Wilbur Ross: Tariff delay is not a concession, it's meant to help US consumers

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tells the @SquawkCNBC team that the Trump administration's decision to delay upcoming tariffs on certain Chinese goods was not a trade concession to China. Ross said the decision was made to help American consumers.


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tells the SquawkCNBC team that the Trump administration's decision to delay upcoming tariffs on certain Chinese goods was not a trade concession to China. Ross said the decision was made to help American consumers.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tells CNBC's 'Squawk Box' team that the Trump administration's decision to delay upcoming tariffs on certain Chinese goods, including some electronics, was not a trade concession to China. Ross said the decison was made to help American consumers.

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SquawkCNBC Why would consumers need help? Thought the tariffs didn’t hurt the consumers. Get your lies straight! SquawkCNBC Because..? SquawkCNBC But I thought the tariffs had no adverse effect on American consumers. 🤔 SquawkCNBC This man is just another Trump administration liar. realDonaldTrump SquawkCNBC Someone put this chart together, can’t remember who:

SquawkCNBC Humm...but wasnt the tariffs going to help American consumers... dumbtrump realDonaldTrump step down SquawkCNBC Suuuuuuuurrrrrrre. SquawkCNBC Conscience is the fundamental pillar of a harmonious society. Conscience promotes mutual understanding, trust and cooperation among people and nations to build a world of peace, harmony and brotherhood.

SquawkCNBC But we were told the tariffs didn’t affect US consumers, mr Ross. SquawkCNBC CNBC is Fox News SquawkCNBC Does POTUS know about this? The Chinese pay for the tariffs, and since most Chinese are not Christians, it is awfully nice they save Christmas. Seems something is not right here

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: Tariff delays were not a trade 'quid pro quo' with ChinaCommerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on 'Squawk Box.' This is why all the lies, all 12,000 of them matter. When the administration speaks on mundane policy decisions they’ve so thoroughly torched their credibility that everything, literally everything requires us to suspend our disbelief to take them at their word Politicians are crazy who threatened tariffs and affected financial stocks market plummeting So let's ruin all other seasons though

SquawkCNBC Does POTUS know about this? The Chinese pay for the tariffs, and since most Chinese are not Christians, its awfully nice they save Christmas. Seems something his not right here. SquawkCNBC Our federal government is pushing us toward the brink. If you think the debt bubble bursting in 2008 in the U.S. was bad - China’s bubble bursting will really damage global markets and the bond market is forecasting that. Who will be President in 2020?

SquawkCNBC Because we all pay the bill for any tariffs. Trump lied! SquawkCNBC Oh, because the tariffs are not helping American consumers? Gee, what a surprise. SquawkCNBC Can we all say we told you so. China isn’t paying for the tariffs SquawkCNBC Bs SquawkCNBC WAIT A MINUTE.. Trumponomics posits that we are making money on tariffs. Why not make more asap!

SquawkCNBC So the other tariffs are hurting American consumers? SquawkCNBC So tariffs against other countries hurt Americans economically!?!?!? But the big fat pumpkin head on TV said it was GOOD for Americans, and they only hurt the [brown black yellow] people in those horrible other countries! SquawkCNBC So let me get this straight, the administration just admitted tariffs hurt American citizens more than the other country.

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SquawkCNBC They will never admit China won the trade war. Never. SquawkCNBC He just conceded that China doesn’t pay these tariffs. It can’t help U.S. companies unless they pay. And pass tHe cost increase to consumers. SquawkCNBC Everybody better be worried about Paskistan and India. These fools about ready to nuke each other. Then again Moscow Mitch and Crazy King, Rep. Steven King talking about monkey sex takes the focus off the real issues.

SquawkCNBC Does he think people really believe that? SquawkCNBC Could have just said, “Wilbur Ross went on CNBC and lied.” SquawkCNBC .WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump Why do the American consumer need help if China is paying the tariffs? SquawkCNBC So, they’re finally admitting that the American consumer pays for TrumpTariffs

SquawkCNBC “Help” or just postpone the “hurt”? SquawkCNBC Okkkkkk, so RacistTrump PedoPrez RacistRapistTrump knows he's hurting the consumers but lies and says we're getting billions!!! Ol' Wilbur didn't coordinate his message w/ RacistTrump lies - uh oh😱!!! Think I know who's next on the exit list.....

SquawkCNBC But... why would the delay be needed to “help American consumers” when Trump, Ross, Navarro and Kudlow have all sworn that Americans aren’t paying for the China tariffs 🤔

Hudson Yards and the CFDA Face Backlash Over Involvement With Stephen RossIt was recently revealed that Ross has raised $13 for the re-election of President Donald Trump.

SquawkCNBC It was made to save trumps ass SquawkCNBC Ehhhh, the ones “not hurt by tariffs?” SquawkCNBC Hmmm... why would American consumers need help when LiarInChief says CHINA is “paying billions” in tariffs? He’s claimed all along that Americans aren’t penalized or paying the tariffs. Either he’s very stupid or he believes voters are stupid enough to fall for this - or both 🙄

SquawkCNBC Oh. So they admit that it’s the American co Sumer who foots the bill. 😑 BeckyLemay SquawkCNBC Why would he have to help American consumers in the greatest economy in the whole universe than ever before? It’s a secret that only he and his base knows since China is paying the tariffs. It’s the deep bond he has with his base. “We love the uneducated.”

SquawkCNBC OH so even old man Wilber understands that it is Americans that pay the tariffs SquawkCNBC If American consumers were going to get hurt by HIS tariffs, then he is not 'helping' consumers by not implementing them. He's just not doing ANYTHING, aside from creating a bunch of needless drama and worry, which is about the only thing this useless piece of shit does well.

SquawkCNBC Why repeat the lie? Also, so he's saying that the tariffs caused price increases that consumers had to pay for? SquawkCNBC You mean China isn’t paying all the tariffs? Next you’re going to tell me that Mexico isn’t paying for the wall. SquawkCNBC Hurt us? From whatever, pray tell?

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SquawkCNBC Before or after his nap. 😖 SquawkCNBC So, now they are admitting tariffs harm American consumers. Good to know. librarycongress WhiteHouse POTUS SquawkCNBC But we were assured by the President himself that Americans weren't paying these tariffs! HE PUT IT IN WRITING! SquawkCNBC So someone in the Whitehouse finally found the right coloured crayon to explain to the president how Tariffs actually work.....ba gawd...!

