Widespread Use Of Face Masks Could Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives, Models Project

Models developed by mathematical epidemiologists project that tens thousands of lives across the US can be saved by more people wearing face masks.

7/4/2020 12:34:00 AM

'Every model and study that we have seen, every public health policy in the world has said exactly the same thing': Face masks save lives. If everyone started wearing them in public, 25,000 fewer people would die in the next three months, one study says.

Models developed by mathematical epidemiologists project that tens thousands of lives across the US can be saved by more people wearing face masks.

.Benjamin Cowling, Professor and head of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong, has studied effects of face masks for ten years and co-wrote acommentary in The Lancetadvocating more face mask usage in March. He says while he understands the authorities' desire to preserve supplies for medical workers, the messaging made the public distrust masks.

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"Few months ago, medical experts were saying that they don't work and you don't need them. And now suddenly, without any change in the evidence base, they're suddenly saying that they do work and you should wear them." Cowling says, 'I think that that's unhelpful.

Mask adoption in the US has been uneven.A surveyfrom the data collection firm Premise shows that the percentage of people who 'always wear a mask when going out' ranges from 15% in Tennessee to 62% in Massachusetts as of June 19.For both ASU and IHME's models, the proportion of deaths face masks could prevent differs from location to location and during different stages of the pandemic because transmission rates in the community at the time of projection affect outcomes.

In ASU's model, widespread community transmission would call for more effective face masks - for example, the surgical masks used in hospitals - to significantly reduce the number of projected deaths. But in places where transmission is not as widespread, most people wearing simple cloth masks would be able to prevent a significant portion of deaths.

In IHME's model, the more people each infected individual can spread the virus to, the more deaths masking can prevent. It also projects that the virus would follow seasonal patterns and pick up again in the fall. Vos says this means places that have relatively safe levels of the spread now could see more pressure to contain the virus later.

"The use of masks...in those places is going to become a lot more marked and beneficial." Vos says.A User's Guide To Masks: What's Best At Protecting Others (And Yourself)Regardless of community transmission rates, both models show that the more universal face masks are worn, the more deaths can be prevented.

It's difficult to know whether the projections are correct because it's difficult to know how the public is actually wearing masks. But considering that research on face masks show that they can tamp down transmission, modellers agree that they should help save lives when worn by a large portion of the population.

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"Clearly, clearly the data shows that every model and study that we have seen, every public health policy in the world has said exactly the same thing," says Abba Gumel, who led the ASU project, 'We have to wear a face mask.'Andrea Hsu and Courtney Dorning produced and edited the audio version of this story.

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The problem is the prevalence of myth that wearing a mask is bad for you and that mandating that people do what is right for all of us is tyranny. Reality: we do NOT know what true tyranny is and that we are incredibly lucky to have access to masks and what we have access to. The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth, the continents, and the oceans was not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.

Just Breathe Face Masks Just Breathe! Available Now in many colors stay home save life With face masks and social distancing, we could reduce coronavirus almost to zero in a few weeks. City_Abbotsford MayorHenryBraun time to mandate masks. I'm tired of working at Costco and seeing so many people not wearing one.

ninaturner Protestors at Mount Rushmore, Nat'l Guard in riot gear, pass it on Same models that have been wrong about everything. Yawn. this is too complicated for trump / pence great unwashed Desperate. msevans034 I’m at a loss to understand why G20 & NATO haven’t implemented a global unified response of mandatory face masks, social distancing & mandatory media alerts on every single media platform in each country, on rotation throughout the day, to prevent public complacency

WE MUST DEFUND NPR OR GEORGE DIED FOR NOTHING!! Every country that have gotten the virus under control used and mandated use of wearing PPE especially masks. I simply do not understand the arguments against masks. If public health is dependent on everyone just doing that little bit, wearing a mask and not taking unnecessary risks, then why not do it? Every argument falls short when compared to that. It's really not hard at all.

Only Trump can make this happen. He won’t. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace 'Every model and study that we have seen, every public health policy in the world has said exactly the same thing': Face masks save lives.' That's not what Fox 'News' says! Who ya gonna believe, the world's scientists or TRUE American Republican imbeciles, huh? :)

I can make up models too. Oh, bullshit. We were told COVID would kill 2MM when it arrived onshore. The projections from so called 'experts' are as accurate as throwing a dart at a wall full of balloons. FakeNews DefundNPR Meta-analysis was proven to be junk science. The fucks at NPR hate real science and obviously can’t stay updated with the truth.

Hundreds of thousands of people on the street protesting: no issue. Small gatherings for funerals, weddings: proven super-spreader events that will kill thousands. 🙂 The surgeon general’s bullshitting didn’t help with this. Also, what’s your expert opinions on hydroxychloroquine? This kind of adherence to facts and rationality won't play in the führer cult. How soon before it's *illegal* to oppose the pseudo-president?

You are aware that Fauxi has been wrong on every single thing he's said and never wears a mask unless he thinks the cameras are rolling.. It's really pathetic that this has become a political football, Wear a Mask, folks, it does not make you any less loyal to your party (and even if it did, it's not worth the lives it can save...)

Wake UP! Math is NOT science! I just wonder why those still have not had modeled the Wall Street and be billionaire yet. I can't believe anything a public official or the media says anymore. you guys have been wrong or lied so much during pandemic that I can't believe you Because 'studies' have been so right so many times. BS DefundNPR

A meta study in The Lancet of 150 studies on the effectiveness of masks reveals that ..... wait for it .... masks are really, really, really effective. We can open up businesses and get back to some level of normal if we all wore masks. But we’re idiots 😡 Except the WHO, Surgeon General, and Dr. Fauci who told us that masks were ineffective and lead to viral pneumonia and Carbon Dioxide poisoning.

Actually we also heard that staying locked down would be worth while. Guess what. IT wasn't. COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data & 120,000 are needlessly dead. I want a President who believes in SCIENCE not fiction. 'Here’s Trump at his rally...in South Carolina dismissing worries about the coronavirus as the 'new hoax'' Feb 28, 2020 atrupar

You mean all of the models and studies that you wanted to see. Fake news mask are unhealthy proven they don’t work which is why South Korea, Japan and Taiwan have such low death rates Ever since the media falsely bashed hydoxychloroquine, no one believes anything. Sadly...a lot of people have the mindset of “I’m healthy, screw everybody else” mentality.

I wonder how many of the people that arm themselves to the teeth to protect themselves won't even wear a mask to protect others? The problem isn't proof. The problem is that the idiots refusing to wear them simply don't care about anyone else.

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