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Wife of drug kingpin 'El Chapo' arrested on US drug charges

The Justice Department says the wife of Mexican drug kingpin and escape artist Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been arrested on international drug trafficking charges at an airport in Virginia.

2/23/2021 1:44:00 AM

The Justice Department says the wife of Mexican drug kingpin and escape artist Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been arrested on international drug trafficking charges at an airport in Virginia.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The wife of Mexican drug kingpin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested on Monday at an airport in Virginia on international drug trafficking charges, the Justice Department said....

WASHINGTON (AP) — The wife of Mexican drug kingpin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested on Monday at an airport in Virginia on international drug trafficking charges, the Justice Department said.Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, who is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Mexico, was arrested at Dulles International Airport and is expected to appear in federal court in Washington on Tuesday.

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She is charged in a single-count criminal complaint with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana in the U.S. The Justice Department also accuses her of helping her husband escape from a Mexican prison in 2015 and participating in the planning of a second prison escape before Guzman was extradited to the U.S. in January 2017.

ADVERTISEMENTAs Mexico’s most powerful drug lord, Guzman escaped through an entry under the shower in his cell to a milelong (1.6-kilometer-long) lighted tunnel with a motorcycle on rails. The planning for the escape was extensive, prosecutors say, with his wife playing a key role. headtopics.com

Court papers charge that Coronel Aispuro worked with Guzman’s sons and a witness, who is now cooperating with the U.S. government, to organize the construction of the underground tunnel that Guzman used to escape from the Altiplano prison in Mexico to prevent him from being extradited to the U.S. The plot included purchasing a piece of land near the prison, firearms and an armored truck and smuggling him a GPS watch so they could “pinpoint his exact whereabouts so as to construct the tunnel with an entry point accessible to him,” the court papers say.

Guzman was sentenced to life behind bars in 2019. His Sinaloa cartel was responsible for smuggling mountains of cocaine and other drugs into the United States during his 25-year reign, prosecutors said in recent court papers. They also said his “army of sicarios,” or “hit men,” was under orders to kidnap, torture and kill anyone who got in his way.

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Or how many police would be in jail if they were to be arrested on allegations only!! She was allegedly ,planning on doing this! Allegedly, planning! American government was able to arrest her!! Makes me sick!! It's total b******* how are American government can arrest somebody like that on an allegation of conspiracy you know how many elected officials would be in prison if they were to get arrested on allegations alone!!!

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Big Phrama is the real cartel buying off the 3 Brunches of Government... SocCom 😷 and tied of the White Media.. Is that a surprise? When weeding you need 2 pull the weeds out by the roots or they always grow back! Wow Of course he gave his wife control of his empire, he's not going to give it to just Any Juan.

This is what happens when you give Democrats presidential seats. One more Ho bites the dust! 🔥🔥I guess she was keeping the Family Business going...😳 This does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million Kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the Kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.

This is harassment of the El Chapo familia plain & simple l. The united stafes demands a product and he fills that demand. Then we oubish6hin for it. And then go after his family because takint him out wasn't good enough. How sad we are as a natio Shocked I am. Sooo very shocked 🙄 A VERY BAD EXAMPLE FOR HER CHILDREN🙄🙄🙄🙄.

What about these criminals? el sistema de justicia estadounidense es una mierda , bullshit american judge Witchhunt spending hard earned tax $ on these people like that’s going to end the drug problem. One gets knocked off and another takes his place. Where is the progress Uncle Sam ? This isone case where her lawyer probably won’t advise her to have her family in the courtroom to show the judge she has support.

she innocent Wow, such shocking news 🤪 Quelle surprise! Bella623 Houdini was an escape artist, this bum just paid off guards She's fine as hell though... 🙄 The Insurrection was Very Terrible... HopeFully Justice Will Actually Be Served. Although, It has been 7 Weeks, since it happened. More Citizens of this country deal with much more terrifying circumstance, more regularly, and they are still waiting to be helped. Help BLM 🙏

Good take out the 🗑 o man that sucks we were good friend we would shove cocaine up our butts and go see movies thots and prayers boo hope u get out soon 3 Someone in her inner circle rated her out, this was too convenient and she has obviously flown back and forth and done this before. Way too much money at stake

Are you interested in starting sunglasses business or accessories business check us out 💕😩 “All I did was wax his pole for money though!” Meanwhile cartels are still operating with absolutely no hiccups. This is pointless. They're wasting their time and should be going after corrupt government officials that are in bed with the cartels.

