, NONE of the candidates are as crazy and corrupt as the guy now in office.

He's a communist, not a socialist. He would usher in a tyranny of the state and soul. Anyone who praises Fidel Castro...which he did tonight...is a nut. Trump will hammer and attempt to destroy whoever the nominee is. That's just his M.O. I expect this fall will see some very nasty tactics. We are supposed to be worried about what young Bernie said or didn't say when 👏🏻 we 👏🏾 have 👏 an 👏🏾 authoritarian 👏🏿 treasonous 👏🏻 draft 👏🏿 dodging 👏🏾 human 👏 in 👏🏿 the 👏 office 👏🏾 who 👏🏻 literally 👏🏿 BEFRIENDS 👏🏾 ACTUAL 👏🏿dictators 👏🏿 and 👏 murderers gaslighting berniewon

The only thing hurting Democrats is telling people over and over that Bernie is bad for us. Cut it out already you corporate entity. Why? What Trump said before didn’t matter. smaxxmahaffey Coming from the guy who’s actually helping the Russians. If cable news doesn't discuss this content with the nuance that it deserves (for example: contrary to critics, not absolutely everything was worse in the USSR than in the US), they are complicit in red-scaring vulnerable old viewers into voting for Trump.

Pete Buttigieg turns fire on 'socialist' Bernie Sanders amid Bloomberg pile-onAs the Democrats took aim at the ascending candidate Mike Bloomberg, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg saved a bit of debate fire for front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders. Bernie calls himself a socialist but he is not, he is more of an advocate for a Nordic style capitalism, Its still capitalism but a different version where people don’t get left behind and can share in on benefits of society. Because Bloomberg will give him millions to be his running mate Buttigieg painted the choice between Bloomberg and Sanders as one between two extremes, implying that neither is 'actually a Democrat.'

You can count on it! 'may'? It's a trumper's wet dream. Bernie is an avowed socialist, has done nothing in 30 years in Congress, was on the wrong side of the cold war and wrote rape porn. Are we freakin' kidding with this guy? Yeah. But HE IS a communist. If democrats hammered sanders over this stuff maybe they wouldn’t have to worry

We’re in primary season so I worry about this, too, but if Sanders is the nominee, I’ll take his “long-buried words” over realDonaldTrump ONGOING ACTIONS in defense of Putin, N. K, Duerte, MBS, etc. I find it ironic that Bernie supports socialist ideals of countries like Russia but has a problem with 'Russian Intereference.'

Good. Maybe then we’ll finally talk about how the United States’ backing/infiltration of South American governments/regimes during our efforts in the Cold War is largely responsible for their current state of affairs. But Sanders declares that he is Not a Democrat. Trump cannot hammer anyone considering his support for dictatorships. Have a day off, Sanders is popular, deal with it

Sanders should be asked abt those statements, but Dems have reason enough to worry abt his current positions...Giving illegals the same benefits as citizens, eliminating pvt health insurance, raising taxes on everyone making more than $29k. Those are vote killers.

Where Bloomberg, Sanders, Warren and 2020 Democrats stand on climate changeThe field of Democrats looking to beat President Donald Trump this year — including the six on the stage Tuesday night — are aligned in their pledge to... On a box. ReporterLeslie Bloomberg and Facebook are runnning a Beta Test for the first Quantum Computer-they may have it - Watch out! World-the new day is may be upon us- Quibi WSJ JuliaColeMusic THR HuffPost JoelOsteen DUALIPA kanyewest BLAIRONEAL jennajenovich gerardcantor

And his terrible record of defending the dictators in Venezuela. I'm stil waiting for him to make a 180 from his stance on Guaido and the Venezuelan's fight for freedom. Yes it will matter in the swing states, Southern states, and mid western states. 47 more states to go. Now we go to the polls. Unfortunately when you have people who have been in politics for a long time there is plenty to hammer. But situations change as well as policies. That's why we study history and watch trends. No one is right 100% of the time! But at least Bernie has a good heart. Not so trump!

Ya think? 🙄 You mean PRESENT. Yes. Shut up This is exactly why I deleted your news app. So it will be a contest between one who currently supports Russia and the other who once supported USSR. The choice is clear. I think BernieSanders will hammer him back and make him feel the bern. He will. But with a closer look. They both are fighting for the same things. Recognition and Personal power are both if their goals.

Democrats Pile on Bernie Sanders as Urgency GrowsLAS VEGAS -- The day after a Democratic presidential debate brought out the candidates&39; outrage at Michael Bloomberg, the focus turned back toward Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who leads polls of Nevada, California and the nation.Former Vice President Joe Biden spent Thursday hammering Sanders They need a reminder that Trump is the person they should be piling on not their opponents Bernie isn’t the crisis. Trump is. If they aren’t able to accomplish what Bernie has shame on them work harder, gain trust, stop flip flopping on policies, & stop taking PAC money

Might b because he is a socialist. Has been his whole life. But Trump loves dictators, so he thinks the same thing. And USSR? That Trump’s heaven! Being with his boy toy Putin all the time! Bernie is a Communist supporter now, he always has been a communist supporter. This is not news. Um, ya think? Nobody care what trump says

Sanders as the nominee would be catastrophic to democracy. It would mean 4 more years of trumps systematic destruction of justice department and confirmation of unqualified federal judges. Democrats must pick one candidate to support against bernie and the rest drop out Man. The mainstream media hates this dude more than Trump! Keep the petal to the metal, folks. We need this. Bernie2020

Some? If not all then we're in deep doo doo. How stupid is this 🙄 the mainstream medias is afraid of Bernie and just want more of the crook Trump Bernie is a complete nut who wants to take well over 50% of my paycheck. How are people who actually work OK with this man?

Pete Buttigieg campaigns at USC, warning against nominating Bloomberg or SandersPete Buttigieg campaigns in Los Angeles, warning Democrats that either Michael R. Bloomberg or Bernie Sanders would be a 'very, very tough sell' to voters in November. He should drop out and endorse ewarren. WallStreetPete for the 1%. Platitude flip flop Pete is not so honest. Pete your arrogance is awful. You are nothing new nor refreshing. You lie

Nope And he will 'His long-buried words' So ABC news, you admit to 'burying words'? Nice confession. So when r these idiots who r only getting 10%or less of the vote in these primaries going to get out. but know they waste the people’s time knowing they don’t have a prayer of winning & keep trying to convince themselves that things will change It won’t. Warren, Biden, r done

Most Americans don't care what a candidate said last week let alone 30 years ago. Republicans are gleefully rubbing their hands. They know Bernie will be easy to take down. Dems, we can do much better. Good And he will hammer back talking about Russia, North Korea, Philippines, Hungary and Turkey. Happy?