SquawkCNBC Delaying tariffs helps consumers means not delaying them was not helping consumers. Thx for confirming what everyone outside of MAGAland already knew. Maybe a few MAGAland citizens will step out of the MAGAland haze now SquawkCNBC So he lied about China paying for tariffs?🤣🤣🤣😡such a fool

SquawkCNBC Thinking they should've considered this a week ago? 🤔 - all incompetent 🤦🏻‍♂️ SquawkCNBC Because 'tariffs' are taxes on the American public SquawkCNBC Yeah, right SquawkCNBC So .... tariffs are passed on the the consumers .... as EVERYONE KNOWS .... smh

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SquawkCNBC Tariffs are a tax on consumers and businesses dickheads SquawkCNBC B-b-but .realDonaldTrump said that China was paying the tariffs not American citizens! .SecretaryRoss are you sure it's to save American consumers? You wouldn't want AgolfTwitler to throw you under the twitter bus. TrumpRecession TrumpCrash TrumpTradeWar TariffsAreTaxes

SquawkCNBC If China is paying for the tariff, why is this helping US consumers!!!! You can't get both ways, liar! SquawkCNBC Pretty sure China was paying for the Tariffs! How would the American consumer ever possibly be effected!?!?! SquawkCNBC But I thought he said China was paying for the tariffs. Oh.....it’s like Mexico paying for the wall.

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Bottom line is that trump must appoint one of his liars to trump up a face saving excuse to extract themselves from the trade war. He needs this for his base otherwise he will definitely loose next election. Even if they have to pay China to publicly go along with the lie. SquawkCNBC But I thought they were paid for by China realDonaldTrump ?

SquawkCNBC Oh so he's admitting that it's the American consumers who are footing the bill, not China? He better clue his boss in then... SquawkCNBC CNBC is nothing but a trickle down excuse machine .we should hang all wallstreet thieves in the street! Biggest welfare queens ever born!traitors !death to them all !

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SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC So.... American consumers ARE paying the tariffs? Come on, Wilbur! I don’t know which lie iscurrent anymore. SquawkCNBC Wait, I thought China paid the tariffs so how does postponing tariffs help US consumers? SquawkCNBC So they’re admitting that it is American consumers that pay the tariffs?

SquawkCNBC At least Ex Bank President Wilbur Ross can tell the truth about tariffs. The fact is that they HURT Americans. Just ask the HUNDREDS of AG and Dairy farmers across America going bankrupt. Are you registered to VOTE America? VOTE THEM OUT. SquawkCNBC Don't believe it If it walks for a Trump, and Squawks like a Trump, it's a buttki$$er TrumpRecession

SquawkCNBC This is not AT ALL what the rationale is, which is clear if you actually look at what's on the two lists. SquawkCNBC The American consumer nevers drops out of the equation, Wilbur. SquawkCNBC So another admission by SecretaryRoss and potus regime that they’re getting dick punched by China and American consumers are getting whacked.

SquawkCNBC Ross should spread his legs, put his legs between them, and kiss his ass goodby!

SquawkCNBC Uhmmm translation-it’s a concession to China TrumpRecession TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist TrumpIsARacist SquawkCNBC Oh, you mean the one's he's told over and over that China was paying these tariffs, not them? Trump just negotiated with himself and lost. SquawkCNBC kaylatausche asked all the right questions of Wilbur Ross this morning. Kudos to Kayla. She tried to keep him on point.

SquawkCNBC Admitting US consumers will be footing the bill, right realDonaldTrump ? SquawkCNBC What SquawkCNBC LOL and then after Christmas, they can reinstate the tariffs to hurt US consumers I guess. SquawkCNBC But Ross and Trump keep claiming China pays the tariffs SquawkCNBC But to 45 says all the time that the tariff are paid by China not us consumers in America? So I don’t get it? taxcut TariffsAreTaxes JoeBiden PeteButtigieg SpeakerPelosi BetoORourke SenWarren SenSchumer

SquawkCNBC But your boss says the tariffs are helping American consumers. Which one of you is confused? SquawkCNBC Why is this liar still in the cabinet? His deceit was called out by the Supreme Court when he tried to add the question about citizenship to the Census, and he lied to Congress!

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC But Trump said the Chinese were paying the tariffs in big amounts to the government. Get someone in office that doesn’t lie and knows how things work. Pitiful leader of the GOPLeader. Won’t get my vote SquawkCNBC Who pays for your tariffs realDonaldTrump. Americans

SquawkCNBC Note, realDonaldTrump, that even your Commerce secretary is saying what anyone with brains knew from the beginning; China wasn't going to pay one cent of the tariffs. American consumers would foot the bill for the entire thing. SquawkCNBC So realDonaldTrump tariffs hurt consumers. Weird.

inthetao SquawkCNBC Whaat Giving up all that money pouring in from China? SquawkCNBC But I thought China paid for the tariffs so it has no effect on the consumer. That’s what our great president told us and he never lies. Ross must be confused SquawkCNBC Meaning consumers are being crushed by trump's stupidity

SquawkCNBC Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

SquawkCNBC But according to Trump, US consumers don't pay for the tariffs WilburRoss So is Trump lying or he doesn't know what he is talking about? SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Yeah Willy, that's the GOP script you were given. But we know a concession when we see one;trump doesn't give a damn about American consumers, if he did he wouldn't have passes the illegitimate GOP tax scam.

SquawkCNBC Was Ross able to stay awake long enough to repeat this lie? SquawkCNBC Just more maga💩💩💩 from tRump the 🤡 SquawkCNBC Huh? Is he that stupid? SquawkCNBC I'm just here to remind folks that the tariffs that Trump just delayed (for no concessions from China) are what prompted China to stop all agricultural purchases from the US.

SquawkCNBC Try to win votes ... no more ... no less ... uneducated people love mr president SquawkCNBC squawkjoe andrewrsorkin Fox and Friends at it again - When will you learn? Giving him a platform to push lies and half-truth is not what you should be about. In you they have found an enabler. SquawkCNBC Welcome to Trumpworld.

SquawkCNBC Because they pay the tariffs. SquawkCNBC I must have missed that “public” announcement by the Chinese they they would be making big ag buys. How did the interviewer let that go SquawkCNBC How can this be true? I thought massive tariffs were going to 'help' American consumers? Do you mean the Dotard realDonaldTrump and SecretaryRoss are lying?

SquawkCNBC Rofl SquawkCNBC BS! SquawkCNBC Because We Pay The Tarrffs! SquawkCNBC Anyone concerned about how these guys don’t understand tariffs? SquawkCNBC Supposedly keeping the tarrifs meant more $ for Americans? Talk about self ownage here SquawkCNBC Ross is the administrations worst liar. He should be smart like others, and disappear when Trump backs down from an idiotic TWEET.

SquawkCNBC The people paying for the tariffs

SquawkCNBC Sooooo implementing them would HURT consumers? You guys are not good this government thing. SquawkCNBC Ross missed the briefing on the new edition of Newspeak. Get him into rehab, stat. SquawkCNBC FINALLY they admit who really pays the tariffs SquawkCNBC In other words, TRUMP’S TARIFFS WILL HURT CONSUMERS!!!

