Why We Treat Others as We Have Been Treated

Research reveals a twist on the Golden Rule.

9/20/2021 10:33:00 AM

How our experience shapes us and our relationships—for better or worse

Research reveals a twist on the Golden Rule.

, with downstream consequences for the way we engage with the world around us, deal with emotions, and behave socially.We don’t learn to walk by being told to walk; we learn to walk by experiencing walking.We don’t learn to love by being instructed to love; we learn to love by experiencing love.

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We don’t learn to calm down (regulate) by being told to “calm down!”; we learn to calm down by experiencing being calmed (co-regulation).We don’t learn to respect others by being told to respect others; we learn to respect others by experiencing ourselves and others being respected.

We don’t learn kindness by being told to be kind; we learn kindness by experiencing kindness in our darkest moments (an experience that some have calledgrace).This transforms one of the key questions about raising kids: Perhaps we should ask not how to teach our children kindness, but headtopics.com

how we want the children in our lives to experience kindness from us?Human children learn kindness by experiencing it first-hand. Read more: Psychology Today »

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