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Will 'Old Town Road' Break the All-Time Hot 100 Record? Everything You Need to Know About Lil Nas X's Historic No. 1 Run

Will 'Old Town Road' break the all-time #Hot100 record? 🤔 Everything you need to know about @LilNasX's historic No. 1 run


Will 'Old Town Road' break the all-time Hot100 record? 🤔 Everything you need to know about LilNasX's historic No. 1 run

Will Lil Nas X be able to pull off the unprecedented with his first-ever hit single? What will his competition be? And who is he racing against historically?

Which songs is "Old Town Road" chasing for the all-time record?

In its 14th week, "One Sweet Day" held a 1.3 to 1 points lead over No. 2, Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon Cry," while "Despacito" held a bigger margin over DJ Khaled's Rihanna- and Bryson Tiller-featuring "Wild Thoughts," leading by 1.5 to 1. However, "Old Town Road" has the biggest lead of the three in its 14th week, holding a 1.9 to 1 edge over the current No. 2 single, Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy." (The lead is even bigger than it was in its 13th week at No. 1, when it boasted a 1.8 to 1 advantage.)

lead single "Look What You Made Me Do," which catapulted up from No. 77 after its first full week of tracking.

With its metrics not gaining with any particular velocity, it seems unlikely that "Bad Guy" would be able to close the gap between it and "Old Town Road" in its next few weeks, at least in its current incarnation -- more on that later. The same is true of Khalid's "Talk" and Ed Sheeran's Justin Bieber-featuring "I Don't Care," currently the Nos. 3 and 4 songs on the chart, respectively, neither of which are trending enough in the right direction to mount much of a campaign for No. 1.

One song that was released last Friday (and thus hasn't yet impacted the Hot 100) that might at least get within striking distance of "Old Town Road" is "Goodbyes," from regular chart-topper Post Malone and featured rapper Young Thug. The new song has been No. 1 on Spotify and on iTunes since its debut last Friday (June 4) and figures to have a big debut on next week's Hot 100 -- although its numbers so far don't look to be overwhelming enough to make up for the edge "Road" will undoubtedly have in overall metrics on next week's chart.

out yet that might pose a credible threat to "Old Town Road" at No. 1?

has already spawned one No. 2 hit, in the aforementioned Bieber-featuring "I Don't Care." Subsequent releases from the set haven't fared as well, but the album's guest list does contain such recent chart-toppers as Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and Cardi B -- the last two on the same track -- so a potential major Hot 100 debut from it can't be ruled out completely.

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LilNasX charts Wtf is One Sweet Day

RS Charts: Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Is Number One (Again) on Top 100 ChartRSCharts: Lil Nas X’s 'Old Town Road' is Number One (again) on Top 100 chart somebody please stop him Fuck

LilNasX charts Only .MariahCarey did it with ONE SONG.. ... Not 50 remixes of the SAME SONG! That's LEGEND status! LilNasX charts This shit can't pass Mariah please 😭😭😭😭... Bey (even I don't like her) , Billie, Post Malone, CB 🆘 LilNasX charts Lets stream bad guy LilNasX charts anyways.. stream bad guy!

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Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How to Make the Perfect Panini: WatchThe celebrity chef's team was there to document the encounter, as footage released on Sunday (July 7) found Gordon giving the 'Old Town Road' artist a tutorial on how to cook the perfect panini. LMAO I see it already: 'dOnT bUrN iT.' 'OvEeCooKed' (Btw this is a joke 😭 don't attack me) MGMAVOTE EXO weareoneEXO We are one

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LilNasX charts I’m not mad at you all, you can make history if you want to. But when Old Town Road beats the record, just know that Mariah had to do it 25 years ago with only radio airplay and people going out and actually buying a CD.

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Emerging Hip-Hop/R&B: Saweetie & Lil Tecca Reach New HeightsThis week's Emerging Hip-Hop/R&B looks at the chart success of Saweetie and Lil Tecca.

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LilNasX I would not like to see it please LilNasX As much as you guys and I hate to see it the song will break the record and there’s nothing we can do about it since stan twitter is refusing to stream the bad guy remix or goodbyes since the people on the tracks are “rats and clowns” LilNasX justinbieber are shaking... thats why he jump to Bad Guy Remix to prevent Old town road breaking the record 😂

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