SquawkCNBC Didn’t trump say tariffs would not effect the consumer but only the Chinese SquawkCNBC This administration is not good at negotiations or diplomacy, and they fail to report the true metrics from these discussions. It’s all fluff!! SquawkCNBC He's conceding that US consumers pay the tariffs, not China, but still claiming that China is paying them. When will we be rid of these sicko clowns? Hopefully January 20, 2021 if most people vote.

SquawkCNBC Republican & Trump Logic Ross’ explanation that China tariffs were delayed to help American consumers, counters every defense Trump has made!! Trump repeatedly claims China is paying the entirety of the tariffs, not American consumers 👀 Surprising no one, Trump lied. Again. SquawkCNBC Thereby admitting that it is the American taxpayer, not China, who is paying for the tariffs.

SquawkCNBC But didn’t he say the tariffs wouldn’t be paid by Americans? So why would delaying them help us?

SquawkCNBC Makes a bad decision, creates the problem, backtracks to the original position, takes credit for 'solving' the problem he created 🤦‍♂️ SquawkCNBC I believe this is called 'Hoist On Your Petard'. realDonaldTrump and SecretaryRoss TariffsAreTaxes SquawkCNBC Trump said China was paying the Tariffs. So Ross is saying Trump is lying, again. TrumpTariffs GOPTaxScam

SquawkCNBC So this admits that Trumps tariffs are paid by US Consumers. SquawkCNBC Right because consumers were bearing the brunt of trumps ill-conceived and poorly executed economic plan. SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC China has stuck it to d.trump Big time. This Hong Kong turmoil was a strategy planned way back when tariff's were threatened by our commander in Grief . This act by China is directed straight to this administration ! This is not the knock/Out punch, That will come later !!!

SquawkCNBC 😂😂😂😂😂😂🍆 SquawkCNBC So delaying TARIFFS is helping Americans Didnt Trump told his Klan & Kult /cult that China pays Tariffs? So folks after buying your Christmas stuff/ BlackFriday shit be prepared to pay high prices in January & compliments & thanks to Fat Orange & his TrumpRecession


SquawkCNBC But we don't need help. realDonaldTrump said so, because China pays the tariffs. Somebody is lying. SquawkCNBC Tired of the Double Speak. You blinked, its over, move on POTUS SquawkCNBC But but but SecretaryRoss you all keep telling us that we don’t pay the tariffs - that the Chinese do - so why should we be effected by them at all?

SquawkCNBC Wilbur Ross needs to learn to say, I don’t have the foggiest idea....then end the interview because it’s full of him saying I think followed by nothing solid or newsworthy. He’s an epic fail BeBest SquawkCNBC This is flat out wrong. It was a trade concession to China. And it seems we got 0 in return.

SquawkCNBC But....but.....but Trump said the tariffs are helping the American consumers. Making our country tens of billions of dollars. Why would he delay something that is making us tens of billions of dollars and not hurting the American consumer? SquawkCNBC I'm sorry, WilburRoss is the best people? This interview is a nightmare for Trump. Intentional or not, Ross openly admits that TradeWar Tariffs are paid for by consumers and economy-affecting. Good news for POTUS' supporters is that they're too dumb to get that.

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC So we don't pay for tariffs, china does, but if additional tariffs are imposed, people will have less $$ at Christmas? Finally they admit that US consumers are paying higher prices for items because countries are passing the tariffs onto the consumers. We pay the tariffs costs!

SquawkCNBC No shit, that's because tariffs are a tax on consumers. This has always been a horrible tactic.

SquawkCNBC And again. How is it a help to American consumers since Wilbur and Trump said Americans weren’t paying those tariffs! One big lie as usual from Trump gang. SquawkCNBC SecretaryRoss So Americans are paying the tarrifs. Thanks for clearing that up for me. CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC The shart of the deal.....

SquawkCNBC BUT I THOUGHT CHINA WAS PAYING THE TARRIFFS ACCORDING TO THE ORANGE MAN. NOT THE CONSUMERS EHICH IS IT WILBUR? SquawkCNBC Common sense people know that the LIE given saying tarriffs against China helps Americans WAS A LIE. Coming now after having LIED tarriffs helps Americans to then turn around to state halting tarriffs helps Americans is an assault on the Majority of People's Intelligence. WOKE 💙

SquawkCNBC So, it’s been a lie the whole time 🤷🏻‍♀️ SquawkCNBC Oh but he told us the tariffs were paying the US billions of dollars and not hurting consumers.,holy shit did Trump lie SquawkCNBC Either way, he's admitted that tariffs are not what he says they are. SquawkCNBC these people are just trying to get trump elected. they use trump's Art to do it . DECEIPTION ! Cheating !

SquawkCNBC We want to help the American consumer because Chi-nah is paying for the tariffs, just like Mexico is paying for the wall, the beautiful wall

SquawkCNBC SecretaryRoss was awake today? SquawkCNBC If Trump truly wanted to “help American consumers” he would end all tariffs NOW. This has been a stupid senseless experiment, perpetrated by a POTUS who knows virtually nothing about economics and paid for by American farmers, business, and taxpayers. End it NOW! ,

SquawkCNBC Because AMERICANS are going to foot the bill! SquawkCNBC WR is a dope, hit it again skippy 🤡 SquawkCNBC But I thought tariffs help the American consumer. That's what you were trying to tell us earlier this year. So which is the lie gop KarenATTaylor SquawkCNBC Because we taxpayers pay for it! It’s basically a tax on us. Trump said China would pay for it, like Mexico and the damn wall. LIES! And we might get upset paying more for iPhones, laptops, TVs, video games and so on before Christmas. So mad we might take to the streets!

SquawkCNBC Next he’s gonna tell us Mexico’s not paying for the wall. SquawkCNBC So......tariff(taxes) do hurt America. SquawkCNBC Wait trade wars are easy , and China is payin the tariffs !!! Just like Mexico is paying for a the wall!!! These folks are so incompetent it’s beyond parody. SquawkCNBC It's all bs anyways. They don't gaf about the little consumers. This is all about business owners collectively loading their cool over how detrimental the tariffs are to their companies.