place bets now on how long till the wife of ElChapo will escape from prison I thought it said El Chavo and I was dying OMG SHOCKER! You mean the rest of the family was selling drugs as well. CANT BE! genpony Damn cartels sighs why don't they do good for the world I swear this is just sad Lol good All these demonic cops out here free to kill whenever they want smh but yall quick to arrest these folks smh

But y'all want arrest the terrorist that killed ppl at the capital and allowing the criminals to be involved with the case smh what a bunch of horse shit One of your friends elonmusk ? Didn't one of the Tesla car boats make a scheduled diversion once to pick up some contraband? all the people that have died that didn't deserve too during the investigation because the FBI allowed this to go on for so long, I hope the families sue.

She should’ve left the fuck outta’ here when she had a chance , she should’ve became a “where abouts unknown “ chillin on a island with a offshore bank account ... FREE LA CHAPO No. The Justice Department and CIA are doing mommicide and femicide instead of addressing the real problem. F them. Free da family

What a big surprise 🥱 Does she have insights into concoins? A bunch of apologists in this thread. Wow! Go figure. Such a let down. I had such hopes for her. In a few years she will escape Federal Prison in a time machine smuggled in by guards and begin touring with the Ice Capades. Amazing story here Pretty sure we're gonna find out that she had an illegitimate baby with Will Smith and that child is gonna start killing all the people that helped arrest El Chapo cuz he doesn't know Will Smith is his dad Spoiler

how tf the drugs know how to drive Lmao She Down Fr , Solid Asf I for one never would've suspected her. It’s a witchhunt plain and simple ! I just dropped by Twitter to express my sheer shock and disbelief this has happened. Wife of Joaquin Ei Chapo Guzman arrested on international drug When is Cuomo being arrested ?

you guys are still on this shit? 🤡😂 Stop the war on drugs Go figure ! Watch out for tunnels under the toilet ! you know it must be really bad financially in this country when we have to go steal the rest of their money They will never learn! FreeShordy Always been 10 toes.🙏🏾 Just dumb by her Duh lol Figured she was. When you hang out with the wrong crowd that’s what happens few have a brain to dissociate themselves from that but wish her nothing but the best

Seriously let her go you guys do much worse Where is Narcos Mexico S03 netflix please release asap _Dldaves Oh she got caught out VA oh she done done!!! VA police dont play 🙇🏾‍♀️ aye chingona About time!! Now if they could just catch those Hippos mayacatherinei this is so random but i just really had the urge to tag you

Put them in a cell together to see if it’s really true love. lvingfree5678 Birds of a feather... legalize all drugs now and this silly shit goes away. anyone who takes drugs will find drugs. if you want less drug problems, address mental/emotional health issues along with systemic racism/classism. regulate, produce and profit and drug dealer issues vastly go away.

Big Surprise She seems nice 🙄 Never would have thought that El Chapo's wife was also a drug trafficker. Absolutely shocked 😲 “Shocking” - thought absolutely no-one No way a wife who knew? That's shocking k_ratoncita The only reason drug kingpins like El Chapo exist in the first place is due to the war on drugs decriminalize endprohibition

FREE HER Good to hear that she was arrested yet nothing on Big Pharma and the CEO's and Doctors that helped to distribute millions of opioids that have destroyed small towns across the country. Double Standards! Hooray lets waste more money fighting drugs! endthedrugwar drugwar LEGALIZE Who would have thought?

GangsterPodcast Oh Young Jedi you have no idea perhaps we should chat by phone Ya go figure La Chapa* Well, I know who's gonna play her on the made for tv special This dumb...... this wonderful goddess who is completely innocent actually came back?!?! You waltzed out the courtroom after seeing how they did your man. RUUUUUUUN!!!

That woman looks exactly like her husband. 🙄 Haha. Movie life HamEggsnSam As as long as trump is free , locking ppl up 4 drugs sells dont mean shit , violent crimes yes , but trump attacked the fucking country!!!! LOCK HIM UP !! this article is worthless, so U can lock them up , but an American whte terrorist walks free , white man's laws R bullshit

hope that doesn't keep my weedman from being stocked and loaded this weekend 😢💔 That sucks! Let her go! No matter how much you put up with, how much work you put it, at the end of the day, you are still Mrs. El Chapo. In other news: fire is hot and water is wet.. BYE As if any of that operation slowed down at all. I mean maybe a bit - but really? Did we think it would all just stop when we got him?