Bloomberg should start doing so NOW So. He has plenty of ammunition for T Rump

Bloomberg pursues brokered convention gambitMichael Bloomberg is privately lobbying Democratic Party officials and donors allied with his moderate opponents to flip their allegiance to him — and block Bernie Sanders — in the event of a brokered national convention This aint democracy. moderates would literally let donald trump destroy this than let bernie win smh.

Only people who would never ever vote democrat care. Bernie is an FDR democrat who believes in broad economic protections, things most Americans support. The grabber has much more baggage , growing on a daily basis , Bloomberg can take care of this while Bernie takes care of positive issues ! Then they need to get out and vote Biden period !!! I know I am .

Take it to the bank. Bernie is a communist. Duh Or on his repeated defense of Communism in general!! It's a legitimate concern. Trump would label any nominee a socialist but in this case it would be true, one of the few things he could say that was true. Trump's very public words should have doomed him from being the Republican nominee in the first place. But, I'm sure there are 'good people on both sides'...🙃 Oh, and Russia, if you're listening, can you find Trump's missing income tax returns?

Yes pleas let’s have a debate on the Nun raping Contras. Signed a Bernie Bro.

Dems should focus on Sanders, not Bloomberg: Eugene RobinsonSen. Bernie Sanders is the 2020 Democratic candidate who threatens to 'run away with this thing,' according to the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson. So why were the remaining Dems focusing on Bloomberg during the debate? Morning_Joe Eugene_Robinson Agreed. Morning_Joe Eugene_Robinson I agree. I think Warren’s continued attacks on Bloomberg is because she’s hoping to get the 2 spot as Sanders running mate. Eugene_Robinson They are all idiots - reminds me of the “eat the babies” lady at that AOC thing.

What about Trump's praise of dictators and the fact that he's trying to shape the government along those lines saying that he can do whatever he wants and can't be investigated? Maybe Sanders's team focuses on that? You're already doing it for Trump You mean tell the truth about Bernie? gelenyarilez What Sanders said about those governments years ago will have no importance to the Anti-Trump people, and the pro-Trump crowd already thinks Bernie is a communist. So, the needle does not move.

And Bernie will hammer him on the tax cuts for the rich, threatening cuts to Social Security, blowing up military budget, etc - need I say more? Bring it on. Of course, and he should be hammered for it. He’s a communist. America will never be a communist or socialist nation. This is a criminal post against Sanders and a disgrace for NBC news.

Trump literally praises Kim Jong-un. No one should be worried about this line of attack on Sanders. He’ll hammer him alright. Yall giving the election to Trump by bothering with this guy. His looks along already gives trump and edge.

Well Bernie is a communist so..... lol TRUE FACT: Bernie will never Beat Trump. Deal with it. well, we at least know the USSR one won’t work I worry he will tax us to death It’s past time for regressive Cold Warriors at the helm of mainstream media corporations to retire. Do you think Trump has any idea or could form coherent thoughts about what any of those things are? This is a projected fantasy world.

It's not 1967. Nobody cares. Buried? The media can't shut up about it and are now just crying in public about the attack is not working. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie Sanders is a Communist.

“That’s hilarious.” Sideways

Seriously, Bernie, I have a long-held fascination with the history of the USSR and Russia too. But I sure as hell don’t want to live there or experience that type of government personally. You haven’t drawn a line between your fascination and reality. Try to be less obvious NBC Bernie2020 Let’s not forget that Trump has also had words of praise for Russian, Chinese and North Korean leaders. But his base doesn’t care!

'BuT rEaL sOcIaLiSm HaSn'T bEeN tRiEd YeT' Yep. And by stating non citizens should get same benefits as US Citizens. Wake up! NBC has the weakest smears. So out of touch. Embarrassing. Trump defends Russia and North Korea while bashing our allies on a near daily basis...not sure what the worry is here. 🤔

And what about 45’s long RECENT defense of governments like Russia and North Korea ? and once again, Trump will overplay his hand and make a horse's ass of himself in the process.....people are becoming more and more inoculated against his bullshit..... With all the shit Trump has done, believe me, nobody voting against him will give a damn

Perhaps if those comments were not buried and the media had done its job, voters would have selected someone else. Does IMPEACHED Trump worry that his praise of dictators will hurt his chances for re-election? Trump shouldn’t have to hammer him, the media should do its job and make it known to the public. Geez you have really become propaganda for the Democratic Party.

It wont matter cause we are still voting g for Bernie. Not just me, us! Why isn’t the media doing that? Please notice, it is not going to be about what one once said. It is going to be who is a fraud to the middle class and it is Trump. ... voters should hammer him... all failed countries Wow...we’ve spent 50 plus years fighting communist dictatorships and here you guys are not doing your jobs. hacks

This country isn’t dumb enough yet to elect Bernie the Red yet. Bernie will loose and his heart will stop

Communist He's not. Socialist. He's not. Into that. STOP. Democrats are in total free fall If that’s all they have bring it! Remember grab them by the pussy realDonaldTrump Well Yeah !!! Long buried words? Is that accurate? Donald Trump just won the 2020 elections by a landslide 🤣 Well. He should. Bernie is a commie

Hilarious. The most famous socialist in America is a millionaire with three houses. Stand by for four more years. The question is why hasn’t it. I really don’t understand it’s not really being talked about by the candidates and the media is pretty much ignoring it till this article. He can call it democratic socialist all he wants ... he really aspires to the the communist philosophy.

All democrats and this SOCIALIST candidate, support every method of aborting babies. A vote for a dem or SOCIALIST is a vote for aborting babies. He pretends concern but merely panders with promises and liberal utopian ideas to steal our freedoms. Forget about Trump! The media should be bringing all those things to the public’s attention!

Seriously I don’t care. Anyone but Trump. Who happens to openly love dictators Current praise of socialism Trump will have no idea how to get that out, so no worries Bernie you got this ❤️ It already has! The party is divided. No one really wants socialism. I want to know who is going to pay for all the freebies? A $15 minimum wage sounds great but it will fuel inflation. It's better to have enough jobs the free market will cause wages to improve. Nothing is free it is taken from someone that earned it.

