Wild's Matt Dumba, the first NHL play to kneel during national anthem, will now raise his fist

Dumba's lone regret, he confessed, was not remaining on a knee for the Canadian national anthem, 'O Canada.'

8/3/2020 3:00:00 PM

Dumba's lone regret, he confessed, was not remaining on a knee for the Canadian national anthem, 'O Canada.'

The first NHL player to kneel, Matt Dumba of the Wild says he didn't mean any disrespect with his actions on Saturday, but will continue protesting.

."I know why I knelt and it wasn’t a sign of disrespect by any means," Dumba said on a conference call with reporters Sunday,according to Sportsnet."It was to shed light on the people who’ve lived through injustice and oppression, especially in my home state of Minnesota."

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Malcolm Subban of the Blackhawks and Darnell Nurse of the Oilers, both Black players as well, placed their hands on Dumba's shoulders while he knelt.Dumba's lone regret, he confessed, was not remaining on a knee for the Canadian national anthem,"O Canada."

"There needs to be a lot of light that has to be shed on what is happening in Canada and the oppression First Nations have felt for hundreds of years," he said. "I have First Nations and Aboriginal families that have lived it and I was disappointed looking back on it."

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Matt Dumba is first NHL player to kneel during US National AnthemThe Minnesota Wild defenseman knelt during a game between Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks while wearing a Hockey Diversity Alliance hoodie with 'Black Lives Matter' written on the sleeves. Dumba, who is Canadian, stood for the Canadian anthem. Made it about himself wasn’t even suited up. VOTE So what, who cares? you all a bunch of race hustlers

Minnesota Wild's Matt Dumba kneels during anthem after giving anti-racism speechSpeaking in Edmonton before a playoff game, Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba said, 'Racism is everywhere, and we need to fight against it.' Does he mean minorities like non-Canadians? Where is his mask. Social distance? Cry babies😩😩😩 Blm is a lesbian marxist group anyway. Completely embarrassing

NHL Kicks Off Postseason Highlighting Black Lives Matter; Matt Dumba Says “Racism Is A Man-Made Creation”The National Hockey League returned to the ice on Saturday touting support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Before the puck drop at the Chicago Blackhawks-Edmonton Oilers game, one of the first… Was JUST reading pro-USA stance by the NHL. Now this!! Okay, I'm out of the NHL as well. This gross political messaging in professional sports has gone wayyyy to far.

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Dumba kneels, NHL puts focus on Black Lives Matter movementMinnesota Wild player Matt Dumba became the first NHL player to kneel during the U.S. national anthem ahead of the opening playoff game between the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks in Edmonton, Alberta. I applaud his courage to do what is right. LMFAO!!! Thankfully, only people in Canada really noticed.