Good for her. Let her go, drugs should not be a reason to arrest anyone. elchappo64 looks like you don't have to wait for conjugal visits anymore! It was done to me-I lived with a man who shall remain nameless but belonged to a certain group also nameless-he did illegal things and gave me money to run my household - not the type you ask ?’s of. I couldn’t prove I didn’t profit & got screwed. He has been on run since 1996

They want him to confess and they will release her what a fucked up way to loose it all Wow runs in the family yk Under dementia Joe biden's new immigration plan.. she should be released.. am I wrong? rapist.. drunk drivers you know all the people that vote Democrat are allowed to go free I mean she was only the daughter of another trafficker, may she repent and accept Christ into her life before she passes away.

Really 😯😯😮...... 🤔 😂😃😆😂😂😂😂 Shocking So y'all get this straight. Being married to anyone breaking the law, is illegal. Accomplice to a crime. But who's responsible for stealing britney spears life and when are they getting jailed? Surely this list is soooooo long. Rape kids = slap on hand. Sell drugs = Life + 30 + they nail your wife just to make sure you get no conjugal visits......

El Chapo Do be hitting different When are they arresting Donald Trump? So, the U.S. allows ICE to molest children, drug them, traffick them...we allow credibly accused rapists and trafficking participants to be president, we send people who attack the Capitol to Mexico but you use resources to bother this lady?

Good throw away the key. Nnnnooooo 😭😭 DiamondLynne1 I hate commenting on a lady’s appearance, however in this case I think she needs an Epilator as a discrete present before her court appearance 🤷🏻‍♂️ BUT THE PHIZER FAM IS ALL GOOD🤣😭🤡🤡🤡 She should have never stayed over here, you knew this was coming.

They do arrest wives FLOTUS45 Another narcos series coming There gonna let her go like they did the husband. I guess opening up a hair salon or starting a cosmetics line was too much to ask. Allow me to show you my “shocked” face. It's a set-up.. I don't think she's that stupid. Especially after her husband ended up in a supermax prison.

La Chapa? And yet Trump walks free with 500,000 Americans dead from the Trump virus. Smdh. Only if the American govt spent this much time saving its own citizens. Chapo be like... YES! Conjucal visits! Bless up HydRa_Infinti I got excited thinking this was the mypillow guy getting arrested.. in time, scott. In time.

As a young girl had this twisted fantasy of being married to a mob! :) if only el chapo stanned (g)i-dle... I am surprised 🤭 No surprises here Gives a new meaning to conjugal visits when your wife is in the prison cell next to you. How about someone arresting the CEO of HSBC for money laundering for Mexican drug cartels? There's your kingpin...

*gasp* what No. I don’t believe it. She looks like a nice lady How romantic...HIS and HERS prison cells💕 El Cheapo Captured Good she benefited from a lot of lives being lost He’s NOT an escape artist. He JUST walked out. Spicing up the story I guess. I should’ve have remembered though. I forgot. Sorry. The Chapo doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I mean chapo’s wife.... what do you think she is ? 🥲 Straight bullshit, you think that’s not going to bring violence to Mexico like crazy. Is this the crime we want to focus on with the state of the world.. distraction news 🧢🧢 government just tryin to get chapo jr and get her off the streets since she knows bout chapo sellin drugs for the US government.

Friends of JoeBiden all foreign criminals and murderers welcome! The fact he married her when she was only a 18 and he was 50 years old makes me feel bad for her...she may not be innocent in everything but she clearly was a victim in something. The war on drugs is a waste of time especially when the US is in on it as well.

How about the bank CEOs that launder all the drug money? They get a pass, right? 🐒 Lol I didn't saw this coming. Hey look here MELANIATRUMP there is always hope they arrest the wife after taking down the crime boss on tax charges. TrumpTaxes TrumpCrimeFamily Please help by donating to the Memorial for Chris Gatson. If you can’t donate a simple RT also helps! He passed away from a heart attack behind the wheel of his car while driving. He leaves behind his 2 yr old daughter & mother w/ cancer gofundme

'Escape Artist' Yeah, I'm sure paying off the guards, wardens, local police, regional politicians, national police, and national military had nothing to do with the artistry of escape. should be charged with more than that. No way she's innocent in his butchery This is how they got Dillinger in the end

Shocker So who will now deliver the drugs for American Elite?! I’m pretty concerned for them... Free el chapo I read the title as 'intentional' drug trafficking and thought to myself, 'isn't all drug trafficking intentional?' Most drug kingpins don't let their wives and young kids get involved, Chapo is different