There is a deadly virus spreading around the world. coronavirus COVID ShowUsWuhan 😂 As if Trump knows this. Yes, because it's not like Trump is going to call whoever the Democratic nominee is a socialist.

TRUMP 2020 Vote all democrats out of office His praise is for programs that attempt to raise the poor and create a level playing field, still an admirable goal! Really? Compared to our current criminal in the White House? Trump won’t be able to stand on the debate stage next to at democratic candidate without looking weak and sounding like a moron. Next.

Media Meltdown Time! they are gonna hammer him no matter what. they are a cult. who gives two fucks what path they choose to use to try to win? notme BernieWinsNevada Bernie2020 His socialist friends... Well he’s a self admitted Socialist, and he’s NOT a DEMOCRAT. He’s giving Russia and Trump what they want, the fall of the Democratic Party. Please tell me, how does an Independent, become the front runner, on a Democratic Ticket? How do Democrats explain turning on their Party?

Obviously Trump will bring it up.

Gringos open you eyes. The guy just want to get rich, he will say whatever need it to win, Sanders is just like any else Latin American socialist, pure shit. I know families who lost loved ones to the brutal regimes of the Soviets, Cuba, and other satellite states. I suspect Bernie has to at least admit that he got some things wrong. If he can't, that's scary. If he can, at least folks can move on.

realDonaldTrump would have to be smart enough to go there, so there’s that. He will never win without the latino or immigrant vote. Neeeever LeaBlackMiami You can keep us divided by getting the two most polarizing political figures to go at it in an election. And I’m not too sure if another candidate got the nomination that they’d have a chance. The Bernie bro’s would either elect Trump or not vote. We’re screwed 2020.

Only realDonaldTrump will hammer SenSanders over his defense of communism? Every sane American should hammer him! Voting will be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump will use COG and he will remain president forever sorry liberals you’ve just been triggered..... He's a communist disguised as a socialist and those that do not know history are buying into his rhetoric.

The fact is evident, the Democrat Party has become the Party of Socialism. Most old mainstream JFK Democrats have not yet fully realized this. But some are starting to see it for what they have become and are finally rejecting the Party and its candidates.

Trump probably didn't know this but now he knows because you guys just let it out Ya’ think? This Dem worries that NBC doesnt hammer the president for all of his admitted corruption Worry about his past? Maybe, yes. It’s the fkn future if he’s elected, and then ALL of us will be doing more than worrying.

That bastard idolized the Soviet Union. Hammering someone on their thought and beliefs.. with his background I'd be worried also. This is why it needs to be put out there now. Hell yes! The fact is, Democrats should be hammering Sanders socialist views too. But they cannot as they also embrace the same sentiments but do not want to admit it publicly. That is their conumdrum.

Yup I would not worry about it, because it will 100% happen. What about all the crap and lies Donald Trump speaks every day. People are still going to vote for him. They’ll keep posting this story on every network for days. I’ve seen it on most already They don’t notice it doesn’t work the way they hope yet they continue We have socialism for the rich it’s our turn now our taxes will finally work for us

Trump and Putin will have no mercy, so the Democrat candidates need to launch a sustained attack on Bernie's past words and records to see if he's still standing when the dust settles (it will make him stronger if he gets the nomination). Such a stupid take Most people don’t even know what you are taking about.

TOTALITARIAN governments!!! Details matter Imagine not being embarrassed giving Latin America $20B in military aid then shutting the border down 100%.

Dems, please stop being afraid of the Bully! We have all said things on past we would regret now. Trump is corrupt, a grifter, adulter and only cares about himself. Easier than that. Trump: Raise your hand if you want to pay for the healthcare and education of illegal immigrants. Anyone with kids: err....ummm... Details don’t matter, the big, emotional picture does.

Trump won't hammer him on anything. Trump has zero understand of world politics and only tweets insults like a narcissistic hemorrhoid. Uh. There are about 40 years of Trumps words to counter with. I’m not a Bernie fan at all, but come on now. NBC, NEWS. YES. It will. Sincerely MS Gary Ummm……the EXACT same case can be made with trump and his family concerning Russia. To include business deals. SMH

Long buried words huh? Ok Do you see what's happening to legacy media? McClatchy newspaper chain went bankrupt. Huffington Post is for sale. The Hill is for sale. Gannett newspaper chain was sold on the cheap. Their audiences disappeared. YOU ARE NEXT

Pretty sure Bernie can hammer Trump by speaking a coherent sentence about anything really The billionaires are afraid 😊 Yet Trump not only praises, but is a puppet . He gets a pass though ? FuckCorporateMedia Yeah - Donald Trump - the guy that worships Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un in 2020 is going to grill Bernie Sanders on having had nice things to say about Cuba & the USSR in the 1980's. And you wonder why nobody respects the mainstream media in 2020. You guys are brainless.

ZenBuddhette Shrug. It is what it is. And the history of the US in Latin America --what was that, Democracy in Action? My god, the ahistorical hypocrisy. The only one doing that is you. And what percentage of present day voters care about socialism from USSR era? Exactly they're spent propaganda. Already played their part

I hope sanders has enough dignity not to hammer trump on his past history of adultery and sexual and moral misconduct. Or his lifelong nastiness or bankruptcies. Or his impeachment

'I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the p****. You can do anything.' -The current president Well at least Nicaragua and Cuba. Not sure Trump will disagree with Bernies 1-time love fest with USSR.

LadyKatrinainfo That’s the thing....he leans into the criticism. It’s not effective He will Oh no anything but that PeneCell Yea...because when it comes to policy trump can’t stand on the same stage. Yep. They will hammer Sanders on his health, speeches, votes, etc There is a reason Russia wants Bernie to be the nominee There is a reason Trump wants to face Bernie

If he praised Nazis, it would. However, the communists won. No one fears the ideology that carried out the death and oppression of millions. This is a ridiculous smear attempt

LaurenWern Ya think? Really ? Where u been in the last 4 years. You still got shit in your ears Ya think. Why would it hurt Bernie? Is it detrimental in your country to have a different opinion than somebody else or than the main stream? Does NBC news see it like something detrimental? Then you are now the Soviet era Pravda and you should be worried of what you have becomed.

