Lake Hughes And Other Wildfires Have Destroyed More Than 73, 000 Acres Across 3 States - Cnn

Lake Hughes And Other Wildfires Have Destroyed More Than 73, 000 Acres Across 3 States - Cnn

Wildfires have destroyed more than 73,000 acres across 3 states and are spreading fast

Firefighters across three Western states are battling wildfires that have destroyed more than 73,000 acres.

8/13/2020 4:11:00 PM

Evacuation orders have been issued in areas threatened by the Lake Fire in California's Los Angeles County, the Mosier Creek Fire in central Oregon, and the Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek fires in Colorado

Firefighters across three Western states are battling wildfires that have destroyed more than 73,000 acres.

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GODS WARNING TO CALIF The cause of these fires, is unknown. Dealing with this same emergency for several decades now. Sad to hear of this. Yaar is this really happening or u urself are putting fire to aquire the land this not fair savetreessavelife Waiting for 2021 Why won't you tell your viewers about this historic accomplishment, CNN?

THIS IS HUGE NEWS but CNN won't tell it's viewers! CannonHinnat CannonHinnant SayHisName Fox News got the scoop I changing news and you don’t even cover it...seems strange..... Who started it ? The planet is trying to say something... I heard this had something to do with toxic masculinity...

Why the fires in CA always start before heatwave or winds?! Why there are no investigation being done to understand the common cause for these fires? We know drought is not the only cause and most of these fires are arson. How about homeless trash, for sure that’s part of it. PrayersforCalifornia!!!! I pray for all the people and the firefighters out there and for your safety!!!!

So now the fires in California yet another tragedy in making Who the hell would want to live out there. If your house and neighborhood doesn’t burn down an earthquake will do the job. glizzy creek *The Mosier Creek Fire is actually in the Columbia River Gorge* Which is nowhere near Central Oregon. You're welcome! :)

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Wildfires have destroyed more than 60,000 acres across three states and are spreading rapidlyFirefighters across three states are battling wildfires that have destroyed more than 60,000 acres in the US West. Love the most powerful force on Earth. Welcome to Armageddon That's horrible. Add that to the list of 2020.

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Fire burns thousands of acres in L.A. County ahead of heat waveA brush fire in a rural part of Los Angeles County has quickly burned 10,000 acres and sent up a plume of smoke that could be seen from city beaches 65 miles away. I guess we didn't rake the leaves LA is no loss

As Puerto Rico Battles Hurricane Season, HIV-Positive Folks Begin To Brace For The WorstWith the coronavirus spreading and natural disasters intensifying, HIV-positive Puerto Ricans are having to decide to flee — or stay and fight for their lives.

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