SquawkCNBC And you tweet this out with zero pushback on that claim? SquawkCNBC The tariffs that we don’t pay, are being delayed for our benefit, so we can continue to not pay them? SquawkCNBC I thought American consumers weren't being hurt? SquawkCNBC Ross is in this for himself. Bottom feeder of the swamp.He has a lot of company.

sar_oso SquawkCNBC He meant 'help American retailers', not consumers. Every word out of their collective mouths contain lies of some sort. To help the American consumers, there are many other levers to pull. SquawkCNBC Sooooooo, we got nothing?🤷🏾‍♂️ SquawkCNBC But y’all keep saying China pays the tariffs. 🤔

SquawkCNBC But Trump’s stance has always been “Americans don’t pay the tariff, China does.” So this argument doesn’t make sense. SquawkCNBC Maybe it's all my fault. I've added a line item tariffs on invoices to show folks we are in fact Chinese. SquawkCNBC That’s ok, I’ve repeatedly been told by someone that repeatedly tells me that he doesn’t lie, that the tariffs won’t hurt Americans, but only China. So everything will be fine.

SquawkCNBC Because the American consumers are paying more due to the tariffs. 🤦🏽‍♀️ SquawkCNBC tressadora SquawkCNBC So who pulled out the Lego color blocks and explained to him it was hurting the PEOPLE... He said that China has been paying. He is stupid.. SquawkCNBC So tariffs hurt who? Geez where is the money that pours in?

SquawkCNBC Because WE are paying for this feud right Wilbur?!?! SquawkCNBC But realDonaldTrump told me that Americans don’t pay for the tariffs... SquawkCNBC In other words, the administration knows these tariffs do more damage to Americans than the Chinese. Good to know we have such brilliant minds behind the wheel.

SquawkCNBC 🤣 SquawkCNBC More proof that Team Trump has no idea what it’s doing. 11:45 a. m EST—Dow down 585 points SquawkCNBC Because they assume everyone in their base is stupid and unable and unwilling to fact check anything. And they’re usually right

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Wait, what?! SecretaryRoss & realDonaldTrump promised us the tariffs wouldn’t hurt us...OMG? They lied! LiarInChief & his admin must go. VoteThemOut SquawkCNBC 🧐 so he's saying... tariffs are bad... SquawkCNBC But it was a concession and tariffs did hurt the US and now everyone knows Trump is full of it

SquawkCNBC Another admission that Americans pay the tariffs. SquawkCNBC I thought with the tariffs that China was sending us billions. Is that not true then? SquawkCNBC Wilbur is a true patriot, not a summer soldier! SquawkCNBC Trump, Ross, Kudlow, et al do not know what the fuck they are doing. They couldn’t care less about logic or consistency. They’re just making shit up as they go along

SquawkCNBC And no one there challenged him on the President's idiocy? SquawkCNBC Wait now, realDonaldTrump, you mean that WE'RE the ones paying the tariffs? And here you told us so many times how the Chinese are the ones paying it. Wow, and I thought trade wars were good and easy to win. That's what you said, isn't it?

SquawkCNBC Those same American consumers who pay for trumps stupid tariffs? RocketNina66 SquawkCNBC He cares SO much about the little people, after all. 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 SquawkCNBC Wow and trump told us China was paying us with Tariffs! Jackass SquawkCNBC Why would you have to help the American consumer if China is paying for the tariffs. Are you saying that’s not the case?

SquawkCNBC But I thought it wasn't hurting us, it was hurting china SquawkCNBC But we're constantly told that China pays the tariffs. Why would this help American consumers? Please have him explain. SquawkCNBC So he KNOWS the consumer pays the tariffs? He doesn’t care about people. SquawkCNBC What do you mean? Trump said it was China paying for the tariffs? Was he lying or too stupid to understand?

SquawkCNBC So here he admits what trump lies about every day. Tariffs are hurting America, not China.🤦🏻‍♀️ SquawkCNBC Oops the idiot Trump regime declared war on Christmas and just now realized.

SquawkCNBC OK, so 'raking in billions and billions of dollars' is NOT helping American consumers ? Maybe Trump doesn't understand what tariffs are ? SquawkCNBC You'd think the market would like that: Renewed telephone conversations between high-level American and Chinese trade negotiators have led the White House to postpone tariffs on some Chinese imports from Sept. 1 to Dec. 15, and to remove other items from the list altogether

SquawkCNBC We didn’t care about Christmas when we announced the tariffs but now we do. SquawkCNBC All lies CNBC rossthecon SquawkCNBC I don't believe a word said by anyone in Trumplandia. SquawkCNBC realDonaldTrump I thought you said China was paying the tariffs? Looks like we caught on that one. Resign!

SquawkCNBC Utter Hypocrisy !!! realDonaldTrump Such a big group of liars! GOPTraitors Tariffs SquawkCNBC Glad we cleared up all that confusion about who’s paying for the tariffs. SquawkCNBC But China is paying for the tariffs!!! SquawkCNBC TFW Wilbur Ross is trending, but not bc he died🙄

SquawkCNBC They’re gonna bankrupt an entire country. SquawkCNBC So Ross admits that tariffs cost US consumers money. Too bad his idiot boss still doesn't understand. SquawkCNBC So he's saying what Trump has been denying - consumers do pay for tarrifs. SquawkCNBC Because the tariffs hurry Americans MORE than they hurt Chinese manufacturers. This is coming sense. Is benevolent Trump going to absorb the increased cost of his Chinese made MAGA hats.... Or raiser the price to consumers?

ziyaziba SquawkCNBC Brain dead commerce secretary SquawkCNBC That voice🤮 Go away old!! Man😡 SquawkCNBC It would have been quid pro quo only if Democrats did it, we all know. SquawkCNBC But isn't China paying the tariffs? 🤔 SquawkCNBC but l thought china was paying for the tariffs. then why would americans need help? wtf? kinda confused on that part but pretty sure djt just got spanked by china.

SquawkCNBC This means that Trump impulsively slapped China re: the 10% knowing the markets would view it badly! Then by delaying them voila a huge market updraft! These gyrations r making a huge amount of money 4 insiders! The cover 4 the delay is now Christmas! Wow! This is manipulation!

SquawkCNBC Lol art of no deal politicsdiva817 SquawkCNBC So we aren't winning SquawkCNBC Here is what the Left is all about They will lie to us SquawkCNBC Fake news SquawkCNBC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂china playing trump like a fiddle!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

SquawkCNBC Bullshit SquawkCNBC Wilbur Ross is a thief plain and simple SquawkCNBC But ...but...you mean American consumers pay the tariffs and not China? SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC If China is paying the tariffs, what does that have to do with American consumers?

CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC Hahahaha hahahaha! SquawkCNBC But,,, we dont pay for the tariffs, right? So why are they saying we pay for the tariffs (Sarcasm) SquawkCNBC That’s a direct contradiction to Trump’s claim China is paying for the tariffs. How stupid does Trump and his kiss up cabinet think we are

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC So while denying that the trade war hurts consumers they admit the trade war hurts consumers....🙄 SquawkCNBC Trmp's supporters will need a first grade level explanation for this. SquawkCNBC So he admits Trump is aware the tariffs HURT American consumers. Got it SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Are we in a recession?🤭


SquawkCNBC “the decision was made to help American consumers.”? But I thought China was paying the tariffs not American consumers. You mean THIS administration has been lying to the American people SquawkCNBC 'Those formulas work when they work and don't work when they don't work' - WilburRoss SquawkCNBC But, but but ... American consumers weren’t paying the tariffs?!?

