Will Binyamin Netanyahu’s vow to annex part of the West Bank work?

Annexing part of the West Bank would be reviled abroad, even by Israel’s allies


Annexing part of the West Bank would be reviled abroad, even by Israel’s allies

Israel’s prime minister is trying to sway voters ahead of an election on September 17th

If polls are accurate, Mr Netanyahu will again fail to win a majority. Mr Lieberman’s gambit proved popular; surveys show his small party doubling in size since April. This would not make him a serious contender for the premiership. But it does make him a bigger obstacle for Mr Netanyahu. The ultra-Orthodox parties adamantly oppose a conscription bill and will not support a government that seeks to pass it.

Turnout in April was 68%, down four points from the previous vote in 2015. Much of the drop was due to a poor showing among Israeli Arabs. Their turnout was just 49%, a 15-point decline. The ultra-Orthodox will show up en masse at the urging of their rabbis, which helps Mr Netanyahu’s allies. But he no doubt worries about whether his own supporters will bother.

Now comes his promise of annexation, a long-cherished dream of the far right. In one sense it is a desperate stunt, similar to one he made before the election in April. But it was still jarring to hear an Israeli prime minister speak of annexing one-third of the West Bank, land the world sees as part of a future Palestinian state. It is far from clear that Mr Netanyahu will keep his promise—he has been in power for 13 years and has never taken any actions towards annexing the territory. But even if he does not act, his words help to normalise the idea. A future leader may be less restrained.

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WHY NOT. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTINIAN. SEND THEM BACK TO THE COUNTRIES THEY WERE KICKED OUT OF Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law Lebenstraum, I guess. What about Turkeys Occupation of Northern Cyprus and Also Jordons occupation Israel government is treating the Palestinians in the West Bank like the worst of the apartheid system in SA. Right wing Facism , supported by Trump. Basic Human Rights trampled underfoot , caged in one small zone. Inhuman!!!

Yes That map has sharpie on it. Palestine is full of poverty, slavery and death. Get the f*** over yourselves. A single state solution means the Israeli government (no matter who is in charge) is responsible for EVERY F***ING PERSON IN THE COUNTRY. Won’t get a better deal than that at this time. Palestinians will be completely encircled with more land grabs from Israel. Can nothing stop their trampling over people.

Wait and watch.. You leftist regenerates.... Its happening!

Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank's Jordan Valley if re-electedIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a deeply controversial pledge on Tuesday to annex the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank if re-elected in September 17 polls. "There is one place where we can apply Israeli sovereignty immediately after the elections," Netanyahu said in Yeah, he is such a liar... wants to keep the job to protect his ass... the real and core of the problems in the Middle East ...and the US will be expected to pay for it.

It should be reviled and Netanyahu should be defeated next Tuesday. Define work. If you mean will it end any chance of an amicable peace agreement, then Yes, it will work. For ten minutes Russia can get away with it so why not US backed Israel?

Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex part of occupied West BankIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... TOTAL ZIO CONTROL 'Ethnic cleansing is now totes OK' And they gonna say 'we don't want war'.

Israel's Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex West Bank's Jordan ValleyIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention on Tuesday to ... He couldn’t Steal it ? أكبر فتنة للمسلمين هي هذا الوقح. It is called illegal occupation and this is why Palestinians resist. Free_Palestine

Arab League calls Netanyahu plan to annex West Bank areas 'aggression'Arab foreign ministers condemned a plan by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netan... Calling it an aggression while firing rockets into Israel and funding those who wish to remove it from the planet. Pot meet Kettle. Some people called the annexation of part of Czechoslovakia ‘aggression’. Many called Putin’s annexation of Crimea ‘aggression’. But others have no problem with this sort of behavior.

Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank settlements as he faces tight electionTuesday's announcement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to be aimed at shoring up support of hard-line nationalist voters. Oh, I don't see this turning badly. How is this guy not in prison ?

Netanyahu Pledges to Annex Part of West BankBreaking News: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel pledged to annex parts of the occupied West Bank if he wins re-election, citing U.S. support. media_auntie I hate that murderer. Not an anti Semite, I’m anti .netanyahu ✅ CrimesAgainstHumanity Those new swimming pools on the West Bank are unlikely to be peacefully enjoyed. Please keep the US out of your decisions.....you have your country, we have ours.

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