Good riddance so much for runnin big daddies empire. Who fed her to the narcs? looks like some southern hospitality to me. Lol they will be out with bail Good Lord, did she not learn anything.. idk they'll be out in a week IF SHE DOESN'T ESCAPE ATLEAST TWICE, SHE'S OBVIOUSLY LEARNED NOTHING FROM THIS MARRIAGE

These arrest don’t mean much anymore, when the ex-president has shown he’s above the law. Imagine that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ahhh!!😆 Are we ready to admit the war on drugs was bullshit or what...? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER? WHERE IS HUNTER?

Sounds like she didn't get the word Trump lost the election and is no longer in town. R we still dealing with news El Chapo, seriously? Gee, that's shocking. Boo hoo! Big surprise! 🙄 Every once in a while the feds arrest a high profile person of interest to distract us, while the smaller organizations that are really moving the weight, are nowhere on their radar. Bunch of clueless agents making up ways to justify that our tax dollars are well spent.

power book plots Waste of tax money fuck the federal government and their lapdogs RySinclair They didn't get the information they wanted from her so they pinned her Did she carry some sleeping pills in her cosmetics pouch? I never would have thought his wife would try to keep their murderous drug empire going. Well of course everyone knew it.

Is this really a surprise. She's a pretty Dumb woman. Women are usually way smarter, this one takes the cake. What does that solve? There will be someone else to take her place I still think the weirdest thing is how, when we went into Afghanistan in the early 00s, within 5 years, over 80% of the Heroin in the country was from there. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Unless the literal military was bringing it on their planes? Just saying.

greed has no limit. she could have simply retired and lived a peaceful quiet life Free her she ain’t do nun just guilty by association Couldn't help but think of Don Junior when I saw this. triggered El Chapa? El Chapi? What do we call her As trump would call it “a fishing expedition”... Keeping him in Supermax prison in Colorado is the equivalent of torture. All of its approximately 400 prisoners live in long-term solitary confinement, lights on 24/7. It is inhumane.

Does anyone really care what other people do or don't do? Noooooooooooo Exciting!!! The Missus double looks unreal on the pics. The wife of, 'El Chapo' Arrested for illegal drugs trafficking'. Would be awarded the 'Highest Post' by 'The John De Lorean Class/Caste'. In 'The Land of Dope & ToryBrexitfluent.'

Savings spent so soon or greed, either or, dump idea. Who takes care of the home now? NICE JOB FBI!!! jesus christ the drug market is boutta collapse No es justo que quiera buscar algo para también mantenerla presa 😳😠😤😡 Chapo, that's some good shit! TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpTaxReturns Fatso45 💦💦 Family run business

😘 Guess it runs in the family Ok this is real news,I though re-run of Weeds Season 6 tv show I find this kind of ridiculous. The family knows how much heat is on her and closely she is scrutinized. No way they would let her handle any part of the family business. This is just something they are doing to hurt the sons and chapo more. Stooping very low and its sad to see.

Question is: What branch of the USA government was allowing her to do her business until the other branch arrested her? dirtygovernments w t f is she doin in the usa What about the chase boat found with cocaine ?!?! 'Drug Lord' 'Drug King' Why do people keep giving them such entitled name? Hence why people feel so high and proud of themselves. You want people to stop? Give them bad name, not some fucking hype name.

MaddowAUX AC360 mitchellreports MSNBC CNN NBCNews CBSNews abcnews JudyWoodruff NPR nytimes NewsHour And she (Mrs. Guzman) made it through Trump's border wall!!...:) All that $ just to stop poor people! And then what did you say? Bunk ass marijuana snowfall new season Behind every successful man is a very successful woman. For good or for bad! 🤷‍♀️ The law will always win.

I thought that was Pillow Guy I wonder why.... Wow not a smart lady🙄 It runs in the family Chapo works for DEA. Amlo is cleaning Mexico & making Mex energy, food, oil independent with military help. No more drug war. US trying to hurt Mex military, this arrest will be connected to Mex military using fabricated evidence of 1 FBI agent.

