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Why this investor left the pursuit of billion-dollar exits to help employers hire people with autism

Why this investor left the pursuit of billion-dollar exits to help employers hire people with autism


Why this investor left the pursuit of billion-dollar exits to help employers hire people with autism

Brian Jacobs left Emergence Capital to start his own venture firm and invest in companies that are making people on the autism spectrum more employable.

"What if we focused on peoples' strengths and redesigned the system so people are not penalized for being different?" Anandan said in an interview. "We've been able to prove we can build a team that includes colleagues who are on the spectrum who don't have previous work experience in the field but are extremely capable, and groom that raw talent into skilled engineers."

Daivergent CEO Byran Dai (second from left) with members of his team

Daivergent's employees provide technical and detail-oriented services to companies developing AI products. The start-up also has a work-readiness system to help the neurodiverse prepare for jobs and match them with companies looking to tap into the community.

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