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Why We Choose to Suffer

In the search for a meaningful life, simply seeking pleasure isn’t enough. We need struggle and sacrifice.

10/17/2021 11:30:00 AM

Essay: We spent most of our time seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. But a fulfilling life sometimes requires choosing to suffer, writes psychologist Paul Bloom.

In the search for a meaningful life, simply seeking pleasure isn’t enough. We need struggle and sacrifice.

Oct. 15, 2021 10:55 am ETWhen life is going well, we can forget how vulnerable we are. But reminders are everywhere. There is always the possibility of pain—a sudden ache in the lower back, a cracked shin, the slow emergence of a throbbing headache. Or emotional distress, such as realizing that you just used Reply All to reveal an intimate secret. Such examples only touch the surface. There is seemingly no limit to the misery we can experience, often at the hands of others.

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The simplest theory of human nature is that we work as hard as we can to avoid such experiences. We pursue pleasure and comfort; we hope to make it through life unscathed. Suffering and pain are, by their very nature, to be avoided. The tidying guru Marie Kondo became famous by telling people to throw away possessions that don’t “spark joy,” and many would see such purging as excellent life advice in general.

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Even the years ago this would just be an expected fact of life. In 2021 we need article in WSJ to explain that life has down notes. No matter what you do. Mevlid Kandili, which is the day of the last prophet Prophet Muhammad (SAV), will be realized on this day. Have a blessed mawlid. Oh give yourself a break dude, you Americans never, never ever let yourselves suffer, you let other people suffer to make you happy. Isn't that stupid ? And you journalists are just so CHEAP that you don't hesitate to galvanize your stupidity.

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