Will Instagram's new 'sensitive content' filter censor Black users?

Instagram announced a new content filter to limit what people see in their Explore pages. Critics say it will negatively affect Black users. - @NBCBLK

8/2/2021 6:00:00 AM

Instagram announced a new content filter to limit what people see in their Explore pages. Critics say it will negatively affect Black users. - NBCBLK

Instagram has come under fire after introducing |a href='https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/instagram-s-new-protections-teens-come-experts-say-tween-v

Last week Instagram rolled out its “Sensitive Content Control,” which lets users determine how much “sensitive” content — like nudity, guns and violence — they’d like filtered out of their Explore pages. The options are “Allow,” “Limit” and “Limit Even More.” All accounts default to the “Limit” setting.

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“You can think of sensitive content as posts that don’t necessarily break our rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people — such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent,” Instagram officials said in the announcement.They said more about the filter’s function a few days

later on Twitter:"Because we show you posts from people you don’t follow on Explore, we try not to show content that some may find sensitive. Things like posts about smoking, violent posts like people fighting, or about pharmaceutical drugs." headtopics.com

Ashlee Marie Preston, a Los Angeles-based activist and cultural commentator, said she keeps up with Instagram’s updates and noticed that engagement from her 400,000 followers had declined in the week since the control was implemented. Preston, who is a Black trans woman, said she routinely shares posts about transphobia, racism and trans identity.

That type of content, she said, often falls victim to Instagram’s filters.“No one really knew it was placed on their account. It was a pre-emptive move,” Preston said of the filter. “I saw Instagram was ushering us into a new era in which they were allowed to be the ones who determined what was sensitive and unsafe and what was not. The problem with that is that our identities, experience and very being is going to be deemed sensitive and unsafe, because our experiences are unsafe."

July 27, 202100:36Preston said she has spent months looking at social media patterns and quality filters and is launching the"#TakeBackIG" campaign to address what critics say is Instagram's censorship, demand transparency and restore full access to content settings —"so users can apply or remove filters of their own volition, no default settings," she said.

The new filter is intended to keep people safe and allow users to curate their Explore pages by deciding for themselves how much content to filter, Instagram told NBC News. However, users won’t have a say in what content is considered sensitive. Depending on the level chosen, violent videos and posts featuring abuse might be filtered out, as well as photos of women in bikinis or posts in which activists condemn police brutality. headtopics.com

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"Unfortunately, there will always be mistakes made and that is the exception. By no means is it the rule," a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, said about concerns that Black user content might be filtered out under the content control.

The spokesperson said Instagram's Equity Team is devoted to making sure Black users aren't censored or unfairly hidden."We released Sensitive Content Control to give people more say over what they see on Explore," the spokesperson said in a statement."We know that not everyone wants to have the same experience, and this control will let people decide if they want to see more or less sensitive content. This will have no impact on what they see in places like Feed or Stories, where we will continue showing them posts from people they follow."

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NBCBLK Instagram used to be great before Facebook bought it. NBCBLK Hispanics are starting new successful businesses. They don't... they grind Good Family values They are what success looks like NBCBLK In no way whatsoever did this article set out any cogent reason why this would negatively affect black users. There was one transgender black activist cited who indicated how her posts might be affected, but that's a far cry from black people, generally. This was clickbait.

NBCBLK 🤔 hmmmmm... NBCBLK 'Preston, who is a Black trans woman, said she routinely shares posts about transphobia, racism and trans identity. That type of content, she said, often falls victim to Instagram’s filters.' Good. People don't need to see that trans nonsense unsolicited. NBCBLK Everything negatively affects black people. Everything. There. Now you don’t have to run stories about it. We got it. Everything!!!

NBCBLK Give me a break

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