Yes... trump will smear him and run a 'fear' campaign about 'socialism'. We need to either be ready - with media informed and willing to 'educate' voters, Inform the voters with ads (?) or have a less controversial progressive Democratic candidate = Warren2020 Blah blah blah we young people we going in hard for Bernie🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥FAKE NEWS GET USED TO IT

some democrats need to mind their own damn business

Of course Bernie’s past will be exosed, just as Bloomberg’s was. And why not? Bernie is not a Democrat at all, he’s just using Democrats to get the nomination. He’s a Socialist, pure and simple. Love the guy but Sanders can't beat trump gotta fight fire with fire not pixy dust get Bloomberg. He will We have thousands of his lies to share back at him

The red scare is dead. These ideas of socialism don't scare us any more. Like...we are all socialists now. Congrats, capitalism, you literally brought us to the brink of death so it’s gonna take more than this to stop change from coming. So the media stopped reporting on Trump's sexual assault. The fact that they got big tax break they stopped. Fuxk NBC and the rest.

As he should. As 'Democrats' should. This is the person they want to head their party? Let just say it. Bernie won corporation will have to stop overpricing drugs, healthcare premiums, maybe we can have cheap colleges stop eating so much on the military which all connected to every corporations. We have someone with an 8th grader level in the white house.

Fire Chris Matthews.

Let him... That’s the past, WE all learn from it. Time to move forward. WE deserve a better future. WE deserve Bernie Sanders. After the last 3 years of Corrupt Corporate Capitalism driving us to Authoritarianism. WE Deserve Better. That's keeping it 💯 Gulags are coming! The media is trying real hard now aren't they

I'm saying it. & not just his past comments. Yesterday's comment of the 'establishment' could easily be from Maduro, Vázquez, Castro, Che Guevarra, Daniel Ortega.... Don't excuse past/present statements R's did that about Trump in order to downplay when he was telling who he is No shit, Sherlock. Bring it.

Oh this will be beautiful...older Dems will vote Trump to avoid communism failure. A party split, and then reduced to ashes. Anyone to the left of Mitt Romney is a communist according to GOP lore. Those attacks are gonna happen anyway. You bet that’s going to come up. And it will be the like Hillary Clinton effect all over again.

He should sic Ekizabeth Warren on him. The mouth from hell. And the media will play right along while ignoring Trump's defense of authoritarian regimes... If bernies “pro Russia” stances overtake trumps than we are truly lost You bet that’s going to come up. And it will the like “Hillary aversion” all over again.

Oh, you think? Come on. It's 1972 and McGovern. As opposed to Trump praising Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia because he loves their dictators? Who cares. We are voting Bernie. Not Democrats because Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat but Independent, all his idea what ever that means. Trump is completely clueless and controlled by Communist party of Russia China and North Korea. Pathetic

Trump will, there's no doubt.

Well if that's the case, then I should stop supporting Dem's and throw back in with Ol' Handsy McPussy-Grabber there, pull my bootstraps up, & head back to my Job swabbing out the child refugee cages. Close one! FeeltheBErn Objection. Assumes facts not in evidence. Specifically, that Trump will know and master the significance of any of it.

Seriously? Trump wouldn’t hammer anyone on anything other than extremely superficial exaggerations of nonsense that is either catchy or rhymes. He doesn’t even know how to say Nicaragua. He has no clue what communism is or how to use it correctly in a sentence. Get real It doesn’t matter what they throw at any of the candidates. All that matters is that we al get out and view blue!

Anything Trump says will just embolden Bernie supporters to try harder. At this point any critique will be perceived as a badge of honor. Well duh. A devout marxist is an easy target. So now just skeletons are falling out of the closet. CAN’T BE WORSE THAN TRUMP Yes. Not a comment on “socialist/socialism” +/-. Rather comment on how maj. of Americans don’t do research & are ingrained w/negative “stigma” in regards to that word. Bottom line, the term adds extra obstacle(s) to overcome in a gen election. Dbls the work needed to win votes.

BernieSanders I fear that Bernie is going to hurt our chances. Every republican politician, news anchor and President will exaggerate etc. & will repeat the word Socialist. Every abled bodied republican will sprint to the voting both .. omgosh!! Yes. This shouldn’t even be a question. Good lord. Why hasn’t the media vetted Sanders ? Too busy with Biden’s son ?

Forget it Jake it’s Cable Town. BernieSanders wins primary means Democratic Party lose election 2020. Those weren't Socialist regimes, those were Communist regimes and yes, he embraced them. Say there’s going to be a Revolution YES it will hurt the democrats. Big time.

If Trimp wasn't hammered for his porn star and playboy bunny bullshit, bernie will be fine. 👍 Bernie has zero chance of beating Trump in elections. America is not USSR...!! LaurenWern 'Long buried?' I'm just some schmo in the Midwest and I have known this for a long time. It's b/c the MSM never vetted Bernie that this seems like news to you all.

Is that a question? I think the fairest read of this arguement is that it may be an issue in florida. But alot of this happened 40 years ago. I'm just not sure its relevant to alot of people Bernie's friends... Trumps CURRENTLY supports communist dictators and the worst autocrats on the planet.... The party will be destroyed by someone who isn’t even a Democrat. Make your own part tough guy.

I went to USSR when I was in high school in the same area Bernie visited. I was there 2 years after he was. When I saw the clip of him praising the Soviet system I was extremely disappointed. I saw nothing but shortages, poverty and widespread misery.

Here we go with the media trying to create doubt. StillSanders trump was literally recorded saying his celebrity status was a license to sexually assault women, then boasted trying to bed a married woman. He paid hush-money to an adult-film star after a sexual encounter during his 3rd wife's pregnancy. What is he going to say?

We’re all worried and would still vote for him. n.p. Bernie's got this! In the first presidential election cycle with Millennials making up a majority of the electorate, these attacks begin to fall on deaf ears. They will definitely use those clips against him. Anyone Generation X or older might be turned off by them, Boomers especially.

Nope. Bernie voted to impose sanctions to Daniel Ortega! Appeal to nationalism - we'll handle it by offering Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, $15 minimum wage, stronger unions and worker rights, expanded public education. Then we'll see how good status quo America seems And if you're going to criticize someone on words such as his you better know the history and all of his words. Not just clips. Bernie's going to win.

We have been screaming this since 2015. As a prior military family we felt his actions bordered on treason. Trump will have a field day with him. LaurenWern Comcast seem very afraid of Bernie for some reason. Yes, the scary socialist Jew said things in defense of people defending their homes from Reagan backed genocidal Contras. That makes him a decent human being, & if he moved the needle to help them, a f-cking hero. GTFOH with this red scare BS. The cold war is over & irrelevant.

