Will Porsha Williams Invite Any Real Housewives to Her & Simon Guobadia's Wedding? She Says... - E! Online

Will Porsha Williams Invite Any Real Housewives to Her & Simon Guobadia's Wedding? She Says...

12/3/2021 10:49:00 AM

Will Porsha Williams Invite Any Real Housewives to Her & Simon Guobadia's Wedding? She Says...

Porsha's Family Matters star Porsha Williams gushed over fiancé Simon Guobadia and dished on which former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars will be invited to the wedding. Watch now!

Now, Porsha is just focusing on her husband-to-be, Simon."He is a real man, he really is. I can tell when we get married like the type of wife I am is going to be because of what agreat husbandhe is," Porsha gushed. "He's going to be a great husband because I'm going to want to be such a great wife to him. We almost compete when it comes to pleasing each other and supporting each other, and I love that type of competition in a relationship."

Porsha even admitted that she is "submissive" to Simon, but not in the way you might think."It means to me to love your husband, reverend him and just the very word of being submissive," Porsha revealed. "The problem was in the past, I was just submissive to the wrong person. If you have a true partnership with your husband or long-term mate, then it will not be a position of submissive where you will feel less than; it'll just be letting that person be the man or the leader of the family. That's what the meaning is to me now, so it's about choosing the right person."

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