Gavin Newsom, California, Recall Gavin Newsom, Heat Wave

Gavin Newsom, California

Will early heat wave take down California's energy grid and Gavin Newsom?

'Voters, even a lot of Democrats, viewed [Gray Davis] as not handling the electricity crisis that we faced in 2000, and particularly in 2001, properly. But that was a crisis that affected one state,' a Democratic strategist said.

6/17/2021 7:12:00 AM

'Voters, even a lot of Democrats, viewed [Gray Davis] as not handling the electricity crisis that we faced in 2000, and particularly in 2001, properly. But that was a crisis that affected one state,' a Democratic strategist said.

'Voters, even a lot of Democrats, viewed [Gray Davis] as not handling the electricity crisis that we faced in 2000, and particularly in 2001, properly. But that was a crisis that affected one state,' a Democratic strategist said.' [The pandemic] s a national problem, and it's affecting every state.'

."In the past, it's true that there was increasing heat. But I would have to say that last year was a turning point for that, because it was so historic in nature," Gonzales said."It wasn't just the high heat—it was the fact that it extended across the entire Western region, so it limited our import capabilities."

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Some California residents experienced two days of planned power outages last August. According toCAISO data, it was the first time the state ordered such outages since 2001, though electricity companies often initiate power shutoffs of their own at times of extreme wildfire risk.

In addition to the swath of power outages Davis faced in 2000 and 2001, Davis also dealt with power companies declaring bankruptcy and hiking electricity costs for consumers—and Davis' hesitancy to criticize the power companies for their actions was jarring to voters, South told

Newsweek.In contrast, Newsom has publicly criticized PG&E, the major power company servicing northern and central California, for its handling of power outages during intense heat spells."Newsom has been calling out PG&E as a bad actor in numerous ways over the time he's been governor," South said.

If PG&E or another of the state's electricity companies declare precautionary power outages this summer, South said it is unlikely Newsom will be to blame."He has cleverly and smartly positioned himself vis-a-vis PG&E in a way that people are not going to think that he's complicit in excusing PG&E bad behavior, because he's called it out publicly time and time again," he said."So if this comes down to PG&E having to shut power off or having blackouts, he's positioned himself much better with respect to PG&E than Davis did in 2001."

With high temperatures expected to continue this summer, Gonzales said CASIO made some changes since last year's rotating power outages to protect the grid. They include requiring energy operators to make substitute resource plans and pricing adjustments to"send strong signals" when the state is in need of energy.

CASIO also anticipates relying on Flex Alerts, which encourage residents to conserve energy during times when energy use is at its highest."They get that if everybody collectively does a few small things," she said,"that we can all work to stretch those energy supplies over the tough times and prevent more drastic emergency measures from having to be taken."

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The lack of flowing water on the Russian River at Memorial Bridge is viewed on June 3, 2021, near Healdsburg, California.George Rose/Getty ImagesIn a summer assessment published last month by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the organization acknowledged CASIO's recent adjustments, but said having enough resources is still a"significant concern" for much of the Western Interconnection.

"Peak demand projections have also increased in many parts of the Western United States, and overall resource capacity is lower compared to 2020,"said."Increased demand and lower resource capacity across the Western Interconnection can mean limited availability of surplus capacity for transfer into load centers for parts of California."

Gonzales acknowledged enduring heat waves will still be a challenge for California."We do have better electricity supply conditions for the upcoming summer; we're in better shape in that area," Gonzales said."But the power grid is still going to be at risk to stress during the extreme heat waves, especially those that extend across the west."

Even so, Gonzales said she did not anticipate rotating power outages would be needed to handle this week's heat wave, and she is hopeful they will not be needed for the rest of the summer, either."We feel guardedly optimistic for the year," she said."But again, with the high heat, that's the time when we will be leaning on our consumers and our flexible load, and trying to reduce demand at those very important times."

Regardless of whether power outages are needed during this heat wave or others to come this summer, South said he does not think they will impact Newsom's chances of winning the recall election.And South believes those chances are high."There's just no factor here that I can see that suggests to me that Newsom is in trouble," hesaid.

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Maybe the private utility company playing games.

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