I challenge people to come up with a better list of people in the right positions to help this country the most. Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR....no one under 45 cares about.. Bernie did praise the deaths of millions of Nicaraguans that didn't support the socialist government. Oh please stop. Hammer someone on something 50+ years ago?🤣

Bloomberg wrote this didn't he Pffft, whatever. So hammer back with trumps own words about immigrants, African Americans, women, war veterans, people in his own administration, other world leaders, talk about his friendliness with Putin, Duterte, Kim, etc. all his failed businesses while he lies about being the best

And then Bernie can just read Trump's tweets from that morning... Of course he will! That's why the democratic candidates need to beat him to it and expose all of that during the primaries. Take him down now. Sen. Sanders praises Russia and yet the media is silent Sanders is running as a Democratic Socialist there’s really no difference between that and a Republican Socialist which we have right now as a president.

This is what’s going to blow it for the Democrats. And I like Bernies ideas Ya think? Not if you don’t cover it incessantly, which you will. i think they'll focus on taxes, if they're targeting middle class voters As he and the rest of Democrats should.

Or, in the real world, we could all appreciate a candidate that is, has, and presumably always will be honest and forthright in his beliefs. And maybe, just maybe, the MSM has had their coverage of socialist countries all wrong for decades. SocialismIsntEvil Sanders best memories are of Russia. The Russians are helping his campaign. If he wins, he will be investigated like never before and probably impeached.

Yes, hammer him on the things he said 30+ years ago, as opposed to all the treasonous and impeachment-worthy things Embarrassment Trump has actually done with Russia and Ukraine since taking office. As opposed to all the shit Trump has said JUST THIS YEAR about North Korea, Putin and his Oligarchs, Saudi Arabia, etc. Yeah Bernie is going to have a hard time against a pathological liar.

Of course, they will. Bernie isn't the guy Trump was so afraid of he committed impeachable acts to try to derail. Bernie is the opponent Trump wants. Yes he said he was impressed by the soviets museums and bus system. It’s not really “buried” when it’s every 5th comment you read for a week. Yes, what about Trump's old statements? Current ones? People seem fine with those.

realDonaldTrump was a democrat before jumping the ship, so what's wrong with BernieSanders having changed from a socialist to a democrat? Ya think?! 😂🤣

'Long buried'..he sided with Maduro over Venezuela's protesters and also ignores Iran's protesters being shot for protesting while ignoring Hong Kong. Bernie and the squad are anti human rights at best, pro dictator/terrorist at worst. He's gonna get slaughtered. Throw in a couple of trump supreme court justices in the next 4 years and America will be fucked for half a century.

More of us than them, if bernie wins nom we will vote for him, time for a President that understands the citizens of this nation are also too big to fail.. We defend the totalitarian ethnostate of Israel. We provide weapons to the genocidal Saudi regime. Mass murderer Erdogan of Turkey is our ally. Do you all REALLY want to start the conversation of who our nation has endorsed or spoken well of?

Republicans have been calling every democrat a socialist for like 30 years This has come up over and over again Uh, yeah. Lmao ok, boomers. It's a fair concern They have been calling democrats communist for decades. It won’t work.

But but but he's a ' Democratic Socialist' Trump “hammering” someone else about Russia praise is laughable. The only hammering done is by Putin. Fact: Russia inflated Trumps popularity w/propaganda. Russia helped bolster BernieSanders in 2016 & again in 2020. Maybe Sanders isn’t as popular as the polls depict him, and just maybe the Russian propaganda is designed to ensure another 4 for Trump! Why else would Russia help?

PAST? That crazy man labels himself a SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT! Он не будет призидентом. Российский 🇷🇺 хакеры не позволяют 😂 Well they sure didn't make it any harder for Trump to do, did they? 'will hammer him on his long buried words'. Beats embracing the current world dictators.... Like really recently. Not including condoning current infection of our election. Yeah, he won't have much steam here.

This too. And not only this. They have even more. I say! 👍 He will and it will work. Bernie is a walking disaster but Tom Perez decided to gamble and here we are. Communism is still a thing? Just checking to see if this the 21st century and not 1985...

JenniferHookham I welcome Drumpf's hatred on things Bernie say 50 years ago...and counter with things Drumpf did this week. SovietSanders realDonaldTrump You are now officially tampering in a presidential primary by subtly throwing things “TRUMP” (wink wink) could possibly use against Sanders, knowing good and well that his “democrat” opponents and potential voters will see this.

What a nightmare this guy. It will be 4 more years of Trump. Well, duh. No need in worring bout 5that. It's a done deal ...lol Not worried Bloomberg needs to hammer Him now on this Ya think?

Yep You know what's a sovereign remedy for 'his long-buried words'? NOT GIVING A FUCK ABOUT THEM. People worrying about defeat when victory is theirs for the taking. You just gotta' really hate poor people I guess not to see it. No one cares. No shit, Sherlock As much as I don’t agree with Trumps actions, there’s no way I’d ever vote for a socialist!

Unfortunately Americans are not ever critical of our unjust foreign policy and care little for the victims of our perpetual war machine. We have killed and displaced millions because of 9/11. Irony. Each year Americans with guns murder more Americans than died on 9/11. 🤷🏼‍♂️ How many innocent people from multiple countries did US presidents murder before our corporate leadership found a willing partner in Communist China? Despite what people believe In not sure being communist was enough reason to kill millions of people and deny self determination

😂 It only took 200 years for the Democratic party to turn communist. Yes! The only person who can beat President Trump--and who is destined to be the first female President of the United States--is Hillary Clinton. Anyone who says otherwise is a aiding our bitter enemy, the evil Soviet Union. Anyone who doesn't vote for Hillary is Treasonous.

Can't wait for him to bring that up during a debate and for bernie to reply with quotes from trump about how great Kim Jong Un, Putin, Erdogan, Duterte, and bin Salman are. Will not vote for Bernie Pick someone else Why do you need realDonaldTrump to being that up for you? Why are you not concerned about those allegiances/reference points all by yourself?