This is news Sooner or later she was going to get caught Innocent until proven guilty. No surprise! DMV we took a L today the main plug got knocked lol Ok, went down rabbit hole with this one- Mrs. El Chapo was on VH-1 TV show 'Cartel Crew'? Geez. Can we legalize drugs & outlaw reality shows? Ironically pretty much started with 'COPS' & now the children of O.J.'s buddy dictating the current trending lip size. I'm crabby.😒

Not guilty Vignesh76885633 Big Brother sees all. Damn. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 'Escape artist' what Erik Weisz was an escape artist. El Chapo was an authoritarian murderer. She was bringing drugs for Hunter. I’m just wondering if she’ll escape? imagine that What about cia don’t see any arrests there? Just a power move to make her cooperate. Which she will.

They already did this on the Sopranos when they busted Adriana to get to Christopher to take down Tony Drugs should be legalized and taxed like cigarettes and alcohol. Throw the book at her. She is tnat stupid to be hands on in an operation that doesn't require her be hands on. Shes dumb enough to ignore federal surveillance, cmon.

She was out here pushing them bricks She didn’t choose The Drug Life. The Drug Life chose her... La Chapa!!! She was probably going to meet a senator anyways... La Chapa? :) Surprise Surprise!!! Someone else will take her place..... The war on drugs rages on! Thank you 🙏 About time, probably!! So many crimes of all kinds for so many years. So much corruption all around to let it happen for so long in so many places!! For crying out loud!! Can’t something be done to shut down a criminal enterprise so blatantly open and terrifying?

SmilesTF1 I see our home state still throwing the books at people 😂📦sheesh ! Just call her El Stupido. It’s important to support your spouse’s interests. So much for the wall.......... She was carrying the torch that’s tuff Free her now. The business is supply and demand. It’s not her fault the people of USA 🇺🇸 are a bunch drug addicts, the crooks/blame is on big pharma.

Where’s grandfather law? Where’s what was stated prior, arrested on allegations to king pinning? I digress. For the FACT that she probably snorted. She’s innocent. That’s as difficult as donating a transaction to a festive donation. Unless she turned herself in. Todo Couldn't get the sons so they went after her.

What a completely unexpected twist😑 New NARCOS episodes coming soon..... Kingpin Laws... A set up by the DEA to extract information from El Chapo, that’s how they do things. Very devoted to their craft It’s the middle of a pandemic, she had to do something. 🤔 To the surprise of absolutely no one? Lololololol

These ppl that run these cartels are so dumb, just clean a couple billion dollars n retire. Walk away. Don’t tell me they couldn’t do it, if they did it for 10 years n never got busted then they each could have walked away with more money than they ever would of needed. Dumb ppl. They going to arrest the CIA

She get busted for her husband crime... So you telling me Melania Can be Arrested for her husband crime 😳 Nepotism.. sigh. You think she'd try to make her name in a different business.. Just hire Few Republicans and Trump impeachment Law Firm.. you be in good hand I assume this is a sign that she is broke. Why would she be smuggling drugs on US soil if she had money

A ver cuántas maromas saca el💩💩 para brindarle apoyo diplomático como a Cienfuegos Just cap the whole family and be done with it. Let the minions all kill each other over power then boom take care of it at their weakest point. Season 5 of Narco 'bout to be lit. This is like when cops raided Snoop for weed.

Shocking. How long will witness 1 be alive I wonder Why do I feel like I've seen this movie? His wife has more facial hair than I expected. Just release her. She's less a criminal then the FEDS anyways. I'm sure they aren't drug trafficking themselves. Fxcking hate America. Whoops. Impress us ... arrest the Trumps

She must have had a bad influence at some point in her life. And on National Tequila Day too! Weird. what?!? No way!!?!!!! Lol she thought she got away with it 🤣🤣🤩 No shit lol Bien! What a fucking surprise Free her 🙌🏽 Well, that cartel that supports her lifestyle was not going to run itself and hubby is tucked away for life.

No shit.. RICO Wow How greedy can you be, I’m sure they are all billionaires even though Chapo is in prison?! The apple does not fall far from the tree.. Well I thought the wife said she knew nothing about his drug business during an interview. This is interesting to see. Women will always remain the smartest.

Their was a slow down due to the Coronavirus. Get you a woman that will carry on your legacy. GoodWoman Someone please ask her where is the damn McLaren? edbolian interpid2007 Game ain’t nothing nice Think you meant to say “sugar momma arrested” Leave El Chapo’s wife alone!! So now these two upstanding citizens have left their twins with no parents. Sad. What a pathetic pair.