SquawkCNBC Does Wilbur Ross use Botox face cream? He talks like Clutch Cargo. SquawkCNBC Yeah right! SquawkCNBC Finally some truth from the WH Please tell Trump to stop lying about the Tariffs SquawkCNBC Trump's tariff delay rationale, as portrayed by actor..... SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Or maybe another manipulation of the market? Buy low...... Sell high

SquawkCNBC I didn’t know Wilber Ross could stay awake this long.

SquawkCNBC The guy only lied in an attempt to subvert the Constitution, so sure let's put him on TV to talk about the economy we can trust him SquawkCNBC Does Ross understand how stupid he sounds? SquawkCNBC So how does that work when I thought China was the one paying for the tariffs not us 🤔. SquawkCNBC The recession is coming.

SquawkCNBC But realDonaldTrump promises us that the trade war is: 💩easy to win 💩good for Americans 💩paid for by China Is Trump - gasp! - lying to us SquawkCNBC BS !! Americans are paying for those tariffs !! You have to be really stupid to not know that !! This people are bunch a liars !! SquawkCNBC Ahhh! so America pays for his whims and fancies (read tariffs ) !!! Hope the red caps don’t cover the ears and eyes. Who am I kidding? They cap the brain! 😭😱

SquawkCNBC I thought the AMERICAN people weren't suffering or going to suffer, from his so-called trade war. Seems to me he lost again and buckled, yet trying to clean it and claiming an adjustment 😅😅😂🤣😅😅 He got played. Plain and simple realDonaldTrump a LOSER SquawkCNBC What's so beautiful about this is Wilbur Ross has ruined his reputation forever, just another phony like Trump.

SquawkCNBC Ross is full of Chit, another old lizard in Trumps circle, dismantling many things good bout the USA

Jonbassett6 SquawkCNBC Don’t forget the part where realDonaldTrump has lied for three years about how tariffs work & has no real clue WTF he is doing! SquawkCNBC What he really means is tariffs hurt American businesses trying to sell to American consumers. SquawkCNBC Why would we need 'help' if China is paying the tariffs..?

SquawkCNBC But I thought we were making money off the tariffs and Americans weren’t paying for them MsDuhMeanor SquawkCNBC Ahhhhh! SquawkCNBC Acknowledging that tariffs hurt Americans. Dumbest and most dishonest administration ever. SquawkCNBC Oh, BUT China is paying for the tariffs... Gov. is getting tons of money from them... I heard the LUNATIC CRIMINAL in the White house LIE ABOUT IT.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

SquawkCNBC Who would buy a 1.6% note? My money market gets close to 2%. With 22 trillion in debt and bankrupt kings Trump/Ross in charge US bonds don't give that much confidence. SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Ross admits that Trump's trade war is hurting American consumers and that China does not pay the tariff.

SquawkCNBC This man needs to learn messaging FarmPolicy SquawkCNBC But trump says China pays the tariffs so how could delaying them help US consumers? SquawkCNBC Mexico will pay for the wall SquawkCNBC Bbbbut what happened to China paying us billions? SquawkCNBC I’m sure hard hitting CNBC asked Mr. Walking Dead about Trumps claims China not US consumers pay tariffs

SquawkCNBC So they solved a problem they created? Ok got it. Microcosm of the Trump administration SquawkCNBC Wilbur Ross doesn't know where he is half the time. Stop sticking a mike in his face!! SquawkCNBC 1 United States Dollar equals 0.000094 Bitcoin Think about this SquawkCNBC But Trumpy says consumers dont pay for tariffs

SquawkCNBC Ok, let’s delay hurting consumers. 🤔

SquawkCNBC So the market goes back into a tail spin...Wall Street is so fickle. I really find it funny that they support China so heavily when it’s our economy that is booming. 🤔 SquawkCNBC Oh really? Are we admitting it's American consumers who are negatively affected by tariffs, and not China after all?

SquawkCNBC How is any of this helping InBitcoinWeTrust Bitcoin Crypto Cryptocurrency SquawkCNBC How do you know when Wilbur Ross is lying. His lips are moving. WilburRossIsALiar LeaveInternationalEconomicsToTheEconomists WednesdayWisdom WednesdayMotivation WednesdayThoughts SquawkCNBC What made the stock market plunge this morning?

NMacartny SquawkCNBC But Mr. ROSS, Trump the CHUMP said that CHINA was PAYING ALL THESE TARIFFS!!!! So TRUMP LIED AGAIN, HUH SquawkCNBC Tony_BATtista priceless SquawkCNBC Help American consumers I sure hope it does and it is not another empty promise. SquawkCNBC But the orange man said china paid those.... would he lie?


SquawkCNBC I can't decide if Wilbur Ross looks more like Mr. Magoo or that tobacco executive in the smoking commercial. SquawkCNBC So is it China is paying the tariffs or what everybody really knows, the US consumer does? The double talk from the GOP these days is really weak sauce. So obvious. SquawkCNBC Yeah Wilbur's really on top of things. 🙄

SquawkCNBC So Trump ADMITS his Tariffs are FAILURES and is delaying them until AFTER the holiday season? TariffsAreTaxes realDonaldTrump MAGA SquawkCNBC Oh god - it’s never good when they wake Wilber up! SquawkCNBC So wait. Tariffs are hurting consumers. SquawkCNBC But that’s impossible! US consumers don’t pay the tariffs, just ask realDonaldTrump

SquawkCNBC Tariffs are not a thermostat to be raised and lowered based on how one feels at the moment. Stop treating the market like a yoyo. Trump supporter. SquawkCNBC Why does a delay in tariffs help consumers if tarriffs are paid by China and don’t affect US consumers? Bit of a conundrum there Sec Ross.

SquawkCNBC Kind of contradicting everything the president has been saying

SquawkCNBC Help consumers because they are admitting that tariffs don’t hurt anyone BUT consumers? SquawkCNBC Another lie from the Trump administration. It's NEVER about helping, its about quelling descent SquawkCNBC Trump didn’t want to ruin Christmas. SquawkCNBC This administration is just plain embarrassing!