Yeah well Trump was installed by Putin and runs around undermining democracy and licking the jackboots of fascist 'strongmen'. greggutfeld Sanders may be related to the Russians doing the hacking... Could be of benefit... Bring it on trump Sanders is going to tear U apart!. With facts & logic. Diplomacy, I think is 1 of Sanders most underrated abilites. Whether U like those countrys gov or not, things change wth engagement,& common ground. Human monkey doesnt react well with pressure or violence

Bernie will school him. The media have trained Bernie with difficult questions and all the time Bernie body it. No it won't and stop posting this garbage. He's popular for this very reason. Democrats KNOW that he supports certain socialist ideas. He's never lied about that. It's basically his entire platform. No one's going to be shocked about that after the fact. Stop.

Told ya! Bernie is very dangerous & damaging. Till date he has not spoken about a United front opposing Trump. Only talks about how he wants to take on the rich, corporates, bussines, etc. Total socialist.

Yes what concerns me... You mean the truth about the wacko and anti-American policies/ideas Sanders has espoused for 40 years? BernieSanders is a Marxist, who else would expect him to respect and admire? Just because he didn't know that slave labor was used and thousands of Russians died building that subway station doesn't mean he is an ahole! Or does it?🤔😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Please! The pot calling the kettle black. Plus tRump can’t hammer anything! Trump is the one in Putin' pocket not Sanders. Oh and so will many others! Comrade Sanders KarenSalitis Really? Putin’s stooge is gonna go there? Lol!

No!!!!!! Have you seen the people we elect to President? Clearly we don't give a shit about anything. Then Sen Sanders hammers Trump on Putin & Kim Jong Un Screw you . We are screwed When did the word communist get replaced by socialist ..... wake up people- this dude is a commie Ya don’t say. 😂😂😂 How do you feel about Fascism vs Socialism?

YES!!!!!’ Cuba good book to read before 2020Elections

Uh. Ye-ah. Very cute.. your tears are scrumptious, despite being a little salty Trump knows Sanders is the beatable candidate. There's socialism, Medicare for All - Am people would have no choice, Sander's medical fitness for the presidency, Sander's background. This tweet from Nikki Haley(fmr U.S. Amb to United Nations) is an example of attacks to expect.

This ain't it. COUNT ON IT...... ESOS 'ALGUNOS' ....SON AYUDANTES DE TRUMP!!!! PPPPRRRTTT!!!!! Well then, I guess he’ll have some explaining to do. And. Being a draft dodger No, ya think...

Yes Trump will have him for an appetizer We get it. You hate the poor and would rather not pay a single cent more in taxes while everything around you burns. Yay capitalism. But hey at least you’ve convinced the majority of people that the scraps you “offer” them are fantastic and they should thank you for it.

We may be looking at the inevitable by morning after Super Tuesday. I supported Harris. Now support Warren, but it seems that Sanders has reasonable chance of winning election IF he works towards real party unity. Hand wring for now, but may come time to accept and move forward. Truth? Dems need someone strong and more middle of the road, but the removal of that corrupt p.o.s, AND his enablers is absolutely necessary for the sake of our country, and our standing on the world stage.

And he along with the media should! No shit. They're going to nominate a literal communist. Can’t be any worse than DT’s cuddles with Putin. Not sure he wants to go there. Well duh. Trump will hammer Sanders on everything - his support of these countries, communism, his unattainable Medicare for All and Free Education plans, everything he can find. Sanders cannot win against Trump. Democrats need to realize this and act on it.

Yes That’ll be the least of the issues Trump will hammer Bernie about. Americans are not socialists. It doesn’t matter what trump does as long as all Democrats VoteBlueNoMatterWho Bernie over nazi Trump, I will take that anytime. CorruptTrump trumpcrimefamily thehuli BidenInsultBot There is a simple fix to this issue but the Democrat Party will never go for it. Bernie is a Socialist and should be running in a the same Party not their Democrat Party! They need to decide what their Party stands for, state it and get their delegates to get on board or leave.

Bernie's not my candidate, but really this is silly. Easiest comeback Russia, North Korea, etc. It's not like Trump is immune on supporting murderous strongmen. Make Helicopter Rides Great Again! 🚁 🤸‍♂️ Sanders will be a repeat of George McGovern. Or maybe he’s just non interventionist

Worry? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yes Long buried? Trump can win by hammering him for what he said yesterday. Buried but believed hahahaha,,,,,,,,Trump is ready and waiting...............and I bet salivating,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahaha We Need Pete! PeteForPresident 'USSR'? As in Putin? I pray to God that Sanders just goes away...🤔OUR COUNTRY DOESN'T NEED A SOCIALIST, as we will end up in another civil war of our own...Not to mention, that is one step away from Communism...😔

If we all VoteBlueNoMatterWho these issues won't matter. There's only 30% actual die hard trump supporters vs. 70% everybody else. We can't lose sight of the chief offenders! GOPBetrayedAmerica DumpTrump Trump will destroy him.

Not my first choice, but guess what? Trump is gonna hammer whoever is the nominee- bullshit reporting like this doesn’t serve anyone but the Trump, Putin, and NBC/MSNBC’s corporate owners. Haha. If that's the case, maybe, just maybe Bernie might have a negative, fact based, proof. Video evidence of a thing or two for Trump to counter with. The country has lived through this nightmare.

So? Past and present deeds and words of trump don’t matter. Look at the context and what the meaning at the time was. Look at what is trying to be accomplished now. And for whom. And they will and Sanders will lose. They can’t be too buried if you’re bringing them up. They should be worried & ashamed that the face of their party is a socialist millionaire who owns 3 houses & would ruin our country if he is able to win & institute his plans.

Let Trump bury him with his own words. If anyone should forget the past, it’s Trump.

Yes Putin, China, Cuba and Venezuela leaders are all pulling and willing to help Comrade Sanders! Oh hell no. Trump has reveled in his ability to grab womens privates at will because he's 'famous.' And he took health care from critically ill INFANT nephew who would die without it ... For spite. So stop.

And aren't you worried about that also? And then we have this!! Lol 😂 Which is the worst of two evils? Bernie defending Cuba, Nicaragua, and the, now demised, USSR or Trump defending Russia. I don't like either because I believe that Communism and Terrorism should NOT be condoned. *communist regimes Has he disavowed any of it? People do grow, change, reassess

Have no fear...Bernie Sanders is here and together we will send Trump home. NotMeUs PeoplePower NVCaucus Remember great countries fall from within. Bernie could do it

Democrat, think twice If Sanders lose he will retreat to the mountains and start a guerrilla war. Following BernieSanders have known about his visits for years and have no qualms, perhaps you should try to find out why GOPTraitors were visiting Russia. Bernie2020 BernieBeatsTrump BernieSanders BernieSanders SenSanders

He should just say it was trump that said those things not him. Yes it will. You mean tRump will conjure up his Russian hack squad ... 'Some'?! Really? Only some? Some?!?! Of course he will...Dems have been saying that for years too! What?! Like he can't hammer Trump on his fresh words in defense of governments in Russia and North Korea.

