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Entertainment, Wilford Brimley

Wilford Brimley, an actor and a Quaker Oats pitchman, dies at 85

Wilford Brimley, the mustachioed actor who appeared on the big screen, television shows and Quaker Oats commercials, has died. He was 85.

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Wilford Brimley , the mustachioed actor who appeared on the big screen, television shows and Quaker Oats commercials, has died. He was 85.

Wilford Brimley , the mustachioed actor who appeared on the big screen, television shows and Quaker Oats commercials, has died. He was 85.

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The Holy Spirit dwells with you & desires a fellowship with you. He wants to sit by your side as you read the scriptures and help you understand that. He wants to inspire in your prayers that comes deep within. He wants to make you more like Jesus. Will you welcome Him? BettyBuckley RIP, talented actor💔

Very sad to hear this may he Rest In Peace. On the other hand you actually reported something true ...WOW DIABEETIS R.I.P. you will be missed. 😭😭😭😭 May he Rest In Peace If there is a mustache hall of fame, he must be inducted He also appeared in a great movie called The China syndrome with Jane Fonda ,Jack Lemon, and Michael Douglas. It actually was not related to the accident on The three Mile Island nuclear plant, but eerily, almost predicted it

RIP Wilford. My brother and I still pronounce diabetes as diabeetus. Wonderful talent! Looks like 2020 is taking those who got extra time, and then some Diabeetus Wilford Brimley has been 85 years old since the 1980's. How is this possible? RIPWilfordBrimley .Blue steel. Cat couldn't scratch it. Postmaster general in Seinfeld!!!

Want he 85 when he was in Cacoon ? He will be missed.. prayers! Diabeetus Didn’t he do an episode or two on Walker Texas Ranger? 😢 R.I.P. “We will never get sick. And we’ll never die” ❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈 Jesus i thought he died 20 years ago. May his soul rest in perfect peace The scariest Postmaster General in history.

So sad, Rest in Peace Covid huh? Uncle douvee HardTarget R.i.p LauraBethAtAOL we’re done here. Don't forget postmaster general Great actor. My condolences RIP So he was 50 when Cocoon came out? May he Rest In Peace. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. It’s the job of a General to, by God, get things done.

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RIP Wilford. Fuck CNN follow me instead cause CNN IS fake News I would have bet $100 he was already gone. How can he be 85? He’s been old as long as I can remember. RIP If he would have died in New York they would have said it was covid Rip diabeetus Taken so young Wilford Brimley, some one I enjoyed chatting with; rest in peace.

RIP Mr. Brimley. Not the 'Diabeetus' guy! 😱 He lived a long life, rip Sorry to hear of Wilford Brimley 's death yesterday at age 85. But didn't he die in 1997 at age 85? RIP dear sir Rest in Peace Wilford. Great cowboy poet Goodness gracious i thought he long done passed away... I'm glad he had a good long life loved him in The firm w/ Tom Cruise

Diabetuhs Goddamn you 2020 RIP Rest In Peace RIP Wilford ! I knew Trump's last year in office would be bad, but I honestly wasn't expecting just this much death. I want to move my family from Crimea. We don't have anything, we just want to be together. VISA - 4276 7221 0937 7364 btc -13pNgagGXvZNadcouM9z4b8eyN7mPYk34Y I am not a fraud, ask any questions.

Goodness. I hate to say it, but I didn't know he was still alive. Forever missed. I'll be praying for the family. RIP. Wish you didnt die but you did fucking die Don’t. Say. It. Guys. May his diabeetus live on in our hearts forever. Of the diabetis A very long service veteran personality may he soil rest in perfect peace

RIP Beetus man 💀 I WILL NOT LIKE THIS but will include this gif Diabeetus? Rest In Peace ...RIP..🙏🙏🙏🙏 No Ewoks movie reference? Eat your goddamned Quaker Oats, by gum!! It's the right thing to do...and the tasty way to do it. Late 🙏😪 Oh no, great guy, met him while the filming of The Natural was going on in Buffalo.

He looked 85 in 1985 Wasn't he the postmaster general on an episode of Seinfeld? KING Was it the beetus? 🥺 the diabeeetus man. Long Live Beetus! RIP

Wilford Brimley, star of 'Cocoon' and 'The Natural,' dies at 85 Wilford Brimley starred in films such as 'Cocoon' and 'The Natural,' he was a longtime pitchman for Quaker Oats and in recent years he appeared in a series of diabetes spots. If you need logo or brand identity design. Contact me or visit my site. Thank you..... logodesign graphicdesign brandidentitydesign RIP Mr. Brimley you’re role in “Absent of Malice” Brilliant...

Wilford Brimley, Face of Quaker Oats & Diabetes Campaigns, Dead at 85Brimley was a staple in the health and food ad space for years. Oh man wilford passed away. Wow. I remember when he played in movies

Wilford Brimley Dies: ‘Cocoon’, ‘The Natural’ Actor Was 85 Wilford Brimley , the actor known for his work in Cocoon, The Natural and The Thing, has died. He was 85. Brimley, whose additional credits include The Electric Horseman and The Hotel New Hampshire,… So sad.. RIP 😢 Sad Rest in peace

Wilford Brimley, ‘The Natural’ and ‘Cocoon’ Star, Dies at 85 Wilford Brimley , best known for his roles in “The Natural,” the 1982 remake of “The Thing,” “The Firm” and “Cocoon,” died on Saturday. He was 85. His… Sad. Diabeetus?

Wilford Brimley, Curmudgeonly Actor Known for 'Cocoon' and 'The Natural,' Dies at 85 Wilford Brimley , the actor with the walrus mustache whose down-home geniality seen in such films as 'Cocoon,' 'The Natural' and 'Absence of Malice' endeared him to moviegoers, has died. He was 85. What he did this time? Don’t forget the John Carpenter classic, “The Thing”. RIP Wilford Brimley , face of Quaker Oats and Diabetes Campaigns , dead at 85.

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