I really don't care! Do you? Well, she landed in the wrong State, she needed to be landing in Oregon 🤣🤣 Loxk her up too. 8:/ whoever did this better slide to the USA asap Has been in the eye of suspicion for a long time. Not surprised 🙈 America really thinks they can win the drug war😭😂😂 Wait, your husband is in the most secure jail but you’re going to attempt to smuggle drugs?🙄

She was in Virginia? DrugWarAnalyst How can the US government charge someone for a crime in another country? Helping her husband escape from a Mexican prison is something you can be charged with in America? How does the American DOJ have jurisdiction in that situation? Lol I love how they added “escape artist” to his resume 😂😂

tokenizedtweets rdm41.eth This woman is an idiot. You’re married to a drug kingpin whose in jail and known throughout the world. You had to know you were still under surveillance and mostly likely had your phones tapped but still you continue the family business. Wow!👇 Wow what a surprise 😂 ...Well this is surprising AF!

I guess it's a family business Ojalá que sea cierto y no la suelten, por que el Chapo si está libre, el que está en la cárcel es uno de sus dobles. Shocking Oh no 😭 Free her ffs She ain't do nothing wrong Finally! Let’s give her a nickname-How about ‘El chapolita’, the cocaine queen. She can do time w/ her sister-Gonorrhita.

Can’t belive she went to USA 🙄 Just a quick reminder that if drugs were legal she would've had no reason to being them here and we wouldn't have wasted the time and money on arresting her. Fuck the war on drugs. Love ya, bye. K For the record... RealRossU received a double life sentence without the possibility of parole. 'El Chapo' received less time than that. FREEROSS god damn it. That is just INSANE! Sign and share the petition NOW to add your name alongside 400,000 others...

It's always the person you least expect. ummmm...am I the only one who thought she was already IN prison?!? I mean c'mon, you live in a restaurant you're bound to learn how to cook🤷‍♀️ That’s dumb. Bc his sons still exist. 😂😂 She was just bringing in. Delivery for don jr 🤣 I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

Ayo this happened right by my house lol And water is wet Wasn't she a billionaire already? Y’all better let her go before some crazy shit happens 😂 I'm totally shocked, you got to be fn kidding me 🙄 “Escape artist”? 😂😂😂 wtf, do y’all not know how corruption works? He’s not david Blaine, mofo just had a lot of money and power.

Cia snuggles more coke into the us than the cartels in the late 80s the snuggled 80% to fund there secret wars and agendas F Some people never learn. 😒 The family that plays together stays together But they still haven’t arrested the officers that killed BreonnaTaylor Man, who would’ve thought we got drug lords running around Ashburn, VA. ashburntough

He was working with the FBI and drug trafficking for years. Just because she’s a woman she is accused immediately. Where are the feminists defending her? Cmon Have Republicans and Glenn Greenwald come out in her defense yet? She had it made with enough green! Now the good life is over! She had time for plenty of sex as her husband was rotting in jail. Now shes going to be fed to all the lockedup lesbians! What a s***** a**!

something finally happens in virginia Today on “Well, Yeah.” You would think that the woman who married El Chapo would be better at making life choices. Is this the same wife who snitched on em? Give her some ‘shit on a shingle’ 4 breakfast & she’ll tell on evry Cartel scumbag she knows. The CIA better get control over it's assets!🤣

She knew nothing Dumb question but why isn’t El Chapo in custody? Va a venir AMLO a defenderla o desde sus mañaneras. She’ll be out by tomorrow She gonna be out first thing tomorrow I bet she'll find a way to escape jail I mean.....it's not like she can find a good job....we're in a pandemic. She had no choice.

Damn, I knew I should have kept watching Narcos.... Netflix 🤔😳 quick! someone dig her a tunnel! Good hope she gets a long ass time in jail Is it a coincidence that her husband was captured in Mexico 7 years ago today? SHOCKING 😐 That's an unflattering picture. She should wax her 'stache. She was in Virginia smoking weed

Took them long enough. Everyone knew there was no way this chick was involved in this illicit activity right along with her husband. She was on Narcos or wth the name of the VH1 reality tv show about kids of cartel in miami? I love it but 👀👀 Nooooooooo damn it Don’t bring that stuff here Can't wait until netflix comes out with a special on it next week...

But the wall didn’t stop her!? PUSHA_T next album gonna be fire! The Justice Department, going after the wife of El Chapo. In which they have no evidence, that she was involved, in his business affairs. Trump start an insurrection, at Capital, the Justice Department, do nothing. Yet, the Justice Department, have no shame, in going after women.