SquawkCNBC Wait...so now delaying a tariff is a positive for the American people? So that means the contra-positive logic can be interpreted as a tariff is BAD for the American consumer. Right. We knew that but Trump’s talking points are lies. SquawkCNBC The consumers who are not being hurt by tariffs? Okay

SquawkCNBC I THOUGHT CHINA WAS PAYING the tariffs SquawkCNBC 😂 it’s not a circle it’s a rounded square. SquawkCNBC So that soda can isn't going to cost me an extra $0.06? Wow, now I can afford those Christmas gifts! SquawkCNBC funny that supposedly sane folks prop up the insane trump but for how long? just the other day trump brags about the economy, strong enough for him to squander on china trade war. no wonder he had so many bankruptcies.

SquawkCNBC Remember the dragon’s lair in the hobbit? That’s now Wilbur Ross’s SquawkCNBC thought didn't affect US consumers ? SquawkCNBC I thought the Chinese were paying the tariffs? You mean he was lying? SquawkCNBC Gee...if 'JYNA' is paying for the tariffs, why do US consumers need help.....? With what...? 🤷

SquawkCNBC Arsonist puts out his own fire. Ross Trump SquawkCNBC But the Chinese manipulate the market eh? SquawkCNBC But Ttump says tariffs are supposed to help American consumers. SquawkCNBC But but tariffs hurt China, Trump said so SquawkCNBC But China pays for the tari.... Ohhhhhhhh SquawkCNBC I'm calling bullshit......

SquawkCNBC Why the need? I thought the Chinese were paying us billions! SquawkCNBC Delaying gasoline on a fire they started. SquawkCNBC The admission SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC BS! SquawkCNBC so now this inept administration is admitting what everyone has known for ever; tariffs are paid by the consumer and affect purchasing power

SquawkCNBC Then why even threaten it in the first place? SquawkCNBC How does this help, since China is paying the tariffs? Asking for a friend.... SquawkCNBC So he’s agreeing those tariffs hurt consumers! SquawkCNBC I thought the “dummy in chief” POTUS said the Chinese were paying for them?

SquawkCNBC Sooo... realDonaldTrump It is a tax hmm? I thought you said China was paying? Guess not ehh. 🙄 SquawkCNBC Trump must be worried everybody is going to see the impact of his tariffs when they start their Christmas shopping. Back peddle back peddle. Lie lie. SquawkCNBC 😦 SquawkCNBC Who does the President think pays for tariffs? I am not a 'stable genius' but st least I have a basic understanding of how this works...

SquawkCNBC False the President caved. He needs the economy to do well or there will be a 0.5% chance he will be re-elected. SquawkCNBC Ok. SquawkCNBC 😂😂 good God man. What’s going to be the spin now that the moron base will actually believe? SquawkCNBC Why put Americans at risk in the firth place? Is this government for the people or against the people? I mean really!

SquawkCNBC It was done so voters would not have to pay through the teeth for Christmas gifts for their kiddies! SquawkCNBC Nest of liars and thieves.

SquawkCNBC It doesn't matter to China. Americans will be the ones paying the tariffs. Why delay until 2 weeks before Christmas if that's his reasoning. Why not 2 weeks after. SquawkCNBC Well, what do you know....is the trump administration is finally admitting to his base that the consumers actually pay for the tariffs imposed?

SquawkCNBC Isn't it China that is paying for the tariffs, not the consumer? And btw, where is all that tariff money going? SquawkCNBC “Help American consumers” is a flat out acknowledgment that Americans will be paying higher prices TrumpTax SquawkCNBC Uh wait.... I thought Trump keeps claiming that tarriffs are bringing windfalls of cash to America 😅

SquawkCNBC So therefore an admission that tariffs are not good for American consumers. SquawkCNBC “Certain” Chinese goods including Dearest Daughter’s shoe line? Trade concession to Trump family, no doubt. WeGetIt SquawkCNBC So they are delaying tarriffs NOT paid by Americans to help American consumers? Trump logic boggles the mind.

SquawkCNBC Lying to cover for his dipshit boss who literally had to do NOTHING to keep riding the economy he inherited; instead causing periodic mass sell-offs thanks to idiotic tweets and because he doesn't know how tariffs or the economy work. What was he doing at Warton SquawkCNBC

SquawkCNBC Can one then deduce that the tariffs are harmful to Americans? Yes. Yes one can. CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC But tRUmp said we were making billions in profits from his tariffs. Why is he screwing us out of all that free money? I don’t understand. SquawkCNBC That's odd considering China is paying for the wall... I mean tariffs. I get bullshit mixed up because there's too much of it.

SquawkCNBC After watching Wilbur Ross trying to explain this shit show of an administration's efforts. He is basically saying that the ass clown in the oval is running this economy over the fucking cliff and republicans are riding shotgun!!!! Thanks wilbur for clarifying that for us. SquawkCNBC Essentially admitting that the tariffs are hurting the US economy and US consumers. realDonaldTrump strikes again!

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC WH So, if China is paying all the tariffs How is that helping Americans? Trump is admitting that it is USA Taxpayers who are🦶🏻ing the 🧾. You F’N ConMan Lying sack-o-💩 U2 WilburRoss MAGA WTF AP CNN CNBC AMJoy MorningJoe GOP WednesdayWisdom ASAPRocky GUILTY

SquawkCNBC But I thought that China - and not U.S. consumers - were paying the tariffs? The Orange Hellbeast even said the U.S. Treasury was receiving 'billions in tariffs from China'. When you've told 12,000+ lies, what's one more, amirite? SquawkCNBC And I bet he has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell me too.


SquawkCNBC 死要面子活受罪😏 SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Mob SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Sooo, the opposite of delaying tariffs helps USA consumers? Therefore, tariffs hurt USA consumers, I got it, right? SquawkCNBC Thought the tariffs (trump’s words) would be a tax on the Chinese? Hmm, guess he once again lied to the American people.

SquawkCNBC But “Americans aren’t paying for tariffs”? 🙄 SquawkCNBC But Trump said American consumers don’t pay the tariffs. Surely he wouldn’t lie to us, would he? SquawkCNBC Oh so you don’t say? SquawkCNBC Tariffs do not harm our economy. Until they do.

SquawkCNBC Did you ask him to explain how delaying more tariffs would help American consumers? It seems inconsistent with Trump administration’s repeated lie that Americans don’t pay the tariff’s, the Chinese do SquawkCNBC Which indicates that tarriffs are, in fact, bad for American consumers. CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC Because we pay for these tariffs.

SquawkCNBC But, but, I thought Americans weren’t paying for the tariffs? Funny how the truth eventually makes its way out of trump’s Administration’s disgusting mouths SquawkCNBC Mad props to him for not falling asleep during this segment: SquawkCNBC we already know that...... SquawkCNBC Nothing has been done. Nothing will be done. But, man, those tariff taxes on American consumers almost make up 15% of the lost revenue the corporate tax cuts cost us.