Uhhh, yeah Meanwhile in reality, realDonaldTrump is BFF with Leaders from Russia, North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia just to name a few. Whereas realDonaldTrump gladly admits he admires dictators. Then Bernie can pull up all his history and ask, “people are capable of change, right?” Bernie is honest. Trump lies. Bernie is our to help/protect the American worker. Trump is out to help/protect himself and a few loyalists. Everything else is collateral damage/benefit.

but it is ok for other american leader to deal with china , a communist country with human rights issues. this is a bad faith article nbc and you know it. Trump’s cult will vote for Trump. Nothing Democrats can say or do will change them. I am way beyond caring about appeasing them. I am not voting for Bernie in the primary, but I will vote for him in the general election if he’s nominated. Trump can talk sh*t. I don’t care.

wow, genius reporting right there... Simply put America can never be a socialist country this is a ploy use by the other side to scare poor people and Sanders and his group can educate people about this fact,big corporations paying their fair share is not socialism. As well he should. AmericaWillNeverBeASocialistCountry

Yep - pretty much. We are just at the third contraction in a 50+ contraction delivery (primary)-- take note No crowning before... What hurts is Sanders is not a Democrat. What is SEO Optimization suggestions visit here Well no shit..Who wouldn't Yes. No kidding. I am sorry Democrats, but social populism is what a majority of your voters want. Love it or hate it, that is what should prevail if you believe in democracy.

If Sanders win the Democrat then say good-bye to democracy! The moron in office will stay for another 4 years. You mean they may call the communist a communist. Shocker.

Who cares what Trump says? charlesadler Ummm the other candidates should be doing this ffs. Well he will now! Thanx for giving trumpo the idea. So what? Melania Trump father was a card carrying member of the Communist Party. People are more worried about healthcare, education, infrastructure etc. You’d have thought maybe his fellow Dems on the debate stage might do this before Trump does

Can DT really say anyone has said something more offensive to the US than the dozens of comments he’s made since taking office? I vote dem. But we can’t win with Bernie. Another lost opportunity I'm worried about BernieSanders attitude towards women and Blacks. Why does Trump get a pass for praising Russia but not Bernie ? farmers are swimming in socialism and we now have socialism for the very rich 1% all thanks to Republicans - your paper is nuts !

His Father was a Communist, Honeymooned in Russia, proclaimed Marxist, held Castro in high regard, and has never held a real paying job... You expect any sane American to vote for this guy

Who cares.. nothing can go lower than what we currently have in the White House Then Trump should be hammered on his defense of putain Kim and his record of firing good people. Dis regard of Congress to turn over supeonas. For the truth. Locking innocent kids in cages. Cool. Then let’s not nominate him.

Duh. He is a communist so that doesn’t help Bernie either. If Sanders wins the Democrat nomination, it’s the Cold War all over again, good vs. evil, Capitalism vs. Communism . Trump vs. Sanders. Freedom vs. Marxism. Ya think? And? Really!!!!!! You don't know how lucky you are, boy. Back in the u.s.s.r.

SenSanders is definitely more winable than the basket of deplorables! As they should The Democratic party is running a Castro against a Napoleon. LOL can't write this storyline if you tried with the best of them. Why not!...I would. Don't need no Commie President. THAT may result in another Nicaragua....

Of course he will ... you know that Putin has volumes of dirt on Bernie ... and it will all be dumped the day after Bernie gets the nomination And rightly so. Trump isn't that smart. debralenora he will Russia's been building up a lot of lies and slander just like they did Clinton and just like trump got away with with all the candidates the last time some how we've got to stop them

more likely, NBC news and MSM will excuse his support of these regimes charlesadler He lauded Cuba's 'free health care, free education, free housing' Never cared to mention people were not happy and always trying to escape. lol

Shut the Fuck Up Big if Why would it as T is in bed w them?! He will and Sanders will lose. Ya think? How many times have we been told by his supporters that they like him because he’s always been exactly the same person. He’s an admitted socialist. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ He is currently showing symptoms of self aggrandizement.

...and Sanders can hammer Trump on Putin, Kim Jung-on, Erdogen and Jinping. No shit! The same impeached corrupt Trump who courts autocrats, is a RussianAsset, pardons his criminal friends & family, and use our tax dollars to golf at his resorts every other day? That man? BernieSanders No, they dont, Silly NBC.

If the msm were doing their jobs they'd be hammering him on those words now. Central America’s problems lie with U.S. backed governments in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Bernie is delusional. Bernie's going to win. No, it won’t hurt Bernie Sanders, because it is 2020. And, we already have the USSR in the White House, because of Donald Trump!

And Americans will NOT vote for him.... Boonie has lots of baggage to hammer him on. Great. We can listen to Trump praise Russia, then Bernie praise Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia. Lol i like how you put it on trump but call attention to it first. Not subtle at all 🤣 Sanders has openly praised Communist dictators and the words were never hidden. Our brave firefighters in the media have never bothered to bring them to light. Its your treatment of Sanders that has given birth to his movement. Spare me your concern

What about his past perverted essays? What about Trump's recent praise for the current Russian regime? 1 yes it will hurt him as America as a whole meaning over 51% dont want a true socalist president. Thats fifferbt from a presidebt eho performs some socalist policies like tax cuts to the rich. 2 he is too far left to pick up enough of the middle where most Americans are 2 win.