It's time, and past time, to consider the Portuguese model of decriminalization. WAS SHE IN HIDING🤔 ‘CAUSE THIS LOOKS LIKE A SET UP ON BULLSH+ AVENUE 🤣😂😂 Now do Hillary Clinton. Who did she forget to pay off? Damn, CPAC would have loved to have her speak Something tells me the new DOJ will charge her here and not give her up.

Did she have Trump taxes ❓, then this ain't news I don't believe this. How could this be happening? A drug kingpin's wife is continuing the operation after her husband goes to jail. I'm shocked. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Wife of a drug kingpin... are we supposed to be surprised or something? Man, this season of Narcos is really fucking good.

Would these folks know anything about getting condoms into south american countries? Hunter will save her.... Ramonrey Yeah, great job we arrested El Chapo’s wife but let Cienfuegos go back to Mexico👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙄 steelers_realm Talk about a queenpin! She one bad bitch! 😉 Shocking news 😂 Meanwhile Good. Get those bastards off the street so they can stop harming ppl. They should lock her up forever.

Family business. Didn't see that coming🙄 Virginia? Free da real It’s always the one you least expect. Coolhandra Dang 😕 I feel so so bad for their baby In her defense she thought Don Jr was still in DC and needed a resupply. She was just holding it down The government wants to know where the money is to confiscate it. Simple as that.

MrBoon_ Is water still wet? Just wondering. SICKENING Y'all should want this much dedication out of your spouse tbh. So he didn't leave her with enough money? And this is a surprise because...? Who is more notorious chapo or pablo Ummmm duh? 'Shocked. Absolutely shocked.' -nobody Can’t wait for the netflix version of this

Lock her ass up for life and toss the key. Use whatever money is found to help the people of Mexico. I just think we need to stop bringing down strong women you don't say... Got caught up in VIRGINIA!!!...yea good luck with that... Virginia is for (cocaine) lovers! About time ,they should have arrested the the whole family for sommuch death and pain they have brought to mexico

They caught Mrs. Chapo? ... who snitched?! Cockroach!!! No surprise here. She's innocent. I remember when My Pillow Guy went to the criminal court and swore El Chapo won the election and was demanding martial law to give him the Presidency. Wait. What? do the sacklers next Wow I am SHOCKED. Girl boss! CIA cleaning house

👇🏾 We can place a car on Mars. We can arrest El Chapo’s wife. But we cannot arrest Trump who led a violent mob to destroy the US Capitol. Idgi this lady was married to a coke kingpin, starts dealing drugs herself and gets arrested several months after her father get arrested for selling drugs?! What the heck is going on.

The CIA got mad because she was muscling in on their gig Cool story bro.. Now wake me up when amerikkkan gun manufacturers are prosecuted for arming the same cartels you claim to be fighting. Haha, what a dumb b* Did her delivery to Don Jr. fail? 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Kinky 😏 A set up...so they can be together for ever ❤😍

Mexican drug kingpin and escape artist would be the coldest things to put on your resume. Should somebody come and arrest US law Enforcement and Military Officials for selling Illegal arms to fuel the cartel war south of the border ? Who first thought this story was about Pablo Escobar's wife? This guy!

Women are only good at the kitchen cutting cocaine. Men handle the logistics. Free her Give them 10 years they'll be a political family running a legal 'entertainment' supply industry that pays off the GQP, Jrs time as next potus should be interesting (*I'm kidding but still wondering what fcked up warped black hole/timeline we just fcking emerged from🙄)

OMGOSH! Was she en route to hook up with DonaldJTrumpJr After all the TrumpCrimeFamily thinks they are untouchable and I’m sure CocaineDonJr is running low by now! LOL Nooooooo way Junior & MAGAts will be disappointed A woman with Loyalty. 💯 This is just getting stupid and a huge waste of govt resources

Holy shit these people are losers🤣 And the legacy continues! Good example of commitment even though she is the richest women in the world in fact she worth more the Elon musk and Jeff bezos combined! What a dump cunt! When it comes to this line of business we all know what’s the end of it either killed or in jail.

SHE INNOCENT She wasn't smart. She should've married a shipping mogul with blessing of Guzman of course. 🤣🤣 A bout it B right there! She carried the torch Nice work TheJusticeDept ! Wow, call me shocked. Who'd have seen that coming. It was on my bingo card. El Chapo, huge drug kingpin, wife knows the game, wife wants the money. Wife becomes a drug dealer? Duh.