SquawkCNBC Trump couldn't let Walmart prices go up, especially with major holidays right around the corner, could he? SquawkCNBC He wanted to “help American consumers” because “China will pay for the tariffs.” 🙄🙄🙄 CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC Because the Trump Trade Tantrum is so good for Americans... TrumpTradeTantrum

CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC The tariffs are being paid for by US. The company my husband works for does alot of business with China.. Just the cost of shipping containers over has almost doubled... wo the cost of products inside... The cost of products? At this point cost has gone up 33% Winning? SquawkCNBC Trump blinked. Art of the Fold

SquawkCNBC That's how concessions work Wilbur. SquawkCNBC The Trade war with China is effectively over ... Trump acknowledges that tariffs are paid by American Consumers ...😂😂😂LOSER SquawkCNBC Wait!!! I thought China was paying those tariffs🤔🤫😉 SquawkCNBC Why does Ross still have a job? SquawkCNBC How old is that old man? 110 jeez

SquawkCNBC Wait. I thought the trariffs were supposed to help American citizens. One of us is very confused. And I don’t think it’s me... SquawkCNBC Because China isn't going to pay for it. American consumers will. And American farmers particularly. tariffsdumb SquawkCNBC Jeffrey Epstein's Prison Warden, Lamine N'Diaye, was temporarily reassigned to a regional office, pending a full investigation. And two unnamed Guards on leave. Who is Shirley Skipper Scott? What about Lee Plourde?

SquawkCNBC BS...infantile economics. SquawkCNBC An admission that we pay the tariffs. Go back to sleep Wilbur. SquawkCNBC Meanwhile China has abandoned American Agriculture... SquawkCNBC Rip Van Winkle on CNBC. What'd you think Rip? Seeing things any differently after a 20 year nap? SquawkCNBC So the consumers bear the blunts. Trump can no longer lie about it and insult the intelligence of his dumb base.

SquawkCNBC So iow, tariffs HURT consumers, rt? Dotard delayed tariffs bec he realized its hurting his own pockets. He doesnt care abt WeThePeople SRuhle is rt, if tariffs WERE being pd by China, they wldnt affect Xmas, hes shot himself in the foot so much it shld have fallen OFF by now! SquawkCNBC So tariffs do hurt consumers? Who would have thunk it (sarc)

SquawkCNBC Really SecretaryRoss ? I thought tariffs were great for us according to POTUS . You guys are a ship of fools. SquawkCNBC So isn't that admission that China does not pay tariffs and it's indeed a tax on American consumers? These guys are clowns. SquawkCNBC Time to go Wilbur.

SquawkCNBC But ...but... tariffs only hurt the originating country ... SquawkCNBC 'Ross said the decision was made to help American consumers' So much for Trump's constant lie about 'Gyna' playing for his moronic tariffs. SquawkCNBC Ahhahahaha Ahhahahaha! SquawkCNBC How is this happening. This guy can't even dress himself in the morning. Did you check his pulse? We have stupid people running the country.

SquawkCNBC But the Orange one said Americans weren’t paying the tariffs. You mean he lied? SquawkCNBC Lies all lies...CEOs called all day Monday screaming that this trade is ruining the economy...TRUMP CAVED!!! SquawkCNBC For months now, realDonaldTrump has insisted that China is “paying for” the tariffs he has placed on their exports, but now Trump Just Admitted That Tariffs Hurt Consumers via intelligencer

SquawkCNBC Which means consumers are paying for the tariffs and tariff man is a fucking liar. Who knew ? SquawkCNBC So then this *IS* an admission that “American consumers” PAY for DT’s tariffs?🤷🏼‍♀️ SquawkCNBC They are manipulating the markets for their crony swamp.

SquawkCNBC I thought he and tRump believe we are collecting tariff money from China!? 🤷🏻‍♂️ DumbFucks SquawkCNBC More like to help me tRUmp’s re-election bid. Because they know the tariffs will be paid by American consumers and it’s almost Christmas shopping time! Priorities! SquawkCNBC Conflict of interest owning Mexican auto plants makes Detroit guys like me so excited with joy to see Mi destroyed by a idiot. I love Detroit LMAO Correct It's nickname is Slime Bag Wilbir Ross freep MLive Greg_Palast confirms Mexican auto plant cc warren BernieSanders

SquawkCNBC so they do hurt the American consumer after all? SquawkCNBC Because tariffs are a TrumpTax on consumers. We all knew this, just not Trump and his minions. SquawkCNBC hmmmm .. blink blink SquawkCNBC This Idiot is part of the reason America is headed into recession. SquawkCNBC Why isn’t Wilbur Ross being prosecuted for lying to Congress about Census question? ImpeachmentInquiryNow

SquawkCNBC That’s laughable! This doddering old rich white dude doesn’t have a clue! Vote blue 2020. SquawkCNBC Some fake news by Wilbur, betcha he made a killing in the market, advance knowledge is $

SquawkCNBC This is what makes the news LMAO SquawkCNBC But realDonaldTrump said the tariffs were good for us? We aren’t paying them. China is. How then is delaying the tariffs going to be better? Wouldn’t more money for the US be better? Even moreso considering our national debt? Signed, Very confused 😉

SquawkCNBC There is a giant elephant in the room here with this statement.We are going to see the economy crash it’s just a matter of time. SquawkCNBC But...I thought China pays the Tariffs? And, what about Hilary’s emails! MAGA SquawkCNBC But Trump said the CHINESE were paying for the tariffs? I’m so confused...

SquawkCNBC Without listening I’m gonna guess that Joe Kernen still thinks these people are great at running the country. SquawkCNBC I feel sorry for the person tasked with explaining inverted yield curves to Trump today. Today will be the first time Trump will ask; “What is an inverted yield curve?” Followed by “Are they inverted by Democrats?”

SquawkCNBC But.... if China is paying the tariffs, to the tune of billions of dollars pouring into the US, why drop tariffs to help US consumers? Huh. SquawkCNBC But Trump said the Chinese would pay for the tariffs, not the American people. SquawkCNBC I'm always astonished when people describe what Trump is doing as a Trade 'Policy'. It looks more like the random impulses of a guy at the end of the bar watching cable news for hours on end.

SquawkCNBC Then by definition, all the tariffs NOT helping American consumers. Would that not be correct? WorstPresidentEver SquawkCNBC How about policies not hurting US consumer in the first place? SquawkCNBC . . . by conceding to China. SquawkCNBC Ross is Senile SquawkCNBC Why would Americans need help, we were told that China was paying for the tariffs.