You think......? He should be hammered on it. Commie Which is why the MSM should have vetted him in 2016 And his current defense of Maduro’s regime in Venezuela. Many Democrats will prefer Trump. You bet your sweet bippie. Can Mr. 'I Love Putin' Trump actually succeed at that We should do that now and beat the rush

Sanders won't be elected president. BernieSanders is 78 years old (79 by November election); Running mate will likely become POTUS before Bernie’s term is up. Dems: You ought to think about this. BTW: Isn’t Bernie a devout Communist? Election2020. Notice their worry is that Trump will use Bernies thoughts on communism against him, not that Bernie has praised communism for decades. The contemporary DNC is essentially communist. Wake up and WalkAway

And what does trump have to say about his support of Putin, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others like them? Well get this out in the open. Some vetting must be done before one of these people is nominated and Dems are left with the metaphorical (or actual) dicks are in the wind. Bernie is dems only shot! Don’t mess this up hillary

Oh Please 🙄 Are we comparing Words of Bernie compared to Words of Trump! Are we comparing hypocrisy? Rotflmao 😝 Trump will hammer anyone who wins the nomination. That's politics unfortunately. But it takes two politicians to partake in a political 'hammering' & Bernie can handle Trump. But not if some democrats & the media deny him the chance to even get that far😕

LOL Some worry that if Sen. Sanders wins the nomination will change it's slogan to Fair & Balanced so not hearsay. got it

You'd think so, but I also thought Trump's open embrace of Putin and other autocrats and enemies would sink him. It hasn't. B4 1 jumps on the proverbial bandwagon to believe what you hear,read the history on this topic 1st. The Democrats were stupid to let Sanders run as a Democrat. He should have had to run as an independent

America needs a non-octogenarian candidate, without heart disease, and most importantly without baggage that the GOP can weaponize. He has praised Russia in the past and has a voting record on gun control that is clearly not Democratic. Should have been more of a debate topic. no Then they should release the complete articles because they were skewed, dissected and taken out of context.

Bernie had those beliefs while living in a Kibbutz Israel. Check out the Jewish Journal 2/21 27/2020 Sanders is very intelligent, and very prepared. No more than trump’s praise for Dictators such as Putin - Duarte - Kim (NK)! And Trump will get re-elected.

If Bernie continues to claim victory over the Democrats and Trump is granted “absolute immunity” by SCOTUS in March... Trump will claim unrecoverable compromise of elections and cancel them. Then King Trump will appoint Bernie as Social Program Director, for faithless inferiors. After a few years of fascism, the American people are more than ready for some Democratic Socialism.

Long buried? By who ? YOU GUYS? How about instead of making about trump pouncing you report accurately about sanders communist sympathies ... as he should ? Lol These Democrats need not worry instead push hard so that whoever wins the nomination ship reaches the shore line to defeat the worst President in history. Yes we can do it. The people gave Pres Trump a chance and all he delivered ' Cow Manure '.

He should be hammered over that, he’s a socialist and this is America. Perhaps if he goes head-to-head w/ Trump on a national stage, Sanders would be able to define, inform and plain educate people on socialism. The media, Republicans and others seem to be misinformed and are misinforming the public on its true meaning. VoteProgress!

Trump currently embraces dictators and dictatorships. He has no idea how to practice foreign policy. He is dangerous and stupid. I welcome BernieSanders’ left of center views. He can handle anything trump will throw at him. Bernie2020 The wave is fun And his honeymoon in the U.S.S.R.

Of course Trump will. Everybody should be disgusted with his words. Awwww...That’s a shame. Good Not worrying...but knowing that it will be catastrophic for OUR party..we will lose the WH, the chance to flip the Senate and highly likely The House. The voters will not vote for a socialist nor allow a now socialist party the power to legislate socialist programs

Yes. Of course he will hammer him for his Commie support. Funny that worries Democrats In a debate, the one on the left will look very, very old. Long buried? He has lots to hammer trump back with. Bernie has earned this nomination and we're not going to let the corporate media steal it from him like they did back in '16. 🌹✌🏻🇺🇸😎

Each Dem, in their competition for the nomination, are attacking, degrading, demeaning their opponents, not caring that these wounds will follow the nomination into their combat with Trump, doing half his work for him. Trump has proven his political coup is unified. Dems must be. They fear the same tired smears will be brought out again? They don't fear it. They're the ones pushing it hoping enough low info voters fall for it. Nothing increases Trump's chances more than these attempts to tank the frontrunner.

Well, that's what happens when you don't try to hide being a socialist Whoever wins the nomination is going up against the worst President but best troll the office has ever seen. Every Democrat has MAJOR weaknesses against Trump because they are pathetic and will only trip over themselves trying to combat Trump. Only populists have a chance now.

Then why aren't these idiots running against him hammer him so there can be an actual election where the Democrat stands a chance. Communism kills ! It ain’t gonna work. Hahaha! Bernie 2020! This will be epic Hello...

In defense of their social policies, not their authoritarian ideals and violence he is a communist and he will cause every Democrat to loose their seats. Cover Nevada results instead of this low blows Trump’s words didn’t hurt him kjblackhawk Bernie Sanders will not win the nomination Democrats should be aware that Bernie is who he is...if he attracts a majority of votes, then they are advocating for a change of government to a European style socialism, with a leader who dabbled in communist theory in the past. He admits to his socialist soul, but communism?

Why is everyone worried that something the eventual Democratic candidate said will cost him/her votes, when Trump lies multiple times daily and his base stays solid? How to earn money from adsense Won't Happen Sanders has been Office a whole helluva a lot longer, and knows what's going on in this world, unlike Mr. Humpty Trumpty

The fact that these comments are “long buried” tells you everything you need to know about MSM bias. Ya think? Of course he will because Sanders is a communist and a Russian asset, groomed since his honeymoon in the USSR. And? He should be grilled about that shit. The stupid democrats are voting for someone who supports communism and they like him because he tells you that he is going to take from rich and give free stuff out to everyone.

The RUSSIANHOAX explained for Sanders! it's how the DNC works. They don't want to have to deal with this at Convention. Bernie supports the poor and oppressed remove China from the equation and zero work has been dont in poverty global in 50 years Russians using socialism as a weapon to help Trump get Re-elected how ironic. That Putin’s Stooge would win again because ignorant trump supporters can’t comprehend that their longtime communist nemesis wants him too. Guess Vietnam and Korea were for nothing.

I'm 63 and usually vote democrat. I can't vote for Sanders because progressive is too far and too fast. Little by little we can make changes, but not like Sanders. Compared to Trump’s support of fascism and white supremacy? Gimme a break. All Sanders wants is what’s good for working families rather than just the 1%. That’s what he’s wanted his entire life. Nothing’s changed.

Don’t worry NBC..I am sure you will do your part to help Bernie and suppress the flaws in his plans & programs plus past radical statements!

Oh its all we’ll hear!

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