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Apple İphone 13 Upgrade, Apple İos 15 Update

Why You Should Stop Using Apple iMessage After Shock Update

Why You Should Stop Using Apple iMessage Until You Change This @ForbesTech

9/18/2021 1:45:00 PM

Why You Should Stop Using Apple iMessage Until You Change This ForbesTech

Millions of Apple users need to quit iMessage or change this critical iPhone setting today...

As Apple , “Apple retains the encryption keys in its U.S. data centers. iCloud content, as it exists in the customer’s account, may be provided in response to a search warrant issued upon a showing of probably cause, or customer consent.”This is all very timely. Apple came

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under firefor its plans to add a machine learning iMessage filter client-side (on your iPhone) that would warn minors sending or receiving sexually explicit images. Critical argued it was a potential backdoor. Apple denied this was the case but stalled its plans along with on-device CSAM screening.

This backup vulnerability, though,isa backdoor. “With access granted from just a backup created,” Moore told me, “it somehow defeats its success in protection.”To understand the iMessage backup vulnerability, you need to think back to the evolution of iCloud and cloud services in general. What started as a means of automated or triggered off-device backups and data storage has become a seamless, always-on platform that drives apps and services in real-time.

In among the syncing iCloud services that keep your calendar and reminders and Safari data in sync across your devices, you have Messages in iCloud—a running backup of all the messages and which all your trusted devices can access.But you also have the generic iCloud Backup, which primarily stores data from apps on your phone that don’t rely on their own cloud services, plus your device settings and home screen layouts. You don’t need this—you can run a direct transfer when you change device and most decent third-party apps offer cloud data backups of their own now, which is useful if you lose your device.

Secure iMessage SettingsApple iOSIf you have Messages in iCloud enabled and also iCloud Backups enabled, then that iMessage encryption key is saved. Disable iCloud Backups and you’re fine. Or, if you want to keep an iCloud Backup in place while maintaining fully encrypted messaging, then switch to WhatsApp or (better) Signal.

And the concept of “fully encrypted” messaging leads us to the other serious issue for iMessage, the lack of cross-platform interoperability. Those of you old enough will remember the early days of SMS,when it wasn’t possible to message across networks

. The current Apple/Google approach to messaging is sadly creating a similar paradox.With iMessage you can send secure texts, but only to other Apple users; with Google Messages, you can now send secure RCS messages from your Android device, but not to iPhones. Crossing platforms (instead of networks, this time around) will see your messages revert to unsecured SMS, and that is best avoided.

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