Tf she doing in US soil. Is it safe to say that El Chapo’s wife selling drugs after he went to jail actually IS on my bingo card? Condolences to their children Shocking😂 Lol get a job, druggo betch. Close our borders now or this will never end She innocent Omg Nancy Botwin is that you El Chappette is in trouble uh oh

good ridden She was probably trafficking meth for that junkie Hunter Biden Well ain’t that some crapo for the chapo gang So much for shelter in place... In Virginia ? WTF 😎 meth a made a wrong turn. 🎵 It's a family affair, it's a family affair..🎵 The government is always looking for a poor excuse to waste taxpayer resources. Chasing down alleged drug lords is irrelevant compared to comparing climate change and natural disasters. Arresting El Chapo and his wife solves absolutely nothing. Absurd waste of time & resources.

What are the chances?!?! 😆🙄 So el chapo supposedly made billions a month yet his wife needs to continue selling drugs? Lol that makes no sense Wow a very real crime family, both sides of the family were loving selling drugs and being vicious about it. What was it like growing up inside all that? Probably pretty fucking dark.

If cocaine was legalized.. South America would say fuck you North America “But I was just going to see my girlfriend MELANIATRUMP” Maybe being so close to a famous drug kingpin, it wasn't the wisest thing for this woman to get into this business...and not be noticed..... No way This article is so sexist- that dude looks nothing like her.

I really didn't see this one coming. Oh no. Are you sure?! 😅 Saga of Netflix ? netlfix chapo elchapo Mondayvibes monday Didn't Catherine Zeta Jones play her in Traffic? JamarlinMartin WOW this is really surprising😳ExtremeSarcasm Is Cuomo on the lam? He’s rumored to have killed 9,000. Aww 🎻👈 🙁 Bro, how did he get those handcuffs on by himself? Absolute legend.

But I thought the wall was going to stop this? Don't let him use the shitter Yup, watch the cartel take over a whole city and demand her release Should’ve used Reagan the family that slays together, pays together. she tried to keep up the business. sounds like the movie 'Traffic.' Chin .. orale .. Tough day for you El_Crypto_Chapo My condolences. She seemed so nice, I had no idea!

Damn that's right down the street She innocent😩 😹😹Good! I hate mobsters. Well she'll be going away for a while Escape artist? That is a funny take. It’s really tough down here in va 😞 Evil horrible people This feels like possibly one of the most predictable things of the 21st century The wife looks like Octo-Mom

Why was she in Virginia? Annnnnd no one from Perdue Pharmaceuticals will ever be arrested. Fantastic job guys. Keep up the great work. His wife is pretty hot. Koolie_T mr_jettlife “Drug kingpin and escape artist” There will be someone else to take her place. Was he trying to re-supply Trump Jr? 😂😂 Keep an eye on lopezobrador_. The mexican president has been close to the Sinaloa cartel

Not surprising tbh we all knew she knows some stuff 'escape artist' 😂 TF was she doing in Virginia 🤣 Man, I couldn’t even get MY wife to cook dinner!!! Business as usual....... biden will give her a house, car, all expenses paid and citizenship for her entire extended family Don't worry Biden has a plan She looks just like him. Did he marry his sister?

Family business. They never learn.😡 She's innocent Shocker. Wonder who she’s been working with Still waiting on the arrest and prosecution of the Sackler family [thee of opioid fame], for certainly they are just as much a cartel, as much a drug trafficking organization, as much bribery/corruption, as much enablers of mass death & suffering, as anything El Chapo created.

i bet she had zero drugs on her They say a lot of things. Somebody better send Sean Penn. projectMOCKINGbird Hopefully nothing crazy happens. Remember when his son got caught in Mexico? The wife of El Chapo can travel. Ok. Yea. Makes total sense. LoveIsNotTourism What about Cruz smuggling cocaine in his bag for Don Jr.? From Cancun.

That was a quick, what about Hunter and his laptop? shawty she a rider she say she down to do ten for me These people just don't learn do they? What is she doing in America anyway? Running drugs? Obviously yes. Throw her in jail throw away the key Meanwhile the Trump crime family is still free. She’s only 31? Holy moly, she’s younger than me

🙀 who could have imagined that? Does DonaldJTrumpJr know this? Melanie should beware. It’s Dulles, guys. Call on Jesus! Repent spend eternity in heaven John 3:16 If smuggling kilograms of cocaine across international borders is a crime then lock me right up El Chapo looks like the my pillow guy Still flooding the U.S. with heroin and meth.