SquawkCNBC So these tariffs are definitely hurting us if delaying them helps the American consumer. Dumb. SquawkCNBC So, the Commerce Sec is saying that Tariffs hurt American Consumers? Interesting. Seems aligned with Economic Fact, yet far far away from realDonaldTrump's spewing... SquawkCNBC Same guy from shut down that couldn't understand why the shut down and non payment hurt our Federal employees. Never forget, same as Trump needing license to grocery shop, stupid money none of these people know the normal struggle , keep everyone down is what makes them richer .

MsDuhMeanor SquawkCNBC What it is, and what it's reprocussions are can be, and usually are, two different things! SquawkCNBC But I thought the idiot you carry water for, realDonaldTrump, said that China was paying the tariffs, not American consumers.

SquawkCNBC Boycott Christmas shopping. 😂😂😂 SquawkCNBC SuchALiar TariffChicken FakeTalkingPoints SquawkCNBC That's what you get for thinking, sir. SquawkCNBC How is Ross not in jail? SquawkCNBC Sooo, he's admitting trump lied when he says China pays the tariffs instead of American consumers. Wilbur, watch out for that bus!

SquawkCNBC so a concession SquawkCNBC realDonaldTrump But I thought tariffs were good for consumers? Not a tax? SquawkCNBC But I was told we make money from the tariffs. SquawkCNBC Liberal MSM continues to cheer for the Chinese and for the US to fold on the trade war. Their hate for Trump clouds every thing they do and say.

SquawkCNBC That makes no sense. China pays the tariffs. Right realDonaldTrump?

SquawkCNBC Let me get this right, Trump hurt Americans with tariffs and he then help Americans by not applying tariffs. Y’all need to call him out bc he is the worst businessman!!. SnakeOilSaleman45 SquawkCNBC So SecretaryRoss realDonaldTrump, Americans are indeed paying the tariffs. Just like you want us to pay for the GD wall. TrumpsTariffScam TrumpTaxScam TrumpRussia It’s all one big huge con. He’s a liar and a racist.

SquawkCNBC When he says that move will help consumers, he admits tariffs are a tax on Americans. SquawkCNBC How? SquawkCNBC So Wilbur Ross, if the tariffs are such a great idea, why are they being delayed? According to Trump, tariffs are great, right Can we impeach the entire Trump administration? SecretaryRoss realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse GOP

SquawkCNBC SquawkCNBC Temp knows this deal he randomly threw out there isn't working but will never admit it SquawkCNBC But I thought China was paying for them... oh, what a tangled web. SquawkCNBC Which ages better: China pays for tariffs or Mexico pays for walls? 🙄 TraitorTrump SquawkCNBC Yet, Trump constantly boasts about how well America is doing. China can/will WIN this pathetic Trade-War, because unlike TrumpAdministration they can wait this whole charade out as long as it takes, which they will do! Meanwhile we’ll be stuck footing the bill for Trump’s Ego

SquawkCNBC So..wait tariffs hurt consumers now? It’s like a shirt reality show where we are watching government officials as they matriculate from survey courses in economics to more advanced courses. SquawkCNBC Help them from what ain't China paying? SquawkCNBC Now Ross is a comedian. SquawkCNBC lol

SquawkCNBC Well, this means one of them is LYING... (we know it's realdonaldtrump ) If China is paying the tariffs (which again, is bullshit) why would dropping the tariffs help American consumers? dumbdonald SquawkCNBC Bibles? SRSLY? Don't you think American printers would appreciate printing what some call the good book?

CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC Trump’s economic plan... SquawkCNBC *coughBULLSHITcough* SquawkCNBC Oh wow so Trump’s pause on tariffs is meant to protect Americans?!? But that can’t be! Only the Chinese are being hurt by the tariffs, while American businesses and consumers are thriving! Trump said so himself!!! Thriving like never before! Yaaaay!!


SquawkCNBC Ridiculous! Please do our country a favor and retire asap. CraigRozniecki SquawkCNBC I thought China was paying the tariffs. If that’s the case they should raise them to 100%. SquawkCNBC But but but... isn't China paying for the tariffs? SquawkCNBC America is grateful that the Trump Administration is willing to step in and protect us from the Trump Administration.

SquawkCNBC I thought China was gonna pay the tariffs, not American consumers. SquawkCNBC Oopsie daisy! 😳 SquawkCNBC Ross just admitted the tariffs are affecting us, the consumers. SquawkCNBC So, you’re telling me that tariffs harm consumers. 🤔 Checks out. GOPCorruption ImpeachTheMF SquawkCNBC That can't possibly be true, because the bloated orange moron in the White House keeps saying that it's not Americans who pay for the tariffs. Wilbur's gonna get an angry phone call later.

SquawkCNBC Yet Trump expects his MAGAts to continue to believe China is paying the tariffs....

SquawkCNBC Which means Americans pay for the tariffs SquawkCNBC So the tariffs are hurting Americans. Glad we finally hear some truth. SquawkCNBC So Americans are paying for the tariffs according to this explanation SquawkCNBC So tariffs harm American consumers. Ross needs to tell Trump! realDonaldTrump

SquawkCNBC Wilbur! C'mon man, where's your self respect? SquawkCNBC Glad to see Wilbur Ross is awake. SquawkCNBC But I thought tariffs were good for Americans and consumers because China pays it riiiiiiiiight SquawkCNBC What? But trump said China was paying... 🙄 SquawkCNBC I thought US consumers weren’t paying the tariffs.

SquawkCNBC So the Trump administration admits that Americans are paying billlions in tariffs which are same as taxes! Trump is sending the economy into the ditch! Not a great re-election strategy

SquawkCNBC So, TrumpTariffs hurt consumers. DumpGOP2020 SquawkCNBC How does Trump's Mouthpiece Joe Kernen explain this? The Trump Tariffs against China are supposed to help American consumers. So delaying tariffs are delaying help, right Joe? It sounds like Trump and Kernen are smoking the same hair dye. Love, Ronald Reagan's Wayward Sperm

SquawkCNBC Oh? You mean tariffs arent fully paid by china with no effect to consumers?! Shock..... SquawkCNBC The American consumers should be thankful, the administration didn’t want to hurt you this year. They will hurt you after Christmas. SquawkCNBC But I had it on good authority from some orange guy on TV that China was the only one being hurt by tariffs... I'm so confused!

SquawkCNBC Which consumers are you talking about exactly? SquawkCNBC So they DO hurt US consumers then? = TrumpFail SquawkCNBC Wait. Are you saying Wilbur Ross and Donald Trump lied about the tariffs with China? No way! SquawkCNBC Saw Wilbur speak and the futures drop 100 points. He looks tired of continuously lying about the 3% GDP

SquawkCNBC Well if the fed won't spark optimism...he did.

SquawkCNBC Hilarious how Trump et al are in a complete tizzy about trade deficits while they destroy the US with budget deficits. Duh. SquawkCNBC what a deal....

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